19 sep 2020
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Schlatt and @Ludwig lose all function in their legs.
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After Schlatt's intense Love Or Host with Minx, Alex Botez, and many other beautiful women who like him very much, and after Schlatt and Minx are cute together for 28 minutes straight (soon it will be Schlatt and Alex Botez being cute together), Schlatt challenges stand-up guy Ludwig to a game of Spy Party. Little does he know Schlatt only picks Wheels, the wheelchair-bound character who has lost all function in his legs and also looks and walks funny. After losing countless times in a row to Ludwig, who realizes Schlatt Only Picks Wheels during the first round they play, the viewer wonders why Schlatt keeps crawling back for more. I guess he's always been one to roll with the punches. Pause the Minecraft Speedrunning video, stop thinking about her and enjoy this masterpiece of a video from yours truly. How do people in wheelchairs go down the stairs? Fast and inefficiently.

  • Download State of Survival today and help support my channel ►

    jschlattLIVEjschlattLIVE2 månader sedan
    • no

      Vedika RaoVedika Rao8 dagar sedan
    • @PineconeEater14 0

      Distilled Water • 8 years agoDistilled Water • 8 years ago9 dagar sedan
    • I have state of survival, Earnie doesn’t exist. I cry my self to sleep on a nightly basis because of it.

      Sam PipesSam Pipes15 dagar sedan
    • _valntyne_ E

      Jack MckeeJack Mckee24 dagar sedan
    • No u

      Sketchy AkechiSketchy Akechi28 dagar sedan
  • Its always the monopoly guy

    Drake FelterDrake Felter7 timmar sedan
  • 14:55-me when my mom explains how her and my dad met

    Charlotte RiggsCharlotte Riggs22 timmar sedan
  • My brain is constantly filled with schlatt's lunatic laughter

    Zhi LemonZhi Lemon23 timmar sedan
  • pls do more video with ludwig. U seem to be a good duo. someone who's p chill (you) and someone who rages all the time

    Justine CustorioJustine CustorioDag sedan
  • Anyone knows the background music he used between 0:07 and 0:43

    Ryan hishamRyan hishamDag sedan
    • It's one of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons hourly songs. I believe it's either 8am or 9am.

      hyperspace.hyperspace.21 timme sedan

    Gabriel DabbsGabriel Dabbs2 dagar sedan
  • wheels

    Rox âneRox âne2 dagar sedan
  • Ludwig in a turtle neck looks like that one guy from Megamind

    Dino DealerDino Dealer2 dagar sedan

      Just JudeJust Jude23 timmar sedan
  • At least 80 people have said something about other people hating on dream amp haven't seen a SINGLE comment of people hating schlatt bc of dreamsmp

    ツSuperNovaツSuperNova3 dagar sedan
  • 14:24 That is the only thing that makes my town interesting and let me tell you, none of the locals are very happy when I make fun of it.

    GigglesTheDragonGigglesTheDragon3 dagar sedan

    owhddjsjaskdjdowhddjsjaskdjd4 dagar sedan
  • banana bread

    PlodsomePlodsome4 dagar sedan
    • Ba

      Brumbo ,Brumbo ,14 timmar sedan
  • I stg state of survival is the new raid shadow legends

    MediocreSizedMacMediocreSizedMac4 dagar sedan
  • play garfield kart, you wont :eyeroll:

    quinn gibsonquinn gibson5 dagar sedan
  • *Small man walk in the circle* Schlatt: ₒₕ ₕₑₗₗₒ

    Sunshine Major-GodfreySunshine Major-Godfrey6 dagar sedan
  • The description is amazing, hes trYing to connect this video to love or host weirdos what a genius

    tenCoRádŘízkytenCoRádŘízky6 dagar sedan
  • God I think I watch this video every day

    Windie BoyWindie Boy6 dagar sedan
  • Comment your fav nicknames and or other names you have for him :) Gayshlattacus..... WHY DID THAT COME IN KIND WHILE WATCHING THIS 😂

    Imagin MarieImagin Marie6 dagar sedan
    • Insanelyattractive

      nebble58nebble582 dagar sedan

    PopsidianPopsidian6 dagar sedan
  • 14:25 ah yes, good ol’ Mr. Hands

    Rylan RootRylan Root7 dagar sedan

    Adrianna FortunaAdrianna Fortuna8 dagar sedan
  • I feel like I’d see shlatt in public just at a SI schoolyard staring

    NicobatzNicobatz8 dagar sedan
  • Why does Ludwig look like Steve rogers

    William BlaskovitzWilliam Blaskovitz8 dagar sedan
  • The description was a work of art

    Mikaia RayMikaia Ray8 dagar sedan
  • At some point in ludwig’s chat someone says ‘shat’ instead of schlatt. I’ll leave it to you to find out when.

    PoggersFish _PoggersFish _9 dagar sedan
  • Jschlat you prolly get this a lot but you hella funnier than carson

    YgzollbyYgzollby9 dagar sedan
  • 12:58 YESSSSS ᵤₒₒₒ₋ₒₚ₋ₒₚ YEEESSSSSS

    • traveling through a dimension of chaos real fast

  • A person in chat said *"wow this game is so similar to among us"* ?????

    vanexvanex9 dagar sedan
  • Bird man man bird tiddy man tiddy tiddy

    HuvudperssonHuvudpersson9 dagar sedan
  • Before this I got a car and that started with “need some wheels?”

    a-sea-of-salada-sea-of-salad10 dagar sedan
    • "It's simple, we eat the Batman" -Chinese Joker

      DaddyFrankWoodsDaddyFrankWoods10 dagar sedan
  • i cant unsee it now jschlatt looks like Alexander the II

    HouldiHouldi11 dagar sedan
  • 9:43 Did Schlatt just say *Manburg*

    TigersongTigersong11 dagar sedan
  • "soul read"

  • 14:51 [Ludwig.exe has stopped]

    TorchieTorchie11 dagar sedan
  • Banana bread

    Cole LacombeCole Lacombe11 dagar sedan
  • the original among us

    gl!ch ki6gl!ch ki611 dagar sedan
  • got em

    Mayson SpadeMayson Spade12 dagar sedan
  • 7:50 WAS SO FUNNY

    Marcy CereghinoMarcy Cereghino13 dagar sedan
  • Jschlattsos

    kamren lylekamren lyle13 dagar sedan
  • Wheels looks like Slimecicle

    Brady WeedBrady Weed13 dagar sedan
    • Its bad to laugh but I have to

      Nobody 707Nobody 7078 dagar sedan
  • Jschlatt looks like a German trying to be russian Edit: I meant to say American but yea you get the idea.

    KakiKaki13 dagar sedan
  • I need another video of this Schlatt, please challenge him again.

    DemiguiseDemiguise13 dagar sedan
  • Wheels

    BaguetteBaguette14 dagar sedan
  • Is the giveaway still available? lol

    Alejandro SalasAlejandro Salas15 dagar sedan
  • Xd ive been playing sof for like 6 months, and 2k biocaps is shit xd

    shadowz_flawshadowz_flaw15 dagar sedan
  • 2:05 is what you’re looking for.

    ToothpasteToothpaste15 dagar sedan
  • 9:11 MANBERG!!

    Out of the bleuOut of the bleu17 dagar sedan
  • All these years later and there's still only one joke to make in Spy Party vids.

    SometimesSometimes17 dagar sedan
  • the chat always ruins the games.

    Adan MarinAdan Marin17 dagar sedan
  • *basically AMONGUS*

    JadenzJadenz18 dagar sedan
    • no?

      Matúš TrojanMatúš Trojan8 dagar sedan

    Thomas ArdizzoneThomas Ardizzone18 dagar sedan
  • Eat any lambs lately schlatt?

    Magnus StiltonMagnus Stilton20 dagar sedan
  • painful

    Unnamed pngUnnamed png20 dagar sedan
  • Oh, so you like Jschlatt? Name every time he was Wheels in Spyparty

    CSR AlphaCSR Alpha21 dag sedan
  • Wheels from that one among us game i just wanna say i love you

    Nolan ShanerNolan Shaner21 dag sedan
  • banana bread

    agentkaiagentkai21 dag sedan
  • schlatts laugh at 8:00 is fucking contagious

    DelborneDelborne21 dag sedan
    • yeah the fear really is contagious ngl

      Nobody 707Nobody 7078 dagar sedan
  • Your sub to view count is out rageous.

    Chance WhybarkChance Whybark22 dagar sedan
  • Your sideburns are next level dude.

    Aaron VokinsAaron Vokins22 dagar sedan
  • Wheels is looking an awful lot like Austin Powers

    NachonerNachoner22 dagar sedan
    • Wheels is slimecicle with slightly longer hair

      NiunaTheNinthNiunaTheNinth17 dagar sedan
    • @AndrewSegura true

      NachonerNachoner19 dagar sedan
    • Wheels is just a crippled version of Carson with brown hair

      AndrewSeguraAndrewSegura19 dagar sedan
  • No matter if you see this, I will always be here, and I will always be everywhere.

    Bob RossBob Ross22 dagar sedan
  • Wait till he hears about trump

    Bella HorrellBella Horrell23 dagar sedan
  • 0:00 got me dying 😂😂😂

    CSR AlphaCSR Alpha24 dagar sedan
  • Guys I think he’s gonna be wheels idk tho

    Butter BitchButter Bitch24 dagar sedan
  • 11:22

    Ajay BAjay B25 dagar sedan
  • I absolutely love the dynamic of Schlatt and Lud so much. I didn’t realize how great they would play off each other.

    Jakers 42Jakers 4225 dagar sedan
  • 7:57 LMAOOOO

    gaemezgaemez25 dagar sedan
  • 14:24 Wait... What picture did Ludwig send him that has to do with horse sex case XD

    Andrew RobinsonAndrew Robinson25 dagar sedan

    Squeak wolfSqueak wolf25 dagar sedan
  • fucking WHEELS

    mellohidemellohide27 dagar sedan
  • This is where the meta was born.

    Joshua O'DellJoshua O'Dell28 dagar sedan
  • 2:05 to skip the sponsor ad.

    Bruh StopBruh Stop29 dagar sedan
  • Jshlatt scares me

    AmanitaAmanita29 dagar sedan
    • As he should

      skazzelskazzel29 dagar sedan
  • Ludwig’s face after Jschlatt mentions the horse sex case is pure terror

    Acoustic Child 69Acoustic Child 6929 dagar sedan

    Nerdly ReviewsNerdly ReviewsMånad sedan

    Jonathan ComishJonathan ComishMånad sedan
  • 14:31 Mr hands 🤢

    Lil WelchLil WelchMånad sedan
  • im new to the channel, and i fucking love your laugh

    Evan VEvan VMånad sedan
  • i spend my time now watching old schlatt videos because im very upset that y’all bullied this man into shaving his beautiful face

    morgan deloachmorgan deloachMånad sedan
  • Banana bread

    Mick MarinoMick MarinoMånad sedan
  • Wtf why does wheels kind of look like charlie

    Raef KambyRaef KambyMånad sedan

    Tsunami ScientistTsunami ScientistMånad sedan
  • He needs to take the bill off that hat, if you catch my drift.

    TheGhostOfRazgrizTheGhostOfRazgrizMånad sedan
  • I cancelled your video.

    dreaseldreaselMånad sedan
    • *what*

      xxLilygamesxxxxLilygamesxx2 dagar sedan
    • You one of those dream simps?

      Budget How To Clean Your Plastic ComputerBudget How To Clean Your Plastic Computer24 dagar sedan
  • H e ' s a l w a y s W h e e l s.

    Chris ShearerChris ShearerMånad sedan
  • *_M A B A L L S_*

    TheVibenierTheVibenierMånad sedan
  • What’s the song that played at the end when Jschlatt challenged Ludwig?

    Gluten TagGluten TagMånad sedan
  • the sponsor was so good i was bout to press the no-existent skip button

    KYLEIGH Williams FieldsKYLEIGH Williams FieldsMånad sedan
  • burning rubber

    The Year 2020The Year 2020Månad sedan
  • “Doesn’t Wheels always move funny?”

    CombustionCombustionMånad sedan
  • 14:11 killed me looooool

    MegHorseMegHorseMånad sedan
  • Those fucking sideburns man

    Possum on a vacuumPossum on a vacuumMånad sedan
  • 14:18 lmao his voice 😂

    E L I czE L I czMånad sedan
  • anyone notice his LIVE channel is more subbed to than his actual channel?

    Bailey SmithBailey SmithMånad sedan
  • "See that small man." **gets shot as said small man later**

    Big Brother XellosBig Brother XellosMånad sedan
  • Gayschlatt

    TheOfficialDwayneTheRock JohnsonYouTubeChannelTheOfficialDwayneTheRock JohnsonYouTubeChannelMånad sedan
  • No, wait hold on. How did Schlatt actually pull off that soul read

    anthonyanthonyMånad sedan
  • I live in Enumclaw and when he brought up the horse case I lost it

    SigmaSigmaMånad sedan

    Moon Saeran's『Darlingꨄ』Moon Saeran's『Darlingꨄ』Månad sedan