Taylor Swift - Love Story

16 jun 2009
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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story. (C) 2008 Big Machine Records, LLC

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  • How would this song not get any recognition.!

    Unfathomable SUnfathomable S14 minuter sedan
  • 100years from now, i'll be commenting my own post and gonna thumbs up on it

    -MrNiceGuy- joOooshhh-MrNiceGuy- joOooshhh20 minuter sedan
  • Listening to this while waiting for the re-recordings. ☺️

    Emily LantoEmily Lanto23 minuter sedan
  • I just couldn't get her actual age if I haven't saw the time on this vedio Coz she is just looking the way she is now🙂👍🏻

    Ana QureshiAna QureshiTimme sedan
  • I came from insta reels and not regretting 😁👍🏻

    Ana QureshiAna QureshiTimme sedan
  • After6 yrs❣️

    Rijesh karkiRijesh karkiTimme sedan
  • what the fk i dont even like love stories but i am getting goosebumps😳😳

    mcu hindimcu hindi2 timmar sedan
  • I like this song😁

    Nicola MackevicaNicola Mackevica2 timmar sedan
  • She looks like a barbie doll. 💕

    Paramjit KaurParamjit Kaur2 timmar sedan
  • 3:14

    prosto devochkaprosto devochka3 timmar sedan
  • Fact: Taylor Swift has 187 iq She has a lip that is well defined (cupid's bow)

    Carol AnnCarol Ann4 timmar sedan
  • I came here last 5 years(2015) And now I listened to it again After 5 years I will go here again in 2025

    Altheamarie ObuzaAltheamarie Obuza4 timmar sedan
  • 2021 ❤️😍

    Roua RayenRoua Rayen4 timmar sedan
  • Like who is watching this song in 2021 ....11 years later😄...loved it..❤ Love from India❤

    Sunil KandpalSunil Kandpal5 timmar sedan
  • The song gives the wives different when i heard a long ago and when i hear it now maybe i can feel it now❤️

    Himanshu DangwalHimanshu Dangwal5 timmar sedan
  • Oh wow 💓

    Hafza NajeebHafza Najeeb5 timmar sedan
  • Still love this song :2021:: d

    Madmax BunnyMadmax Bunny6 timmar sedan
  • Who is listening this in 2021

    Utkarsh Kumar SinghUtkarsh Kumar Singh7 timmar sedan
  • I love love story for love, love story this love

    Неизвестный гача-роблоксерНеизвестный гача-роблоксер7 timmar sedan
  • I believe everyone in this world know this song lol

    Noor FatimaNoor Fatima7 timmar sedan
  • Anyone from 2021😂❤️

    anirudh saianirudh sai7 timmar sedan
  • baby, just said, yes.😩💗

    Janielle JaritoJanielle Jarito8 timmar sedan
  • 😘

    Chih JoeChih Joe8 timmar sedan
  • the dislike are from haters but don't get sad swifties lovers are more than haters

    poulomi majumdarpoulomi majumdar9 timmar sedan
  • This is my favorite song I sing it every day

    Mills worldMills world9 timmar sedan
  • 11 years and if your still listening then your legend!

    MM9 timmar sedan
  • Still love this song in 2021❤️

    King slayerKing slayer10 timmar sedan
  • I’m sorry but does Taylor swift kind of look like Taylor lautner to anybody else

    Kailey RaaschKailey Raasch10 timmar sedan
  • Wow I like your song🎶🎤

    Chi HanpamChi Hanpam11 timmar sedan
  • 3:10

    Brady CleaveleyBrady Cleaveley11 timmar sedan
    • ?

      I am JANE_gachatuberI am JANE_gachatuber11 timmar sedan
  • Wow l love this song

    bhan ghibhan ghi11 timmar sedan
    • Yea m2

      I am JANE_gachatuberI am JANE_gachatuber11 timmar sedan
  • This reminds me of my sister she loved this song she would play it on replay and it used to annoy me so much🥲

    _blink_for_life _HYLT_blink_for_life _HYLT12 timmar sedan
  • I am listening this song after 11 years 👌👌👌 and iam started loving this song❤️❤️😍😍🎶🎶🎶

    shweta bhartishweta bharti12 timmar sedan
  • Listening to old Taylor swift songs......college starts next week Friday 😪

    T.D.DT.D.D12 timmar sedan
  • When you realize Taylor queen Swift invented Bridgerton 11 years ago and that's one of the reasons that we don't deserve her.

    Alexis GálvezAlexis Gálvez13 timmar sedan
  • This song and “Clover Cage - Better in Time” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you

    WNMWNM13 timmar sedan
  • In Indonesia many people remix this be dj bro ini dont like that ☹, DJ kok ngeremix buat sendiri lah anjirt!!!

    Game and tutorialGame and tutorial13 timmar sedan
  • This made me feel emotional 😭 especially when you got rejected by your crush

    Shiwei HuShiwei Hu13 timmar sedan

    Emma GarrisEmma Garris14 timmar sedan
  • so old

    Donique GoldenDonique Golden14 timmar sedan
  • Who is still watching 2021 ✔️ Like here❣️

    julite ytjulite yt18 timmar sedan
    • I’m still watching. I’m a guy and this one of my favorite songs. I’m not ashamed to admit it either.

      Mitchell WagonerMitchell Wagoner17 timmar sedan
  • Bridgiton?

    Perlina ChicombPerlina Chicomb19 timmar sedan
  • Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many veiws

    Maxthebeast0963Maxthebeast096319 timmar sedan
  • She had a relationshio with a boy her mom dissaproved it. Taylor was angty went to her room within 1 hour she came uo with this beautiful song.

    Eleven 11Eleven 1120 timmar sedan
    • She is soo beautiful

      Eleven 11Eleven 1120 timmar sedan
  • മലയാളീസ് ഒന്ന് പവർ കാണിക്ക്....

    SidharthSidharth20 timmar sedan
  • This song is movie or album

    Bhavika MhatreBhavika Mhatre20 timmar sedan
  • SEworld is the coolest thing we will ever get a time machine I keep seeing everybody commenting who’s here in 2021 so I’m gonna write this as my easter egg in every song videos

    Asian Minox JourneyAsian Minox Journey20 timmar sedan
  • Very similar to my girlfriend:))

    Believe facts Not fictioNsBelieve facts Not fictioNs21 timme sedan
  • You can use me for "not here from tik tok" button

    Rares SanduRares Sandu21 timme sedan
  • 1. Love Story 2. The story of us 3. Mine Listening to these back to back feels like, The TAYLOR Lady has created a whole new paradise And now, is going to create her own heaven😍

    Sambhav GuptaSambhav Gupta21 timme sedan
  • She Is The Real Life Julliet💜

    TaeKook ForeverTaeKook Forever22 timmar sedan
  • Romeo juliet de kimmiş bizim yanımızda 🌝🌝

    Dağıstan Doğuş KarataşDağıstan Doğuş Karataş22 timmar sedan
    • 🌚🌚🌚 eheheheheh

      irem nur tontuirem nur tontu22 timmar sedan
  • Is she still so beautiful???

    अद्भुत Duniaअद्भुत Dunia22 timmar sedan
  • This song would be perfect in The vampire diaries with Elaine and Damon

    Tyler KellyTyler Kelly22 timmar sedan
  • yuki bunu cenazemde çalmayı unutma

    Gennie FraleyGennie Fraley22 timmar sedan
    • @asdas famanas AFERİN AŞKIM

      Gennie FraleyGennie Fraley22 timmar sedan

      asdas famanasasdas famanas22 timmar sedan
  • Keren banget

    anang ramadhananang ramadhan23 timmar sedan
  • I knew this song when I was 9, watched this mv on a TV in a shop, went crazy and wondered WHO THE FK IS THIS GIRL SHE LOOKS GORGEOUSSSSSSSSS, now I'm turning 21 this year, omg time flies

    Yu Xuan ChenYu Xuan ChenDag sedan
  • Anyone who still listening 🎧......

    Avadhut MaliAvadhut MaliDag sedan
  • The thing is that: She wrote this whole song in just 30 mins-

  • If you find love pain is the only thing you buy love story

    Rajiv kumarRajiv kumarDag sedan
  • The thumbnail ❤

    potato poratopotato poratoDag sedan
  • I was only 4 years old when she posted this video,nd now I'm 16 and listening this wonderful song!!!

    Nasrin MithunNasrin MithunDag sedan
  • Yes It's 2021

    Nasrin MithunNasrin MithunDag sedan
  • When this song on youtube, I'm only for two years .❤️

    San Thida OoSan Thida OoDag sedan
  • Wow ❤️

    Gopika KabraGopika KabraDag sedan
  • Who is here in 2021

    Md AkramMd AkramDag sedan
  • Indonesia kumpul kita di komen

    NadiNadiDag sedan
  • It’s a love story baby just say yes💜

    Tamara Wilson`Tamara Wilson`Dag sedan
  • Its 2021 but still this is ma fav❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Abisheik infant princeAbisheik infant princeDag sedan
  • Gw baru tau ini 11 tahun yang lalu

    Agus Ady PraditaAgus Ady PraditaDag sedan
  • Let's see how many people are watching this MV 2021 ❤️👍

    RosieRosieDag sedan
  • اقلك هو صاروخ

    حسين الحربيحسين الحربيDag sedan
  • Kamu sudah menemukan romeo?

    Wisnu WardanaWisnu WardanaDag sedan
  • We stan her

    ayush kumarayush kumarDag sedan
  • I love Taylor swift 😍

    Sarah MoncktonSarah MoncktonDag sedan
  • If you're here because you want to listen music while answering your modules, HELLOOO! Di ka nag-iisa

    Marlea BayotlangMarlea BayotlangDag sedan
  • Legends are watching after 11 years

    Aqsa Saleem BandeyAqsa Saleem BandeyDag sedan
  • I...i came here frm reeels

    Deepa BhattDeepa BhattDag sedan
  • Lobe estorii

    kabbiihkabbiihDag sedan
  • The way she says JULIET 😍

    Sanket NimsarkarSanket NimsarkarDag sedan
  • my fav childhood song!

    Trisha AquinoTrisha AquinoDag sedan
  • Siapa yang kesini gara gara tik tok

    Muhammad YasyfiardhiMuhammad YasyfiardhiDag sedan
  • 11 years ago:)

    Shalun KeanuShalun KeanuDag sedan
  • Watching in 2021

    Ayushi RambhiaAyushi RambhiaDag sedan
  • 11 years n it's still my fav song❤❤❤

    Yashashree MhatreYashashree MhatreDag sedan
  • I don't know why but I think she's looking like an angel

    Mégane RémillardMégane RémillardDag sedan
  • Anybody listening in 2021?

    Sumehr Singh PasrichaSumehr Singh PasrichaDag sedan
  • Facts only: Pop Taylor Swift is great but country music Taylor is something else

    SS PandeySS PandeyDag sedan
    • @arianator forever yeah Speak now Folklore Evermore All lits

      SS PandeySS PandeyTimme sedan
    • And in alternative she washed boths

      arianator foreverarianator forever23 timmar sedan
  • Me watching 2021

    Ma. Luz BernalMa. Luz BernalDag sedan
  • I love song

    Meth LanoyMeth LanoyDag sedan
  • Lagunya sedap di dengar tapi saya tidak bisa memahami lagu ini karena saya orang INDONESIA yang tidak pandai berbahasa inggris tapi saya tetap menyukai lagu ini kok Ayo kita terendingkan ? 💪👍

    Ryan saputraRyan saputraDag sedan
  • Aí meu deus essa era a música da minha infância 😭😭

    Natália RamosNatália RamosDag sedan
  • This song makes me miss my younger dreamy self 😭 Damn time really moves fast

    Angel ChanAngel ChanDag sedan
  • 2021 here!

    AngxiellaAngxiellaDag sedan
  • 2021 are legends

    Eman fun challengesEman fun challengesDag sedan
  • My 3 year old daughter really liked the Willow and Cardigan videos, so I showed her this one. Needless to say, we’ve watched this every night at bedtime for the last 2 months. Congrats Taylor, you’ve conquered the next generation as well.

    Nigam ShahNigam ShahDag sedan
  • I really enjoyed listening to this, even though it's been 11 years since.

    Bam BooBam BooDag sedan
  • A lot of the guys won’t admit it, but we still like to jam out to this song. Am I the only guy that still likes this song? Come on don’t be shy.

    Mitchell WagonerMitchell WagonerDag sedan
  • 2021 e eu aqui dnv

    Izy SilvaIzy SilvaDag sedan
  • Not me listening to this song cause of Wattpad 👀

    quack quackquack quackDag sedan