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31 dec 2020
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It is happening! Today’s video is a bit of an orientation, a warm welcome, and an official kick-off. We will begin with a few easy group breaths to enjoy, and recognize that if all you do is arrive here to breathe, you are winning, golden, exactly where you are meant to be.
You can consider this a practice day for your upcoming practices if you like.
**IMPORTANT** If you are not signed up for the daily email that corresponds with each practice video, sign up for free and receive your free BREATH calendar here: www.yogawithadriene.com/breath
Work with what you have, but in this video, I make some suggestions on some optional things you might like to bring to class each day, along with an invitation to help guide you as you embark on this unique journey.
Check-in with your willingness to be present, and remember for this to take off - you have to show up.
If this cross-legged position is not doable for you, you can use blankets, blocks, or pillows to sit up on. You can also come into a chair, or on the edge of your couch when we take this shape. That is a great way to modify and possibly a better spot for you to tune in, work with the breath technique, and warm up before we get moving into other shapes each day.
Finally, set an intention. Be brave and ask WHY? Why are you here? What do you think pulled you here? And if you don’t know, that is okay, we will likely uncover that together. (How exciting!)
Let me know where you are practicing from in the comment section down below!
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  • Welcome to BREATH, friends! Remember that showing up is going to be the hardest and most challenging aspect of this journey. So today, commit to it, write it down, say it out loud. “I choose to show up on my mat for the next 30 Days. I can and I will.” Let me know where you're practicing from!

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