4000 IQ SECRET Impostor strategy TO WIN on Among Us...

24 okt 2020
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    • CouRage a

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    • I love ur vids keep it up i always wanted too play with u one day i wish that day would come

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  • If I was watching the live stream I'd be spamming "KING COURAGE" 😂

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  • I love how courage sponsors products he actually likes

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  • I love these among us videos they’re so entertaining.

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  • how can i get to the website from here

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  • I actually did this 🤣 so happy I’m not the only one doing this!

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  • U said to say dat

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  • Corurage IMPOSTORS

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  • Fortnite, among us with Rae poki corpse and 5up

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  • Marcel in the clutch!

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  • 4000 IQ Giga-brain strat!!! Well done!!!

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  • I'd like to work with you once I grow in popularity to a level that would benefit us both! God bless!

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  • I just wanna see a fort video with him ninja marcel and tim D:

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  • Jack I have an amazing strat........... STOP BEING SO GOOD ST IMPOSTOR 😂 Btw if you you clicked read more you have to like

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  • Try playing rocket league

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  • Can you do fall guys again

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  • Lmao Leslie such a bad imposter and liar. Hope she sees this comment 😂.

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  • "The 10000 Iq strat, is to not kill anyone" Basically: doesn't kill anyone Also Basically: gets ejected

    Brien RileyBrien Riley6 dagar sedan
    • Basically:cus I did my node and then I hid in the corner Jack: fight fight fight

      Brien RileyBrien Riley6 dagar sedan
  • Impo strat: if your in a group of 4 and you are the only impo in the group kill one insta report and say u were spamming report and it was a failed double

    Jud0jujuJud0juju6 dagar sedan
  • I was forced was to commet

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  • Hide and Seek in Among Us

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  • “stupid ass pink bitch” i started cracking up 😂

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  • Any one else notice marcel skipped 6

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  • U sure ur drinking the sugar free ones?

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  • Game fuel. The rip off gfuel?

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  • Sometimes the daramatic sounds feels like I'm watching avengers lmao

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  • Is moe myth

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  • #ad

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  • Anyone else get annoyed when the into is a minute long?

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  • if you read this, have a blessed day! 💕❤️😊

  • Courage doesn’t even have to be alive to make an interesting video

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  • Legend of Zelda breath of the wild

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  • Commenting for the algorithm

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  • That intro made me want to run through a wall

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  • Bro courage is the fucking best

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  • nice man

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  • FOR AMONGUS LOVERS seworld.info/will/pKnXucbLemaBt2A/video

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  • FOR AMONGUS LOVERS seworld.info/will/pKnXucbLemaBt2A/video

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  • FOR AMONGUS LOVERS seworld.info/will/pKnXucbLemaBt2A/video

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  • Hey courage I was just wondering if you can turn of member only chat off so I can’t chat with the others and chat with you possible it’s been my dream to talk to you or even chat in the stream btw im a big big fam

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  • Courage has the BEST intros

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  • 3 things are garunteed. Death, taxes, and skipping the first minute and a half of jacks videos

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  • Everybody: arguing abt who it is Lannan: I called this meeting cause I was scared 😂😂😂

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  • he gets 500 iq every game

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  • Love the intensity of your vids ❤️

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  • literally a kid in a adult body i love you

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  • Love your vids! They are extremely entertaining and you are very good at impostor!!❤️❤️

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  • He drink the no sugar ones do his data’s could lose weight

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  • Bro why is he so wholesome in the intros

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  • “Fight! fight! fight! fight!”

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  • Your face is so dark when your imposter

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  • can you plz do hide and seek

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  • A one minute thirty second intro is way too fucking long. Trim it down jack

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  • Can we just take a second to appreciate swapa like the amount of time it takes to put captions every single time someone talks and puts it in the right spots🙌🏼👏🏼

    UziYTUziYT23 dagar sedan
  • The Among us trend is so cringe like 10303047 iq epic secret amazing kills in among us watch now

    Bembel WarriorBembel Warrior23 dagar sedan
    • @dart kid your right dart boy I will click off the internet thanks for the tip

      Bembel WarriorBembel Warrior23 dagar sedan
    • Thanks for the PSA, now click off the internet and go make some friends.

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    • @dart kid I clicked on the video to let everyone know this

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    • Yet here you are

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  • Who else loves the intro to his videos?

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  • seworld.info/tv/gbDBfQf_oDTuvdcswpK4iQ.html

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  • seworld.info/tv/gbDBfQf_oDTuvdcswpK4iQ.html

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