Did I Burn Her Sandwich? #shorts

27 apr 2021
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you tell me

  • Its not burnet

    Kiersten CarlisleKiersten Carlisle9 minuter sedan
  • I mean it looks fine...

    greg valenzuelagreg valenzuela10 minuter sedan
  • I mean thats not toasted enough if it was me

    Samuel WigrenSamuel Wigren11 minuter sedan
  • Yes he burnt it

    Sophie CleggSophie Clegg13 minuter sedan
  • i don’t think it’s burnt just a little crispy

    Random contentRandom content28 minuter sedan
  • It’s not burntat all

    Sloth 123Sloth 12359 minuter sedan
  • Karen is a slur, why would you use that?

    mike calmike calTimme sedan
  • Imagine being an owner and not being able to manage such a minute problem

    A HamiltonA HamiltonTimme sedan
  • Reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons where Bart request pepper on his food. Bart Simpson: more.. more, more, little more. ... It's too much take it back.

    Dustin MatthewsDustin MatthewsTimme sedan
  • just toasty but i looks amazing

    Declan WarrickDeclan WarrickTimme sedan
  • It's just a little crisp 😂

    Million_cape 794Million_cape 7942 timmar sedan

    Dobre CosminDobre Cosmin3 timmar sedan
  • Then says some “toasty” stop sugar coating it yeah if it’s a subway sandwich why would it have been so hard just to give her another one ?😭

    Lalos VlogsLalos Vlogs3 timmar sedan
  • Not burnt but I definitely never came across a subway sandwich like that 😭😂😂😂 I woulda complained to that simple cuz what is that 😭 frl tho why is it that dark, not burnt . Never seen one or got one that dark and if I did me too😭🆓💨

    Lalos VlogsLalos Vlogs3 timmar sedan
  • Wait I want I don’t want to hate but he said “I don’t want to call her the k word and then he says she’s a Karen”?😕

    AKA_ Mo_fnAKA_ Mo_fn3 timmar sedan
  • I wish my sandwich was that toasty

    81imbored81imbored3 timmar sedan
  • That looks nice toasted sandwich

    CraziesgunnerCraziesgunner4 timmar sedan
  • He ate it 🤮

    Bubba ShurshBubba Shursh4 timmar sedan
  • That sandwich is not burnt it's toasted perfectly how it's supposed to be looks pretty good to me

    Darren JenkinsDarren Jenkins4 timmar sedan
  • First of all Subway sucks and it is too toasted get that s*** right

    Cheryl BarnettCheryl Barnett4 timmar sedan
  • That is a lil toasty not enough to cause a episode

    Blayne SchaafBlayne Schaaf4 timmar sedan
  • Perfectly toasted

    Ÿášh GámîñŸášh Gámîñ5 timmar sedan
  • Man didn't let food go to waste. I respect it

    Dorei GamesDorei Games5 timmar sedan
  • No

    James IDkJames IDk5 timmar sedan
  • That is 100% not burnt

    Max RybaMax Ryba5 timmar sedan
  • N O

    Xingxin YeXingxin Ye5 timmar sedan
  • No she wanted free food lol

    BoredOnYouTubeBoredOnYouTube6 timmar sedan
  • That’s not burnt it’s the color of the bread AND THAT LOOKS GOOD 😂

    Jayden KingJayden King6 timmar sedan
  • Im sorry man as much as I love your videos as a picky eater I would consider this burned yes but I wouldn't make a scene about it id still eat it well most of it haha

    MoniqueMonique6 timmar sedan
  • The bite at the end. I like this guy

    Zack GabbertZack Gabbert6 timmar sedan
  • A little crispy but definitely edible

    Loser. comLoser. com7 timmar sedan
  • Ew she touched it and you ate it

    keonkeon7 timmar sedan
  • I is not even burned

    Acool38 KhAirAcool38 KhAir7 timmar sedan
  • that’s just a good toast. Sometimes our bread at five guys gets a little more toasted then the previous or prior but it still makes for a pretty good burger holder

    MargiddaMargidda9 timmar sedan
  • That's a toasted sub. Not a burnt sub.

    The Sleepy CraftsmanThe Sleepy Craftsman9 timmar sedan
  • They pay for it so it's on you

    Bright boyBright boy9 timmar sedan
  • Him”you didn’t want it” him also “nom nom”

    SirFishSirFish9 timmar sedan
  • No

    Chaitanya SChaitanya S11 timmar sedan
  • Id eat that its a good amount of toast

    FrugalRocks07FrugalRocks0711 timmar sedan
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    • Vrs

      𝙲𝚒𝚗𝚊𝚖𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚘𝚕𝚕𝙲𝚒𝚗𝚊𝚖𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚘𝚕𝚕12 timmar sedan
    • U can spell virus without u and i

      𝙲𝚒𝚗𝚊𝚖𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚘𝚕𝚕𝙲𝚒𝚗𝚊𝚖𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚘𝚕𝚕12 timmar sedan
  • Burnt!

    RskbugRskbug12 timmar sedan
  • I had a lady complain because her sandwich wasn’t WRAPPED right. There wasn’t anything wrong with the actual sandwich. Had to throw it away and make her a new one

    waywardaughterwaywardaughter13 timmar sedan
  • It's just well-toasted.

    ChloekabanChloekaban14 timmar sedan
  • no it is not burnt

    Cappie 444Cappie 44415 timmar sedan
  • It looks a bit crispy, but i wouldnt complain about that, itd probably enhance it tbh

    leafy greenleafy green15 timmar sedan
  • Not gonna call her the k word but she was a Karen lol

    Hayden SaundersHayden Saunders15 timmar sedan
  • It’s just right

    Austin MajewskiAustin Majewski16 timmar sedan
  • That my guy is *PERFECTION*

    King CopperKing Copper16 timmar sedan
  • He ate that sandwich with minimal crunch. May be a little toasted on the hotter side but not a real toast. BITCH WHERES THE CRUNCH

    D PD P16 timmar sedan
  • Some find this over toasted I call that not toasted 😂😂

    natasha leducnatasha leduc17 timmar sedan

    Sentinel SlayerSentinel Slayer17 timmar sedan
  • “Not gonna call her the K word” *“Karen”*

    Crazy Tortoise 43Crazy Tortoise 4318 timmar sedan
  • Gross! did you just touch it with your hands?!

    for reelincfor reelinc18 timmar sedan
  • It’s not they served me a sandwich at subway like that

    Roslyna GasparRoslyna Gaspar18 timmar sedan
  • That's crisp not burned I love wen my bread is golden

    Adam GibbsAdam Gibbs18 timmar sedan
  • I'd say its slightly burnt not enough to call the manager for but it's slightly burnt

    Charles ThorkildsonCharles Thorkildson18 timmar sedan
  • The Karen:u can't deafeat me Manager:I know but he he/she can. "Co-manager walk in the shop" Sup b*tch

    Schweitzer SimonSchweitzer Simon18 timmar sedan
  • No

    Jose lopez kartelprintJose lopez kartelprint18 timmar sedan
  • No, its caramelized

    Viji MathewViji Mathew18 timmar sedan
  • I looks butn but theres no other way it supposed untoasted definatlly dont want that so.....such a karen

    cookie lunarescookie lunares18 timmar sedan
  • Burnt

    Sarah GrijalvaSarah Grijalva18 timmar sedan
  • It is a lil burnt

    Hank’s DankHank’s Dank18 timmar sedan
  • Just... give her the oven and toast it herself. Might be better to smack your chef(oven) right at her face

    Pianime -Varities of MusicPianime -Varities of Music19 timmar sedan
  • Its not even crispy yet

    Jacob GarrettJacob Garrett19 timmar sedan
  • Looks overly toasted.

    David CrumDavid Crum19 timmar sedan
  • You did not burn it

    Heather zHeather z19 timmar sedan
  • Does not burn at all looks a little toasty and the seasoning makes it look a little darker but that’s not burnt

    dark heart kndark heart kn19 timmar sedan
  • that sandwich looks scrumptious dude , “ overcooked “ that sandwich looks bomb

    Juno FozzJuno Fozz20 timmar sedan
  • I loved how he ate the sandwich in the end. Exactly what I did when that happened to me in my time working at subway 😂 🥪

    Luis GarzaLuis Garza20 timmar sedan
  • Not burn

    Alex JuarezAlex Juarez20 timmar sedan
  • If this is burnt them I want all my subway sandwiches to be burnt like that this. In here, Brasil, the sandwiches always come out cold from the oven thingy. Geez this Karen is a fucking Karen.

    Danilo NakazoneDanilo Nakazone20 timmar sedan
  • Burt? More like perfection

    Rylan HerrinRylan Herrin20 timmar sedan
  • Def just toasted

    Jonathan KinradeJonathan Kinrade20 timmar sedan
  • The amount of mayo on that thing....

    Aeshel CheemaAeshel Cheema20 timmar sedan
  • But that's all right

    KaramaroKaramaro21 timme sedan
  • Lil bit burnt

    KaramaroKaramaro21 timme sedan
  • i mean you could of just replaced it lol it’s really not a big deal

    GrorkyGrorky21 timme sedan
  • That's not burnt

    Autum DinoAutum Dino21 timme sedan
  • yes it is 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    mrfilimflam fan. mrfilimflam rulesmrfilimflam fan. mrfilimflam rules21 timme sedan
  • That looks tasty though

    Perfect FatalityPerfect Fatality21 timme sedan
  • To be honest i hate when my bread is burnt but that is fine.

  • Not gonna lie I'd call that burnt and im a sandwich conaseure

    DJCDJC21 timme sedan
  • I don't know

    Brayden WeberBrayden Weber21 timme sedan
  • Why she pay for it then lol

    ZeekZeek21 timme sedan
  • Not burnt. Just a little extra toasty

    gale212gale21221 timme sedan
  • That’s cooked perfect

    Yamaha Guy17Yamaha Guy1722 timmar sedan
  • I personally don't think it's burned but for other people it might be burned

    Mackenzie MoserMackenzie Moser22 timmar sedan
  • Yeah it is

    sierra gainessierra gaines22 timmar sedan
  • Dude I was waiting for you to take that bite. I know I would’ve too

    iEraTradesiEraTrades22 timmar sedan
  • No

    Marina GarciaMarina Garcia22 timmar sedan
  • Thats not burnt, 𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚋𝚞𝚛𝚗𝚝

    ImAnimated YTImAnimated YT22 timmar sedan
  • Looks perfect ! 👋🇵🇹

    Jay LopesJay Lopes23 timmar sedan
  • Milad:not gonna call her the K word *proceeds to call her the K word*

    Haley KinseyHaley Kinsey23 timmar sedan
  • I love a bit of the burned nice

    DevilliersDevilliers23 timmar sedan
  • It's not berned

    tareq ziadtareq ziad23 timmar sedan
  • Its a bit burnt

    Francisco DanielFrancisco DanielDag sedan
  • Karen/doom same ting

    Robert BrumaRobert BrumaDag sedan
  • Ngl if my sandwich was burned I wouldn't really care or complain if it has cheese it could melt too

    bendy and alicebendy and aliceDag sedan
  • Nah that aint burnt.

    Illenial LisetteIllenial LisetteDag sedan
  • It's not even burnt? It's just Extra Crrrrrrusty 👌

    Levi AckermanLevi AckermanDag sedan