Corporate Music - How to Compose with no Soul

18 okt 2019
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In this video I explore how corporatism produces soulless music, some of which is amusingly awful! I also explore how tech and oil companies with dubious business practices use music as part of propaganda campaigns to convince the public that they support ecological activism. With some music theory thrown in along the way, I also compose a few kinds of different corporate styles to show the various tropes that exist. Some of it is blundering nonsense. Some of it is a little more sinister. All of it is garbage. Enjoy!
The music in this video
The music during the section about Tottenham Hale Station & Theodor Adorno was written by:
Kristopher Mariasy
Other music was contributed by
Liam Taylor (Monster Trucks)
& David Bruce (Ukulele)
All other music in this video was written by me (apart from very short snippets of music heard in the clips for Audi, IBM and Apple)
Thanks to Jonathan Lee (Pentameron) for providing much better subtitles than mine. Really appreciate the work and I've learned a lot about how to do it properly.
An introduction to Adorno:
Adorno: A Critical Introduction - Simon Jarvis, 1998
History & Class Consciousness, Georg Lukacs, 1923
Dialectic of Enlightenment - Adorno, Theodor, 1944

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    • If you haven't seen or heard it, check out Jon Lajoie's "Please Use This Song" masterpiece comedy music video.

      The Ultimate ReductionistThe Ultimate ReductionistMånad sedan
    • "Creative stillborn". That sums in up in one line.

      Brian CharBrian CharMånad sedan
    • When pokemon fucking mystery dungeon explorers of the sky has better music design than corporations.

      the best boythe best boyMånad sedan
    • Basically, peak saturation in Pop Music

      LaurenzewithaZLaurenzewithaZMånad sedan
    • kris . I think some people feel musical expression is something akin to “sacred” and that using it to cynically manipulate an audience to portray a business in a certain light is offensive to their sensibilities.

      Matt MeleMatt MeleMånad sedan
  • Is it just me or does corporate music sound even more egregious during the months of November and December?

    Bruva GalathosBruva Galathos11 timmar sedan
  • The sonic equivalent of the "flat vector illustration" style.

    TPainWhatitDoTPainWhatitDo19 timmar sedan
  • I am here once again to complain about the fact that now I’m acutely aware of this cursed music. This time it just kept repeating two godawful segments with no change and i, just,

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  • Thank you.

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  • Humpty Dumpty will be on the wall. Even when the world ends.

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  • God this video just makes me so depressed.

    Jackson BowenJackson Bowen2 dagar sedan
  • Ever noticed how companies also love to use classical music? Activates the almonds.

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  • had to pause in the Kill Me part to laught for a few minutes

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  • Well I sure as hell didn't expect adorno and alienation to pop up in this video

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  • I checked out this video because I was tired of that DAMN Instagram ad , does the music that played in the background of that dumb ad?

    A person i supposeA person i suppose3 dagar sedan
  • Why don't you release your music as separate SEworld videos?

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  • Tell the truth , you just wanted a reason to roast U2

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  • north korea has bttr music

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  • Bono is the world's largest fecal deposit.

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  • I can now make Muzak for april fools day!

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  • The people who disliked are probably all corporate music

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  • 6:38 mark robber is sweating right now

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  • Lol, I was enjoying listening to this, and lo and behold I see you used a snippet from an ad of a local company. Next to all those big names! Haha, what a coincidence. Hmm, perhaps this incident has some philosophical relevance. Mystical, of course.

    Ken CurKen Cur8 dagar sedan
  • Well, I guess we do live in Hell.

    Daniel RochaDaniel Rocha8 dagar sedan
  • I hate ads so much that any ad I see just makes me not want to buy that product ever again

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  • im so glad i unintentionally found this video

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  • Its only cool once it becomes vaporwave

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  • Pmsl 🤣🤣🤣

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  • I'm one of those people that it's alarmingly effective on. It makes me hate it more, but only after I snap out of whatever feel it has successfully managed to give me. I. HaTe. It.

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  • 12:37 Dave if you're being held hostage blink three times in a row

    MasicBemester 『メイジク ビー厶スター』MasicBemester 『メイジク ビー厶スター』10 dagar sedan
  • I keep getting this on my recommended

    ooga booga me cavemanooga booga me caveman10 dagar sedan
  • ok but the home depot theme's pretty sick

    Ray ZhuRay Zhu10 dagar sedan
  • Anything people make, corporations make soullessly

    Samuel HokeSamuel Hoke11 dagar sedan
  • Since watching this video the first time, I had to watch so many corporate advertisement videos where the company talks about its values and visions and all that. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. has been covered in this video. I'm not exaggerating. I've watched dozens and there wasn't a single exception. It's amazing how you could switch the audio AND most of the text between any of them and even the companies themselves couldn't tell.

    SercilSercil11 dagar sedan
  • Remember when every business ever used to have catchy jingles for their products that get stuck in your head? Can we bring those back? They may annoy you but at least they have some heart put into then.

    JoshJosh11 dagar sedan
  • great video! But HOW DARE YOU ATTACK U2!!!

    Jakub ChráskaJakub Chráska11 dagar sedan
  • My head has been repeating Bo-ba-whay for two days now. Fact is - this kind of stupid music works. It's like a distilled version of music that does exactly what it is meant to do.

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  • I got a corporate ad from SOS Electronics, and I thought the next one started so I tried to skip it

    Magyar GabeNMagyar GabeN12 dagar sedan
  • I never knew I needed Wheatley to complain about souless corporations through the lense of music until today. Now I need more.

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  • 8:41 was that terrifying to anyone else?

    ralekralek12 dagar sedan
  • This sort of music absolutely pollutes my least favorite kind of ad: the “we care” ad. You know the ones. “Millions around the world go without clean water. Also buy our insurance”. I could understand if they are personally doing something about it, but most of the time they just say it, then slap their logo on it and call it a day.

    GavReviewsGavReviews12 dagar sedan
  • Coming back to this video as I've recently been tasked with making my company's hold music. This is something I'm very ill equipped for as I usually make dubstep or metal and my favourite band is Cardiacs. I've decided to just go for a classic I-V-vi-IV in C but this video is definitely helping me to remove any lingering trace of genuine human emotion from my workflow, so ummm thanks, I guess

    particlejimparticlejim12 dagar sedan
  • I thought this was going to be about corporate pop, but I found something much more interesting.

    SeverinsenSeverinsen13 dagar sedan
  • I find that the worst music I've heard on a commercial is on those annoying kid's toy commercials on Nickelodeon and such. Y'know, the ones that advertise poorly designed toys using loud and obnoxious music with brainless lyrics. (if any) But that's capitalism for ya. Although is it bad that I like some of the music in the commercials featured on business related channels? 😅

    Laura PLaura P13 dagar sedan
  • I have watched this video at least 3 times. This is a fantastic video! This video, and channel, is just so entertaining!!!

    Benny KBenny K14 dagar sedan
  • I used this as a template to compose intro music for a training video series at work. It was every bit as terrible as I dreamed it would be. Thanks, Tantacrul! ❤️

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  • 12:57 Am I hearing a Rick & Morty impersonation?

    Edgar RoockEdgar Roock15 dagar sedan

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  • whistling and ukuleles are war crimes

    Ezekiel HugentoblerEzekiel Hugentobler16 dagar sedan
  • Thoroughly enjoyable. It gives me great satisfaction to hear somebody else is just as fed up with the falseness of corporate life. A great breakdown of the construction of corporate music- I'll be hearing these everywhere now! :-D

    Chris RichmondChris Richmond16 dagar sedan
  • I hate that since I have no musical taste I have heard all these and thought they were nice.

    Ajc 7575Ajc 757516 dagar sedan
  • It seems to me like you have more of a problem with corporations pretending to care about issues than the music they use. Why kind of music are they supposed to use anyway? Silence isn't an option, and you don't need some deep/fantastic song (that will cost a lot of money to produce or get the rights to) to sell some useless piece of shit.

    Dennis SDennis S16 dagar sedan
  • I really needed that monster truck music

    cursed_catscursed_cats16 dagar sedan
  • "Hmm... human music. I like it!"

    Ben LamoreuxBen Lamoreux17 dagar sedan
  • my favourite tantacrul phrase is "what?"

    Rory CraigRory Craig17 dagar sedan
  • SEworld needs a rocket like award.

    Max RileyMax Riley17 dagar sedan
  • You almost covered it, but there's one thing you missed. Virtue signaling. Lots and lots of virtue signaling.

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  • meh

    unownunown18 dagar sedan
  • Oil companies, sadly, pathetically, have _perfectly conventional_ views about their own product - you don't see them saying the type of thing Alex Epstein thinks they should be saying.

    Stuart MorrowStuart Morrow19 dagar sedan
  • Real intellectual reads Adorno when traped in the tube, mad respect!

    Minerva LiMinerva Li19 dagar sedan
  • People dancing around with those smiles and shit in commercials is depressing

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  • I still prefer it to modern pop music

    Asriel RalseiAsriel Ralsei19 dagar sedan
  • perfect analysis. May I add something?.... the natural evolution of U2's nothing music.... enter: Coldplay with that fucking horrible piano thing... in case you don't know it, check out "Clocks" off the "A rush of blood to the head" album.. truly horrid and has ruined everything.

    Phil AndersonPhil Anderson20 dagar sedan
    • @Tantacrul Hah! You've got me. I've subscribed!

      Phil AndersonPhil Anderson19 dagar sedan
    • I dedicated a bit of time specifically to that wonderful track in my Dorico review :)

      TantacrulTantacrul19 dagar sedan
  • This is why ads just need to get to the point already. You want us to buy your product? K fine, but don't make it seem like you care more than that

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  • when the song is supposed to explode i get the tiniest bit of tingles that dissipates into nothing, and the worst part, it physically actually hurts, when i get those tingles up my spine and it doesn't escalate, for some reason it causes me physical actual pain. its like being blueballed but in my spine. i fucking hate corporate music for this reason. i really like the intro, how it gives you this shitty corporate music and then BOOM its fucking horror music. something about that vibe genuinely seems cool and i could see an album based on the concept o corporate music slowly being twisted over the course of the album to become horrifying and mind melting.

    Dangle BlampyDangle Blampy20 dagar sedan
  • "The Kings of Nothing Music: U2" Shots fired! 😂

    m0L3ifym0L3ify20 dagar sedan
  • I got bored by 4:31. and left.

    Joe BaumgartJoe Baumgart20 dagar sedan
  • Another cancerous genre within Corporate Music is 'Tropical House', makes me want to strangle babies everytime I hear it.

    Kevin KesselsKevin Kessels21 dag sedan
  • "Every year the destruction of the amazon rainforest intensifies. This makes us sad. Here at shell we are sad."

    leet hackerleet hacker21 dag sedan
    • Sad that we won't have more to destroy.

      Daniel F.Daniel F.11 dagar sedan
  • 🤔🤔🤔 your music didn't sound bad though

    leet hackerleet hacker21 dag sedan
  • Shit like this is what makes me a filthy communist

    Leonardo Franzin RibeiroLeonardo Franzin Ribeiro21 dag sedan
  • "Corporations are people, my friend." Not until I see one executed.

    Moon MoonMoon Moon22 dagar sedan
  • Much happy, "inspirational" music these days also has someone go o-O-o-ooOOoooooh. Hate that.

    BerserkerkittenBerserkerkitten22 dagar sedan
  • i lowkey love how you took the humpty dumpty story to try to show how theres no actual story, and made a story about a creepy egg watching you non-stop, and how even the slightest indication of not going with the flow leads to a horror show. kinda shows how much these companies have to remove the soul from music. you were trying to make something soulless, and some soul still crept in

    KraTheBaeKraTheBae22 dagar sedan
  • Reeeee capitalism baaaaadddd.

    Stergios StamatiouStergios Stamatiou22 dagar sedan
  • whenver i see a comercial like this i turn full comunist for a few minutes

    jaca van heeschjaca van heesch23 dagar sedan
  • The internet. Of THINGS.

    BeavisSavesBeavisSaves23 dagar sedan
  • This was fucking hilarious and awesome.

    SixSixSixSixSixSix23 dagar sedan
  • Hire The Edge for playing EBG#F# on ukulele - win!

    Desirable JodieDesirable Jodie23 dagar sedan
  • Yet I liked the Audi ad

    Desirable JodieDesirable Jodie23 dagar sedan
  • The thumbnail for this makes it look like an ad

    MLG_M3mE_FaGg0tMLG_M3mE_FaGg0t23 dagar sedan
  • “...followed by a cowardly retreat back to D...” Possibly one of the greatest videos ever to grace SEworld. Bravo!

    Marc MartaMarc Marta23 dagar sedan
  • I don't feel any soul from Billie Eilish. Her voice and eyes scream dead and hollow.

    Dolphinboi - Play Monster RancherDolphinboi - Play Monster Rancher23 dagar sedan
  • this video filled me with existential dread

    lily kefaladelislily kefaladelis23 dagar sedan
  • Instant like for your reading choice!

    Alex KrajcoAlex Krajco24 dagar sedan
  • Faranheit 451 predicted the 21st century.

    Yubi K.Yubi K.24 dagar sedan
  • 6:33 Hysterical, Your bo-ba-whay corporate music was pretty nice actually. This video is so good, and true, and really quite funny in spots.

    MenstrelMenstrel24 dagar sedan
  • LOL! i love writing corporate music and have no use for the soul i sold a long time ago.. also, u2 is awesome and the edge is a guitar god lol what you talking about bro.. why do all irish people feel compelled to hate on ireland's greatest export??? and why does every irish native claim to live "down the road from bono" ?

    Vic RobertsVic Roberts24 dagar sedan
  • A lot of these criticisms are essentially accurate, however I would hesitate to say this type of music is "ineffective." You might *think* that you're above the effects advertising somehow but you are human and it still effects you in largely the intended way despite you intellectually understanding what it is. Also, I strongly disagree with your comment that adding additional instruments does not count as development. Ever heard of a composer called Ravel?

    Gloria QuinnGloria Quinn25 dagar sedan
  • Fucking Humpty Dumpty...

    Thunder SnowThunder Snow25 dagar sedan
  • Next time you get a “we’re so hip cool millennials” type add listen for the pseudo brass funk bullshit that somehow ALWAYS HAS A BARI SAX. Idk how or why but I just feel like this terrible generic brass band sound is everywhere in ads and it’s not even good

    EatWonTonsEatWonTons25 dagar sedan
  • the consumer society by baudrillard

    Monkey with a TypewriterMonkey with a Typewriter25 dagar sedan
  • 5:55 that delicious roller coaster tycoon music love it

    ShinoShino26 dagar sedan
  • are you describing every Coldplay song :)

    John QuillJohn Quill26 dagar sedan
  • Corporate music is the way reptilians try to show emotions they dont posses.

    Der BosswelsDer Bosswels26 dagar sedan
  • SEworld really wants me to watch this video.

    Darin WongDarin Wong26 dagar sedan
  • Ah Tottenham Hale station is a very appropriate place to come to terms with the introversion of sacrifice. It has had some significant renovations since this video... but is still a joyless place.

    dananskidolfdananskidolf26 dagar sedan
  • I mean i like your video, but .... now im sad and i want to burn down office buildings. Thats shurely not the correct way to go about things but i dont see any solutins to all these problems. (Ik youre no Messiah, just sayin im sad now... again)

    Sgt. HirntotSgt. Hirntot27 dagar sedan
  • As someone thats been left stuck in tottenham hale many times, this gave me ptsd

    MickeySpoonKMickeySpoonK27 dagar sedan
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    Jake StewartJake Stewart27 dagar sedan
  • When you sang bo-ba-whay that really resonated with me

    Chrissi BreinlChrissi Breinl27 dagar sedan
  • I watched this video and was waiting for 9:24 the whole time. lmaooooo. Its really is the most generic thing ever

    1st comment1st comment27 dagar sedan
  • I hate corporations too, but I don't know what that corporations executive staff all being men has to do with it. Men can't pretend to care about women's rights? I assumed the fakeness is the problem not the message they were pretending to care about. Oh men can't have an opinion on women's rights if they don't hire women to high positions just because not due to their talent and competency? My issue with that is that they litterally just don't care and are pretending too care.

    Zero 01111010Zero 0111101027 dagar sedan
  • SEworld has been harassing me to watch this for months

    Poot hat herePoot hat here27 dagar sedan