Why Elon Musk Sleeps at Tesla's Factories

7 jan 2021
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Video also incorporates elements from Tesla, SpaceX, NASA
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    • maybe but doing it the he did like helping his workers was so good it led them and now look where he is richest person on the earth

      George CurreyGeorge Currey3 dagar sedan
    • IDK never tried lol

      Amaan BhattiAmaan Bhatti3 dagar sedan
    • @Bigsweatygamer Correction please: He's now worth US$167 billion dollars not £160 billion

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    • If ı have a car factory why not

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  • Who wouldn't though?

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  • He really deserved to be the richest man on earth 🌎. His so down with no attitude

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  • Well done 👏 ✔ 👍

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  • This is why i'm going to go all in on tsla.

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  • I am, ironman

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  • Now his net worth is 197 billion dollars

    Matthias ShulerMatthias Shuler9 timmar sedan
  • Put me down for a position on the line,they got crazy overtime.🤑

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  • Other billionaires.... lets make more money Elon... lets save the humanity

    Jon ThorJon Thor14 timmar sedan
  • Because he's filthy rich you can build a home anymore

    Venom LoveVenom Love15 timmar sedan
  • He looks like George St Pierre. @UFC/MMA

    Abraham Kennedy WashingtonAbraham Kennedy Washington17 timmar sedan
  • I just wanna say I've always believed we as humans are capable of so much more. I'd love to have the opportunity to work with Elon Musk. He really has the right ambitions to better this world. Starting with electric vehicles. Much respect, keep doing what you do best Elon.

    Brian ShoopBrian Shoop19 timmar sedan
  • Ahhh yes make a go fund me for a couch for the world richest man

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  • He is cooler than ironman,... c'mon guys

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  • Can we do a Why Elon Musk Supports Coups of Democratically Elected Nations next? Why Elon Musk Uses Child Labour Why Elon Musk Busts Unions Why Elon Musk Fanboys Call him God when he Earned his Start through the Family Slave-Worked Emerald Mine

    Angus NobleAngus Noble20 timmar sedan
  • Fact: he had fight with wife 🤪

    കുഞ്ഞാട് YTകുഞ്ഞാട് YT22 timmar sedan
  • 0:57 if u know u know look at his hand...

    Ernst Kerry EtienneErnst Kerry Etienne22 timmar sedan
  • He has enough money to built a bedroom in his factory

    Paul HPaul H22 timmar sedan
  • That is slavery making ok.That is all fake.His pain will not equal to the poor emplyees.

    rabiile Omarrabiile OmarDag sedan
  • 'cause he might be afraid of someone gonna steal the cars 😅

    HFiT OfficialHFiT OfficialDag sedan
  • It probably saves him two or three hours a day by sleeping at work. Think about how much time is wasted in traffic. Sounds like Elon is down-to-earth and not driven by money. 👍

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  • Always successful people more nice and peaceful

    Asuk UddinAsuk UddinDag sedan
  • Does he have sex at Tesla's Factories?

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  • Hire me senpai

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  • grimes kicked him out pog

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  • When people realize where they came from and want to return the favor back, only a handful in the entire world do that

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  • Musk, Tesla, jobs, and da Vinci walk into a room. I don’t have a punchline, but that would be pretty cool

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  • Yeah I think that's PR he meets with every injured person but when they get injured they get a point and after 2 or 3 points they get fired

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  • The 'working 100 hours per week allows you to get twice as much done as 50 hours' claim is nonsense. After 30 hours in many types of work, performance tanks.

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  • Thats why his wife left him!?

    An DoanAn DoanDag sedan
  • So his company Dosent get robbed

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  • Iphones everywhere

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  • Where factory = home. If u have a home will u sleep in a hotel??

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  • He is a Cyborg

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  • You are asian, I thought you were black

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  • No friends family maybe. Sad.

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  • Simple he needs to dream, so he sleeps in the factory. I sleep on my desktop keyboard.

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  • If you had 8 children, you would also sleep at your workplace.

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    • @Elon Musk I love you ingenuity and able to not take no for an answer I’m an ex army mechanic and love the thought of using alternative methods of transportation I watched a documentary on the polar caps and how the glaciers are receding and melting and how we need to change or habitats as humans and your cars are fire look sleek and sexy

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  • Thia guy has enough money to buy all the beds produced by IKEA yet he sleeps on a couch in his factories

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  • Maybe Boeing should try this.

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  • Awesome video.

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  • I am scared

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  • You could do this and work as hard as Elon Musk but it really depends on your tolerance. You might be burned out by the end of it.

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  • Someone really made a GoFundMe page for the wealthiest man alive....

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  • 0:10 I m watching this video when he is the richest person on earth

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  • “I slept on the couch over there” Same

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  • Very good.

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  • If Elon gave everyone in the entire world 23 dollars he would be broke

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  • It’s called workaholic which is definitely not a bad thing!

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  • if thanos is coming im sure elo musk will build the iron suits

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  • If business was a war and Elon was a king... he's definitely the type to be on the front line leading his army into battle 👍

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  • Elon Musk doesn’t Sleep

    Dead Head ElectricDead Head Electric2 dagar sedan
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  • I see God in every single person at this video, so i said Thank you guys

  • He doesn't, ask anyone who works there, he doesn't do shit.

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  • Whoever made this video is a genius. This was the first time in a while I haven't skipped through a sponser segment. Nice

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  • He is future of new genration. seworld.info/will/p6Oql7adnHhol6c/video

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  • Good charging stations.

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  • Thank you for your videos!

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  • With a worth of 170 billion usd dollars, why cant he make a loft inside each factory?

    DRENDREN2 dagar sedan
  • hes homeless

  • 1060billion dollars is absolutely insane

    Shlug lifeShlug life2 dagar sedan
  • Q: Why do you sleep in your factory? Elon: Because I have a dream to make human civilization multi-planetory ! History will judge this man as one of greatest visionary world have ever seen.

    farhad hamzafarhad hamza2 dagar sedan
  • I hope I would get to meet Mr Musk next time I go to the factory tour😎😂

    Current WorkCurrent Work2 dagar sedan
  • no one become rich by working 8am - 5pm..

    john paul floresjohn paul flores2 dagar sedan
  • Over rated, over engineered, prone to brake down

    Tim SaarinenTim Saarinen3 dagar sedan
  • I guess we can call him elon wonka

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  • LOSER!

    Noob Masterrr 123Noob Masterrr 1233 dagar sedan
  • He might have achieved a little bit more than me but I would've known I could've pushed two of those sofas together rather than sleeping on the floor

    jay hjay h3 dagar sedan
  • Can you make a video on how Elon Musk became #1 richest man in the world ? I can understand that Bezos made more money during the quarantine but Musk ? He made more than a 100B$ in no time

    Monkey D. LuffyMonkey D. Luffy3 dagar sedan
  • So that he can be Sure about the night shift productions

    Ballu KickAssBallu KickAss3 dagar sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣this guy has so much money...but can’t buy a Bugatti or a panigale

    Vighnesh K SVighnesh K S3 dagar sedan
  • Let's just say it's where he can recharges his batteries :)

    loo casloo cas3 dagar sedan
  • Elon is good person with big heart

    Omar Dela CruzOmar Dela Cruz3 dagar sedan
  • Elon musk is truly an amazing person

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  • This further cemented the fact that Elon Musk is just college student that just happen to be a little bit rich.

    Rachmat Wahid ZulfiqarRachmat Wahid Zulfiqar3 dagar sedan
  • Wow Tesla models not in order or somin idk S 3 X Y

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  • This person is a legend!!

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  • He is the richest person in the world. Let him do whatever he wants to

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  • This man, i literally love his personality and sacrifices not because he's the first billionaire.

    Meddeb AhmedMeddeb Ahmed3 dagar sedan
  • If he and putin were to work together they would be unstoppable

    faiz imanfaiz iman3 dagar sedan
  • I wonder how many women employees he has?

    Edward In AnaheimEdward In Anaheim3 dagar sedan
  • What’s so weird about that ....I yousta sleep at my kids cemetery

    John Bosco03John Bosco033 dagar sedan
  • It would be hard to be a member of team Tesla and not feel motivated with a leader like that.

    John ThomasJohn Thomas3 dagar sedan
  • He sleeps in his factory’s so that he can easily access his computer quicker to get more cargo

    Nuuts_Inmy _BuutsNuuts_Inmy _Buuts3 dagar sedan
  • I think Elon Musk is a stupid person and I don't believe Tesla is his idea. I think he is just the dumb face of the company but the brain is somewhere behind the scenes. His responses and reactions to questions are proof...this man is not as smart as he is portrayed.

    Sirjames JemoSirjames Jemo3 dagar sedan