5 nov 2020
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This was one of my favourite performances ever! The whole street was blocked with people watching, causing THE POLICE TO COME and stop our performance. What an incredible evening playing with these amazing guys.. @the3busketeers !!
Police not in video as we were told to stop.
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  • THAT was truly astounding!

    Dave AldredDave Aldred2 månader sedan

      MISS PE PLOMISS PE PLO2 dagar sedan
    • @Marcelo Brandão Sobral Só de kombi.

      Mun HáMun Há4 dagar sedan
    • @Schwarzi Marzi same

      PozeyhPozeyh16 dagar sedan
    • Auf deutsch heißt das unglaublich gut.

      Struwel PeterStruwel PeterMånad sedan
    • @richardsracingmad She IS amazing. I'm not sure that she realizes the gift she has and how good she is. She's so humble.

      robbie7878ifyrobbie7878ifyMånad sedan
  • Amy Winehouse would be proud to hear this.

    Neil MohammedNeil Mohammed4 timmar sedan
  • It's all about picking the right songs for you tone range etc

    Janice LeightonJanice Leighton5 timmar sedan
  • Allie wow what a great voice n she can give any song her own.❤️❤️❤️

    Darryl HowsonDarryl Howson5 timmar sedan
  • style performance very very good

    alfonso migliorinialfonso migliorini10 timmar sedan
  • Incredible voice and so sweet and strong!!

    Miguel SanchezMiguel Sanchez12 timmar sedan
  • Interpretazione miglio di Winehouse

    Claudia PedrazzoliClaudia Pedrazzoli12 timmar sedan
  • Wow ....... that was ACE ! Fantastic. You were having fun and getting in the groove .......... Really Really enjoyed that Allie. Brilliant. x

    Paul CPaul C14 timmar sedan
  • This is stunning performance of Allie❤❤❤❤

    Dhian SanchezDhian SanchezDag sedan
  • The happiest!!!the BEST!!!

    Francisco J Expósito AstorFrancisco J Expósito AstorDag sedan
  • good moves Allie . you look good performing luv it.

    perry rambergperry rambergDag sedan
  • Wow Allie is only 15 and complete. Good one Allie. Listening from Australia. Sensational.

    james bakerjames bakerDag sedan
  • :)

    Adam W.Adam W.Dag sedan
  • Wow this girl is soo good

    Achmat HendricksAchmat Hendricks2 dagar sedan
  • Just come across this young Lady tonight this about the tenth video I've watche now. You are absolutely amazing , beautiful voice, extremely talented . 🎧🎶🎵

    Gillian HornerGillian Horner2 dagar sedan
  • 🥰🤗🥰🤗🥰🥰👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Леонид ТкаченкоЛеонид Ткаченко2 dagar sedan

    Robert YkemaRobert Ykema3 dagar sedan
  • Someone sign this girl!

    Joe DaviesJoe Davies3 dagar sedan
  • Una de mis favoritas!!! Excelente performance!!!!

    Claudio FranciscoClaudio Francisco3 dagar sedan
  • wonderful

    Fell WandererFell Wanderer3 dagar sedan
  • Bringing the funkie funk back to planet Funk.

    PowerOf OnePowerOf One3 dagar sedan
  • Woww

    Share&PostShare&Post4 dagar sedan
  • you are amazing!

    DayTrader Ben AncaDayTrader Ben Anca4 dagar sedan
  • #This was one of my favourite performances ever!" Mine also Allie! #AllieSherlock!

    Roger DavisRoger Davis4 dagar sedan
  • Супер👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Санёк Ил.Санёк Ил.4 dagar sedan

    SydneeSydnee4 dagar sedan
  • Love the late Amy, nicely done MATE. CHEERS. 😎🤙🤘✌👍😁🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

    - SANDMAN- SANDMAN4 dagar sedan
  • This version kills it. Wish they showed the bass player more he's great

    Jon ChapmanJon Chapman5 dagar sedan
    • Agreed. Camera person needs to watch other music videos to get some ideas.

      Brandon J.Brandon J.2 dagar sedan
  • Incredible

    Mark CornerMark Corner5 dagar sedan
  • Certainement ta meilleure interprétation Allie! Tu es fantastique!

    Sylvain PionSylvain Pion5 dagar sedan
  • Nice crowd but the Irish don’t seem to get too crazy...

    wakawaka1976wakawaka19765 dagar sedan
  • I think this is one of Allies best performances.Her enthusiasm is infectious, clearly there was a great vibe in the audience......what a great example of how to be an entertainer, a step up from only singing. Her voice has a lovely warm tone.....often missing in many young female artists.

    Notch 7Notch 75 dagar sedan
  • Allie, I hope that somehow AND someway you'll get to read this... I'm in Missouri USA and I've been following you for quite some time and it's an absolute shame that the virus has changed things so very much there in Ireland and around the world because you've come so very very far and we're into the phase where you were really ready to become a true breakout artist in my opinion... There's something magical that seems to happen when you get together with your friends and most especially this band, it's like BOOM, welcome to an amazing international show... Please hang in there and stay safe and healthy and try to keep as much music coming our way as you can, we'll get through this together and when we do I look forward to seeing you explode onto the stage not just there but around the world... All the best to you and thank you for sharing you wonderful talent with myself and the world...

    Edward DurbinEdward Durbin5 dagar sedan
  • Wow!

    Sue KSue K5 dagar sedan
  • Love this girl!

    TimTim6 dagar sedan
  • ок уговорила

    Mr.MorningstarMr.Morningstar6 dagar sedan
  • Love this!! My favorite video of all! Love to see you bust a move!! I can really see you personality here. Want to see you smile and dance more. You got the rhythm girl. Love you! Thanks for making me smile:-))!!!

    Cindy WilliamsCindy Williams6 dagar sedan
  • that was really great i like her voice.

    horse shoerhorse shoer7 dagar sedan
  • Wow, the voice, looks, family make this young lady unique in this changing world..hope she follows a drug-free road

    florida Johnflorida John7 dagar sedan
  • Si te pones unos pantalones de tiro ( todavía ) más alto quizás no te hará falta que hagas el gesto de que tener que subírtelos tan a menudo. Por otro lado decirte que Desgallitas mucho cantando, tienes que educar más la voz.

    Enric BeaEnric Bea7 dagar sedan
  • How much for the CD and picture in American dollars? You are so awesome. God Bless

    B&K gold and coinsB&K gold and coins7 dagar sedan
  • All those little moves are Awsome, you can just feel the joy she has with singing.

    david watsondavid watson7 dagar sedan
    • Its the first and only time she has put any moves into her singing.

      TravisTravis2 dagar sedan
    • Exactly. In this performance Allie is spontaneous and is having fun (which comes across and is infectious)! #AllieSherlock

      Roger DavisRoger Davis4 dagar sedan
  • Her best live song yet! Maybe the upbeat stuff is her wheelhouse?

    Jon ChapmanJon Chapman7 dagar sedan
  • Watch the most popular Orchestras in the world who play and sing the most amazing music you have ever heard . What do they have in front of them ? ....... Sheets of music !! So why can't a 15 yr. old do the same to make sure she gets it right . Good for you. kid , you are amazing !

    Michael DugganMichael Duggan7 dagar sedan
  • these three dudes - the busketters, soo chill...

    LEE ROSSLEE ROSS7 dagar sedan
  • I ❤️ Allie

    DW JRDW JR8 dagar sedan
  • ❣️

    higson coelhohigson coelho8 dagar sedan
  • What an extraordinary opportunity for us all to see a star ⭐️ being born!!! It feels absolutely heavenly! Thank you for sharing your immeasurable talent, Allie!! - Dallas, Texas

    JavierSolisFanJavierSolisFan8 dagar sedan
  • I would love to see Fabio tackle that guitar part

    Thom lucasThom lucas8 dagar sedan
  • what a great performance, and checking the lyrics, there is one thing look at what you need to sing, another being able to sing it at the right pitch. Fantastic,

    stan burridgestan burridge8 dagar sedan
  • Amazing Allie! Congrats

    Rui Santos SilvaRui Santos Silva8 dagar sedan
  • totally awesome- one of your VERY best

    jax jacksonjax jackson8 dagar sedan
  • you are fabulous!!

    Josée Angelique SimardJosée Angelique Simard9 dagar sedan
  • My favorite out of all of your videos/songs! I have watched at least 20-25 times

    Michael GrantMichael Grant9 dagar sedan
  • Where are the masks?

    Ann CarrollAnn Carroll9 dagar sedan
  • With just one song, you show why music is so perfect for making people feel great together. You also demonstrate the bravery of performing artists. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you. Don't stop.

    JimJim9 dagar sedan
  • Dont lie it's not ur first time here

    Grace RoseGrace Rose9 dagar sedan
  • Jan 12th, 2021

    Nurul TeaNurul Tea9 dagar sedan
  • What a voice !

    West 94West 949 dagar sedan
  • Amazing

    Stephen GiroirStephen Giroir9 dagar sedan
  • i'd like to "like" once more, each time i see this video. You're great enjoying the moment and your performance is soooo goood. I'm sure Amy would enjoy seeing you too.

    Luc TODESCOLuc TODESCO9 dagar sedan
  • grooving this was a good one, i love the fun you have, great performance allie

    bikemanfivebikemanfive10 dagar sedan
  • Best video yet well done

    Christopher OboyleChristopher Oboyle10 dagar sedan
  • Natural...

    Darren WynneDarren Wynne10 dagar sedan
  • Got better as you went. Killed it.

    assetrecoverygroupllc assetrecoverygroupllcassetrecoverygroupllc assetrecoverygroupllc10 dagar sedan
  • She's so confident ❤️❤️❤️❤️ so proud of her!!!

    Giovanna MazzuliGiovanna Mazzuli10 dagar sedan
  • She's so excited and happy I absolutely love this video ❤️❤️❤️ and her voice is flawless as always!!!! incredible

    Giovanna MazzuliGiovanna Mazzuli10 dagar sedan
  • @Allie Sherlock you are awsome ! Your energy is so great that it is contagious. A video is enough to make me smile and just feel good. Live your life to the fulliest girl ;-)

    Carlos Alonso SouzaCarlos Alonso Souza10 dagar sedan
  • I wish I could buy shares in Allie Sherlock!!!!

    Tony MurrayTony Murray10 dagar sedan
  • Orlando Bloom Playing guitar?

    Liam Cooney Music OfficialLiam Cooney Music Official10 dagar sedan
  • Hi I need the green guy's name at 2:36 and ig for project purposes thanks😏

    YASS QUEEN!!!YASS QUEEN!!!10 dagar sedan
  • 1000th time watching this lol

    sublime mindsublime mind10 dagar sedan
  • Someone is having Fun

    Michael HollingberyMichael Hollingbery11 dagar sedan
  • This is better then thee original😁

    Liberty 417Liberty 41711 dagar sedan
  • wow! pusiste a bailar a todos, a mi también, eres asombrosa :))

    Veruska TorresVeruska Torres11 dagar sedan
  • Idk. You can tell when someone doesn't understand the lyrics and emotion behind a song. Good voice though

    Ashlee SmithAshlee Smith11 dagar sedan
  • SEworld needs a “two thumbs up” button for content like this! Amazing

    Zack AguirreZack Aguirre11 dagar sedan
  • Fabulous as always 🎶

    Leona MooreLeona Moore11 dagar sedan
  • I Realy Like Allie 💖💖💖💖

    Branko VukovicBranko Vukovic11 dagar sedan
  • Wow....... are you the lovely Amy Winehouse reborn..... fantastic vocals. All the best from London.

    Ash VarsaniAsh Varsani11 dagar sedan
  • I think you need to do more of this style of music, drop the guitar and just crank it out freestyling, great to see you being you, keep it up :-)

    Troy Dando FishingTroy Dando Fishing11 dagar sedan
  • Hey man You 4 make a great band, FANTASTIC.

    Liberty 417Liberty 41711 dagar sedan
  • Great performance and an incredible band!!

    Gustavo GuidoGustavo Guido12 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    Don LeighDon Leigh12 dagar sedan
  • Yep, another to my Allie's music binge watch. Yes, I'm addicted to her voice, personality and performance.

    Margaret BabbMargaret Babb12 dagar sedan
  • it's normal the police stop it. She's Amy Winehouse !!!!!

    Steven LarochelleSteven Larochelle12 dagar sedan
  • Привет! как дела ты супер👋

    Иван ЛипчанскийИван Липчанский12 dagar sedan
  • Got to the best performance of Valerie, as good if not better than the original. Amazing Allie

    Ross McIntoshRoss McIntosh12 dagar sedan
  • simply awesome 🤘🇩🇪

    Lutz HädermannLutz Hädermann12 dagar sedan
  • Love these 4 as a band ,they should do an album i'd defo buy it all 4 definitely talented.

    DD HHDD HH12 dagar sedan
  • D + . sucesso canta muito

    Mauro MiguezMauro Miguez12 dagar sedan
  • Oh, that's some Amy Winehouse vocals there.

    EloquenceEloquence12 dagar sedan
  • I've been watching and following for your vocals and guitar but felt something was missing from your performances... with this number, you start to show what I felt was missing. great expression and emotion... you hit it but then appear self-conscience and unsure. Just feel it and go for it.. love the energy, never second guess. Your following will continue to grow!

    Ron BakerRon Baker12 dagar sedan
  • Why would anyone give this a thumbs down, don't be jealous, We love you Allie and dad too♥

    Liberty 417Liberty 41712 dagar sedan
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😘

    Kallel VienaKallel Viena13 dagar sedan
  • amy would be proud

    Batman BatmanBatman Batman13 dagar sedan
  • As great as ever. Your band mates are fine, but better muscians will improve your singing. I mean no offence to the band but are they planning to be professional like you? Again I feel rude saying this about them, I’m not professional just realistic.

    Tim allenTim allen13 dagar sedan
  • wtf....police

    Veli Tapani KorpikannasVeli Tapani Korpikannas13 dagar sedan
  • Fantastic!!!!!!

    Sharon KnezevicSharon Knezevic13 dagar sedan
  • F the Police ,,,,throw a brick through the station window.

    ObamaReally SuucksObamaReally Suucks14 dagar sedan