Tommy Is Moving In With Tubbo [Exclusive Stream]

8 jan 2021
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Tommy Is Moving In With Tubbo on Dream's minecraft server! This was insane... [Exclusive Stream]
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Today TommyInnit is on the Dream SMP! The Server made by Dream in Minecraft with lots of laughs and funny moments.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me and my friends having fun on the Dream SMP! POG CHAMP!!
Channel managed by Rudy, big thanks to him -

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    TommyVODSTommyVODS12 dagar sedan
    • 500th yay

      Uma The PoptartUma The Poptart10 dagar sedan
    • You had a stack of carrots in your chest...

      Starboy UchihaStarboy Uchiha10 dagar sedan
    • Amen

      K 41K 4112 dagar sedan
    • Pogchampn't

      K 41K 4112 dagar sedan
    • I'll do everything I can to do it!

      K 41K 4112 dagar sedan
  • lol i thought you they were moving with eachother in real life

    dani danidani dani6 minuter sedan
  • Hello

    elioisblueelioisblue7 minuter sedan
  • 14:16

    FrostedBlakesFrostedBlakes2 timmar sedan
  • L'woman burger (Random comment sorry)

    SANS KUJOSANS KUJO5 timmar sedan
  • 12:18 RIP techno blades brother

    JokieJokie6 timmar sedan
  • 25:22 His morals hurt but they are his morals. We live by morals and we die by morals. It is our own choice to trust those and form a bond with someone whom we know has opposing morals as we do and yet we still choose to be with them and in the end, we hurt ourselves. Not the person we choose to trust knowing their morals form the get go, but ourselves by leading on.

    Golden KingyoGolden Kingyo7 timmar sedan
  • “why do you trust me?”- Ranboo “cus you have memory problems”- Tubbo

    Tall Pers0nTall Pers0n10 timmar sedan
    • 38:10

      Tall Pers0nTall Pers0n10 timmar sedan
  • He

    BarseeedBarseeed19 timmar sedan
  • 55:40 lmfao ranboo

    rarirurariru21 timme sedan
    • @Barseeed no I know it’s not him it’s what he said “UH who’s Rudy?”

      rarirurariru18 timmar sedan
    • That's not

      BarseeedBarseeed19 timmar sedan
  • 51:50 Why does Ranboo sound IDENTICAL to techno here?? That scared me for a hot minute.

    KimKim22 timmar sedan
  • Most of the vods now are just tommy saying you know what or here’s the thing without thinking. Of what to say

    Alpha PlaysAlpha Plays23 timmar sedan
    • Haha

      BarseeedBarseeed19 timmar sedan
  • POG

    Bartosz SBartosz SDag sedan
  • yall what if they cover it up and clean up and light up the bottom and turned it in to like a super cool cave hang out owaysis thing

    Shawn PolizzoShawn PolizzoDag sedan
  • 900,000,000% SEXZ

    iiuhbkh jdsuhfdfiiuhbkh jdsuhfdfDag sedan
    • What is at

      BarseeedBarseeed19 timmar sedan
  • Tommy:Ghostbur I got to go but can I speak to you soon Ghostbur:No

    Salty- CeriSalty- CeriDag sedan
  • tommy has a furry hotel game will i judge him no will i point it out and chuckle a little yes

    XomXomDag sedan
  • Quirk as in anime my hero academia

    Marites SerenadeMarites SerenadeDag sedan
  • dream being so salty ab being homeless he blows everyone's homes up

    ella ,ella ,Dag sedan
  • Strange I’m like almost 15 and I have 10x more facial hair than tommy

    Talha KhanTalha KhanDag sedan
  • Lmanburg is the people not the place, I say move to the exile island

    Talha KhanTalha KhanDag sedan
  • 2 months later tubbos house gets robed

    Ghosty Boi flogsGhosty Boi flogsDag sedan
  • Why is it called an exclusive stream

    Chick3n ManChick3n ManDag sedan
  • I’m unsuding to dream

    Susie McIntoshSusie McIntoshDag sedan
    • WHat did he do

      BarseeedBarseeed19 timmar sedan
  • Its not pog...Its... *Bonezone!!!*

    Satan / LuciferSatan / LuciferDag sedan

    RbthamayneRbthamayneDag sedan
  • Dw Tommy i’m also blonde and have brown eyebrows

    Idun PlahterIdun PlahterDag sedan
  • Anybody see that roblox player at the left top😳😳

    FrizixFrizixDag sedan
  • Ranboo kinda sounds like techno lol

    OGR AcidOGR AcidDag sedan
  • Tubbo and Tommy tormenting Ranboo for his armour : 38:05

    FreyaZworldFreyaZworld2 dagar sedan
  • Pearl to technos house and rob his shit lol

    OGR AcidOGR Acid2 dagar sedan
  • How tf did all of u not notice a massive a massive obsidian grid being built💀💀😂

    OGR AcidOGR Acid2 dagar sedan
    • Because it's scripted, dude

      AngelicCinnamonBunAngelicCinnamonBunDag sedan
  • pog i remember switching between tubbo's and tommy's streams

    Brownie_21_11Brownie_21_112 dagar sedan
  • Hey! I’m trying to locate myself better between the videos uploaded by this channel and the twitch stream, does someone know under which tittle this video is on twitch?

    colomba torrescolomba torres2 dagar sedan
  • @TommyVODS you should switch to youtube

    Fa3e OngFa3e Ong2 dagar sedan
  • im confused now isnt tommy and tubbo already ghosts now?

    Kiana HardyKiana Hardy2 dagar sedan
    • They have one life left

      JawshwichJawshwich6 timmar sedan
  • Wait I'm older than you 19:15

    Skull lord 123 Skull lord 123Skull lord 123 Skull lord 1232 dagar sedan
  • And make a you need an army like a lot of

    firex filorfirex filor2 dagar sedan
  • Hi, I just want to say that I am a girl and you are own of my favorite❤️❤️❤️🥺

    yam Matzyam Matz2 dagar sedan
  • Twitch removed America but at what cost

    Matthew BoocockMatthew Boocock2 dagar sedan
  • 1:03:52 ending stream i can't reply to Tommy's comment

    IlikeDragons UwUIlikeDragons UwU2 dagar sedan
  • I can’t even have twitch so I watch techno

    ꧁Tʜᴇ ɢᴀᴍᴇʀ Mᴀʏᴀ Kᴜɴ꧂꧁Tʜᴇ ɢᴀᴍᴇʀ Mᴀʏᴀ Kᴜɴ꧂2 dagar sedan
  • 28:40 what’s funny about this is that my buddy is blond with brown eyebrows and I’ve had the exact same conversation

    Nolan PhamNolan Pham2 dagar sedan
  • Tommy do you know what the word betrayal actually means?

    Jacob FeiwusJacob Feiwus2 dagar sedan
  • now vod out

    BDG_RoseBDG_Rose2 dagar sedan
  • To be honest the way lamanberg has a big hole to bedrock is pretty funny

    MrVeno 76MrVeno 762 dagar sedan
  • I would have liked it better if you stayed with technoblade

    Digital loopyDigital loopy3 dagar sedan
  • R.I.P l'manberg😞😞😞 WELCOME L'MANBERG MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Team RealuxTeam Realux3 dagar sedan
  • Why do I have a filling that they will atucik kill dream

    Shiro maniaShiro mania3 dagar sedan
  • are you gonna do another video on dream smp

    jake lehanejake lehane3 dagar sedan
  • "I studied therapy in law school" -TommyInnit 2021 LMAOOO

    PVTZ3R00PVTZ3R003 dagar sedan
  • Tubbo save you last video

    Gabby AsherGabby Asher3 dagar sedan
  • I thought they mean IRL when I read the title, would be cool if were roomates-

    HeyoHeyo3 dagar sedan
    • Heyo where's frizz and ice bear?

      FrizixFrizixDag sedan
  • When you said Why can’t we have are government you sound like WilburSo stop

    Max MarshMax Marsh3 dagar sedan
  • bruh tommy techno tried to save you

    Adhnan Ak1234Adhnan Ak12343 dagar sedan
  • Tommy is magically dodging the power of copyright Nintendo and marvel: we didn't see nothing

    Čült õf ĆøffêëČült õf Ćøffêë3 dagar sedan
  • Why does he act like he's 28?

    Pickled CucumberPickled Cucumber3 dagar sedan
  • *yes*

    sacredsacred3 dagar sedan
  • My favorite is when the loud British one makes under handed and obscure Hamilton quotes. Or at least Hamilton inspired lol

    Khrispy KremeKhrispy Kreme3 dagar sedan
  • love wilbur joining the vc and tommy going “uh oh what did I say” on impulse fjdkkfksjfjskf

    PastelWastelandPastelWasteland3 dagar sedan
  • My face when Tommy says quirk 😃 # my hero academia

    RavenRaven3 dagar sedan

    Toadstool_Toadstool_3 dagar sedan
  • also any important streams always are when I'm in school :(

    RLSPOOF _RLSPOOF _3 dagar sedan
  • I just want the tommy who bobs his head side to side :L

    RLSPOOF _RLSPOOF _3 dagar sedan
  • You can tell that Tommy and Tubbo are best friends, they've been in it since the start, and even after Tommy was exiled they're here now together singing the Avengers theme in a boat 😂😂

    ThomasThomas3 dagar sedan
  • 5:07 "we're going to have to focus on the positives." the background: *CRY*

    Donut Disturb LivBallDonut Disturb LivBall3 dagar sedan
  • ive literally never had a house on this server and the one time I did it was burned down. twice 🤣

    _Jellocup_Jellocup3 dagar sedan
  • TOMMY do not go to dream with tubbo he has built a prison with 15 layers of obsidion and he may put you in the prison to torment you

    elaine ledsterelaine ledster3 dagar sedan
  • 51:43 i thought that was TechnoBlade

    Josh DavisJosh Davis3 dagar sedan
  • Good animating BICH

    shadow Legendshadow Legend3 dagar sedan
  • I thought, they would move in together irl..

    Liam LMAOLiam LMAO3 dagar sedan
  • I love the fact that some discs started a damn war 😭😂

    Nadeen DeisNadeen Deis4 dagar sedan
  • 20:53

    GroomyKianGroomyKian4 dagar sedan
  • He has 51 Carrots and go to outside and says have no food

    Calvin YassieCalvin Yassie4 dagar sedan
  • Why is every one unsubing🤦😤

    Lil LanxenLil Lanxen4 dagar sedan

    Alexander SimakAlexander Simak4 dagar sedan
  • (POG CHAMP) 4ever

    Elaf AlNaqiElaf AlNaqi4 dagar sedan
  • dhccn

    Fishy OliFishy Oli4 dagar sedan
    • 😲🙁

      BarseeedBarseeed18 timmar sedan
  • We need Drista to get on her account and help tommy fight.

    DɛãdxRōsɛsDɛãdxRōsɛs4 dagar sedan
    • Tho I agree that she should be on the Smp I don't think she would really be that good at acting since you know this is a scripted role play that might be a problem for her

      Leland aka AngelesLeland aka Angeles4 dagar sedan
  • Stop screaming Tommy I'm trying to Shazam the music u playing 😔

    That one Cable chomperThat one Cable chomper4 dagar sedan
  • Shouldn't you and tubbo be dead because you guys died a lot in the battle

    Abby TurnbullAbby Turnbull4 dagar sedan
    • None of those were Canon deaths

      Leland aka AngelesLeland aka Angeles4 dagar sedan
  • You know he’s annoyed when he hits you with that *chat. Pease for the love of God*

    Essennell YTEssennell YT4 dagar sedan
  • pog champ

    edouard Janssenedouard Janssen4 dagar sedan
  • Was I one of the only Americans that wasn’t kicked off the stream

    StruggulZStruggulZ4 dagar sedan
    • Lmao

      Satan / LuciferSatan / LuciferDag sedan
    • I only watch the vods 🥵🥶

      Satan / LuciferSatan / LuciferDag sedan
  • Smb lol

    Kellen-FortniteKellen-Fortnite4 dagar sedan
  • 12:28 sees Porkchop imagining technoblade being destroyed:

    Mnar KhozimMnar Khozim4 dagar sedan
  • Imnotcryingoveraroleplaycountryimnotcryingoveraroleplaycountryimnotcryingoveraroleplaycountry-

    StormixlyStormixly4 dagar sedan

    M3 GamingM3 Gaming5 dagar sedan
  • why cant we just remove all the floating bits in the hole and build wall bases??? cant plant a bomb that something thats already exploded B)

    CoffeeCrashedCoffeeCrashed5 dagar sedan
  • -e-

    MemesMemes5 dagar sedan
  • I don't remember things too

    James OslandJames Osland5 dagar sedan
  • Alternative title: Tubbo is moving in with Tommy

    BlumuBlumu5 dagar sedan

    imstinky qimstinky q5 dagar sedan
  • Tubbo saying *fuck* is ACTUALLY CURSED

    The Synth PunkThe Synth Punk5 dagar sedan
    • He says that all the time

      Varo PlaysVaro Plays2 dagar sedan
  • The fact they forgot about techno

    stacystacy5 dagar sedan
  • Should of added "on the dream smp" To the title ngl

    Brody HallBrody Hall5 dagar sedan
    • yeah i was confused for 12 minutes

      maria jaupajmaria jaupaj5 dagar sedan
  • You are a man

    Konnor GrahamKonnor Graham5 dagar sedan
  • “Yeah I studied therapy in law school” 14:25 Quackity: me too b*tch u ain’t special

    Bryanna SchienholzBryanna Schienholz5 dagar sedan
  • “Why has tubbo run away?? That was *my* quirk”

    Bryanna SchienholzBryanna Schienholz5 dagar sedan
  • Tommy is the biggest Tommy apologist

    Sr. PirulitoSr. Pirulito5 dagar sedan