25 okt 2020
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    Castro1021Castro1021Månad sedan
    • Castro1021 please l have never ever got one fifa point in my life

      Oliver GOliver G7 dagar sedan
    • Yesss

      nellynelly10 dagar sedan
    • 400th like and 200th comment 🔥

      Rafeh AminRafeh Amin10 dagar sedan
    • Im a week behind do I still get an opportunity for it 😅😅

      Chase FreyChase Frey14 dagar sedan
    • Me and remember you look good

      Daniel DayDaniel Day19 dagar sedan
  • Stop promoting this cards you piece of shh

    Top 10 EverythingTop 10 Everything11 dagar sedan
  • I choose Williams shooting and he finishes everything

    Duncan FormosaDuncan Formosa14 dagar sedan
  • Packed bale and lahm in same pack today:)

    Happiness And JoyHappiness And Joy22 dagar sedan
  • Packed Ronaldo for the first time ever yesterday. This year is the year

    The 90's Time MachineThe 90's Time Machine25 dagar sedan
  • Castro we need you to help unban nick everyone copy and paste get the message out!

    Fut.FlipperFut.Flipper25 dagar sedan
  • I love this intro it is so funny

    Lee HopewellLee Hopewell26 dagar sedan
  • I packed Laporte rulbreaker and sold him

    Jakob bsJakob bs26 dagar sedan
  • The dude you opening packs for is a Cruz azul fan💙🤍

    RaiDsoldierRaiDsoldier26 dagar sedan
  • fifa camera settings??

    bambabamba26 dagar sedan
  • camera settings??

    bambabamba26 dagar sedan
  • I packed lineker

    Quiet KidQuiet Kid27 dagar sedan
  • Gg

    Mladen BaldzicMladen Baldzic27 dagar sedan
  • Dude i struggle on this game i need some fifa points and pack luck 😂😂🤞

    Ben DobsonBen Dobson27 dagar sedan
  • Can u open my rewards on monday and buy me some fifa points mby?

    Sigjonis FNSigjonis FN27 dagar sedan

    The Boy DuddasThe Boy Duddas27 dagar sedan
  • This bloke is actually unbearable. Is he like this in real life? If so I feel sorry for anyone who has the displeasure to know his loud ass.

    James RobertsJames Roberts28 dagar sedan
  • احمد شو ملك البكجات 💯

    iBesuliBesul28 dagar sedan
  • WaterBoy1021

    Joe MamaJoe Mama28 dagar sedan
  • wish I had 1 mil fifa points for a pack opening 😭

    YianniXYianniX28 dagar sedan
  • What cards are those

    Vasin EngkasanmaneeVasin Engkasanmanee28 dagar sedan
  • Castro would play trash in Europe servers

    AM ChargeAM Charge29 dagar sedan
  • Boycott France

    AM ChargeAM Charge29 dagar sedan
  • This guy is so annoying to watch now .

    Francisco RubalcabaFrancisco Rubalcaba29 dagar sedan
  • I've been watching ya since 2017🤗

    Kivz 2703Kivz 270329 dagar sedan
  • After packing 3 icons, they're like, mehhhhh

    Marco GilMarco Gil29 dagar sedan
  • i took the williams with the shooting...

    Kamil MocekKamil Mocek29 dagar sedan
  • got alan shearer he is so bad

    Didn’t askDidn’t ask29 dagar sedan
  • What is this? You are not even opening those packs in this video? Are you reacting to someone else opening?

    Teemu PartanenTeemu Partanen29 dagar sedan
  • Do you play on pc or console?

    AkuntasAkuntas29 dagar sedan
  • Delete Paris word from your t-shirt Because they not respect religion

    EL magEL magMånad sedan
  • Letsgoooooooo

    T VDBT VDBMånad sedan
  • Letsgoooooooo

    T VDBT VDBMånad sedan
  • I took the 90 dribbling Williams

    Shane DoyleShane DoyleMånad sedan
  • Whats nationaly?

    Miguel AlvesMiguel AlvesMånad sedan
  • Adstro needs to chill

    Dominicsmith88Dominicsmith88Månad sedan
  • Best video bro, I love fifa and in this year its so good. you a professional!

    MasterMasterMånad sedan
  • dov’è sta icon? dai svegliati

    forza interforza interMånad sedan
  • i need same your dressing

    No NameNo NameMånad sedan
  • this mexican neek said cr7 should be voted out haha u just manage to make a joke of yourself im sorry castro

    Luka SmithLuka SmithMånad sedan
  • Hello les gars 👋 n’hésitez pas à checker et de vous abonnez à ma chaîne j’ai packer du lourd joueurs à 200k, je vous attend 😊

    SNT_CompanySNT_CompanyMånad sedan
  • The only SEworldr who hasn’t changed since the OG Fifa days 🥺

    D LoD LoMånad sedan
  • Where can I buy these cards from ? I’m in the uk 🇬🇧

    Joshua PurrJoshua PurrMånad sedan
    • Same, have you found anywhere?

      George GreenGeorge Green27 dagar sedan
  • How do you get hold of these cards?

    Solo FNSolo FNMånad sedan
  • Yo the drip really be fire tho

    RossiOCE —RossiOCE —Månad sedan
  • What language is that

    Cassius Van BeusichemCassius Van BeusichemMånad sedan
  • i only have 0 fifa point

    Br7 omgBr7 omgMånad sedan
  • can help me with my team i just started and i really need some donation pls hope u can help me with my account

    Br7 omgBr7 omgMånad sedan
  • Don’t buy coins from U7buy You will get a banned account like I did Buy through so other site

    Edward EverettEdward EverettMånad sedan
  • Stop shouting you hella irritating

    Jaden Du PreezJaden Du PreezMånad sedan
  • Yo castro, I’ve been trying so freaking hard in fut champs and rivals and dont seem to pack anything. Can you open packs on my account so that I you can pack those great players and use them to build a good team. Castro 🐐

    roberto garciaroberto garciaMånad sedan
  • He’s rocking the Jordan 11

    Tobi NaylorTobi NaylorMånad sedan
  • That hoodie is 🔥🔥. Where can I get it?

    Leo BassettLeo BassettMånad sedan
    • @AnTi ZioNisM thank you

      Leo BassettLeo Bassett28 dagar sedan
    • PSG shop should be on their website

      AnTi ZioNisMAnTi ZioNisM29 dagar sedan
  • Edwin you’re cousin is my cousin 😂😂😂😂

    BCZ_ DaHunkBCZ_ DaHunkMånad sedan
  • Sub to Dizzy96 guys if you're silver 3 - elite 3 level

    Fifa Burnaaa07Fifa Burnaaa07Månad sedan
  • Anyone else see that record... didnt have the best weekend league did you mate

    Nic MAUGHANNic MAUGHANMånad sedan
  • Just packed a kante should I sell him today (Sunday) or keep him till Thursday

    Elite GamerElite GamerMånad sedan
  • Why is Castro such a meme🤣🤣🤣

    Christopher Mc sweeneyChristopher Mc sweeneyMånad sedan
  • Castro had a hard on when he saw koulibalys card I swear 😂😂😂😂

    ChikzyChikzyMånad sedan
  • Bro I packed Eden Hazard and Tbib Courtious in promo packs

    ThatGuy _KaliThatGuy _KaliMånad sedan
  • Who else saw when he got Messi his chat was saying messi

    Hollow_ SusHollow_ SusMånad sedan
  • I got rule breaker kane from a gold upgrade

    Oliver SlamaOliver SlamaMånad sedan
  • Love it!!! I’ll Sub to whoever you are reading this if you watch my latest video and subscribe, Small SEworldrs helping out eachother🙌🏽❤️

    King FettKing FettMånad sedan
  • Me, pack Cr7 for me ❤️

    Mr. FahrenheitMr. FahrenheitMånad sedan
  • What are these cards?

    joe williamsjoe williamsMånad sedan

    46Dixey46DixeyMånad sedan
  • Who Just hears when he shouts OMICOONNN

    EscanorEscanorMånad sedan
  • You have to do more pack openings with these cards, It’s nice to watch! 💙👏🏼

    KaivdBroekKaivdBroekMånad sedan
  • dudes can i get those cards online??

    Michael McGroryMichael McGroryMånad sedan
  • Do the two player packs I got Inform Florenzi and Werner

    Mr SkillzMr SkillzMånad sedan
  • I packed rulebreakers Laporte in a 25k pack and screamed my house down😂😂

    Arthur WalkerArthur WalkerMånad sedan
    • Laporte?? 🤢

      Felix NibberFelix NibberMånad sedan
  • the new bayern SE jersey is just a blurry fc dallas jersey

    Joseph ClyattJoseph ClyattMånad sedan
  • I also packed an Icon! Check my video please!❤️❤️

    CASCASMånad sedan
  • CR7 is the best out of them 3 FFS how many balon dors do the others have 😠😠

    James GroarkeJames GroarkeMånad sedan
  • Donde esta djminutos??

    Hugo_049Hugo_049Månad sedan
  • class editing , can I have 12k fifa points man

    Aaron kellyAaron kellyMånad sedan
  • no way that messi jersey isnt from the bayern game lol

    Clorox The DadClorox The DadMånad sedan
  • I would take the dribbling

    EV44N P3DRICKEV44N P3DRICKMånad sedan
  • The world will never have another legend like Castro , that is a goat move brother 💪💪🙏♥️

    Barca NassimBarca NassimMånad sedan
  • Anyone know if that Topps Museum Collection will restock???

    Ant SantAnt SantMånad sedan
  • He starts opening packs at 6mins20

    james poolejames pooleMånad sedan

    Cian FitzpatrickCian FitzpatrickMånad sedan
  • Am sure this guy does a shit tonne of cocaine he always look and act high af

    Shrek The ogreShrek The ogreMånad sedan
  • Nice vid

    Ziyad AymanZiyad AymanMånad sedan
  • imagine getting 12k fifa points 😔

    imandeadimandeadMånad sedan
  • Can someone gameshare fifa 21 on Xbox please

    Yanis DilemYanis DilemMånad sedan
  • i only got dozens of tadic

    w Gracyw GracyMånad sedan
  • are you wearing black air forces

    DrippyJorgitoDrippyJorgitoMånad sedan
  • He said he likes all the rly rly bad ones

    Ben 128Ben 128Månad sedan
  • Anyone know where he got that fresh sweater from!?!🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • its the PSG x Air Jordan collection, i have one of the hoodies and i love it :)

      jody murtaghjody murtaghMånad sedan
  • I wish everyone who see this comment to have a happy life 💕💕💕

    solofastsolofastMånad sedan
  • 17:09 Best reaction in this video.

    Huy Nguyễn QuốcHuy Nguyễn QuốcMånad sedan

    Thevibeisreal 12Thevibeisreal 12Månad sedan
  • Danger to children this guy

    LukeC692LukeC692Månad sedan
  • When the servers got on I opened the first two 45k packs and got pogba then salah back to back. Two packs later, i got baby rio. I can tweet the clips for proof

    MattMattMånad sedan
  • the fit looks cleaaan

    Matthew FeurdeanMatthew FeurdeanMånad sedan
  • It took me 8 hours to get in... but at that point I was going to bed so I wasn't going to play.

    ThierryThierryMånad sedan
  • Packs are a scam. Don't let yt vids fool you.

    Ollie_OT_Ollie_OT_Månad sedan
  • Can't believe he got the signed Virgil van djk

    TTV jamesTTV jamesMånad sedan
    • What’s that card worth?

      taylor batestaylor batesMånad sedan
  • Where are those real life soccer packs called?

    Dark StarDark StarMånad sedan