NHL "Embarrassing" Moments

15 feb 2021
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NHL "Embarrassing" Moments! Hope you guys enjoy!

  • Part 2 is out now! seworld.info/will/pWyY1N28fYxm2ok/video

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    • Hi

      goalies r da bestgoalies r da best4 dagar sedan
    • First I saw it LMAOOO

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  • 6:24 That laugh sounds like a cartoon character "Huhu hul hul hul huh" 😂

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  • that was embarrassing

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  • Fun fact about David Ayres. He has more shots on goal than William Nylander did that game.

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  • Dallas still ended up winning the Stefan gaff game. Had he scored it and Edmonton not gotten a point for the OT loss, they could have gotten the #1 pick and Patrick Kane. Not that Edmonton knows how to be successful with #1 picks as of late, but still.

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  • That second shot tho. They both missed 😄 🤣

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  • And stefan is gonna ice it. Ooo atleast I thought he was

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  • What fun it is to be a Leaf fan

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  • Only Mike Sullivan would complain about a review with a 3-1 lead with 1:38 left. I don't know how the officials put up with him

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  • 6:50 that happened to a goalie that I was playing against and I felt soo bad for her

    goalies r da bestgoalies r da best4 dagar sedan
  • (0:30) Got Em

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  • That Bobby Ryan goal was absolutely disgusting!

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  • 1:56 The goalie looks back praying the puck isn't in the net 😂😂

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  • I was about to say where were the leafs

    Nils hoggy Is a beastNils hoggy Is a beast6 dagar sedan
  • My Leafs' existence is just an embarrassing moment.

    Not John TavaresNot John Tavares6 dagar sedan
  • I honestly thought Krieder was going to run the goalie in that second one.

    Ninety TwoNinety Two6 dagar sedan
  • The puck clearly hopped over his stick that announcer is a moron

    Ryan CheverieRyan Cheverie6 dagar sedan
  • Ho ho ho. They forgot the embarrassing time the nhl didn’t play because a rapist got shot by the police. EmBarrrrising

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  • Whitney taking out Fluery at 9:02

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  • Always gotta be Toronto smh😂🤣🇨🇦

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  • 14:30 I was at this game sitting a few rows behind Edmontons net. Hemsky scoops and returns the burn pretty fackin hard!

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  • Wow, Stamkos/Datsyuk should be charged with assault when they BROKE those dudes ankles... geez

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  • I have never seen a goalie so happy to win after giving up three goals! 😀

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  • This video made me realise that that game against Carolina wasn't that embarrassing at all.

    Roberto OrregoRoberto Orrego7 dagar sedan
  • they lost to a 42 year old zamboni driver WHO WORKS FOR THEM FOR THEM

    Isaiah ScobelIsaiah Scobel7 dagar sedan
  • The last clip in the video was not his fault the puck clearly just popped off of the ice in the worst possible moment, just seems to me like extreme bad luck

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  • WOW! What a nice move by Stamkos HAHHAHAHA!

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  • This could just be a video of the red wings season

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  • Title is "Embarrasing Moments" and the thumbnail is the Leafs, damn that's spot on.

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  • ah ayres, the sub goalie who was a zamboni driver for the opposite team wins the game

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  • Always grinds my gears when the announcer on the Stars/Oilers game says the Stars player should be "embarrassed" on the play. The puck rolled at the worst possible time. He didn't try to be flashy like Smith who completely missed the net from an inch away. It was an unfortunate bounce. Don't be a dick about it.

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  • No Laine shooting it in his own net against Edmonton?

    Matt KMatt K8 dagar sedan
  • What was the embarrassing part for the Carolina emergency goalie??

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    • It was the leafs losing

      Delta HighlightsDelta Highlights8 dagar sedan
    • In the words of Steve Dangle: "Toronto lost to a 42 year old zamboni driver, WHO WORKS FOR THEM!"

      Joshua VickruckJoshua Vickruck8 dagar sedan
  • That really would be embarrassing, making the highlights for the wrong reason and getting laughed at. 😂

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  • 12:13 that's an "ouch" right there

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  • You gotta love Toronto cheering on the little guy. Classy

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  • Ayers the goat

    Jack MochJack Moch9 dagar sedan
  • “6 by 4, and he comes up 0” 🤣

    The MinnesotanThe Minnesotan9 dagar sedan
  • We're gonna include first place squandering a 4 goal lead to the dead last team.

    Danny ThomasDanny Thomas9 dagar sedan
  • Why is there even a cable on the ice ? Larry Hillman of the Sabres would flip the puck on the opponents net from afar when getting off the ice...you never know

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  • Please don't remind me of the Heiskanen clip🥲

    BensterBenster10 dagar sedan
  • Stamkos's deke should have been a game misconduct it was that dirty.

    Jon BeckhamJon Beckham10 dagar sedan
  • I was surprised that Laine sniping ti his own goal was not here. That was anlethal snape. Guess when can’t stop scoring. Some muscle memory action there 😂

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  • Lol Rask tripping himself 😂

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  • Leafs fans: We have been summoned

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  • This could just be one big long Maple Leafs highlight reel.

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  • You should include when the Leafs lost to Ottawa when they had a 5 to 1 lead. Like cmon imagine having a 4 goal lead and losing to the last place team at the time

    Typical LexieTypical Lexie10 dagar sedan
    • Just nick I also put this so we can show how bad the leafs are. Shoutout to u for the idea

      Typical LexieTypical Lexie10 dagar sedan
  • How furious Ray is at Stefan is almost funnier than the 'embarrassing moment'

    jon smythejon smythe10 dagar sedan
  • Where is Kevin Fiala juking out Tom Wilson!!?

    Evan Van OteghamEvan Van Otegham10 dagar sedan
  • dont like that thumbnail

    Lucas BeckLucas Beck10 dagar sedan
  • I miss watching Pavel Datsyuk play.

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  • Our local team used to get blown out so often the fans started tossing suntan lotion at the goalie so he dident get a burn from the red light going off so much.

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  • 0:43 Task Failed Successfully

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  • i dont see why the whole video isnt leafs

    Mr BloopyMr Bloopy11 dagar sedan
  • The Dallas Stars moments are hard to watch

    Eddy ChappsEddy Chapps11 dagar sedan
  • Lias Andersson: tries to skate over the cable. Cable: "I'm about to end this whole mans career"

    Crab GamingCrab Gaming11 dagar sedan
  • Don't bloody start me up on the Zamboni Driver game. That gamw was worse than the Raps and Celtics Christmas Game

    Keeshan DaveKeeshan Dave11 dagar sedan
  • You can add the "we skate for black lives" to the list..

    Dak OtaDak Ota11 dagar sedan
  • Leafs Suck Go Habs

    Jim GibsonJim Gibson11 dagar sedan
  • I sincerely hope the canes retire #90. Ayres clutched so hard for them.

    Jonny DupuisJonny Dupuis11 dagar sedan
  • Thank god Dallas has no fans or that would have been really embarrassing

    ShawnBlaqueShawnBlaque11 dagar sedan
  • I miss the days of people actually being at the games. How I hope we can go back to that soon.

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  • Haven't finished yet. But Patrick Stefan is in here. I just know. I'll try not to miss the net with this prediction

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  • Why does Toronto have so many?

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  • Tittle:NHL embarrassing moments thumbnail: Toronto maple leafs

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  • At a game earlier this season. We played a really good team no from for screw ups. A winger (who was on d for some reason) takes it behind out net. Desides to bounce it off the wall (for no reason) miscalculated and pit it in our own net. 😬 we was never asked to play d again

    Sal MonSal Mon11 dagar sedan
  • The David Ayres moment has to be one of my all time favorite man, you love to see it

    David IsaacDavid Isaac11 dagar sedan
  • "embarrassing moments" + leafs in thumbnail = like

    Martin LatourMartin Latour11 dagar sedan
  • Last one is the worst

    David RosenbaumDavid Rosenbaum11 dagar sedan
  • 6:24

    NapeziusNapezius11 dagar sedan
  • im surprised it wasn't just a leafs compilation

    Caleb ChildsCaleb Childs11 dagar sedan
    • Or a red wig

      Sal MonSal Mon11 dagar sedan
  • Aaah yes, the millionaire failures

    Tim OTim O11 dagar sedan
  • Still remember when my dad called me to his room to see that last highlight and said you’ll be seeing this on tv for the rest of your life

    jett wintringhamjett wintringham11 dagar sedan
  • I guess Stefan's clip is part of your template project? :D

    Clément Le BarbenchonClément Le Barbenchon11 dagar sedan
  • What about NJ putting in 3 goals in their own net in one game?

    Kevin YKevin Y11 dagar sedan
  • The leafs are the leading cause of deppression in Toronto

    Leo LafondLeo Lafond11 dagar sedan
  • Cmon not the heiskanen one

    JonksaJonksa11 dagar sedan
  • I love that the thumbnail is just the Maple Leafs

    HieronymooseHieronymoose11 dagar sedan
  • The Senators debut opener is pretty embarrassing if anyone has seen it lol

    Auston MercuryAuston Mercury11 dagar sedan
  • It’s not just that the leafs lost to a emergency goalie it’s that emergency goalie was 40 years old and that emergency goalie worked for them

    Bunny EmperorBunny Emperor12 dagar sedan
  • I never noticed that Toronto mask that Aires wore against Leafs. Nice one :D

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  • I love that the leafs are the thumbnail😂😂

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  • "NHL Embarrassing Moments." And the Leafs are in the thumbnail.

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  • Leafs

    Johnny DongJohnny Dong12 dagar sedan
  • Poor Steve Mason

    Random ContentRandom Content12 dagar sedan
  • Stop with the leafs hate!

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  • The first clip happened to my friend when we were in a tournament we got second just letting you know lol

    Gabriel SchultzGabriel Schultz12 dagar sedan
  • Do soft hand moments

    Mic the benderMic the bender12 dagar sedan
  • Can you do small hits that hurt/injured hockey players plz

    Hockey fan11Hockey fan1112 dagar sedan
  • NHL “almost amazing” moments

    Koby WilsonKoby Wilson12 dagar sedan
  • Next try to do players ending up in the splits

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  • I'm 10 seconds in, but I know Stefan would be the last clip. He has to be!

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  • please do Goalies getting mad at teammates

    suburbs777suburbs77712 dagar sedan
  • 7:35 "that was easy"😂

    Vansh PatelVansh Patel12 dagar sedan
  • Love the thumbnail as it describes the Leafs as an embarrassment to the league

    Randy NRandy N12 dagar sedan
  • The look on the kids face when fluery fell

    Mark HellandMark Helland12 dagar sedan