108 Rare and Bizarre Media Types

20 apr 2020
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0:00 - Intro
1:14 **** Mechanical Media ****
1:14 - Edison Cylinder
1:44 - Long Play Microgroove
1:56 - Motorola 3-channel stereo record
2:12 - Single-Sided Victrola
2:33 - Edison Diamond Disc
2:56 - 16” Vinyl Records
3:53 - Punch Cards
4:06 - Punch Tape
4:20 - Flexidisc (computer program on vinyl)
5:02 **** Magnetic Media ****
5:06 - 8” Floppy Disks
5:34 - 500K Floppy Disk
6:00 - Hard Sectored Floppy Disks
6:43 - Quad Density Floppy Disks
6:54 - Apple Fileware (Twiggy Disks)
7:27 - Demidisk Prototpye 4” Floppy
7:42 - 3.25” Flex Diskette
8:08 - Brother Micro Disk
8:20 - TEC Floppy Disk
8:31 - Amsoft CF-2 Compact Floppy
8:53 - MCD Cassette
9:12 - Video Floppy Disk
9:38 - LT-1 2” Floppy
9:51 - IT Floppy 144 MB
10:03 - Iomega Zip and LS-120
10:38 - Iomega Click! Disk
11:05 - Large Reel-to-Reel tapes
11:40 - Reel-to-Reel Audio tape
12:01 - U-Matic Video Cassettes
12:42 - Betamax inside VHS container
13:08 - Sony SD-1 Cassette
14:17 - XD 1/2” Digital Video Cassette
14:44 - Video 120 Cassette
15:18 - ADAT Digital Mastering Cassette
15:44 - 8mm Movie Prerecorded
16:14 - Datasonix
16:30 - MicroMV Video Cassette
16:48 - MiniDV Video Cassette
16:53 - 8mm Data Cassette
17:04 - Unknown CS-600 SX Data Cassette
17:19 - CVC Microvideo Cassette
17:35 - DCC (Digital Compact Cassette)
18:03 - Blank 8-Track Audio Cassette
18:21 - Sinclair MicroDrive
18:39 - Stringy Floppy
18:59 - 18 Different Home Backup Formats
19:12 - Iomega Ditto
19:20 - Syquest 200 MB cartridge
19:23 - ADR
19:28 - Iomega REV Disk
19:40 - 10 Different Pro Backup Formats
19:42 - DDS4 Tape
19:50 - LTO Tape
20:06 **** Optical Media ****
20:09 - Prerecorded Film Roll - Educational
20:52 - Prerecorded Film Roll - Consumer
21:05 - MO Disc
21:21 - MiniDisc
21:26 - Floptical
21:40 - Dataplay
21:54 - Sanyo ID Photo
22:51 - LM1200 WORM Disc
23:18 - WDM-6DA0 WORM disc
24:05 - Maxell LM4000 WORM disc
24:14 - PD (Phase Change Dual)
25:30 - DVD RAM 5.2 GB
26:16 - NEC MVDisc
26:28 - DVD RAM 9.4 GB
27:04 - Laserdisc 12”
27:27 - Laserdisc 8”
27:57 - CD-Video 5”
28:29 - CD-Video 8”
28:50 - RCA Selectavision CED
29:07 - VHD
29:23 - V.Flash
29:43 - VideoNow
30:18 - DIVX
31:04 - FlexPlay
31:40 - HD-DVD
32:08 - Hybrid CD/DVD
32:26 - Hybrid CD/Vinyl
32:58 - Shaped CD Audio
33:21 - Super Audio CD
33:46 - MODisc
34:00 - MMDisc
34:17 - Double Density CD-RW
34:32 - Sony Professional Disc
35:02 - UDO (Ultra Density Optical)
35:29 - Sony Optical Disc Archive
35:44 - Bubble Memory

  • I adore this video. Every little iteration of memory storage was looked over and given value. It feels so nice to see the maybe once mundane become mystical.

    Yasaman MostafaviYasaman Mostafavi2 timmar sedan
  • 31:41 I have one of those.

    The forgotten SD-10The forgotten SD-105 timmar sedan
  • In the movie Matrix Neo sold a disc in the first minutes. What was the name of that disc?

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  • Disc Schmicks. It’s all about piano punch cards baby 🍼

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  • I graduated from school in 2009 and in my country ... back then ... we didnt even have a multimedia used in our education ... pure papers and ink ........

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  • I wonder if he likes Wargames?

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  • Xbox owners haven’t forgotten hd dvd 😞

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  • Am I the only one who wants to hear those Winston cigarette commercials 😅

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  • Thank you for capturing this. A 38 minute museum exhibit!

    Critical IndicatorCritical Indicator3 dagar sedan
  • Edison Diamond Discs the way it reads the information is referred to as "Hill and Dale".

    Vinyl BozzVinyl Bozz3 dagar sedan
  • Thank you so much for this video and for the people that loaned you their media. I barely saw 40 minutes go by.

    lucantzlucantz3 dagar sedan
  • What is the name of the song that starts at 27:04, please?

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  • 5:30 does someone know what's the name of this soundtrack?

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  • imo you do a slight disservice to the future by excluding flash or silicon/electronic based memory.. imo should of been viewed from the viewpoint of someone who may stumble on and watch this video 5 or 10 or even 20 years from now. Just think about all the mediums from just 10-20 years ago which were commonplace at the time, but similar relatives now are worthy of being included in a video like this... while flash media today may be common as dirt and nothing significant to write about today, much like the varieties of physical, magnetic, and optical mediums viewed from today, flash media may be obsolete and uncommon 10-20 years from now. So like how today, there are kids who have never used or even seen/touched a VCR, CD, or vinyl record or any of their similar relatives in real life.. 20 years from now there may be kids who have never seen a USB thumbstick in real life yet alone all the weird, obscure, or obsolete flash media types floating around out there. Good examples imo could of been Sony's memory stick line of memory cards that they tried hard to push but flopped and died off, or compact flash card, etc. Also old hard drive types can be good candidates to show on video, such as one of those ginormous old harddrives or magnetic core memory So hopefully there will be a part 2 to this video showing 108 more rare and bizarre media types, but this time includes silicon/flash/electric based memory.

    RavenRaven4 dagar sedan
  • Thought he would mention IBM punch cards and the Nazis. Think most ppl have forgotten about them working withe them.

    Option4lName NameOption4lName Name4 dagar sedan
  • Didn’t see Super VHS. Video tape cassette, but very informative and entertaining to reminisce.

    Terry ToddTerry Todd4 dagar sedan
  • Two I noticed hadn’t been here were the Bernoulli Drives that used removable cartridges and a 1” floppy that was used in a legacy Zenith Data Systems (aka Heathkit) portable laptop similar to the Netbooks of today. One mention was to Digital Electronics was their old PDP series had dual 8” drives and the internals were hinged using metal hinges (something for trivia) and a computer museum.

    superhawk1ksuperhawk1k4 dagar sedan
  • Please, A-TEAM presentation video, show it!

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  • That vinyl disc- imagine since the vinyl side is always up, a device that could read both sides at the same time that would be a hoot

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  • Punch cards as a data storage medium actually goes back to the 1800s with the Jacquard loom.

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  • On the Sony SD-1: cds.cern.ch/record/2273963

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  • I still have several boxes of floppy's containing comadore 64 games

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  • the 70s 80s 90s and early 20s were real hitech and fun. now everything feel "cloudy" and online.

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  • happy/sad melancholy feeling watching this, all that exciting tech gone by the wayside, yet stepping stones so of great value... not that a young person today might care to know.

  • Can you show us something film-related?

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  • The whole history of data storage💾💽📼

    Compu SupportCompu Support9 dagar sedan
  • It makes sense that you can't find anything on some of those disks. Back in the day companies would contact to have drives designed for them and no one else. This would prevent competitors from being able to get their hands on them and actually be able to read them. Once encryption advanced it wasn't necessary. Alldata in the early 90s had cdroms in a case that was proprietary and only readable in computers they leased to repair shops. It kept auto mechanics from taking them for home use

    Ray LRay L9 dagar sedan
  • I have never seen a videocassette THAT big in my whole life!

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  • That giant cassette was made for CERN in the 90s to store data from an experiment they were working on. To this day, they're still used as the experiment continues. The tape could hold up to 100gb of data.

    Jj FattsJj Fatts10 dagar sedan
  • 28:50 did anyone explain this?

    KingProneKingProne10 dagar sedan
  • Brilliant video, thank you very much! Some remarks/explanations 1. ´CD Video´ as a name was initially used for 5" hybrid discs with a digital audio part (technically identical to a maxi or EP CD) plus a laserdisc player compatible analogue video part (up to 5 minutes). However, the term ´CD video´ was later used for all types of laserdiscs containing digital audio, regardless their size (8" or even 12" laserdiscs were also called ´CD video´ especially in Europe). 2. There were even 12" single-sided laserdiscs, thin like a CD and quite flexible. But these were very rare. 3. Selectavision was by no means an optical format. It is analogue video stored on a capacitive track, plus a mechanical groove which keeps constant contact to a sapphire stylus of the player helping the capacitive cartridge to always keep tracking and constant distance to the disc. 4. Super Audio CD or SACD might not have been a format to hit the mass market but in the niche of Audiophiles it was quite a success, especially in Japan. 10,000+ titles have been published in more than 20 years and many record labels are still releasing SACDs today, especially with classical music. And even untrained ears have no problem in identifiying the 5.1 channel reproduction of the SACD compared with a 2 channel CD. Best regards Malte

    Malte RuhnkeMalte Ruhnke10 dagar sedan
  • The massive Sony SD1 VHS tapes are old mainframe storage devices from the late 80s through mid 2000s. It was a series of mainframes Sony created and they had their heyday for science mainframes. The need for cutting edge technology and the atmosphere of Zip Drives/other magneto-optical storage legitimately competing with optical storage lead to these massive VHSs being rather indispensible for a short time to massive research projects. Some of these mainframes are still in operation, one is in operation at CERN as it is what accepts data from an older synchotron if I recall. It is incredibly difficult to find concrete data sheets on these devices because mainframes aren't for consumers and these things had 500 GB capacities in the late 90s. They may have been made into the late 2000s but Sony's current mass storage options are under the same brand, so information on discontinuation of the product or customer warranty support hasn't shown up. This is mostly anecdotal evidence from people working at CERN who have used one. I just figured people might be curious about the 'mystery format'.

    FinalStarmanDXFinalStarmanDX10 dagar sedan
  • Sweet review...how about the Elcasette? Craziest audio format ever.

    Don HallDon Hall11 dagar sedan
  • The LM1200 from philips is a plasmon 1200 WORM disc. They were often used in ct scanners and other medical equipment, though I'm sure they had a lot of other uses. Plasmon bought philips LMS and later was sold to Alliance Storage Technologies. You can still find a number of plasmon laser drives refurbished in the wild and for purchase from refurb shops.

    Robin FussellRobin Fussell11 dagar sedan
  • Mechanical media is so fascinating

    TrialzGTASTrialzGTAS12 dagar sedan
  • "Всевозможные могильщики флопповода, давно похороненные самим флопповодом".

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  • woah! the style council cd video is pretty rare, confessions of a pop group is a great album too. i'm curious as to what the video actually is.

    cecil ;cecil ;12 dagar sedan
  • Hello, IRS means for that case: "International records Syndicate", then records industry who released bands such like Concrete Blonde or Wall of Voodoo.

    romuald assemanromuald asseman13 dagar sedan
  • What annoys me is that the media holders (cartridges) seem to always change size from initial release to long-term production, always getting smaller. CD/DVD cases, for example, went from 1/4 inch thick to half of that. (This is also true of the evolution of ever-smaller USB, SIM, and SD memory card slot sizes.) So why don't they start with the smallest form-factor size from the get-go?

    David TribbleDavid Tribble14 dagar sedan
  • I'm so glad to know there's someone out there who references WarGames as much as I do.

    Rimothy LogboneRimothy Logbone15 dagar sedan
  • The Sony SD1-1300LA is a 100GB data center backup tape.

    shadowtheimpureshadowtheimpure15 dagar sedan

    FinchyBlueEyesFinchyBlueEyes15 dagar sedan
  • 26:25 5.2gb was HUGE back then. Like a terabyte today

    N BN B16 dagar sedan
  • have you ever discussed the storage media used in the 1971 arcade game "Computer Space" made famous appearing in the movie "Soylent Green"?

    Matt BlatchleyMatt Blatchley16 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for the ADAT review, there were many AUDIO formats in these times you could rely on ... minidisc four digital tracks was very popular here in Italy in the early 2000's :)

    TheDubwizeTheDubwize16 dagar sedan
  • Basically, Sony just tries to make its own storage media for everything. Shame the UMD never took off though.

    Michael StarkeyMichael Starkey16 dagar sedan
  • What if Sony sd1 took off imagine the walkman

    later skaterlater skater17 dagar sedan
  • Just watched the video of the loss of fry's again I like the blue color but the pattern has me yelling david watch out for the spider like you caught in web or I'm waiting for it to start rotating and the funky 80s dr who theme start up

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  • Yes indeed, they all look bizzare! But Sony's gigantic tape draw my attention!

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  • After seeing all those old forms of audio storage (wax cylinders, Victrola albums, etc.) I thought for sure there would be a piano roll in there. Those things are very cool!

    Pete JPete J17 dagar sedan
  • I wasn't aware of the IT Floppy being a competitor for the LS-120. I did read about the HiFD in the computer magazines back in the day. (as in a drive that handles regular floppies and their format). I've only encountered LS-120 drives in computer stores. They were in systems sold by Vobis.

    GromBeestjeGromBeestje17 dagar sedan
  • My favorite disk from my years as a graphic designer is the old Syquest Disks that got replaced by the iomegas

    David LambertDavid Lambert18 dagar sedan
  • The job I work for has many sub contract jobs and they get things from companies to destroy, 35mm movies, cds, reel to reel tapes, beta max tapes, laser discs, and those huge vcr looking tapes... It pains me knowing they are just crushing and shredding this stuff...

    Blu DuvelBlu Duvel18 dagar sedan
  • I'd swear that giant cassette looked twice as big in the thumbnail.

    Francisco AranaFrancisco Arana19 dagar sedan
  • i went through the 5 stages of grief while you were ripping the media out of the hard sectored disks

    Vanny AnimationsVanny Animations20 dagar sedan
  • Another comment. My middle school had a projector and we all learned how to use it and assigned to operate it. It was the only class that had one, all others had TVs and VCRs... But it was history class and there were maybe 10 different reel types used on some rigged universal projector from the 40s to play old skool films and movies from around the world.

    Balbo SagginsBalbo Saggins20 dagar sedan
  • I love content like this. I'm 36 and just now.. Yes, I know I'm wwwaaayyyy behind... Got into programming and computing technology. Did a crash course in Java earlier this year to try to get on my feet after covid shut me out of job. Turns out I have a strong talent in it. It's videos like these that inspired this fantastic new life. Fascinating video, my friend.

    Balbo SagginsBalbo Saggins21 dag sedan
  • Hahaha Super Audio CD was a market failure because when “audiophiles” do actual A/B comparisons NOBODY can tell the difference!!!! our ears don’t even work well enough... 16bit/44.1 KHz was chosen because SCIENCE lol. Anything above it is snake oil.

    Andrew SturgessAndrew Sturgess21 dag sedan
  • The Simulation is stored on that giant cassette, who knew? Besides Sony. They knew...

    Andrew SturgessAndrew Sturgess21 dag sedan
  • Tip: take a shot everytime he goes "hehe".

    IlyaIlya21 dag sedan
  • What happened to the film sound on disc Vitaphone ones that played from the centre out, Philips N1500 video and V2000 cassettes. Oh, by the way the 3M 1/2in computer tapes with the ring sealing them were for cheaper storage as they could just be hung from a special horizontal bar and didn't need shelving and spacers. The same tape came in the plastic cases, which mean they took up more room in storage. I worked with those for many years. Another rare type now would be fixed head drum storage for computer data and removable multi-surface 14" disc packs.

    Brian FretwellBrian Fretwell21 dag sedan
  • It might just be me, but I'd really like for the next asteroid to hurry up a bit so we may be released of the obligation of storing/writing/painting the "successes" of this so-called civilization.

    PlaysWithBladesPlaysWithBlades21 dag sedan
  • This channel is like a museum, you guys have done an amazing work documenting the development of technology.

    Eduardo ReisEduardo Reis21 dag sedan
  • There's this series on netflix called penny dreadful and they use one like the first one to record,. The blue part is made of wax. I know nobody cares just a useless fact 😜

    Perro EnzangrentadoPerro Enzangrentado21 dag sedan
  • Extremely interesting overview. When I worked as Commercial Producer-Director at a television station, we used the Sony MII video cassettes. The video tape format was a less expensive competitor for professional Beta cassette format. Thank you for sharing this history!

    K.N. O.K.N. O.21 dag sedan
  • I think it’s interesting when we compare modern forms of media with ancient ones. Modern storage seems so temporary in comparison to what was left behind. Makes you think of our legacy 1000 years from now

    Kieran pKieran p21 dag sedan
  • Too bad there was no VHS-C

    Marc WoodMarc Wood22 dagar sedan
  • How about metal record disks for latve music box players. Also for about 6 months 7-11 sold dvds that once opened and exposed to air would go blank in 3 days. Used to go against blockbuster rentals of dvd.

    Randy WigginsRandy Wiggins22 dagar sedan
  • Where did you get all those lol

    Alex DavisAlex Davis22 dagar sedan
  • I know there are a few types of the micro cassettes presumably marketed as dictation devices or even eaves dropping equipment for audio that are not unlike todays digital memo devices that are so similar in size and looks that you really wouldn't know they are different until you try to pop one in the more common or standardized micro cassette player and it won't shut or doesn't fit by 1/16 of an inch. I ran across this and it was very frustrating to say the least, no wonder I had got such a good deal on them in some random clearance sale back in the late 90's or early 2000's. It's my guess that they were older versions that hadn't really taken off in the late 70's or 80's due to motors and batteries being the limiting factor to a compact design. I suppose once these devices were able to be designed around 1 or 2 double or triple A cell batteries the version that our standard digital stand alone dictation/memo gadget of today resembles took it's place among common office type items. Of course today we truly have no need for even the digital ones as our phones are far better suited. None the less, sometimes you don't realize there is a difference until you actually try to use the item in question because they look so similar. I've had the same experience with what seemed to be an 8mm video cassette tape. Great video, I like that you didn't spend too much time on any of the items to allow a very item heavy presentation. This leaves a lot of room to circle back to the real unique ones at a future time for a more in depth look without being to redundant with the information. Great work, enjoyed. :)

    Peehand ShihtzuPeehand Shihtzu22 dagar sedan
  • 😀 Nice gagets.

    VHS RecordsVHS Records22 dagar sedan
  • The Sony SD-1 cassette you didint know what it had been used for is a high speed data storage solution of up to 100 gigabyte(the one you had) capacity. It was being used with a Sony DIR-1000H Drive and achieved breathtaking speeds of up to 512Megabytes per second(which even today isnt bad). We used it for small backups in the company I used to work at

    John DeauxJohn Deaux22 dagar sedan
  • It is always very interesting, what you are showing, and it brings back a lot of wonderful memories. :-) Thank you for your great ideas and all your effort! Greetings from Germany to the 8-Bit-Guy.

    Lui LuiLui Lui22 dagar sedan
  • @Whoop!

    john beachjohn beach22 dagar sedan
  • I think some of those optical disks from the 90's that looked like CDs were for karaoke machines.

    Matt GalletlyMatt Galletly22 dagar sedan
  • Impresionant SELECT OF FORMATS,,,,,,,Fantastic,,,,,,,,,,Today they no longer know what analog is, what a shame ......

    Mundo Makina\Pawel Jerzyk Pawel JerzykMundo Makina\Pawel Jerzyk Pawel Jerzyk23 dagar sedan
  • All the complaints about ruining the 5.25 floppies make me laugh a little... my dad worked at Control Data in Minnesota in the 80s (worked on the early Cray machines) and we always had scads of those floppies around for our atari. Brings back memories seeing them again... if those complainers only knew how many I ruined as a child by leaving them on the floor, chair, etc, i would be hanged....

    jmilleronairejmilleronaire23 dagar sedan
  • My push card at work looks like that

    JustJust23 dagar sedan
  • I would have like to hear all these...

    EmanEman23 dagar sedan
  • SONY SD1-1300L Cartridge used in the SONY DMS-24 automated tape library system installed at CERN in 1995 and still in use by the NA49 experiment. Tape length is 1300 m with 100 GB storage capacity.

    SebastiánSebastián23 dagar sedan
  • Amazing how quickly these media are created and obsoleted. My dad works for a TV station and he was telling me that there are rooms of U-Matic and Beta tapes just sitting collecting dust. Full of backed up newscasts and old syndicated shows and adverts, but no one really knows what is on them. Apparently the maintenance tech for the station who knew how to fix the U-Matic machine passed away and the company hasn't bothered to ever get the machine fixed. Mysteries abound on what information exists on those cassettes!

    DercSalvoDercSalvo24 dagar sedan
  • hello from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Great Video

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  • that IRS is a record label. see what is on there! could be lost band footage!

    Damian PerryDamian Perry24 dagar sedan
  • 35:02 I still work on/fix Plasmon UDO cabinets, they always remind me of the beginning of Hackers. :) here's a video I made of a cabinet doing a self test (with a limited amount of disks) seworld.info/will/mpmYt7jKjYyaxJM/video

    AndyMcWAndyMcW24 dagar sedan
  • When you cut the package of floppys open, it got me kind of worked up. I found myself suddenly yelling "NOOOO" as you removed the film. I let it go and went on with watching, after taking a deep breath. Then you go and rip out the floppy and the hard sectored floppy's poor insides out. Nobobo in their right mind should ever do that, you crazy bastard. You're a monster! I mean all of that ironically, of course. You're a bold man, sir. I just subscribed, and look forward to the rest of your content!

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  • Wooden stone or bone be the earliest?

    Muddobber McCrabliceMuddobber McCrablice24 dagar sedan
  • Excellent video! I remember people giving me those zip drives, as I was already using re-writable discs. You should do a video on the War Games Movie! Such a great movie! No wonder Circuit City went out of business! Imagine buying a disc, that you have to pay for, every single time you play it!! lol

    910AM Superstation Funnies910AM Superstation Funnies25 dagar sedan
  • You forgot the Quick Disk format by Mitsumi.

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  • Memories of back in the day I remember some of that stuff wow you take me back

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  • 15:40 about the ADAT format: actually these 8-track recorders use SVHS tapes, not regular VHS ones.

    Julien RoturierJulien Roturier26 dagar sedan
  • A moment of appreciation for the chapter metadata in this video. 👏

    Rabbitflyer5Rabbitflyer526 dagar sedan
  • Here's the patent information about the 'MO Disk' which is called the m-Disk patents.google.com/patent/US7613869

    keithkeith27 dagar sedan