House Votes To Impeach And McConnell Provides Cover For GOP Senators To Break With The President

13 jan 2021
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For Americans eager to hold the president accountable for inciting a violent mob to attack Congress, Wednesday brought key glimmers of hope as the House of Representatives voted in favor of impeachment and a comment by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appeared to give cover for Republican Senators to do the same when the trial begins in that chamber. #Colbert #Impeachment #Monologue
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  • 11:04 "Sammy Davis Hitler" lol😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂 he does look like sammy Davis jr

    Mike JenkinsMike JenkinsTimme sedan
  • Sammy Davis Hitler 😂😅

    Dave LeeDave LeeTimme sedan
  • Funny that the R's are trying to get Liz Cheney kicked out of the party for betraying them. Expect to see Darth Dick Cheney taking several of them on hunting trips very soon.

    Brad CarlsonBrad CarlsonTimme sedan

    Kalman BabitsKalman BabitsTimme sedan
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    Declan Lawford-WickhamDeclan Lawford-WickhamTimme sedan
  • *If* McTurtle decides to go forward on the impeachment, we all need to thank the Drumpf family idiot, Don Jr. "This isn't your Republican party, it's Donald Trump's." (paraphrased) Not a chance that was gonna fly.. You don't phaque with power positions and get away with it. cheers.

    wreckcelsiorwreckcelsior2 timmar sedan
  • Everyone in Drumpf's camp knows how suggestible and maliable their followers are. PotUS got them started (paraphrased) "some we won't cheer, have to show strength..." blablabla When you use words like 'confront' and 'assault', no matter the context, your followers are going to start thinking aggressively. Greaseball Jr. got their blood pumping with *his* horse-shit. Dirty Rudy was the one who said "Trial by conflict" to an already-foaming-at-the-mouth crowd.. *That* singularly, should be a hanging... there should be more. cheers.

    wreckcelsiorwreckcelsior2 timmar sedan
  • All the Don has to is to tell the base that he lost the election in a fair contest to Joe Biden. He said that the whole birtherism issue used against Barrack Obama he had made up, so he can be honest after first pushing a lie.. you'd think he might see the light and relieve his conscience.

    Chuck KottkeChuck Kottke2 timmar sedan
  • There is a Chinese saying, "after you are through using the monk thrown him out" Mitch n the GOP having made use of trump find trump a spend cartridge now and thus should be ejected from the GOP. Trump is not the most dispensable person, is Mitch n the GOP. Trump is only a tool to be made use off. If the republican don't see this you are truely blind.

    Boon Cheow ThianBoon Cheow Thian2 timmar sedan
  • 45 did predict "American Carnage" during his Inauguration.....Promises made, promises kept.

    Tracey ThompsonTracey Thompson2 timmar sedan

    john makijohn maki2 timmar sedan
  • Mo Brooks needs to be impeached!

    RebeccaRebecca2 timmar sedan
  • "... hopefully we'll greet ourselves as liberators" Nice one.

    Jason918114Jason9181143 timmar sedan
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    Marie GrinerMarie Griner3 timmar sedan
  • Most people can agree what happened was disgusting, most people who voted for Trump would agree what happened was disgusting. Violence and breaking the law is not the answer. What I have a problem with though, is hypocrites like Stephen Colbert that are happy to call out violence perpetrated by right wing conservatives, but won’t call it out on the left. So he should pretty much be quiet

    craig hajwancraig hajwan3 timmar sedan
  • Sammy Davis Hitler 😭😭😭

    SouthFlorida ThrifterSouthFlorida Thrifter3 timmar sedan
  • Trump could care less about his supporters. He watched them on tv and refused to send help. No one could pull him away from the tv bc it was live tv that he couldn't pause. Why do these ppl love him so much? It's like Jim Jones is president.

    SouthFlorida ThrifterSouthFlorida Thrifter4 timmar sedan

    Little TrumpyLittle Trumpy4 timmar sedan
  • Exactly 170 years since the last sleepover...

    Mi NúmeroMi Número4 timmar sedan
  • I use to laugh but now too simplistic u realize he has more influence and money then U

    David TejeraDavid Tejera5 timmar sedan
  • GOP now needs to say The Election was fair. Loudly and often for the brainwashedtrumpsters

    Anne FitzAnne Fitz5 timmar sedan
  • This is one of the people American’s don’t need in our country that cause division the democrats already have that covered

    jean lapumajean lapuma5 timmar sedan
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    shiva Kshiva K5 timmar sedan
  • Does this guy look like a young uncle Rukus? Asking for a friend...

    Ajani BlakeAjani Blake5 timmar sedan
  • The ten hygienic jekely dry because sudan coincidentally crash vice a jaded success. dynamic, deep country

    Aio 1Aio 15 timmar sedan
  • I saw the impeachment decorations joke on Twitter a few days before this episode ran. That's disappointingly lazy writing. Students have been expelled from uni for lesser forms of plagiarism.

    RubelliteFaeRubelliteFae6 timmar sedan
  • Lindsey Graham IS the Schrödinger's cat. Or is he? Whatever - his spine is a Möbius strip.

    Tim CTim C6 timmar sedan
  • Time for pulosi biden and trump to resign none of them can make any prudent judgement on anything political!!

    Treemike2323Treemike23236 timmar sedan
  • I love hearing Stephen's wife laughing in the background. It's good to see her supporting her man.

    bboysketch28bboysketch286 timmar sedan

    Dad SDad S6 timmar sedan
  • Is it true that the troops can't stand Joe?

    Fabien FaivreFabien Faivre6 timmar sedan
  • Stephen, a lot of soldiers and cops think like Trump supporters.

    Oz AhmedOz Ahmed6 timmar sedan
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    Cora PerkinsCora Perkins7 timmar sedan
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    joingain joingainjoingain joingain7 timmar sedan
  • Truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.

    Katerina NikopoulouKaterina Nikopoulou8 timmar sedan
  • Rump is radioactive waste!

    Accutronitis The 2ndAccutronitis The 2nd9 timmar sedan
  • How did these get in.

    Amber HillmanAmber Hillman9 timmar sedan
  • Shut up basement boy

    bela horvathbela horvath9 timmar sedan
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    Tray EsterlyTray Esterly10 timmar sedan
  • Could your graphics people please keep the banners on the screen long enough so that I can read them? Of course I tap the left side of the screen to go back 10 seconds. Then tap the three dots at the top right of the screen to reduce the speed of the video (this is so I can stop the video at the right moment). Then I stop the video to read what the NYTimes, in this instance, had to say.

    Neal GreyNeal Grey10 timmar sedan
  • Sammy Davis Hitler & Mel Brooks... 😂 Hey There...

    Manda F.Manda F.10 timmar sedan
  • WAIT! What if Brenda actually forgot to get the wine? - oh, nevermind, it is corona times! Now everyone has to get her/his own wine for online sessions, Colbert! ;)

    EpidemiEpidemi10 timmar sedan
  • No chance of a trial never mind a guilty verdict. Dems wasting time again, you have to be able to prove charges in a court of law, someone should tell them that.

    Chris JavensChris Javens10 timmar sedan
    • Impeachment is not the jurisdiction of the courts or the judiciary. The House has the sole power of impeachment and the senate has the sole power to convict impeachments. The courts are not involved, and have no role to play; it’s the senators who decide. Criminal indictments may come later, in both federal and state courts, and the rules of criminal procedure will apply there. If he’s tried criminally, he’ll get due process, just like anybody else.

      Dr. GDr. G10 timmar sedan
  • You are the facists

    Elizabeth KhanElizabeth Khan11 timmar sedan
  • That "ACTIVIST" surely wasn't expecting what his 15 minutes of fame would turn out with the FBI lookinging into you him and now possibly facing Federal Charges, eh?

    Tyrannus VenandiTyrannus Venandi11 timmar sedan
  • From Australia, you are not funny or witty Steven, I was horrified the bias and hatred that your news sources have been spewing all last year so much trouble,riots looting, killings that you didn't care about these terrorists ,shame you all are a part of the problems you are dealing with now hypocrites the lot of you, feel sorry for you Americans having to endure 4 years of these fake corrupt politicians and senators the future generations will shake their heads at their hypocrisy

    Elizabeth KhanElizabeth Khan11 timmar sedan
  • Cornholebert all hopped up on biktarvy.

    Don FitchDon Fitch11 timmar sedan
  • Colbert is a puppet clown mr Colbert can you do a puppet dance like the straw man from the wizard of oz it would amuse me and I'm sure you're puppeteers wouldn't mind. You can do the same monologue "Trump is the devil he is insane Biden is an infallible angel " just dance a little come on son you know you have it in your blood.

  • Congress can't accept the votes from the house of representatives on the impeachment because should be a do process. So quickly to impeach but in a trial should have a do process. All the votes don't count. But if Congress commit an error if they do then will demonstrate that they are not representing the American people. Amazing the house of representatives showed up so quickly to represent themselves but when they needed to pass a relief bill draggs for months.

    Vir DeSVir DeS11 timmar sedan
  • I remember when Stephen Colbert was funny.

    sb790856sb79085611 timmar sedan
  • If Republicans not help with the impeachet, than they will have no own President in the future ! People have enough from the lies!

    Kermit FroschKermit Frosch11 timmar sedan
  • Sure they must sleep there. When our Constitution is being violated on daily basis by the party of Democrats..........OH IRONY!

    Kat SchKat Sch11 timmar sedan
  • 10s of thousands? i was sure 8000 max

    Coffeeluke1Coffeeluke111 timmar sedan
  • The cheap appliance suprisingly need because mine analogically smell inside a cute archeology. glib, breakable middle

    Deja FeestDeja Feest12 timmar sedan
  • #wherearetheboys

    E&E allAroundE&E allAround12 timmar sedan
  • What I find so revealing and, at the same time, so depressing, is that it takes Career Comedians like Stephen, Trevor, Jon, John Oliver et al to reveal the truth - the REAL Truth, about the Current and Future World situation whilst those who get paid for directing and planning that Future lie, conceal, prevaricate, bullshit us all. I am grateful to the Truthsayers but desperately unhappy that we need THEM to shine the searchlight of honesty into this dark, cruel, vicious "civilisation"!

    Hazlewood LaurenceHazlewood Laurence12 timmar sedan
  • I think Denethor with a haircut is the most accurate description there has ever been of Lindsay Graham.

    Curtis AndersonCurtis Anderson12 timmar sedan
  • Putin is leaning back right now, whispering Excellent while tapping his fingers like Mr. Burns - realizing his plan from 2016 has worked.

    TubbyTimmyTubbyTimmy12 timmar sedan
  • Wasn't "45% fringe" the team for one of RuPaul's Drag Race runways? I remember a dress that looked like a pink duster... and that's RuPaul's.

    Yudith CaronYudith Caron12 timmar sedan
  • lol oh no! Not that Brooks! xD

    sailtheplainssailtheplains12 timmar sedan
  • I’m ashamed to be from alabama with our senator -_-

    Billy JacoBilly Jaco13 timmar sedan
  • Lmao Denethor with a haircut

    PixelmancerPixelmancer13 timmar sedan
  • Trump needs to be Convicted

    Beverly CarterBeverly Carter13 timmar sedan
  • T**** 😀 😃 😄 😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣

    Steph MacCormickSteph MacCormick13 timmar sedan
  • Great impression of mitch Stephen!!👍🏾👍🏾

    Mary PierceMary Pierce13 timmar sedan
  • DONALD J TRUMP loves chaos. It give him life. His heart was removed when he was a teenager.

    M DM D13 timmar sedan
  • Sad times we live in thanks to those Protecting our capital and all 50 states

    Chad HinesChad Hines13 timmar sedan
  • Cots become barriers to rapid movement.

    Robin MitchellRobin Mitchell13 timmar sedan
  • Why is rank 5 voting a four letter word on this site? Great, I am forced to agree with a daughter of a War Criminal (8:11), this country just gets better and better

    Lee R. OberteLee R. Oberte13 timmar sedan
  • Hearing Evelyn laugh in back is great!

    Tad SaxingtonTad Saxington13 timmar sedan
  • Great, the so called richest country in the world doesn't have the ability in logistics to get the cots for the National Guard to sleep on?. I realize the 3 amendment prevents billeting of troops in Civilian quarters, , so that option is out. However, not being able to muster logistical support for troops that the government has known for over a week that it would need at the inauguration is pathetic. I also realize It is very difficult to coordinate logistics to support a mustering of troops larger than division strength, in so short a time, but I would expected some one in government to be up to the task in an emergency such as this. Or, as in the case of any commutator's description of a political situation, the description is not accurate -- and most have cots to sleep in. Does anyone out know which is the case?

    Lee R. OberteLee R. Oberte14 timmar sedan
  • research article 5 and support the convention of the states

    walter guerardwalter guerard14 timmar sedan
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    Angelina MakarskiAngelina Makarski14 timmar sedan
  • Fear of what??!!

    Enrique RiveraEnrique Rivera14 timmar sedan
  • I'm not a trumper but this is the first time I watched colbert since comedy central days when he was funny. Yeah he was once funny. Now he's just got a raging hard on for another man for 4 years. Stephen you become an old blue hair dye lesbian. WTF 😒

    Rick BoxcarRick Boxcar14 timmar sedan
  • Mo Brooks makes me ashamed to be from Alabama. Why do our senators have to be so embarrassingly incompetent?

    Amanda KAmanda K14 timmar sedan
  • 11:15 ...he already wears orange...! ;-)

    Packless1Packless114 timmar sedan
  • 2:49 the cameraman laughing 😂

    NightharmonyNightharmony14 timmar sedan
  • Uh yeah..... NO chance for worlds most irritating TALKING ORANGE.... Remember "Talking Orange"? ..... Hmm? No? Probably because 'Talking Orange" couldn't possibly be as annoying as DOUCHE TIT-BRAIN (Because I refuse to say the name) .... Think about it.

    Gwendolyn BrownGwendolyn Brown15 timmar sedan
  • "Well the United States is known for sending troops to prop up failed states". Well to be fair, you DO have oil. It's consistent behavior

    fba90130fba9013015 timmar sedan
  • Trump did NOT say protest peacefully . He lied

    Standard FlightStandard Flight15 timmar sedan
  • Sadly it's like Republicans don't understand that you are responsible for what you say. Under their logic it would be perfectly fine for me to scream fire in a crowded theater knowing that there ISN'T A FIRE and thus causing 4 deaths due to the individuals being trampled during the rush for safety. According to Republicans logic it's OK because I didn't ask them to trample the other theater patron's.

    Robert TresterRobert Trester16 timmar sedan
  • mitch makes turtle look bad and evil

    matrix teknologiesmatrix teknologies16 timmar sedan
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    MagenHildreth MagenHildrethMagenHildreth MagenHildreth16 timmar sedan
  • How do you milk a sheep ? Tell them the election was rigged.

    Jonathan. FrainJonathan. Frain16 timmar sedan
  • Question, when your in a cult, do you know your in a cult ?

    Jonathan. FrainJonathan. Frain16 timmar sedan
  • You not gonna point out the woman with red eyes who was crying about being maced repeatedly holding an onion up against her face? Ok, then.

    Sanguis DominusSanguis Dominus16 timmar sedan
  • Trump was trying for 4 years to Drain the swamp of political corruption. Trump was and still is for the people.... From the beginning of Trumps presidency, dirty politicians, media, and certain foreign governments felt that Trump was going to expose there crooked ways so they all worked hand in hand to take Trump down by any means. They tried everything and nothing worked. So magically Covid appears and everything has gone to shit...No coincidence!!!!

  • Incite a murderous mob and had been feeding his base raw meat just about each and everyday! trump belongs in prison or at minimum a complete shunning by every human on earth. He has cost some much human life over 4 thousand a DAY are DYING!!! trump the biggest failure ...a criminally guilty individual in my opinion

    Marc WesleyMarc Wesley17 timmar sedan
  • Trump got'em ❤️ victory for 4 more years !

    Brad ColoradoBrad Colorado17 timmar sedan
  • Big tech establishment owned media maniacs, you guys are like the Dominion software, anything that goes is twisted in favor of ccp Joe. Are you guys administered by foreign softwares. Tell the truth, it's one of your mission, unless you have to back up criminal Joe ass. Tell corporate YOU SUCK!

    Fabien FaivreFabien Faivre17 timmar sedan
  • OMFG🤣🤣🤣🤯"guy creeping every one out in the strip club" i i fell out laughing at the picture

    YoMoms DM'dMeYoMoms DM'dMe17 timmar sedan
  • This man lies he's very sick and for those of you who fallow him you will all have a ride awakening!!! Evil he is messing with your minds! Watch it's all coming out cobar can't stop what's coming,GODS LAUGHING AT HIM

    LeAnn SchoenleinLeAnn Schoenlein17 timmar sedan
  • Jared Kushner to Trump - "The house just impeached you again." Trump - "Not really a problem Jared, it's really a beautiful impeachment, a fantastic impeachment, one of the best impeachments ever and nobody has ever been impeached twice, but I worked really hard for it so it's really well deserved and I'll wear it with pride." .

    Neil from Down UnderNeil from Down Under18 timmar sedan
  • that lindsey graham, is so inside the closet that looks already the same as Angela Merkel

    kike gkike g18 timmar sedan
  • Capital punishment is a legal penalty under the United States federal government criminal justice system. It can be imposed for treason, espionage, murder, large-scale drug trafficking, or attempted murder of a witness, juror, or court officer in certain cases. yet no one will even put to prison this fat reatded orange ass. cause law is not for everyone or for stupid things like justice, but to keep most scared of trying to change the status quo were few live above you and me cause his daddy and his daddy before killed steal and lied better or more than ours

    kike gkike g18 timmar sedan
  • Serious question: Why are they censoring Trump's name as T****?

    Nico LegastoNico Legasto18 timmar sedan
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    darek klichdarek klich18 timmar sedan
  • So Biden welcome party will be big after all, just with soldiers :D

    CrystalblueMageCrystalblueMage18 timmar sedan