Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! HEADLINERS LOZANO!!!

18 jan 2021
316 092 visningar

THE 99 PACE BEST RIGHT WINGER ON THE GAME!!! #Fifa21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Headliners

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  • u didnt discard gaya u flippin cheater

    Simon FarbuSimon Farbu9 dagar sedan
  • ✨oscimen✨

    My v is for vendettaMy v is for vendetta13 dagar sedan
  • We need a 2v2 harry and bateson Andy and theo

    Dennis AtanasovDennis Atanasov17 dagar sedan
  • Håland

    VanDijk TheGoatVanDijk TheGoat19 dagar sedan
  • Å

    VanDijk TheGoatVanDijk TheGoat19 dagar sedan
  • What about Gaya😂😂😂

    Leonard KoloničLeonard Kolonič20 dagar sedan
  • Andy get rid of Gaya

    Alex SBAlex SB21 dag sedan
  • am I the only one who is really annoyed at the american accent ?

    David NevilleDavid Neville24 dagar sedan
  • Is it me or am I addicted to watching Aj3s squad builder showdowns

    Bedo YTBedo YT25 dagar sedan
  • Yo I love these but it took you guys 13 minutes to choose 2 players and formations keep it up tho

    TKN ReconTKN Recon29 dagar sedan
  • Already watched the prem toty vid

  • Lmao OCHIMAN it's pronounced osimen

    Max BrindjoncMax BrindjoncMånad sedan
  • love the videos man

    bommabommaMånad sedan
  • Oh-sim-en

    3RD Period Vlogs3RD Period VlogsMånad sedan
  • He's name is Hålland

    Vilmer KingVilmer KingMånad sedan
  • Oishi MON

    luke handluke handMånad sedan
  • 13 minutes it took for you to pick your first player nobody cares about the dry chat you clown

    Max WebbMax WebbMånad sedan
  • Damn Andy does spaff some shit🤣

    Connor RConnor RMånad sedan
  • The real OGs remember dirtymike

    You’re a FatNeekYou’re a FatNeekMånad sedan
  • Messi didn’t get a TOTY, I hate EA

    Johannes LindJohannes LindMånad sedan
  • do 1 with manny pls

    wiby widodowiby widodoMånad sedan
  • What about your Gaya

    Ryan GilchristRyan GilchristMånad sedan
  • Dmitrovic scored against Atleti this week 😂

    George WilkesGeorge WilkesMånad sedan
  • I felt so much pain when Pirlo went :(

    RyanRyanMånad sedan
  • Can someone tell me the rules of SBSD?

    Martini LinguiniMartini LinguiniMånad sedan
  • Idea: Country Clash Each person writes down one country that they want and they other person guesses 3 country’s. You have to make ur whole team form that country If the other person guesses that country than they choose a country for u. Forfeit if you lose you have to discard every player from the country you had from your fut champs team

    Harold JonesHarold JonesMånad sedan
  • Aj when you doing another sbsd cup that would be 🔥

    Kieren WallaceKieren WallaceMånad sedan
  • You should definitely make a squad builder with chicharito If her plays

    Brandon 7Brandon 7Månad sedan
    • He*

      Brandon 7Brandon 7Månad sedan
  • Anyone else think it was gonna be Castro :/

    Ben KrelleBen KrelleMånad sedan
  • Used to lobe these videos but it just drags on for ages so boring now

    What You GOtWhat You GOtMånad sedan
  • Like how Michael doesn't gloat and isn't toxic

    the man octopus lthe man octopus lMånad sedan
  • Who tha fock is that guy

    Mercxnaryyy McLachlanMercxnaryyy McLachlanMånad sedan
  • Where is the tavernier sbs

    Lewis GibsonLewis GibsonMånad sedan
  • I think there should be a new rule for sbsd that if you score with the marquee player it counts as 2 goals.

    Joe PanterJoe PanterMånad sedan
  • How do you join if there in no button to join to become in a member

    darian somerleedarian somerleeMånad sedan
  • Imagine funny it would be watching Andy and his friends listen to hockey slang (Canadian) 😂😂😂😂

    Colton SimmsColton SimmsMånad sedan
  • ossy-meyn

    Harrison SloughHarrison SloughMånad sedan
  • Can you get manny on sbsd

    Ty TranbargerTy TranbargerMånad sedan
  • Timmy Howard needs an Icon card! Especially if EA keeps putting out a Special Opara every year

    Shane BrooksShane BrooksMånad sedan
  • Discard gaya!!

    Arnau Colomer BondíaArnau Colomer BondíaMånad sedan
  • People all over the world spells Haaland, but I spell it Håland

    Dennis ThorsteinsenDennis ThorsteinsenMånad sedan
  • To pronouncr Haaland name right its actually Holand

    heisanheisanMånad sedan
  • Didn’t discard inform Gaya...WHAT A CHEAT

    JohnJohnMånad sedan
  • im sorry but you need to hurry up picking the players in your draft because i had to skip about 10 mins of the video mostly because your just talking. it might sound like im hatting but im honestly a hugeeee fan and ilove your content

    XD_patrick08xXXD_patrick08xXMånad sedan
  • 40 mins goddamnit

    syed zaidisyed zaidiMånad sedan
  • Can you start making new videos on Aj3 plays

    Marwan WalieMarwan WalieMånad sedan
  • Get la5ty on here

    OliverOliverMånad sedan
  • Very good opponent TBF. Do more with him

    Flip AlipsFlip AlipsMånad sedan
  • Wait, didn't andy put down 3 CM as well. I'm pretty sure he cheated that as well

    Christian SpencerChristian SpencerMånad sedan
  • Mike should be more common to sbsd

    Luca ScottLuca ScottMånad sedan
  • Mike gives me Canadian vibes

    Muhannad MabahMuhannad MabahMånad sedan
  • zwebackhd next

    Nathan SandersonNathan SandersonMånad sedan
  • Os-im-hen

    Reece TJReece TJMånad sedan
  • Do one with aa9skills

    Lite 17Lite 17Månad sedan
  • Hate the word cleats 😂😂

    Jordan NewtonJordan NewtonMånad sedan
  • Y’all crying Andy not selling Gaya but the guy just lost 700k 😂😂

  • Howard might be considered top 20 all time although he kinda sucked at Man United.

    David de RuiterDavid de RuiterMånad sedan
  • Another popular american commentators say is upper 90.

    RJ RacingRJ RacingMånad sedan
  • Tim Howard is easily in the top 20 premier league keepers

    AngerAngerMånad sedan
  • Great video but Andy didn't discard that gaya

    MillzyMillzyMånad sedan
  • O SEEM HEN not Oshimon

    Afam EzechukwuAfam EzechukwuMånad sedan
  • Only came to the comment section for all the you didn’t discard Gaya.... wasn’t disappointed 😂

    Cluggy 21Cluggy 21Månad sedan
  • 8;54 what did he sayyyyyyyyy🙄 virgin?

    CraxelEUCraxelEUMånad sedan
    • 8:54

      CraxelEUCraxelEUMånad sedan
  • Its pronounced oseemen

    Joshua NwosuJoshua NwosuMånad sedan
  • Confirmed bigger cheat then itani

    DecDecMånad sedan
  • You’re the bigger CHEAT not itani you didn’t discard GAYA😂😂

    ali alqallafali alqallafMånad sedan
  • get castro on this

    TTV seanlonieytTTV seanlonieytMånad sedan
  • hÅÅÅland

    Glenn strømGlenn strømMånad sedan
  • Camaan discard gaya... xd

    Mysteeri MiesMysteeri MiesMånad sedan
  • Why u allways call yourself a genius? U r not xd put icon ”iam genius”. ”ur not big brain” just why? Karma..

    Mysteeri MiesMysteeri MiesMånad sedan
  • haaland=håland

    Son_ MRNorwaySon_ MRNorwayMånad sedan
  • It's Håland

    Noob geimerNoob geimerMånad sedan
  • U should do sbs against subscribers

    Diego AlvarezDiego AlvarezMånad sedan
  • Andy, Mike is from Austria and Leipzig

    Claretjosh GamingClaretjosh GamingMånad sedan
  • Rip

    Andri P HelgasonAndri P HelgasonMånad sedan
  • How did he get 3 discards? Wasn’t the score 3-1 meaning he got 2 discards? If he’s getting 3 discards than AJ should get 1

    JohnZFIFA HDJohnZFIFA HDMånad sedan
  • Håland

    Random GuyRandom GuyMånad sedan

    Ahmed MouradAhmed MouradMånad sedan
  • 2v2

    Myra BijouxMyra BijouxMånad sedan
  • I put this video on and went and ran some errands and was gone for like 2 hours and andy was still on the midefielders lmaoo

    TANKGAMER500TANKGAMER500Månad sedan
  • Itani is a cheat

    Sakib KhanSakib KhanMånad sedan
  • If Andy only lost 4-1 and he’s had 29wins American servers must be so easy

    Brook StoneBrook StoneMånad sedan
  • 9:37 isn't that the song from the end of the Spongebob movie?

    SmallPPGangSmallPPGangMånad sedan
  • u didn’t discard gaya lol

    Allistair DawsonAllistair DawsonMånad sedan
  • I'm creasing at the intro. Fall Guys died because "it got samey. It was the same thing over and over again".... I agree, but shit.. we play FIFA :')

    Ryan GleesonRyan GleesonMånad sedan
  • Andy pulling a real Nepo not discarding his Gaya SMH

    Conner PavanConner PavanMånad sedan
  • Sick Guest! 🥓

    Elvin OlinElvin OlinMånad sedan
  • Ohhh Andy ofc forgetting to discard gaya

    Marwan AbdoMarwan AbdoMånad sedan
  • Play him upfront I had 83 Lozano and he was brilliant

    Joshy BoyJoshy BoyMånad sedan
  • With manny

    football madfootball madMånad sedan
  • Do a sbsd

    football madfootball madMånad sedan
  • I saw that pl vid before this one 😀🤣

    Balaji PalaniappanBalaji PalaniappanMånad sedan
  • I swear I nearly unsub every time I watch Andy,Iyou just talk to much

    Joseph GhossoubJoseph GhossoubMånad sedan
    • @Joseph Ghossoub haha ok yeah that’s fair

      CamCamMånad sedan
    • @Cam Like dude they obviously can talk but not for 10 mins straight?! I mean I'm here to watch SBSD not to know how he pronounces No😂😂

      Joseph GhossoubJoseph GhossoubMånad sedan
    • Bro just play FIFA yourself if you’re not interested in Andy’s talking. Would be a boring video if they just picked the players without talking lol.

      CamCamMånad sedan
  • Did anyone else notice he didn't guess a CAM CF or ST for his CF defrel

    Adamup123Adamup123Månad sedan
  • He forgot to sell gaya

    Orlando HartmanOrlando HartmanMånad sedan
  • Quick sell recovery

    Jynx blitzJynx blitzMånad sedan
  • You can upload your 40 mins video in Netflix 🙂😂💙

    Mohammed Almade7Mohammed Almade7Månad sedan
  • Didnt andy technically cheat for mikes CM picks cos he guessed 3 centre mids but no CAM for the CF ?

    Connor CurryConnor CurryMånad sedan
  • Can someone please help me remember what the series was called in which Andy did sbsd, but if he wins he gets an advantage in the next game. The finale was him playing a pro with all of his accrued advantages. Thanks guys.

    CamCamMånad sedan
  • Havertz now sabitzer

    Angielski LadAngielski LadMånad sedan