I Love Golfing

29 mar 2021
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I Love Golfing
Golf is a club-and-ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible.
Golf, unlike most ball games, cannot and does not utilize a standardized playing area, and coping with the varied terrains encountered on different courses is a key part of the game. The game at the usual level is played on a course with an arranged progression of 18 holes, though recreational courses can be smaller, often having nine holes. Each hole on the course must contain a teeing ground to start from, and a putting green containing the actual hole or cup 4 1⁄4 inches (11 cm) in diameter. There are other standard forms of terrain in between, such as the fairway, rough (long grass), bunkers (or "sand traps"), and various hazards (water, rocks) but each hole on a course is unique in its specific layout and arrangement.
Golf is played for the lowest number of strokes by an individual, known as stroke play, or the lowest score on the most individual holes in a complete round by an individual or team, known as match play. Stroke play is the most commonly seen format at all levels, but most especially at the elite level.
The modern game of golf originated in 15th century Scotland. The 18-hole round was created at the Old Course at St Andrews in 1764. Golf's first major, and the world's oldest tournament in existence, is The Open Championship, also known as the British Open, which was first played in 1860 at the Prestwick Golf Club in Ayrshire, Scotland. This is one of the four major championships in men's professional golf, the other three being played in the United States: The Masters, the U.S. Open, and the PGA Championship.

  • See what happens when u putt ur mind to it

    M FruscianteM Frusciante38 minuter sedan
  • Looks like the golden bear

    nickrounsavillenickrounsaville53 minuter sedan
  • Jack literally designed the course, if I’m not mistaken, so of course he can put it in his sleep!

    JustinJustin2 timmar sedan
  • Thats GANGSTA ‼💯🔥🔥

    guLlygotaGLoCkguLlygotaGLoCk7 timmar sedan
  • Jack “this guy is a putz” Nicklaus

    B̸L̸V̸C̸K̸ꨄA⃠R̸T̸B̸L̸V̸C̸K̸ꨄA⃠R̸T̸10 timmar sedan
  • Jack is the master

    Shawna GrahamShawna Graham10 timmar sedan
  • haha sweet shot from the legend Even while the other Guy was still yapping, he just walked straight up to Putt it in.. I think I've already said it but fuckit, Legend

    WhaleOilBeefHooked MainWhaleOilBeefHooked Main12 timmar sedan
  • Inspector Gadget said it best Visualize your thoughts 💭

    Francium_hdFrancium_hd12 timmar sedan
  • The golden bear was like this is an easy 80 footer

    NihilistNihilist15 timmar sedan
  • Also, an uproar in golf? Is that legal?

    Universal_WisdomUniversal_Wisdom18 timmar sedan
  • That man lost a testicle that day, and the guy in orange walked away 50 pounds heavier.

    Universal_WisdomUniversal_Wisdom18 timmar sedan
  • golf isnt thug no matter what you do it will always just be golf

    Taro WelchesTaro Welches23 timmar sedan
  • Lol

    Travis baptisteTravis baptisteDag sedan
  • PIMP

    Schmo HawkSchmo HawkDag sedan
  • Killed it! Amazing

    Caleb HodgesCaleb HodgesDag sedan
  • Was that trump?

    Rod ByrdRod ByrdDag sedan
  • Add the thug life song and this is so k

    Yung BabyYung BabyDag sedan
  • Sheeeesh

    FlockA ZoeFlockA ZoeDag sedan
  • Dam he got roasted

    AtixGamingAtixGamingDag sedan
  • Damn golf punks. GET A JOB

    oddball_joeoddball_joeDag sedan
  • Dats a quality shot there

    mahmod wazeromahmod wazeroDag sedan
  • Savage.

    UHoldThatUHoldThatDag sedan
  • Even the guy who pulled the flag pole was hyped.

    Allex GAllex G2 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if you like golfing🤔

    l0serdudel0serdude2 dagar sedan
  • 😄 amazing

    James NadJames Nad2 dagar sedan
  • the goat

    JackInTheBoxJackInTheBox2 dagar sedan
  • His voice like donal trump

    Tayemul MdTayemul Md2 dagar sedan
  • Impressive 👍

    Roy lopeRoy lope2 dagar sedan
  • Can someone explain what’s happening?! Who are these people? What game? Where?

    That Spoony BardThat Spoony Bard2 dagar sedan
  • what would happen if he miss

    muhammad azimmuhammad azim2 dagar sedan
  • This dude can definitely steal your grandma while all the family's watching

    Dark despairDark despair3 dagar sedan
  • That was sweet. I dont even like golf! Skills!

    alex malex m3 dagar sedan
  • I hate golfing because my parents force me to do it

    MrNaylor!!!MrNaylor!!!3 dagar sedan
  • Grip it and rip it.

    TheRgregor455TheRgregor4553 dagar sedan
  • Mans a legend

    Cragen TaylorCragen Taylor3 dagar sedan
  • That’s mastery and excellent in action! Jack has been putting his whole life, it’s taken him a lifetime to be able to do that, in 2 seconds! That was awesome!!!!

    Michael FeketeMichael Fekete3 dagar sedan
  • Who would have thought Donald Trump was that good a golfer?

    M CM C3 dagar sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Aniket AgarwalAniket Agarwal3 dagar sedan
  • The man happy gilmore shouldve idolized

    Cameron howardCameron howard3 dagar sedan
  • fucking chad

    big booty shrekbig booty shrek4 dagar sedan
  • oh my god 🤯🙀

    IBRA TVالشيف ابراهيم قنديلIBRA TVالشيف ابراهيم قنديل4 dagar sedan
  • It's a good thing that went in too because otherwise that was going to roll into the next green

    chaosawaitschaosawaits4 dagar sedan
  • Haha 😂 if only this is what my putting looked like

    Isabel MarquezIsabel Marquez4 dagar sedan
  • Ended the dudes career

    ber naninanober naninano4 dagar sedan
  • Who knew trump could golf 🏌️

    Xxyyxx 5150Xxyyxx 51504 dagar sedan
  • I don’t know who this guy is, but I think he loves golfing

    Those1guysThose1guys4 dagar sedan
  • Hold my beer i'm gonna show this guy how to putt...

    Zepherius CollinsZepherius Collins4 dagar sedan
  • Yeah that’s amazing, but we all hate people like that. Be honest

    Chris TovreaChris Tovrea4 dagar sedan
  • Zig zag stay lit

    Gabriel RodgersGabriel Rodgers4 dagar sedan
  • Lol ezzzz

    Klavdia FomichevazKlavdia Fomichevaz5 dagar sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    BeatFeinbeatsBeatFeinbeats5 dagar sedan
  • The one time yelling was allowed over quietly clapping

    POLECAT257POLECAT2575 dagar sedan
  • Is it me or when I was a kid golf was quite an boring ?

    Eli SmoothieEli Smoothie5 dagar sedan
  • Sit the fuck down.

    Trajan DobrevTrajan Dobrev5 dagar sedan
  • he’s practiced his whole life for this one shot

    Ivy SmokesIvy Smokes5 dagar sedan
  • When you finally master the level but keep going back

    Ben LargeBen Large5 dagar sedan
  • This needs the still Dre sample

    youtubsyoutubs5 dagar sedan
  • Where's the gta san andreas music at?

    Matt BeserilMatt Beseril5 dagar sedan
  • Fucking legend

    Saroj SinghaSaroj Singha5 dagar sedan
  • Gottem

    Jack HuberJack Huber6 dagar sedan
  • uh... dang

    Colonius DaGreatColonius DaGreat6 dagar sedan
  • Yeah you know ole Jack sported a woody for a while on that one.

    P AP A6 dagar sedan
  • He really said “Hold my golf bag”

    The Real IllusionThe Real Illusion6 dagar sedan
  • Boss

    Kenneth Prevatt IIKenneth Prevatt II6 dagar sedan
  • When parents ask you to do something genuinely difficult. Then they do it first try

    Yeah Im MichaelYeah Im Michael6 dagar sedan
  • The dumbest game on this planet

    Nexon PlusNexon Plus6 dagar sedan
  • Goofy literally says woof woof

    CornéCorné6 dagar sedan
  • Born to play golf, so others see how masters play the game- Duffers do it like that!

    Onfyar541Onfyar5416 dagar sedan
  • How the h€!! You follow something like that😯😯😯

    Mrfixit MikeMrfixit Mike6 dagar sedan
  • Damn, if someone teaches you that then learn from the thug golfer

    WildKittyWildKitty6 dagar sedan
  • Was that Donald Trump ?

    D MD M6 dagar sedan
  • ... wow!

    Daniel BundyDaniel Bundy6 dagar sedan

    Chris LafaceChris Laface7 dagar sedan
  • Damn, what a blow to the first guys mojo. I'd jump from a bridge over something like that.

    P BP B7 dagar sedan
  • Like a BOSS

    Patrick NwadibiePatrick Nwadibie7 dagar sedan
  • We need Adam Sandler

    Brendan GamezBrendan Gamez7 dagar sedan
  • Them Damn Magnets..

    Andrew FergusonAndrew Ferguson7 dagar sedan
  • This makes me think about my grnadparents

    Cyrus 1Clutch1 SamuelCyrus 1Clutch1 Samuel7 dagar sedan
  • Kind of an asshole for that foreal

    Derrick SneadDerrick Snead7 dagar sedan
  • I can’t stop watching thisss

    Dollah kidDollah kid7 dagar sedan
  • I love golf 🤣🤣🤣

    Michael ScottMichael Scott7 dagar sedan
  • Yo xD

    Kuraku TenshiKuraku Tenshi8 dagar sedan
  • “Um uhm, caint be scurry”

    J. ReignJ. Reign8 dagar sedan
  • “And that’s why no one will ever remember your name” 🤣

    J. ReignJ. Reign8 dagar sedan
  • Boss

    Danny HaydenDanny Hayden8 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely fantastic. A master in his craft!

    SuperEagle421SuperEagle4218 dagar sedan
  • His last words "there is no chance"

    GoldenguardGoldenguard8 dagar sedan
  • Dude was like BET, and actually did it

    Jack HarringtonJack Harrington8 dagar sedan
  • dude just threw up his hands like it was easy

    Ty and CalTy and Cal8 dagar sedan
  • Some say the other guy still has nightmares over this moment

    TotekTotek8 dagar sedan
  • Savage

    LSMe 25LSMe 258 dagar sedan
  • Someone from uk want to go golf with me? I don't have anyone to go with

    JoshuaJoshua8 dagar sedan
  • He sounded like Ben Shapiro

    Guadalupe UresteGuadalupe Ureste8 dagar sedan
  • Golfing looks fun

    LGT ExcllzLGT Excllz8 dagar sedan
  • Bad ass

    Valerie HarbaughValerie Harbaugh8 dagar sedan
  • That's most impressive. I've taken longer to line up my shot on Golden Tee. That's one sick shot.

    KymmberliestarrKymmberliestarr8 dagar sedan
  • That was amazing, but... how?! He blistered the putt and still it somehow went in

    MillyMilly8 dagar sedan
  • Execute NuthinButAGThing.exe

    Slo Loan CaponeSlo Loan Capone9 dagar sedan
  • Put it😂😂😂😂😂

    Gary RosemaGary Rosema9 dagar sedan
  • 😎

    David ManisDavid Manis9 dagar sedan