New Hyundai Ioniq 5 full review - the 300-mile Tesla EV rival styled by Minecraft

26 apr 2021
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Welcome to The Late Brake Show's full review of the new Hyundai Ioniq 5 - the 300-mile true Tesla EV rival styled by Minecraft. We say Minecraft, but any 8-bit video game really. So is this really as good as electric car enthusiasts had hoped? Jonny seemed convinced by the Korean EV efficiency, the retro-future bold styling, massive cabin and boot space, and the charging/power output versatility.
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E-GMP is the codename for Hyundai's Electric Global Modular Platform that the Ioniq 5 is based upon. This is dedicated EV as opposed to shared with piston models, like the Kona and Niro models previously (good as they are). Don't get confused with the existing Ioniq either - that's a much smaller car that can be purchased in petrol hybrid, PHEV or full EV form.
4635mm long
1890mm wide
1605mm high
3000mm wheelbase

Longer than ID.4, shorter than Mustang Mach-e and 78 mm longer wheelbase than a full size Range Rover!
Boot space 531L + 57L froot (24L if AWD optioned)
Boot space rivals:VW ID.4 = 543L, 1575L seats down
Ford Mach-E = 402L + 81L (froot), 1420L seats down
Nissan Ariya = 468L (2wd model)
Much of the interior is eco-friendly (saw this many years ago on the first generation Kia Soul EV) and uses sustainable sourced materials, recycled PET bottles, plant based (bio PET) yarns and natural wool yarns, plus eco-processed leather with plant based extracts and bio paint with plant extracts.
400 or 800v charging capability supported (world first), The IONIQ5 also can rapid charge up to 380kW, so although much of the UK isn't there yet it is ready. Theoretically it can can charge 10-80% in 18 mins at this level. Or get 100km of range from 5 mins of charge.
Two batts, two or 4wd:
Two battery choices (similar to its competitors): 58kWh or 72.6kWh
Two electric motor layouts - either RWD or AWD, the latter having two motors.
Best performance is the 72.6kWh AWD with 225kW and 605nm of torque = 5.2 0-62
Longest range car obviously has bigger battery and 2WD for up to 480km range - or 300 miles WLTP.
All cars have a top speed of 115mph or 185km/h.
Hyundai's V2L (Vehicle 2 Load) means you can use an external or internal plug socket to power things, charge e-motorbikes, or even other electric cars. This could be just what we need for some distanced entertainment in 2021 (and beyond?) 3.6kW output sockets. There's also a socket inside the Ioniq 5 (between rear seats) and a 15w fast charger for mobile devices.
Prices are not confirmed yet, but the ballpark is looking incredibly promising. Expect the Ioniq 5 to start around £36k and for the big battery 4wd launch edition (as tested) to be £47k. With all that space, charging innovation, unique styling and performance (not to mention unlimited mileage 5 year warranty) Jonny may have whispered that he would have an Ioniq 5 more than any other EV right now.
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Jonny Smith
Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since '98
0:00 Intro
1:36 E-GMP new platform
2:25 Don't confuse with the Ioniq
2:57 Dimensions
3:18 Interior space
5:25 Rear passenger space
7:20 Main rivals
7:36 Boot space
9:04 Charging info (up to 380kW)
10:05 Driving impressions
11:06 8-bit Lancia Integrale
12:57 2 x battery options
13:15 Specs
13:30 Performance stats
14:45 Heritage Pony Concept
15:10 0-62 mph launch
17:21 Prices
18:50 External power sources (V2L)
21:25 Verdict and outro, proudly supported by Continental Tyres

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  • thank you Jonny for years of excellent auto journalism, a refreshingly honest & quirky personality, and last but not least for bringing electric vehicles to the people in a fun and cool way. as we say in the south, you're doin the lords work!

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    • @Mamadh Haryadi Interesting. My general observation is that UK speakers tend to pronounce foreign words as if they are English words, whereas US speakers make a half way effort to say them closer to the foreign pronunciation. We (US) though sort of moderate our foreign pronunciation, if it's too foreign sounding it can seem pretentious, and if it's too English sounding it seems uneducated. Hearing a UK speaker say those words though as Anglicized doesn't seem uneducated, it's more amusing, by which I mean no offense. There are probably lots of exceptions, but that's the impression I have. I make no judgement as to which is "right" or "better", just an observation.

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  • Ioniq 5 looks like an über-styled concept that should have died on the drawing board. Its looks are so horrible that it even might deter me from ever looking at Hyundai again. The Hyundai EV6 can't arrive soon enough to make us forget the Ioniq 5, hopefully, to totally erase the existence of the eye-watering ugliness of the Ioniq 5.

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    • Air Dancer is a €400 option. We wish.

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  • I think the only thing that will hurt this car and other EVs, the cost. Now they say you get a Federal Tax Credit, which will off set the cost, but a lot of people are not eligible for this tax credit, so who will benefit the upper middle class and the rich. So car manufacturers why can’t you take the tax break and pass it on the buyers.

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  • I think the only thing that will hurt this car and other EVs, the cost. Now they say you get a Federal Tax Credit, which will off set the cost, but a lot of people are not eligible for this tax credit, so who will benefit the upper middle class and the rich. So car manufacturers why can’t you take the tax break and pass it on the buyers.

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  • What a funky looking car I really like it, apart from the body colour. I do wonder about the huge wheel sizes on these new EV's coming out though? Can't be fun trying to change a wheel and cost of new rubber! Plus it's great to see an EV that's not a damn SUV! (sort of)

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  • (Edited) I want to note that this car has an 11 kW 3-phase AC charger. The normal Ioniq only does upto 6.6 kW single phase on a 22 kW 3-phase charger and 3.7 kW on an 11 kW charger. Where I live about 90% of all public chargers are 3-phase chargers.

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