SCP-993 Bobble the Clown (SCP Animation)

8 jan 2021
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Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation Safe Class object, SCP-993 Bobble the Clown Animation.
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SCP-993 is a children's television program entitled Bobble the Clown. SCP 993 seems to have been made in the style of an educational cartoon, with the primary plot of most episodes being the titular character, Bobble the Clown, learning a new skill or activity. SCP993 appears to have no supporting cast and the setting of the program often changes between episodes.
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This video, being derived from written by Tanhony, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0.
Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson
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  • Clowns, Kids, and murder. This is why I don't babysit anymore...

    Dante WolveraDante Wolvera49 minuter sedan
  • *Fake home* heh heh

    Torva MessorTorva Messor49 minuter sedan
  • You have Russian canal, right?

    Game Studio ProductionGame Studio Production3 timmar sedan
  • 😔😔I'm a bit scared

    chong chen seongchong chen seong4 timmar sedan
  • does this look like something a 5 year old would do after watching a horror movie. Or am I a psychopath 2:25

    Stick LordStick Lord4 timmar sedan
  • russian educatinal tv be like:

    Sithika NanayakkareSithika Nanayakkare8 timmar sedan
  • german educatinal tv be like:

    Sithika NanayakkareSithika Nanayakkare8 timmar sedan
  • i see nothing wrong with this? bobby is teaching valuable life lessons

    Sithika NanayakkareSithika Nanayakkare8 timmar sedan
  • I watch scp declassified on facebook

    RonaldAaronRonaldAaron12 timmar sedan
  • Is this real?????

    Bryson MccallBryson Mccall13 timmar sedan
  • Did the Thumbnail Changed?

    UbiGamingUbiGaming14 timmar sedan
  • I fear no man, but that....thing *Dr.Bob-ble the clown* scares me

    Vonathen BrodVonathen Brod15 timmar sedan
  • Oh yeah! This was my favourite show when I was 7!

    Jocy AguileraJocy Aguilera15 timmar sedan
  • Recipes aren’t real they don’t exist also our God is here

  • Is he captured??

    Christopher DonavaChristopher Donava16 timmar sedan
  • Why does he like her tho

    lakshmivallabhlakshmivallabh17 timmar sedan
  • I'm scared

    lakshmivallabhlakshmivallabh17 timmar sedan
  • nice

    Matthew KeenMatthew Keen18 timmar sedan
  • Your name seems similar to Bobble since it says Bob

    gaming with zam Marcygaming with zam Marcy18 timmar sedan
  • Yikes

    Kevin YangKevin Yang19 timmar sedan
  • Me who is ten: 👁👄👁

    Your daily aubergineYour daily aubergine19 timmar sedan
  • I'm 10 years old this clowns kill people

    good luck kid tugood luck kid tu19 timmar sedan
  • I'll subscribe and turn on notifications but sadly I have but one friend and he has no interest in the SCP foundation. Sorry. Did my best.

    Gilberto TabaresGilberto Tabares20 timmar sedan
  • Bubblethe clown is really creepy

    Melanie LinvilleMelanie Linville20 timmar sedan
  • Me living in a family where everyone is in high school or older: guess I’m safe?

    Yuta The Cute LionYuta The Cute Lion20 timmar sedan
  • Safe Class Object, my ass. This thing has to be Euclid at least

    Akari Hizamaru 900Akari Hizamaru 90020 timmar sedan
  • This is why I hate clowns and fear them

    hihi21 timme sedan
  • Know I don’t like clowns bro my sister crazy bro

    Travis AllenTravis Allen22 timmar sedan
  • And this scp is euclid for kids

    Oskar TNTOskar TNT22 timmar sedan
  • This dude clearly does not know of DNA and Forensic

    Sebastian Alvarado-ColonSebastian Alvarado-Colon22 timmar sedan
  • This scp is horrifying

    Oskar TNTOskar TNT22 timmar sedan
  • The intro was terrifying

    Oskar TNTOskar TNT22 timmar sedan

    Tamara RangelovTamara Rangelov22 timmar sedan

    Rene videos!ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっRene videos!ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ22 timmar sedan
  • me: In love with the most terrifeiyng SCPs Also me:Ahhhhh BoBLle iS PuRE tErRoRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bente SzluhaBente Szluha23 timmar sedan
  • Me watching this while lying in bed at 2:30 A.M: So, if you are over ten years old, you will fall asleep if you try to watch that show, and the only side effect is a painful, stabbing headache? Where can *I get* copies of the show? 😃

    The Noisy SpectatorThe Noisy SpectatorDag sedan
  • I’m more amazed that she took her brothers head off in one clean slice

    elijah Garciaelijah GarciaDag sedan
  • YES

    Sajeel ArshadSajeel ArshadDag sedan
  • This scp object class euclid/keter

    horm Boreyhorm BoreyDag sedan
    • Safe for adult keter/euclid for kid

      horm Boreyhorm BoreyDag sedan
  • Poor brother:( This is the reason i dont like clowns! ;(

    Ma kristia LazagaMa kristia LazagaDag sedan
  • Bob: says to watch another show of him at the ending The beginning be like hehe imma go kill some ppl if I wasn't contained safe enough soon(only if there under 10 remember though soo)

    Nickolas WalthersNickolas WalthersDag sedan
  • I heard "the girl walked to the kitchen" and just thought, "I see what's happening here"

    Terry WensmannTerry WensmannDag sedan
  • "Cool!!!"

    Foxen_UwU PałkaFoxen_UwU PałkaDag sedan
    • GOD

      Foxen_UwU PałkaFoxen_UwU PałkaDag sedan
  • That looks like the rubber but thatvis cook

    Foxen_UwU PałkaFoxen_UwU PałkaDag sedan
  • I got so scared when she killed the brother If I was the mom and dad I would yeet the girl out of the window and I would. Slap her butt so hard

    Danz world !!Danz world !!Dag sedan
  • i like how in the intro music from spirited away is played

    Francind ZefanoFrancind ZefanoDag sedan
  • Bobble the clown could be a person dressed by a clown and could be a demon acting a normal person

    Angeles GarciaAngeles GarciaDag sedan
  • Dr. Bob : Share these stories Scp Foundation : Wait that's illegal

    Kurtis Sebastian RomanKurtis Sebastian RomanDag sedan
  • TV Pennywise so scared

    Bren TimpleBren TimpleDag sedan
  • Scp 993 i think pennywise

    Bren TimpleBren TimpleDag sedan
  • 7:42 scp 049 will know the scientist daily schedules and the guards schedules

    papadwaynepapadwayneDag sedan
  • I like the bobble from the other reality when he help the agents escape the building that had that blood sucking scp.

    Burning blade101Burning blade101Dag sedan
  • SAFE?! NANI! Cool

    Zetsubō NozomuZetsubō NozomuDag sedan
  • I feel sick

    Terrence NelsonTerrence NelsonDag sedan
  • Been here since he had 2.2 k subs no cap :) ps: changed acc :)

    Starz Clappz-Starz Clappz-Dag sedan
  • Wait I'm 10 does that count

    Sharon AllenSharon AllenDag sedan
  • Like bobble got the knife to slice the man up and then the girl sliced her brother

    Lorenzo ShawLorenzo ShawDag sedan
  • Light dude he was sharping the knife to kill the mab xD

    Lorenzo ShawLorenzo ShawDag sedan
  • Ahh yes... a killer clown who tells kids to break a law such as **murder** is safe 😀

    That’s kinda sus LolThat’s kinda sus LolDag sedan
  • Are scp's real(╥﹏╥)

    puro gamingpuro gaming2 dagar sedan
  • I hope they didn't watch this at 3 am because off. I heard that 3 am is the devil's time

    the best youtuber everthe best youtuber ever2 dagar sedan
  • As a fan of psycopathic records, I must give this a top favorite so far . Psycopathic clown's rule !

    Steve EvansSteve Evans2 dagar sedan
  • all stories showing the subjects very happy are always going to end in the subjects being [REDACTED]

    le rocherle rocher2 dagar sedan
  • Most clowns just WANT YOU HAPPY....

    B R U H M O M E N TB R U H M O M E N T2 dagar sedan
  • "A seven year old girl and her thirteen year old brother are settling in for their favorite activity after school, Watching TV" Me : OH NO, OH FUCK.

    Eletro BeatsEletro Beats2 dagar sedan
  • me after this vid: *looks at my lil sis non stop* STAY AWAY FROM MEEEEE

    demon de l'enddemon de l'end2 dagar sedan
  • * *Bobble the Clown shows little children how to murder people and even Foundation Personnel or how to breach other SCP's etc.* * “SCP-993 has been classified as safe”

    Is this my Username?Is this my Username?2 dagar sedan
  • Pennywise:BROTHER PLEASE DON’T COPYING MY SKILLS Bobble:No. DOOM GUY:*appeared from the portal* Two of them:FUCK NO!!!!!

    Jayden DicritanJayden Dicritan2 dagar sedan
  • Bobble: mind controls children to kill and torture, knows about the scp foundation and how to breech Contanments of dangerous scps Bob: well he's classed safe.....

    Idan GoldwasserIdan Goldwasser2 dagar sedan
  • If bobble the clown was irl I would watch bobble the clown lmao I like stuff

    Horror AliHorror Ali2 dagar sedan
  • Mickey mouse telling his workers to open Disney land during the pandemic knowing full well that several lives will be lost: 3:14

    و وو و2 dagar sedan
  • This is why im not going to a circus ever again (not that u could becuz of corona virus

    Just some random guy watching youtube YesJust some random guy watching youtube Yes2 dagar sedan
  • hello am dr bob LOL

    Sultan KeanugrahSultan Keanugrah2 dagar sedan
  • Huuuu is not fun gal

    Hamdan AlaliHamdan Alali2 dagar sedan
  • Well I feel good that I just turned 10 on Monday

    Isabella SantiagoIsabella Santiago2 dagar sedan
  • Bobble: ima teach you how to kill dr bob Dr bob: WAIT WHA- **gets killed**

    Perry the crewmatePerry the crewmate2 dagar sedan

    ALEX PuruggananALEX Purugganan2 dagar sedan
  • Not the scp in the tv i need to play roblox end minecraft

    ALEX PuruggananALEX Purugganan2 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if the scp were real...How does sombody actually survive? Is the only way is being blind and ignorant? Be a Veteran Psycho?

    darkpqdarkpq2 dagar sedan
  • Bob the clown ... He don't fool around!!

    Captain AmericaCaptain America2 dagar sedan
  • I hate bobble it’s an offensive show

    Eli AlcantaraEli Alcantara2 dagar sedan
  • Omg ooohhhh ethos is so goood everything on this channel is amazing

    Mariah LunneyMariah Lunney2 dagar sedan
  • The disturbing part is dat bobs face is black o_O

    TFk studiosTFk studios2 dagar sedan
  • bobble the clown show: shows children under the age of 10 how to set buildings on fire undetected, kill someone, kill someone in crowded areas undetected, and how to breach scps the scp foundation: hmmmmmm SAFE

    Hoodie_ieHoodie_ie2 dagar sedan
  • I have a new SCP scp 6789

    the god Fortnite The master of the universethe god Fortnite The master of the universe2 dagar sedan
  • 0:53 Why is the animation so dogshit?

    Uncreative nameUncreative name2 dagar sedan
  • No bad idea 👎🏻 $8 wow

    Nikki Brooks FerrellNikki Brooks Ferrell2 dagar sedan
  • Oh no bobble found the 9MM

    Rick AstleyRick Astley2 dagar sedan
  • Then bobble gets a glock 17 and has much fun

    Rick AstleyRick Astley2 dagar sedan
  • 3:48 is this an anomalous memetic hazard?

    TwolfSTwolfS2 dagar sedan
  • bobby the clown:ok kids today we are going to revive hitler in multiple ways and ill show you how

    angry teapodangry teapod2 dagar sedan
  • Why don’t you show your face?

    MysticalGamer83MysticalGamer832 dagar sedan
  • 6:58 that reminds me of that “sitting and smiling” guy that went around

    John WickJohn Wick2 dagar sedan
  • You insult everyone, you didn't add the best video of them all "Bobble gets baked" this is found in the extended research log of 420-j.

    Gabriel RobbinsGabriel Robbins2 dagar sedan
  • B o B

    Pheonix GamingPheonix Gaming2 dagar sedan
  • OMG

    Reacting boyReacting boy2 dagar sedan
  • Hi ima safe class scp my human name is known as ayden and ive been adopted my a human family im knowing lely known as a kid thats strong fast and more super natrual things.. im not that smart but i can tell that the scp well like me

    Ayden BredyAyden Bredy2 dagar sedan
  • safe?

    Ayden BredyAyden Bredy2 dagar sedan
  • Show your face and eyes and nose and eyes

    Ethan TerrellEthan Terrell2 dagar sedan
  • What about SCP000

    Joy StacyJoy Stacy2 dagar sedan