BMW Biggest Failure YET: A Story of Desperation MS 2021

12 jan 2021
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BMW has put one of their own employees in the line of fire while internal confusion and lack of direction seems to run the show. Once again the comments on all of BMW's new social media is 98% negative yet they push forward with the marketing plan...
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A story of generations. BMW is a part of CES 2021. (7er vs iX)
BMW M3/4 Weight Explanation
00:00 Hey Everybody, I'm Robert!
00:03 BMW the gift that keeps giving....
00:44 Two Cringe Videos.
01:01 BMW iX vs 7er... Insulting themselves
01:33 This is all a load of....
02:29 BMW is completely lost!
03:21 BMW Weight Explained Video 2
04:05 Hiding and deleting negative comments.
05:19 Implicating an Employee?!?! THE BIG FAILURE
05:59 Misleading with weight difference.
06:35 98% Negative comments.
07:55 I just can't believe any of this.
08:10 I am not a BMW hater. (I forgot one, I have 12;)
09:59 What do you guys think about this?
10:21 Thank you and goodbye!

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  • Well done Robert! Passing the buck down the line and "setting up" an employee to carry the can is absolutely disgraceful. Where is the head of Marketing ? ...... hiding in a cupboard? I am an Engineer myself and was once asked to falsify a safety related document. Fortunately at the time, I did not have a family & mortgage to support, so for me it was a straight moral / professional issue. I refused and left the company shortly afterwards, but was quite frankly shocked that I had been put in that position. Congrats for calling out this type of so called "management" . Basically, it is a cowardly use of power within a company

    Ralph FreemanRalph Freeman11 timmar sedan
  • The CES ad was too much for me, impossible to watch till the end, look like something they thought about in 15 minutes.

    Alvaro SAlvaro SDag sedan
  • BMW marketing team is woke. Classic recipe for disaster

    MrPinkMrPinkDag sedan
  • I used to work for a large world wide sporting company, that started to get into social media. The SM mangers were 20-25 years old. That’s ok side, the other is a these videos that the SM team put out have been filed, edited, etc....they have cost money to make. They would really been signed off, therefore would’ve gone through quite a few departments and top level people to be signed off, so that bit is confusing that the first video as an idea got signed off, and then someone said “cool, that looks great, can’t see that causing any trouble, lets post it”.

    KoolerkingKoolerkingDag sedan
  • Agree I have 2 BMW , total owned 4, they are going down with this direction .

    pacho kardanapacho kardanaDag sedan
  • Here from Misha’s parenting advice video for context🤓

    Abdulrahman Al-WahaibiAbdulrahman Al-Wahaibi2 dagar sedan
    • Haha exactly

      Robert MitchellRobert MitchellDag sedan
  • In the video about the weight of the G82, at 3 :44, in the upper right corner of the display the following can be seen: 17 :17 13/11/20. That looks like time+date to me.

    Efgh AbcdEfgh Abcd6 dagar sedan
  • Meh, whatever. Apparently everyone has forgotten Chris Bangle. BMW's design screwups are not new.

    ssjlkrillinssjlkrillin8 dagar sedan
  • BTW: ...external marketing?!...the best used cars, sell new cars?!

    Layton BLayton B9 dagar sedan
  • Yup. By contrast it's time to remind an era when BMW nailed marketing before it was hype with "The Hire" DVD starring Clive Owen and great directors (Guy Ritchie, Ridley Scott etc.) 8'mn short films to promote M5 E39, Z4 E85 and so on. This one with Madonna from director Guy Ritchie is a must (as a promotional video). But look for the other ones you will be pleased. PS : Had to add this one for viewing pleasure (and prove my points lol) "beat the devil" : Director Tony Scott, Actors : Clive Owen, Gary Oldman, James Brown (!), Danny Trejo and guest appearance : Marilyn Manson.

    Charles DPRZCharles DPRZ9 dagar sedan
  • Devils advocate here: A: I can’t take you seriously with that Corvette in the background. B: Avant-garde works of art (especially of German industry) can only be measured in worth, given time. Short term reaction is simply short term. On a serious note: I was lost as a future client of BMW around the X5. But N. America is a whole different animal and we get nothing I want marketed here from any manufacture!

    Layton BLayton B9 dagar sedan
  • This is German sense of humor. Nothing else....

    Slavek WroblewskiSlavek Wroblewski9 dagar sedan
  • My dad used to have a E60 5 series. Looking back, it still stands beautifully now: the clean and minimalist interior that still looks fresh, thin steering wheel, hydraulic power steering that is lively, mechanical handbrake... And all the BMWs from that era sounded crisp, honest and mechanical. I'm not against going modern and going wild, but BMW have been messing things up constantly since 2014... Most terribly tuned electric steering I've felt in a premium brand (Mercedes and Porsche are far better. Haven't tried Audi's), Brake booster, FWD (when I was little I thought RWD was THE BMW signature...), THICC steering wheels, More and more normie styling, FAKE ENGINE NOISES pumped into the cabin, Excessive pops and burble tunes, Watery sounding engines... ... Sheer Driving Pleasure? More like Sheared Driving Pleasure... From the video, to me, BMW marketing team sounds like car industry's Battlefield V marketing team

    paul shipaul shi9 dagar sedan
  • @Robert Mitchell, Nice video I'm glad someone has the balls to properly bring this to attention. I want to also highlight that there is a terrible culture change on BMW forums as well, which you may or may not be aware. On Bimmerpost, the admins who seem to be strongly connected to BMW HQ are now banning long lasting members because they don't have positive comments about the G8XM (or don't agree about BMWs general way of going about things like you mention here), which is pretty disgusting behaviour - unless you have the opinion that they want you to have you get banned, think we could point to a few moments in history with this similar story. These are members who have contributed huge, and I mean tremendous, amounts of useful knowledge and time to the forum over the generations of M (and non M) cars. Its a sorry state the way they are running things.

    AM4N18AM4N189 dagar sedan
  • BMW biggest failure is not making i8 a v10

    Bruce LeeBruce Lee9 dagar sedan
  • BMW literally took the Highway to Hell!!! :))) By no means they are making things better by sticking to this insane marketing strategy. They are digging a bigger hole by the day ... and the whole brand will end up falling into it, if it gets big enough!

    Andrei IordacheAndrei Iordache9 dagar sedan

    Kalle SundqvistKalle Sundqvist10 dagar sedan
  • Was this their crappy version of Pixar's Cars? They should at least have watched these all before remotely starting to think about talking cars. Pixar/Disney: sue them for this megablunder of very poorly mimicing your blockbusters! As for #SaveKlaus... he's definitely #newbielensinhisface. They should have done him the honours to give him the a real camera and studio setup instead of this vagely "close to the people sloppy flyphone" and "see how transparent we are, we let our designer talk to you directly no directors cut" try-out. Indeed Robert, what where they even thinking if at all... After the comment above i watched "Boxster 25 years: forever young" what a difference in telling the somewhat same message, comparing old & new: but still a joy to drive, in a professional adult way...

    Marc van der BentMarc van der Bent11 dagar sedan
  • "BMW Biggest Failure Yet" is catchy and a nice way to get people to click on your content but the points you raised are far from enlightening and in some cases, quite short sided.

    Adam MahoneyAdam Mahoney12 dagar sedan
    • ​@Robert Mitchell apparently SEworld does not like long responses so here is more detail for you - I agree the iX video was silly but BMW actually has a long history of questionable marketing going back decades. Nothing new here! As for the M3/M4 Explained videos, this is not first time BMW has posted similar technical videos, which are always rough because they're done by engineers who are not used to being on camera but yet valuable information. As for BMW hiding the weight of the new cars? Please! They're only has heavy as the E90 but with more power and a better sorted chassis. But sensationalist videos like this will whip up the masses into a frenzy, until... wait, two years later when we all accept the new platform. It is a time honored enthusiast tradition going back to the E30. Once again, nothing new here!

      Adam MahoneyAdam Mahoney10 dagar sedan
    • Your comment was also far from enlightening. But you got it out there too:-)

      Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell12 dagar sedan
  • I don’t know if it’s the leasing company or BMW but my work mates least came to an end and BMW couldn’t give him another car apparently due to Covid19 and now he struggles to get into work

    KENNY MTBKENNY MTB12 dagar sedan
  • Robert Mitchell throws down the gauntlet !!! Have you seen the Zaha Hadid BMW headquarter building in Leipzig? I remember when Hadid was designing it. Her intention was to inspire BMW to push automotive design forward. The building is a stunning work of architecture but it has not rubbed off the BMW's executives in the least. Why? BMW has the best designers designing cars in an architectural masterpiece. For what? This? BMW is utterly failing. We all know it. I just can't understand it. This reminds of when British Petroleum devastated the Gulf of Mexico with their oil spill. In its aftermath they disregarded the complaints and lawsuits coming from the "little people." Robert, I really believe this is what is going on here. BMW's elites don't care about what you or their followers think. With you they will try to cozy up and make nice but who cares about the little people? They don't. Everyone else is a distraction. It's better to sail the Mediterranean in their Wally yacht.

    davidhunternycdavidhunternyc12 dagar sedan
  • The new bmw ix is a Karen

    PlumfanGamesPlumfanGames12 dagar sedan
  • To be fair Robert, having V12s when the highway speed limit is typically 70-80mph could also be considered “rock bottom.” 😂

    Mersaul4Mersaul412 dagar sedan
    • 🤣🤣

      Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell12 dagar sedan
  • BMW today in two words: The grill

    A. H.A. H.12 dagar sedan
  • They brought back the manual. Leave it there, make it beautiful and people would have loved it. However they proceeded to make a car that doesn't need to be flashy, as flashy and in your face as possible. Then paired that with the most obnoxious HELLO HERE I AM LIKE ME marketing campaign one can think of, to a level at which no one even thinks to talk about driving dynamics or the carbon roof or the manual transmission. Why???

    Max 44Max 4412 dagar sedan
  • Bmw needs to go back and look at what made the brand great. The marketing was a flop and the enthusiast ignored. Bmw is heading in a direction for mass market production models that check all the boxes but lack a real soul. My experience with the new generation Bmw is it lacks a sense of direction and feel coming from an E92 generation perspective, I love the feel of traditional power steering the new digital steering lacks any feel at all the wheel is either to heavy or to light. The old Bmws will shoot up in value because the direction appears to be on the heavy and ugly side of things. Nice content keep it up I saw you on one of Mishas videos and you made a comment about subscribers so I did thank you for the great stories.

    timlad123456timlad12345612 dagar sedan
  • Long Live the E Series.

    Y2KazanY2Kazan12 dagar sedan
  • This is my message to their corporate management : In the future, history books will remember this exact moment when these three words marked the END of BMW: "Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit" The need to carry out public "harakiri ritual suicide" for being a car company with a storied and glorified past in offering gas-powered combustion engines. The fact that the electric car in this commercial is denegrating the old 12-cyclinder BMW, and its past ownets, is the SCHISM, the red line that BMW is publicly crossing and 'hopes' that its car buying audience will cross with them. My response to them and to their sado-masochistic Marketing Department is this: it won't work... you're on your own. Stop licking the heel of the electric car zealots because they won't buy your stuff. Especially when more and more BMW buyers are learning that most electric cars get their electricity from... DIRTY COAL, and these cars take more energy to produce them and their toxic batteries than a normal combustion-engined car. And no, don't fall for the over-simplified propaganda being passed off as research from Tesla, or BMW, or the U.N. BMW keeps thinking its currently in the "transportation industry" but its not. BMW has this knack of forgetting every 10 years that its in the BRANDING business related to the products they make for consumers. And brands need passion, emotion and a vision. There was more of those 3 things in the old BMW than in that cyborg car you're trying to pass off as the Saviour of our Future. So, unplug the electric robot that designed that cyborg car, fire your entire marketing team, and get back to the drawing board because your stellar combustion-engined history will NOT save your electric future. And please DON'T "build back better" 😉

    Mr. BMT216AMr. BMT216A13 dagar sedan
  • Klaus had such a promising career.. started out as Staplerfahrer, rose up in the ranks of BMW and now this... SMH.

    caspa7caspa713 dagar sedan
  • Wow just watched the BMW video... what a poor effort! An embarrassment. You’re totally right Robert 👏

    Nick GalballyNick Galbally13 dagar sedan
  • Hi all, Marketing guy here... I'd like to defend bmw marketing folks. They are quite good at their job and they always provide content that matches the audience - and although many think that the videos in question are crap, just have a look at all the sh*t that goes viral today...we might not like it but it is what it is and it's going viral & makes ppl talk about it. And in this case, bmw is getting their content viral without paying #negativepublicity

    Bill Vasileios TziakosBill Vasileios Tziakos13 dagar sedan
  • Yes, BMW you shouldn't be ashamed!!!

    Anthony DunneAnthony Dunne13 dagar sedan
  • Diversity hiring? Not putting the best people for the job in the job? Not being accountable for anything bud blaming others and not taking responsibility for your actions... It's the new way of the world unfortunately.

    ScholzeyScholzey13 dagar sedan
  • I gave up on BMW in 2003. My last BMW was an 88 E-30 M3 which I loved more than any other car. But every time I look at a new BMW I’m turned off completely. Styling or performance doesn’t do it,it’s reliability and pricing. I do agree with most the huge,ugly grills are atrocious.

    fw1421fw142113 dagar sedan
  • In my opinion...Mercedes is not far behind.

    william Gronerwilliam Groner13 dagar sedan
  • well, I dont know much about marketing. But i know now I wont be buying a BMW. I respect your words Robert.

    william Gronerwilliam Groner13 dagar sedan
  • Mercedes, Lexus, Audi, Porsche: We want your customers. BMW Marketing: Say no more.

    King MingKing Ming13 dagar sedan
  • Meanwhile, at Mercedes and Audi: “Never interfere with your competitors when they’re destroying themselves” 😅😂

    Rmaia3dRmaia3d13 dagar sedan
  • uhhhh, my brain feels like a foreign object by now, what is possibly going on inside bmw?

    BabyyodaBabyyoda13 dagar sedan
  • Not only marketing. The design is now going towards Lexus. Imagine that! They have probably made some research and someone in Asia says that the Asian market needs BMW to adapt designvise to their taste? The result is the huge grill and the tail lights from Lexus, as the latest 3-series shows us. I would like to think that, for an Asian customer, the whole idea of buying a German premium car is that this German premium car looks like a German premium car? If not, he or she might just aswell buy a Lexus...

    Nordmore68Nordmore6813 dagar sedan
  • I don't get why you expect marketing to be high brow. Most people that can afford those cars can barely ready anyway. I think targeting 6 years olds is a safe bet. Anyone older than that probably has a adblocker anyway. I don't get why you expect US marketing to be 'smarter'. I think you might be overestimating the average audience.

    Alessandro FilippiAlessandro Filippi13 dagar sedan
  • Even this small channels such as this have censorship. Great.

    Alessandro FilippiAlessandro Filippi13 dagar sedan
  • It's just a silly marketing video. I don't feel offended by the use of the word "bullshit". Let's leave the political correctness to the other side of the pond for now.

    Alexander LagosAlexander Lagos13 dagar sedan
  • Klaus needs a little more video presentation skill. Looks like he is looking at the note sheet. Story is little off. Seats look lovey but that grill oh boy.

    damouzermusicdamouzermusic13 dagar sedan
  • By 2 min in and oh my. 🤨😂

    A L ReedA L Reed13 dagar sedan
  • As horrible as the ad was, it’s not surprising is the use of the word “bullshit”. It’s just germans trying to be funny. Nothing more. Americans need to learn that point and stop getting offended.

    boobie2realboobie2real13 dagar sedan
  • This is what happens when a car company stops listening to its customers. BMW stopped being an aspirational brand for me a long time ago.

    perverttpervertt13 dagar sedan
  • Lmao im apparently the only one that enjoyed the video 😂

    HawkeHawke13 dagar sedan
  • Gotta love a plain white corvette c7 , eventough the c6 is my personal favorite

    ThomasHRMNThomasHRMN13 dagar sedan
  • Is this a disgusting extension of how some people in our society think it is appropriate to communicate? One other thing... hasn't BMW done this previously when Chris Bangle was demonized for redesigning their line?

    Greg SampsonGreg Sampson13 dagar sedan
  • But the funny thing of all of this is that bmw's will continue to sell. Compare it to the woke movie industry, the most horrible PC correct movies are made right now with a lot of negative comments but they still draw huge numbers of people to them. I couldn't even finish the marketing video of the 760 vs iX. It's idiotic.

    Paul HPaul H13 dagar sedan
  • I love these videos about bmw 🤣

    lucKYluclucKYluc13 dagar sedan
  • For me, BMW lost the plot and sold themselves down the river around 2006, in fact, I explained this to them at great lengths when they tried forcing new products at me... Suffice it to say, the 88k 04 plate e46 is running fine and won't be changed anytime soon...

    leccybadgerleccybadger13 dagar sedan
  • Pretty obvious they have messed up by the fact almost every every car influencer just happens to be getting an M3/M4...

    BiterBiter13 dagar sedan
  • Even Frank Stephenson confuses with the new design

    Aziz Hussein ZAziz Hussein Z13 dagar sedan
  • This video is sadly funny. BMW needs to change big time. Their interiors have been the same for like 10 years and people are now switching brands for that. Their cars are unreliable because of unnecessary complicated engineering that has zero benefits for anybody. With them now going front wheel drive for mainstream models, what's the damn point of getting a BMW?

    SimpleBeatsMusicSimpleBeatsMusic13 dagar sedan
  • Woke BMW marketing department spending BMW brand capital like a rapper at a strip club right now.

    tayf85tayf8513 dagar sedan
  • All this is just history repeating. This is 2003 and Klaus is Chris Bangle. That’s why the company is blaming it on 1 individual. The last time it happened it was the public that demanded the designer’s head

    misan234misan23413 dagar sedan
  • German car industry is failing...

    ORC.ChannelORC.Channel13 dagar sedan
  • Wow this should scare away most of their loyal customers. Proof that the Germans can score an own goal.

    Smart Silver 1962Smart Silver 196213 dagar sedan
  • Honestly I like the ///M3///M4 grille

    Kamogelo SebolaiKamogelo Sebolai13 dagar sedan
  • Pretty stupid/pathetic game BMW are playing here. It's like they are flipping the script on all the so called "nay sayers" trying to insinuate that we aren't smart enough to get it. Pretty bull headed approach of crash or crash through... let's see how 'sustainable' that strategy is for you.... The market will dictate the terms not you... your job is to meet the markets needs. That's if you are trying to run a business.... PS and not all publicity is good publicity 🤨👈

    Ross MacdonaldRoss Macdonald13 dagar sedan
  • The covid get to their brain..

    Jimbaran ResidenceJimbaran Residence13 dagar sedan
  • But the least they could of done was be honest when they told Claus what to say on the video. Like I mean on bmw m's IG story it seemed fine to me, they were pretty clear about why the car weighed more and stuff but to compare the heaviest version of their old car to the lightest version of the new is wrong

    I ///M POWEREDI ///M POWERED13 dagar sedan
  • #SaveKlaus #SaveKlaus #SaveKlaus drive to hell.....

    Rogier B.Rogier B.14 dagar sedan
  • Bad Marketing is good marketing as People are now talking about it.. LOL.

    Lucky NadalLucky Nadal14 dagar sedan
  • BMW marketing needs to get with Crunchfitness Australias marketing team. A perfect match. Apparently Red light Therapy can help with anxiety and depression plus weight loss and muscle Recovery & Hair loss

    Deyton The Pool GuyDeyton The Pool Guy14 dagar sedan
  • The new cars are just too ugly to be seen in.....and heavy....I don't plan to shop BMW now....had one a while is sort a different species now.

    Jeffrey B.Jeffrey B.14 dagar sedan
  • It is a little sad when a such a curated brand like BMW loses its mind doing marketing. They have lagged behind Mercedes and chasing superficial target audiences it has no data to rely upon. I do however think they should have addressed the future car buyer/ enthusiast by maybe adopting what Mercedes has done. This is a better way of showing heritage, brand and the step forward by putting the brand front and Center.

    esa fawsal Sallehesa fawsal Salleh14 dagar sedan
  • #BoycottBMW

    ZedNinetySixZedNinetySix14 dagar sedan
  • Get woke go broke

    Hunter Biden's CrackpipeHunter Biden's Crackpipe14 dagar sedan
  • Well, they've lost it, big time... So i consider myself as a BMW fan, my first car was one, and I've stayed with the E34 series since then. Unfortunately today, they also have lost me, it is quiet obvious that they are aiming bling bling clients. A few weeks ago a local BMW dealer posted a picture of a guy in jeans and leather jacket "sliding" on the bonnet of the new 118i. After getting a comment from a friend, that this was not flattering, they replied that "if you're so cool as he is, you can do that". I conclude that this marketing strategy has already made it's way to the local dealers. Well, i have not been looking at new BMWs for years, the image they reflect more and more moves far away from the solid, sporty and understated manufacturer they have made their name on. It's sad, but as I say, they lost me and i think they lost many others. Their calculations might work marketing wise for some time, because being "hip and cool" will sell for sure, but will this be a longtime investment in binding clients? For the last 20 years that I've been coming to the Nurburgring, i had the feeling that the most represented manufacturer was BMW, with Porsche not far behind. Will this still be the case in 20 years?

    InduleoInduleo14 dagar sedan
  • You are fantastic person! If one day you start a business in Portugal I would love to be involved in a project with you! You are absolutely right about the way BMW behave with Klaus.

    Pedro CunhaPedro Cunha14 dagar sedan
    • Thank you Pedro:-)

      Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell14 dagar sedan
  • Klaus should have said no immediately - I absolutely would have in his position - BMW’s marketing ability is non existent at the moment and they need to turn it around before they permanently damage their brand

    ohbollox2itohbollox2it14 dagar sedan
  • Quick tip: BEFORE watching the video, watch the links in the description, otherwise you won't have an idea of what Robert is talking about. Great video Robert... #SaveKlaus

    BROisBROis14 dagar sedan
    • 🤣🤣

      Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell14 dagar sedan
  • I stopped following BMW M the moment they launched the G8x M cars to the public. This confirms that this decision was a wise one🤦‍♂️.

    MikeMike14 dagar sedan
  • BMW's been in decline for quite some time IMO. It started with the introduction of utter garbage like the 'GT' models and the FWD 2 series which do nothing but dilute the brand. They're sacrificing quality for the sake of a diverse model portfolio, riding off the brand image BMW of yesteryear worked hard to foster. Once that image has dried up, they're going to be in trouble.

    G WG W14 dagar sedan
  • I would personally say, that after E36, E39 and E38 it's everything Schrott 🤣🙄🤕

    Vladimir MarkovVladimir Markov14 dagar sedan
  • If Klaus was part of the M2 competition, then BMW themselves are doing just fine. BMW marketing need to fire themselves and employ any number of people currently looking for work due to covid, and leave Klaus and co to build design more M2C and 1M type vehicles *by themselves!!!*

    IXI FutureproofIXI Futureproof14 dagar sedan
    • @Robert Mitchell I edited my comments as it implied that I was referring to your video and not BMW's Marketing division dangling Klaus off the balcony as though he'd done something wrong.

      IXI FutureproofIXI Futureproof14 dagar sedan
    • I agree let Klaus do his job and we will have amazing cars

      Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell14 dagar sedan
  • Great said Robert! I`m BMW`s owner and fan, but what is happening now is crazy. We need light powerful and well-handling cars as it was before ... Pls update us on the e36 s54 Project? :)

    Stefan MitevStefan Mitev14 dagar sedan
  • Klaus is not Tier 1 any more. Thanks bmw...

    Mark AndellaMark Andella14 dagar sedan
    • I think he’s OK

      Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell14 dagar sedan
  • So let me get this straight, the new car is lighter in virtually every respect? An improvement great! But somehow when weighed it’s actually heavier than the previous car? So if I want a ‘driving experience’ I should buy a manual, but nearly everyone buys a DCT which we know is quicker to change gear than any manual, allowing more performance, which is I presume how most buyers usually measure ‘driving experience’? Hmm, bit dodgy using a manual versus DCT comparison to brag about low weight, when the car is actually 34kgs heavier - and the company is supposedly happy about this ‘improvement’? Personally, for those who have the previous model, stick with it and/or wait for the competition version. As Harry’s Garage found out, less insulation in a Porsche 911 just makes a noisier car, that’s an annoyance not ‘driving experience’ - a retrograde step. Oh and that first video, I’d prefer a car without the technology any day of the week. I think we’ve probably all met people like the persona of the iX and they’re best forgotten about.

    Platypus HatstandPlatypus Hatstand14 dagar sedan
    • I think we need to wait until we can drive the car and see what it’s like. I’m sure it’s going to be absolutely special but their marketing just hasn’t paintedit quite well yet

      Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell14 dagar sedan
  • As an avid BMW car and motorcycle enthusiast, the commercial was terrible no doubt. I don’t necessarily agree on the Klaus video. They are wanting to highlight the technical details from the engineering team directly. It doesn’t matter that Klaus isn’t a polished PR person- he’s an engineer and knows car technicals better than anyone. It’s not a fake Apple type walk through that has been choreographed by Hollywood. Also I seem to remember something about the fact that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

    number1Schumacherfannumber1Schumacherfan14 dagar sedan
    • @Robert Mitchell I agree completely. BMW should take a page from Porsche on highlighting their cars ring times or Motorsport. Speaking of which- they desperately need to get back into sports cars or Le Mans type racing. Always great getting your take Robert! Big fan of yours and Apex. 🍻

      number1Schumacherfannumber1Schumacherfan14 dagar sedan
    • I too am waiting for the highlight video from them. I just want it not to be with them on their back foot

      Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell14 dagar sedan
  • Klaus seems to be a boomer, I can tell by the way he looks the phone then the person filming, then the phone, then the person, all video long. xD My opinion: I say they need to make heads roll at BMW marketing, but probably they all have their heads so deep up each others arses searching for white powder, they probably don't even understood what they're doing. That's what my mind has to come up with because it's all so huge it needs a plausible explanation and here it was.

    bisondacierbisondacier14 dagar sedan
    • I think he’s probably an OK guy

      Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell14 dagar sedan
  • These blunders aside, we'll have to wait to see the sales numbers to really know if this whole thing was a mistake...

    BrohanaBrohana14 dagar sedan
  • Powerful video man, curios to see what's to come

    Timmy BrownTimmy Brown14 dagar sedan
  • My dad is somehow responsible of BMW marketing campaigns in my country. This news are good in the short term for them as aggressive marketing campaigns mean more $$, however whenever a manager of BMW realise of this nonsense, they are going to cut their expense drastically, I think. Let's hope it's just a short period until they realise this is going nowhere good.

    AngelAngel14 dagar sedan
  • Lets hope for a full BMW Restart..... But should they dial back to E30 or 2002 ? :D

    Sierra S66Sierra S6614 dagar sedan
  • It was just a week ago that I was watching a Nick Murray video and wondering how many high-quality, low-subscriber accounts like his are out there, and here we are. This was a very diplomatic video and it's clear that you thought this through to the point that you can articulate a really refined and precise message, and you've earned another subscriber. Hopefully BMW rectifies this situation!

    Jason BJason B14 dagar sedan
  • I kind of disagree about the Klaus video. He was speaking about technical features about the car, not it's design. Also, he did not mislead anyone with the weight of the cars. He told what the gearbox is, BMW mentioned that the manual box weights 25kg less. You cannot see if the car has steel or carbon brakes (10kg difference measured by evolve on the M2) and he clearly said that the new M4 is in it's lightest configuration and the difference is because of the bigger size of the car and new regulations that they have to comply with. I think it was quite clearly explained and certainly no one has been lied to or misled. I also wanted to say, despite all of the bad features of the M3 it's still best in class by far. Don't forget, we are expecting AWD 4 cylinder C63 next. And one last thing. I did not for a second think "oh ok, this is the guy that made this ugly M3" when I watched the video. It didn't even cross my mind. In fact, before your video nobody has mentioned anything about Klaus anywhere.

    NickNick14 dagar sedan
    • I agree with you that he did a great job, but I don’t like is the BMW has so much more open and people are asking about. This video is clearly them on their back foot after month of marketing Silliness. If you look at the comments on the video even long before my video came out you will see that people really want BMW to address what everybody’s been asking all along. House again did a fine job but he shouldn’t be put in that position where his name is associated with the questions that people actually have. That’s all I’m saying.

      Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell14 dagar sedan
  • who wants to bet on who was hired to do this ad, more specifically, how many women?

    KomaKoma14 dagar sedan
  • It´s more or less the same always. We enthusiasts complain about what they do, but it looks like the people buying M-cars don´t give a S..T about it. M did record sales in 2020 I think.

    Eye of SauronEye of Sauron14 dagar sedan
    • And They’ll probably sell every one of the new M3 and 4 that they can build

      Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell14 dagar sedan
  • There is no such a think as a bad publicity, if at the end, everybody is only talking about you.

    Eye of SauronEye of Sauron14 dagar sedan
    • I think at the end of the day they’re gonna sell lotta cars. And I really hope for them that they do but at the same breath I hope they get their edge back and get the Marketing back on their heritage and the wonderful name they’ve built over so many years with enthusiasts

      Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell14 dagar sedan
  • And another chapter. This is starting to become a season. Well, the first video...the only thing I can think of is "Where is BMW?". I never saw in automobile history something like this (unless I missed something). They went from a time when they used to make jokes about Mercedes-Benz and Audi (and the others responding as well) to this stage where they are auto-trash-talking (like in football, that persistent defense always scoring auto-goals until the coach stops putting him on the field). So they try to make some kind of comedy and they can't even be original. Yes because quite frankly, some guy (as the 7-series) trying to speak just like Peter Cullen did KARR voice on Trust Doesn't Rust episode (btw, he and Frank Welker are one of my favorite voice actors), what is that? Like it has already been written here, there's no point in making advertisements with things a car can't do. I'm not saying they have the best V12 in the world, but if I have the chance to drive a car like this, even if it's an automatic gearbox, I'll be glad. On the other hand, I'm no fan of electric vehicles, but there's a great evolution by now. The mile range is increasing. They are getting better. So this was just a waste of money. Now for the second video, I didn't watch it, but it's indeed extremely serious. Now I don't have the right to say how a manufacturer or any other company should run its business, but honestly, I have some doubts about these marketing people. Back in Portugal, I worked as a call-center and also gave support to clients (in different services). I also studied marketing (not for so long). One thing they taught me was never to give the address of the company I work for, nor to reveal my personal data (home address, worker number, etc). Doesn't matter which client is (General, Prime-minister or President, etc), we were always a company. I heard the history of an employee that gave pieces of information about the company that he shouldn't. He was fired after that. So, when they do something like this, there can be very serious consequences. And inside worked should never be exposed like this. There may be some fanatic and angry person wanting to solve things with his own hands just because of what they are doing. People may be thinking that "this worker is the one behind all of this mess". This employee, they just did with him something we say in Portugal - "Bode Espiatório". They just transformed him into a hitting target just in case things go wrong. I hope he can overcome all of this without any more problems because, like you said and especially if he does this thing again, his career and his future as an employee may be on the line.

    João Luís TavaresJoão Luís Tavares14 dagar sedan
  • The Peugeot 308 GTi also got an weight increase of 100kg between the NEDC and WLTP tests.

    CarbonCarbon14 dagar sedan
  • Robert nailed this one!! Usually when he criticizes BMW he thinks they are purely a Motorsport company. But when you have someone talking about an M car like this. He nailed it

    M WM W14 dagar sedan
    • Fingers crossed they get to reality and back to what we all love

      Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell14 dagar sedan
  • How do they get out of this gracefully? Need to allow them some room to fix this and move on... As a BMW fan this is really s**t to see, they have it so wrong.

    Chris HChris H14 dagar sedan
    • They definitely need a little bit of room to fix it. They have the tools I believe to do so

      Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell14 dagar sedan
  • ME too ~~ as a BMW mania ~ Current BMW's direction is totally Nuts.

    DRIVE LOGICDRIVE LOGIC14 dagar sedan
  • @Robert Mitchell - I disliked the iX video but if you watch the entire advert it isn't too bad and they actually acknowledge the 7-series as a classic, the swearing was a step to far yes and the patronising american female voice. Also can't see the problem with the M-series video? Klaus didn't look nervous in my opinion, he actually looked enthusiastic talking about his work. Whilst I think you have some valid points I can't but help feeling your video is a bit of a stir and blew it out of proportion slightly?

    D4rkS4v4ntD4rkS4v4nt14 dagar sedan
    • That’s why I actually didn’t push too hard on that video. I don’t think it’s That bad In itself other than that it’s bashing their own brand. I’m certain that each department kind of feels like they’re competing with each other

      Robert MitchellRobert Mitchell14 dagar sedan
  • It has been happening for years with many companies (not all), marketing has been living in some spacecraft that is moving further and further from Earth.

    paialpaial14 dagar sedan