CRAZY EXPENSIVE! 2021 Polestar 1 Review

12 jan 2021
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2021 Polestar 1 review by The Straight Pipes. The Polestar 1 is pumping out 619hp and 738 lb-ft tq from a Supercharged Turbocharged 2L 4 cylinder Hybrid. At $199,000 CAD, Would you take it over a BMW i8, Mercedes-AMG GT, C8 Corvette, BMW M8, Jaguar F-Type SVR, Porsche 911 Carrera, Audi R8, Acura NSX?
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  • Polestar 1 for 2021 🔥🔥🔥

    TheStraightPipesTheStraightPipes13 dagar sedan
    • Lexus LFA review soon?

      고등 지능 ODINS trash고등 지능 ODINS trash7 dagar sedan
    • You know there is a popstar 2 full bev with more power. And it looks almost exactly the same. And is less than half the price. Why would anyone buy this car?

      Tim ScottTim Scott11 dagar sedan
    • What’s the intro song? I love it so much so if anyone sees this comment please let me know.

      Munshat RahmanMunshat Rahman12 dagar sedan

      PlaySomething!PlaySomething!12 dagar sedan
    • Makes me really appreciate my i8, why has it taken them so long to get this thing out, BMW did it years ago! This is going to depreciate just like the i8 too so someone will have a nice car for the right price at some point in the future.

      Christopher LydonChristopher Lydon12 dagar sedan

    TheStraightPipes And savagegeeseTheStraightPipes And savagegeese22 timmar sedan
  • 619 hp

    TheStraightPipes And savagegeeseTheStraightPipes And savagegeese22 timmar sedan
  • Woahhh🚙💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤯

    TheStraightPipes And savagegeeseTheStraightPipes And savagegeese22 timmar sedan
  • i keep looking at that gmt

    saucy nonchalancesaucy nonchalanceDag sedan
  • ngl that thing it's so sexy that it should be illegal

    Leonardo BacigalupeLeonardo BacigalupeDag sedan
  • Overpriced pos, nobody will remember in couple of years.

    alexander44444alexander44444Dag sedan
  • Volvo??? Chinese car...

    보노보노보노보노3 dagar sedan
  • Intro song?

    Trump 2024!!!!Trump 2024!!!!3 dagar sedan
  • Nfs heat hype us up way to much for this car

    Mopar Master04Mopar Master043 dagar sedan
  • Please do a review of the Polestar 2... as good as the Polestar 1 looks, I don't think very many people would ever buy it

    Manny AbreuManny Abreu3 dagar sedan
  • A 2.0 liter 4 cylinder turbo, supercharge and two electric motors? I cannot imagine maintaining the car, what a nightmare

    jasonteowjasonteow4 dagar sedan
  • You're in minimalist mode that's why you don't have numbers in the gauge cluster

    Ευθύμης ΚαρπούζηςΕυθύμης Καρπούζης4 dagar sedan
  • Costs 2 tesla S

    harry #harry #4 dagar sedan
  • It was the 'vulva coupe' in subs i completely lost it to.. 2:18 onwards

    Randm AcctRandm Acct4 dagar sedan
  • Didn’t think I would like this one but that foot race was epic great job keep the great content coming minus the launch face lol!

    Brandon JordanBrandon Jordan5 dagar sedan
  • Yes, the car of Batman! That's the first thing came to my mind when I saw it.

    Arnold HuangArnold Huang5 dagar sedan
  • chinese...

    ItsBradItsBrad5 dagar sedan
  • ZR1 corvette pls

    Super Sounds MusicSuper Sounds Music5 dagar sedan
  • This Car is Crazy 😛

    Vicente HernandezVicente Hernandez5 dagar sedan
  • Pardon? Volvo would never make a coupe? *cough*c70*cough*

    E BosE Bos5 dagar sedan
  • It's a collectors car, due to the very limited production run. It will appreciate. It's also a really really heavy car!

    dpanch_89dpanch_896 dagar sedan
  • Too expensive & way too complicated. If you have to have it, lease!

    Nuld NuldeneggerNuld Nuldenegger6 dagar sedan
  • Review 2021 lexus is350 fsport

    Prabjot KhairaPrabjot Khaira6 dagar sedan
  • Polestar 1. Thats how many where sold.

    nigel wintnigel wint6 dagar sedan
  • You guys should review the Tesla model s p100D

    Jamel CarrJamel Carr6 dagar sedan
  • Are you guys okay??? Just checking in - it’s been 6 days ;)

    Anton RouxAnton Roux6 dagar sedan
  • If the Mercedes four cylinder amg cars could manage to gain this amount of power, it would make them way better but more expensive

    N0th1nN0th1n6 dagar sedan
  • would not buy

    David AnthonyDavid Anthony6 dagar sedan
  • Why would anyone buy that

    jesuis baizuojesuis baizuo6 dagar sedan
    • because they want to be different but really they'd just be fucking themselves over

      David AnthonyDavid Anthony6 dagar sedan
  • "What do you use to increase your car's power output?" Polestar: Yes.

    Seventh ParadoxSeventh Paradox7 dagar sedan
  • Yes please review the pulsar 2! I hope to be as good as you are one day!

    Teacher Tony CarsTeacher Tony Cars7 dagar sedan
  • It is a pretty awesome!

    Teacher Tony CarsTeacher Tony Cars7 dagar sedan
  • Both of the Polestars are gorgeous. Absolutely test the Polestar 2! In fact, the Polestar 2 would be at the top of my list if it wasn't so freakin expensive. 70k CAD? Unfortunately, it's range is lacking. Now waiting to see the ID4 AWD, Q4 AWD and the Ioniq 5 AWD. Thanks for the videos guys! It's Blue Monday and you turned my frown upside down.

    kevin nkevin n7 dagar sedan
  • this is a volvo dammit!!!

    TheWshmstrTheWshmstr7 dagar sedan
  • There appears not to be a false line. A lovely piece of sculpture.

    Tom CrispTom Crisp7 dagar sedan
  • that footrace, lol. love this channel

    eetcarreetcarr7 dagar sedan
  • "are you floored?" lol. Yuri's face at that moment

    eetcarreetcarr7 dagar sedan
  • I feel like the hellcats, gt500, ZL1, and c8 would murder this car...just a hunch

    ulrek54321ulrek543217 dagar sedan
  • Looks so much like a mustang

    Aland IsmailAland Ismail7 dagar sedan
  • Runnnnnnnnn!!!!!! Love it!

    Shaun PaulShaun Paul7 dagar sedan
  • Made in China

    The ManThe Man7 dagar sedan
  • defiantly review the polestar 2

    Trevor Rea-StewartTrevor Rea-Stewart7 dagar sedan
  • any review on Fisker Ocean suv ?

    liuyi900liuyi9007 dagar sedan
  • Oh my fukin god , who would spend that kind of money on this car lol

    Buck bexBuck bex7 dagar sedan
  • Öhlins = uh-leans

    SimonSimon7 dagar sedan
  • A hipster thing = When there's so much explaining you have to do. Yuri sums up craft beer, avocados and the last decade.

    Sergio vSergio v7 dagar sedan
  • Hate to be that guy, but im not a fan of the looks. I just can't see it. Looks like an audi volvo half breed

    LysergikLysergik7 dagar sedan
  • Looks like Volvo & Lincoln had a baby.

    Zombl337Zombl3378 dagar sedan
  • I really love the design of the Polestar. Same goes for the Proto Z and the Mazda Vision. Simple, elegant, and still sporty. I hope they set the trend for the next years. Pity for the price point... 150k means it will be bought only by middle-aged business men, and driven for a couple of hours during the weekends. :/

    TheAtb85TheAtb858 dagar sedan
  • Looked so good then I saw the rear

    GKGK8 dagar sedan
  • Polestar 1 is an amazing car and looks great, but its way overpriced imo.

    Orcen222Orcen2228 dagar sedan
  • Please test the black Maserati Ghibli Nerissimo!

    HiszpanHiszpan8 dagar sedan
  • Damn this car is so sexy and beautiful but that price, way too expensive.

    SolisfiliaSolisfilia8 dagar sedan
  • If I ever find myself in the luxury car market, I know where I'm looking first.

    Ben DuncanBen Duncan8 dagar sedan
  • Looks like a $60k-$80k car.

    Stephen MillarStephen Millar8 dagar sedan
  • The yellow seatbelts make no sense in that car.

    Stephen MillarStephen Millar8 dagar sedan
  • Good looking car. Crazy expensive.

    Stephen MillarStephen Millar8 dagar sedan
  • Why not the yellow ones with wide body kit ?

    Erik SantosoErik Santoso8 dagar sedan
  • How is no one saying what I know half of us are thinking. It has the exact same proportions as a Mustang.

    TJTJ8 dagar sedan
  • Considering the price it doesn't look good at all

    Ryan WhiteRyan White8 dagar sedan
  • Really nice car, whats the range on electric only

  • Showing off the Rollie

    James MorrisonJames Morrison8 dagar sedan
  • lmao... that price tag... I think I would lmao if I saw someone driving it knowing what they paid for it.

    \\/\//\\/\//8 dagar sedan
  • Please Make A Video Of Bentley Continental GT

    Ben CarterBen Carter8 dagar sedan
  • the back light is same as nfs heat first car

    Aseer AliAseer Ali8 dagar sedan
  • It looks like a Camero fucked a sedan and the Polstar is their baby.

    Stupid FaceStupid Face8 dagar sedan
  • made in china is no longer cheap garbage!

    Tony SmithTony Smith8 dagar sedan
  • Just so you know Volvo fixed the shifter in their new XC40 Recharge. You may not care but I sleep a little better at night with that knowledge

    Matthew TrujilloMatthew Trujillo8 dagar sedan
  • I absolutely love this car. Haven't liked a car this much sense the Cadillac XLR.

    Shaun BrownShaun Brown8 dagar sedan
  • There's no other car (I guess the i8 as well) that screams "I should've been pure electric".

    山内淳カイル山内淳カイル8 dagar sedan
  • Telling people you drive a car that is called "pole star" without saying no homo.... that's a little sus

    Darion AkinsDarion Akins8 dagar sedan
  • AMG GT+Volvo+Mustang GT? that's what it looks to me

    JaxJax8 dagar sedan
  • Technically, this car is a combination of the worsts...

    DD bhahaDD bhaha8 dagar sedan
  • Cool car bub

    Ryan OrikoRyan Oriko8 dagar sedan
  • Glass roof generates more sound reflections.

    Vincent WangVincent Wang8 dagar sedan
  • Volvo's are more appealing visually than BMWs now in my opinion.

    Jake the PitadorJake the Pitador8 dagar sedan
  • Lol nobody’s gunna buy this

    Yun ChoYun Cho8 dagar sedan
  • Yuri has great launch control 🏎

    Manveer GhumanManveer Ghuman8 dagar sedan
  • Nice geely

    jigrodriguesjigrodrigues8 dagar sedan
  • Wins beauty contests like swedish models 🇸🇪💃

    HasseBrasseHasseBrasse8 dagar sedan
  • Looks like a Volvo

    salim salloufsalim sallouf8 dagar sedan
  • a beautiful but over complicated car

    Johnny NgJohnny Ng8 dagar sedan
  • since the first images from this im of the opinion that this is one of the prettiest cars in the 2010s

    JollleeJolllee8 dagar sedan
  • Grille pronounced 'grill'? Sure it's not 'grill-ay'?

    dixon pinfolddixon pinfold8 dagar sedan
  • Something about a a super/turbo charged four cylinder for that much money is incredibly unappealing to me. I don’t care about the hybrid/electric aspects. Gorgeous looking though.

    Marshall KelinMarshall Kelin8 dagar sedan
  • 2 Things: 1, I guess I have to subscribe because Yuri won. 2, I don’t think this will depreciate as much because of how little units they produced.

    Agus OrellanaAgus Orellana8 dagar sedan
  • volvo has had such a hard life, such a shame they usually make good cars.

    potatochobitpotatochobit8 dagar sedan
  • back looks bad

    VisitationVisitation8 dagar sedan
  • Considering the back seats are also just for kids, I'll take a 911 Turbo for that price.

    Nugrat1Nugrat18 dagar sedan
  • Too bad Volvo is financed by a chinese company

    David VenturaDavid Ventura8 dagar sedan
  • I'm not spending 200K on a car made in China

    Darkangel754Darkangel7548 dagar sedan
  • Useless piece of shit to be honest, either make it full on electric, or give it a proper engine, Prius coupe for the rich.

    WojciechKozerskiWojciechKozerski8 dagar sedan
  • ew man just ew

    antonthewallantonthewall8 dagar sedan
  • nice rolex jacob!!

    Tom JTom J8 dagar sedan
  • put "crazy expensive" in the title and talk about the price in the last 2 mins of the video. no time stamps aswell good job mate hard clickbait.

    Jhaco MeemoJhaco Meemo8 dagar sedan
  • Why? I want to love this car, but the clunkyness just ruins it. Electric? Taycan. Rumble mode? M8 or R8, vastly better options out there for this price.

    Michael CarpenterMichael Carpenter9 dagar sedan
  • Goldstar

    ClartaholicClartaholic9 dagar sedan
  • It's a Polestar . . . It's a Polestar! Bwahahaha. Love the end.

    Brian DominguezBrian Dominguez9 dagar sedan
  • Ah yes I see you two filmed this during that 2 week period where there was no sun at all in Ontario lmao

    TheModernBrownGuyTheModernBrownGuy9 dagar sedan