Songs that BLEW UP on TikTok vs YouTube

26 okt 2020
917 356 visningar

Comparing viral songs on TikTok vs SEworld!
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Edited by Jiva Brown

  • You say how you didn't like the fox song after the second time you heard it i hated that stupid song the first time I heard it

    JackKnife Joe9472JackKnife Joe9472Timme sedan
  • Roomie: "B B No $" Me: BABY NO MONEY!!

    Ray BihlmaierRay Bihlmaier2 timmar sedan
  • No no no not the duck song no no

    Anari BurgAnari Burg3 timmar sedan
  • Why is it that my family listened to to what dose the fox say vary seriously 😐 as a vary good song and still is

    Anari BurgAnari Burg3 timmar sedan
  • Breakbot is next to Daft Punk for me

    Debapriyo BhattacharjeeDebapriyo Bhattacharjee3 timmar sedan
  • Im only liking this video because of the DUCK SONG

    RøckSøłid69RøckSøłid695 timmar sedan
  • I think I listen to Playdate thanks to tik tok. I listen to MM religiously now.

    Chris LoChris Lo6 timmar sedan
  • Tik tok:can we make this a dance SEworld:can we make this a meme Lol

    PitziPitzi7 timmar sedan
  • The reason the YT ones are cringe is because the TikTok ones are recent but the YT ones are up to 8 years old

    crambowastakencrambowastaken7 timmar sedan
  • PSY's Gangnam Style has a really interesting "lore." PSY made the song and the video in that way to criticize and satirize the dummy rich people in Korea, which usually live in Gangnam. There's probably a video that explains it better than me, so I recommend searching for it if someone's interested in that.

    MarrodcMarrodc7 timmar sedan
  • how did this video not feature the harlem shake?

    William AndrewsWilliam Andrews10 timmar sedan
  • In september my teacher literally played the duck song..... like in the middle of class.... I'm not kidding... Shoutout to Mrs. Gattis, the sixth grade teacher.

    No NameNo Name11 timmar sedan
  • Skibidi is something my parents found on SEworld and every once in a while they make everyone in the house watch it because it’s “sooo funnnyy”, it gets annoying:/

    【Satostia】【Satostia】11 timmar sedan
  • Vine vs TikTok

    Owen HoneyOwen Honey11 timmar sedan
  • I actually never seen mxmtoom on Tiktok Cause I DON'T Have the app but Yeah I love her songs. Oh if you like her song's listen to Khai dreams song yeah. Dope right

    Seidou- KUNSeidou- KUN12 timmar sedan
  • Gangnam style is the first popular K-pop

    Joltz PlaysJoltz Plays12 timmar sedan
  • I think the best part about Psy that people don't know, is he is well known for his choreographys and knows that Choreo is the way to finish off a song and video. Like in Dawn's (kpop artist) newest video Dawndididawn, Psy was on set to help finalized choreo and help get it perfect. To people outside the kpop community, he is just a meme because of that song, but his music is really catchy and hes honestly a genius, knowing exactly how to make his things perfect.

    Kiran TrachtKiran Tracht12 timmar sedan
  • Hate tiktok

    dropinheredropinhere12 timmar sedan
  • 7:58

    []Ňäťţîĕ Bëåř[][]Ňäťţîĕ Bëåř[]12 timmar sedan
  • You said that Supalonely wouldn't fit on tiktok.. but it has a tiktok dance and it used to be a trend on tiktok-

    UnbalancedFlamingoUnbalancedFlamingo12 timmar sedan
  • SEworld is the best. Where the real memes came from.

    Engin KoksalEngin Koksal13 timmar sedan
  • "Oooo funny Asian man" Joel 2020

    hammy the hamsterhammy the hamster13 timmar sedan
  • What does the fox say. Did they create furries🤔🤔🤔

    BigleestanBigleestan14 timmar sedan
  • The fact that I didn’t know the Skibidi challenge is either concerning or fortunate

    Meli's MadnessMeli's Madness15 timmar sedan
  • papapapapara

    JJLoadedJJLoaded16 timmar sedan
  • to the very next day

    JJLoadedJJLoaded16 timmar sedan
  • DON'T TRANSLATE WHAT day me tu cosita judts don't

    BaconTailoBaconTailo16 timmar sedan
  • review mxmtoon !!!!

    Gabriel KapachGabriel Kapach16 timmar sedan
  • Let's be honest. In general tik tok only gives you trash stuff if you like trash stuff. Otherwise there's a lot of good content there.

    ClumsyAmbivertClumsyAmbivert17 timmar sedan
  • Did you know that “Dame Tu Cosita” means “give me your little thing”

    Temax BTemax B17 timmar sedan
  • i hate that i legitmately enjoyed the fox when i was younger 💀✋

    Victoria HutchinsVictoria Hutchins17 timmar sedan
  • Roomie's laugh is the best 😂

    Shane HeldsingerShane Heldsinger18 timmar sedan
  • lol im 15 i hv a better mustache

  • ✨ C A T C H Y ✨

    ꧁Snaetti꧂꧁Snaetti꧂19 timmar sedan
  • oppa gangnam style

    Jayden SchoenbergJayden Schoenberg19 timmar sedan
  • Roomie: plays Blueberry Faygo me: *imagining shit cringe intros with that music* UGH?!!?!?? Also me: yes this is good.

    acidacid21 timme sedan
  • Got Rickrolled, take my like lol

    Shalev MessalemShalev Messalem21 timme sedan
  • I love Little Big, but Skibidi was defiantly an interesting song

    TheAriesKoalaTheAriesKoala21 timme sedan
  • tiktokers dance only cool stuff and listen to cool stuff (my opinion is that those songs are trash)youtube tho, that's the paradice of memes, *we* only listen to memes, duck song and rick astley are examples

    ΆγγελοςΜεράιΆγγελοςΜεράι22 timmar sedan

    Benjamin LeungBenjamin Leung23 timmar sedan
  • Baby no money

    Glitch LapTopGlitch LapTop23 timmar sedan
  • Did.. Did Joel just Rick roll us? I-

    Mione EamesMione Eames23 timmar sedan
  • Well, I feel like the youtube songs are so cringy because you took all the cringy, viral for the wrong reasons youtube songs ahah.

    Am0Am0Dag sedan
  • Dame To Cosita

    K U R OK U R ODag sedan
  • 5:08 this will soon be a meme

    Khassie DelacruzKhassie DelacruzDag sedan
  • Gangnam style gives me some flashbacks

    Choon Eng NgChoon Eng NgDag sedan
  • I'm a simple person. I see Maia on the thumbnail, I click on the video.

    YağmurT.YağmurT.Dag sedan
  • God when he played Chasing Cars i got Greys Anatomy flash backs

    KalamityKalyKalamityKalyDag sedan
  • I'm hispanic and when I saw "Dame tu cosita" I was like:*"Oh, hell no, hell no."* For those who didn't know the meaning is something like: "Gimme your thing" referring to s*x.

    YueHeiwa27YueHeiwa27Dag sedan
  • First off megumin is not 14

    Beta NabilLPBeta NabilLPDag sedan
  • I'm surprised the badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom thing wasn't on there

    Yolanda AndingYolanda AndingDag sedan
  • Ahh, What does the Fox Say was my childhood. Even back then I thought it was cringe.

    Aubrey FairchildAubrey FairchildDag sedan
  • Wait I need to say this but why I heard every of the song is better than Joel cuz when I heard this is it’s like down tones

    Ivan ChinIvan ChinDag sedan
  • That moan in the alien song though. Rommie:🤨🤔 Me:🤣While the green alien with no clothes on still dance.

    McKenna EllisonMcKenna EllisonDag sedan
  • Is it bad if I've never heard The DUCK song!?!

    McKenna EllisonMcKenna EllisonDag sedan
  • Little Big is so F!@*ing cringe, I had to fast ford it! LIKE IF YOU AGREE!!!!!

    McKenna EllisonMcKenna EllisonDag sedan
  • I was listening to sunday best the day it came out lol

    Tushar SinghTushar SinghDag sedan
  • The duck song: *appears* Me: aNd He WaDdLeD aWaY Waddle waddle The green alien: *whatever the word is* Me: *le sing along* ALSO ME: what? WHY, KIDS LISTEN TO THIS SONG AND *WHATEVER THE WORD IS* GIVE IT TO ME?! AND A GIRL IS MOANING?! WHAT THE HECK MY BABY SISTER DANCES TO IT AND I DO TO ....THE HECKKKKKKKKKKK...or he wants a new UFO and he is saying GIVE IT TO ME as in I want yours.

    Ava’s Adventures and gamingAva’s Adventures and gamingDag sedan
  • That Harmony house thing on tiktok is pretty good

    Jess YanJess YanDag sedan
  • "Gangam Style" and "What Does The Fox Say" were some of my child songs!

    olexdorfmanolexdorfmanDag sedan
  • Did he really not know how to say bbno$ lol honestly he isn’t that bad especially when he does stuff with yung gravy

    Playstation GuyPlaystation GuyDag sedan
  • I didn’t even notice “Prom Dress” was big and I listened to it when it wasn’t a big hit- I stoped when it started getting bigger-

    Yasashī ShimizuYasashī ShimizuDag sedan
  • u missed deathbed both youtube & TikTok

    TalkinJayTalkinJayDag sedan
  • 12:44 its so gay

    InfinityInfinityDag sedan
  • 'what does the fox say' was always played in my elementary school P.E class 😶

    Audrey The Tea Delivery PersonAudrey The Tea Delivery PersonDag sedan
  • You hate the duck’ve chosen death I see...

    Deadly Assassin9Deadly Assassin9Dag sedan
  • Joel, for youtube songs you missed the gummy bear song and pineapple pen!!

    Elise GrimesElise GrimesDag sedan
  • Joel, leave the duck song alone! How dare you criticise it, it is my childhood!!

    Elise GrimesElise GrimesDag sedan
  • I love Sunday best, its rlly catchy lol

    Elise GrimesElise GrimesDag sedan
  • me watching this video (tik tok song half because I know all the youtube songs): me **sees song title** : no idea what that song is... me: **hears song** : oh right, that song!

    Elise GrimesElise GrimesDag sedan
  • What Does The Fox Say is still my dad’s ringtone :|

    Logan PumfreyLogan PumfreyDag sedan

    Evelina VrednicEvelina VrednicDag sedan
  • Who didnt know psy was kpop?

    Evelina VrednicEvelina VrednicDag sedan
  • Slow dancing in the dark is not on the list.... oof

    Aizela CondeAizela CondeDag sedan
  • Not so long banana

    Anthony SchrecengostAnthony SchrecengostDag sedan

    reikoHCHS34reikoHCHS34Dag sedan

    reikoHCHS34reikoHCHS34Dag sedan
  • Wait so we watched this video to just get Rick rolled. Bruhh

    Minegod 2012 altMinegod 2012 altDag sedan
  • 👊👍👎🖐️✌️🤞👌🤙🖖

    Princes DonaPrinces DonaDag sedan
  • bbno$ “probably the least good of the tiktok songs we’ve heard today” Literally the only song on this video I listen to un-ironically. I mean if you don’t like that genre that’s understandable, so I feel like roomie just isn’t the biggest fan of the genre, however as a fan of the hip hop trap beat genre, this song is really well produced, and I listen to other bbno$ songs after hearing that one.

    Andrew EvensonAndrew EvensonDag sedan
  • The Fox was my shit growing up! I fucking loved that song!

    Olivia ShanksOlivia ShanksDag sedan
  • No matter how may good or cringe tiktok song comes along... 'NEVER GONNA GIVE U UP' is the GOD MATERIAL...... Its the gauntlet that thanos will use to wipe out tiktok (That thanos being Rick Astley)

    JollyRogerJollyRogerDag sedan
  • honestly youtube is culture while tiktok takes songs and does weird dances to them

    Nessi :3Nessi :3Dag sedan
  • SEworld is still better than TikTok :') agree to me pls

    Nessi :3Nessi :3Dag sedan
  • Dont make fun of the duck stand it's perfection

    Connor jamie WallaceConnor jamie Wallace2 dagar sedan
  • Where is the Coconut song, Joel? ...WHERE IS IT?!

    Mokoi FreakMokoi Freak2 dagar sedan
  • "why does a comedy video make me in a bad mood" i mean im in a bad mood when im in a good mood

    Slvshie UwUSlvshie UwU2 dagar sedan
  • Nooo tik tok sucks

    Ethan PoonEthan Poon2 dagar sedan
  • I can’t imagine how much copyright Joel gets lol

    Safina NoahSafina Noah2 dagar sedan
  • I LOVE THE FOX 🦊🦊🦊

    Iron Brick StudiosIron Brick Studios2 dagar sedan
  • Roomie: *Says Never gonna give you up is good* Everyone that is annoyed with rickrolling: Wait, That's Illegal.

    GGplayer _GGplayer _2 dagar sedan
  • can you really sing without editing?

    Josiah Zander DioceraJosiah Zander Diocera2 dagar sedan
  • no muffin song? really joel? your editor sucks.

    Riski RillsRiski Rills2 dagar sedan
  • Ngl, I listen to Never Gonna Give You Up the whole way through every time I get Rick rolled

    Z WoodZ Wood2 dagar sedan
  • 7:40 that stick flip was so satisfying for no reason.

    Joseph TurnerJoseph Turner2 dagar sedan
  • Joel just got rick rolled secretly

    John Kaiser LlarvesJohn Kaiser Llarves2 dagar sedan
  • wowowowowowowowo take a look at that foliage

    Pomeranian go booOm!!Pomeranian go booOm!!2 dagar sedan
  • Its not annoying joel!!

    Elizabeth PaisleyElizabeth Paisley2 dagar sedan
  • Roomie:oh not the duck song *5 yo inside of me*:THE DUCK SONG Bum Bum Bum GOT ANY GRAPES :) Edit: I knew some of of the tik tok songs but not all them.

    Sophie mackSophie mack2 dagar sedan
  • he got RICK ROLLED