I put Koenigsegg’s freevalve tech on a Miata... It runs and drives!

19 feb 2021
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It’s finally here! Thanks to everyone for all the support over the past few months, the response to everything is still mind-boggling. While this build isn’t done, This is the big milestone that I’m pushing for. I’ll continue to tinker with it in the future and I’m here for ongoing development, but please watch the ending of this video for more details.
Thank you so much!
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  • This is awesome man and we need more content like this on SEworld. Kudos to you for releasing free. I am developing car parts that I am also putting free out there to the public I think it's a good movement!! Keep up the wicked work!

    Ryan GomesRyan Gomes14 minuter sedan
  • brilliant work!

    Aaron GillardAaron GillardTimme sedan
  • Love from the netherlands! Your a legend

    MarnixMarnixTimme sedan
  • On a rotary? But they have literally no valves. What's your thinking, what is your plan?

    J. Dana ClarkJ. Dana Clark2 timmar sedan
    • Oh, and this is about 11 levels of awesome, as are you.

      J. Dana ClarkJ. Dana Clark2 timmar sedan
  • Put the relevant piston to top dead centre put an air line onto that cylinder and pressurise it that should hold the valve up then make your self a lever bolt it to one of the studs and compress the valve springs and remove the collets on re-installing you may have to lift the valve a little to get the colletts back in I have done this on many different engines try this if you were going to take the head off anyway if it does not work for you then you have not lost that much then go ahead and remove the head it is worth a try.

  • "This!" I love that you're still doing the Doug demuro thing

    Austin ConnellAustin Connell2 timmar sedan
  • good job bro

    BoxShifterBoxShifter4 timmar sedan
  • I am exited to see what people can do with this technology, and for the technology from a over 2 million dollar car to be brought out for everyone to use is incredible.

    BrissengirBrissengir4 timmar sedan
  • An radial superchager i think could be made for the air supply just so theres no annoying piston kompressor noise.

    hurjagundrarhurjagundrar5 timmar sedan

    Sprague WilsonSprague Wilson6 timmar sedan
  • Your an incredible person, smart as heck. You done this, from a vision to an actual working concept. Your so amazing don't short yourself on your brilliance.

    Nitous InfinitariusNitous Infinitarius8 timmar sedan
  • This is so incredibly cool. If I was you, I don't think I could stop myself from constantly blabbing to everyone about freevalve.

    Benjamin HogervorstBenjamin Hogervorst8 timmar sedan
  • I can highly recommend Volvo XC90/XC60 pneumatic air compressor. OEM No. 31441864 to drive the system. Cheap and easy to get running - And low noise.

    Patrick Bøgild BakPatrick Bøgild Bak8 timmar sedan
  • Dosent konegsegnhave a Patten on this ?

    Toyota Nerd !!!!Toyota Nerd !!!!8 timmar sedan
  • " Van Down by the river" Matt Foley

    Andrew SpidellAndrew Spidell8 timmar sedan
  • This is the type of engineer I hope I become.

    Bashir SfarBashir Sfar9 timmar sedan
  • I just watched a dude light a fire with an oxyfuel cutter... interesting

    Hi there PersonHi there Person10 timmar sedan
  • Amazing job!

    Francisco LacerdaFrancisco Lacerda10 timmar sedan
  • Hello, is there any way I could get the code and cad? Looking to see what language it is written in, Thanks

    Jack FergusonJack Ferguson12 timmar sedan
  • Ahh the classic broken Mazda dipstick of the 90s and early 2000s. Same thing happens to every replacement I get for my Protege.

    Benjamin HogervorstBenjamin Hogervorst12 timmar sedan
  • for the love of god never give up on this its so freaking cool and the possibility's are almost endless...but have you thought of solenoids off a abs unit they are easy to get and rather easy to function on command

    Tim AllredTim Allred13 timmar sedan
  • Motorcyles, cars, open wheel race car, awesome hardline water-cooled pc on the wall, and does Arduino stuff? I've found my new favorite channel.

    Ed the NerdEd the Nerd14 timmar sedan
  • Hang on does this man have his pc mounted on the wall

    Max NovakovicsMax Novakovics14 timmar sedan
  • New subscriber!

    Mr. AwesomeFTWMr. AwesomeFTW16 timmar sedan
  • No music more talking. Can’t learn anything from crap music

    Dale olsonDale olson17 timmar sedan
  • You’re gonna be living in a van down by the river!

    neh14222neh1422217 timmar sedan
  • You are awesome!

    Olaf SchermannOlaf Schermann17 timmar sedan
  • I think this is the first ever car project involving a Miata that had me genuinely interested! lol Fascinating stuff, I'll be watching this development with intreague.

    soundseeker63soundseeker6318 timmar sedan
  • im trying to do this on my old hatchback

    kablanderkablander18 timmar sedan
  • Respect he couldve gotten millions probably

    Kabir MilindKabir Milind19 timmar sedan
  • SO could i use the variations to swap between fuel type? like hho n gas or propane?

    williamrobertingramwilliamrobertingram19 timmar sedan
  • Not all heroes wear capes, but you certainly can. You've earned it.

    Joseph WachtmanJoseph Wachtman19 timmar sedan
  • Firearms design has many locking mechanisms which would allow the use of less powerful solenoids.

    Nick ChamplinNick Champlin20 timmar sedan
  • Algorithm blessed me today, two of my favorite types of content engineering and miatas lol.

    MustNotSleep MustWarnOthersMustNotSleep MustWarnOthers20 timmar sedan
  • How much better horsepower & torque are you getting and where do think you can take performance?

    David LernerDavid Lerner20 timmar sedan
  • I believe the weakest link is maintaining enough air pressure, this system take A LOT of air.

    Doesn't MatterDoesn't Matter21 timme sedan
  • Thanks for the video. Look at Alan milliard’s videos-he keeps them nice and short, great for keeping the interest levels are up and getting a good overall understanding of the mechanical project. Just a suggestion…

    Mark MMark M22 timmar sedan
  • The fact you did this all and made the research free really shows you care about the technology. This was really interesting and I could see the glow on your face when it actually worked. That's crazy and awesome! Hopefully free valve will be more electrical and magnetic in the future, but I love the design idea

    Magucci13Magucci1322 timmar sedan
  • You or someone needs to start a forum, I'd love to try adding this to one of my engines

    ivsivs23 timmar sedan
  • The shaft on your lathe is bent.....

    Ryan RyanRyan Ryan23 timmar sedan
  • Commenting for algorithm

    MarkMark23 timmar sedan
  • Open source has way more potential than isolated companies trying to figure out things by themselves. And imagine the potential once A.I. starts designing technological solutions in ways we can't fathom yet.

    T vsT vsDag sedan
  • Nice clean shop.

    Cheeky MonkeesCheeky MonkeesDag sedan
  • I don't understand why thumbs down 113 times!

    Pehmo LeluPehmo LeluDag sedan
  • Good work

    Rudiger McGillacuttyRudiger McGillacuttyDag sedan
  • I write this text in the comments with hopes that this blows up!

    hitokittyhitokittyDag sedan
  • Very cool video

    AlotL1keVegasAlotL1keVegasDag sedan
  • Thank you so much for posting all the info! I have been thinking about doing this to a car and that would held tremendously!

    Assetto Corsa Car ShowcaseAssetto Corsa Car ShowcaseDag sedan
  • Probably better to make it free to not get in trouble with Koenigsegg...

    Davi03d *Davi03d *Dag sedan
  • Ive always thought a reed valve of sorts on the intake side no control what so ever like what a air compressor has it will always inhale as much as it possibly can it will stay closed on the second down stroke because of combustion someone smarter may be able to sit down think of the pros and cons

  • Absolutely incredible. Not only in the design, and construction but also in the working product. I respect the time it would have taken to tune this system, and for you to then put it up for free, that’s inspiring. Keep up the revolutionary work

    Conor SandellsConor SandellsDag sedan
  • Wouldn’t a higher operating voltage and capacitors help with speed and force? I don’t think solenoids would work because it’s 1 or 0 and you really need a stepper style setup or an analog 0-20 signal to control stroke length and overall timing.

    Leland HoltonLeland HoltonDag sedan
  • So realistically you could run open ports from the cylinder head and control timing of the valves instead of using a throttle body to control air.

    Leland HoltonLeland HoltonDag sedan
  • This is awesome, well done!! Considering LS engines are only 2V and they respond so well to cam timing changes, would be a fascinating application!

    Connor EarnshawConnor EarnshawDag sedan
  • You figure out how to put valves on a rotary....... and ill poop an apex seal

    Tpop 727Tpop 727Dag sedan
  • I thought you'd use the belt to drive a compressor.

    Cracked EmeraldCracked EmeraldDag sedan
  • Cool video. Thanks! Is there any data on the high rpm threshold yet? As cool as the project is for it's own sake, my primary interest is in seeing how fast the engine can spin. In the kind of racing that I do, it would be a huge advantage to increase engine speed, especially if torque doesn't fall off too badly. Currently, valve springs and their irrascible tendency to bounce around limits our engine speed. Going to air actuation fixes that problem in a hurry! What are you doing about oiling? Are the oil ports for the cam blocked, restricted somehow, left open? And is there anything to keep oil on the valve stems? Or do they run dry (which is common). Solenoid control is something I have wanted to play with for a long time. I hope it works! Heat seems like it will be a problem. The pneumatic system is essentially self-cooling, and energy is put into the system by the compressor in the trunk. With solenoids, there is no air flow to carry the heat away, and all the energy is transformed into electromotive force right inside the solenoid. I was concerned that there wouldn't be sufficient time for saturation in a solenoid system. But that's probably not an issue at sane rpm's. In the old days, a good engine builder could get 7,000 rpm out of an eight cylinder engine, and the ignition coil had to saturate four times per revolution. So it seems like a solenoid that only has to actuate once every two revolutions should have plenty of the to saturate. Also, it's premature to ask the question, but have you considered a two stroke variant? With the ability to jigger the valve timing free of the cam, it seems that if there was a supercharger on one of these engines to provide a constant pressure on the intake side, the valves could be programmed to both open up at the bottom of the power stroke, allowing exhaust to be forced out, and fresh fuel/air blown in before the piston heads back up. The position of the exhaust valve isn't ideal, but if it would work at all the gains in power and efficiency might outweigh the problems. Great work! Thanks again! And if you want to apply this technology to an opel cam in head engine, hit me up! I'll give you one.

    Michael AndersonMichael AndersonDag sedan
  • This is amazing! Glad you decided to make it free for anyone to use. The bummer is some car manufacturer will run with this and make billions, possibly trillions from your idea.

  • This is genius. This would be would be way nore popular if it was put in a 2jz or more popular crate engines.

    卂 乇 丂 ㄒ 卄 乇 ㄒ 丨 匚卂 ㄥ 卩 卄 卂卂 乇 丂 ㄒ 卄 乇 ㄒ 丨 匚卂 ㄥ 卩 卄 卂Dag sedan
  • I talked with Christian at the IMTS in Chicago about Freevalve in '95 or '96. It's a necessary technology for Jocko Johnson's PowerRring engine design to work properly. It still needs to be scaled down in size a bit for that application. I love that you're sharing your work for the greater good. Do you have any plans to show off your work in AZ? I recognized a few places you drove by. It'd be cool to see it in action.

    carlsoticarlsotiDag sedan
  • With control of the vavles I wonder if this could become into a sparkless skyactiv x type setup that just uses pressure, that would be insane to combine both.

    LazypapasmurfLazypapasmurfDag sedan
  • awesome project can wait to see where it leads

    Nick SteggelNick SteggelDag sedan
  • incredible video. Just saw the article on The Drive about how you made this all open source. so many people would have patented this or sold it as a kit, but it's extremely cool you made it available for free. You just gained another subscriber, keep up the amazing video's!

    Zach OrchardZach OrchardDag sedan
  • The possibilty to change the character of the engine mid-drive via software is pretty crazy technology

    SevenColoredMageSevenColoredMageDag sedan
  • Awesome build buddy, I remember Lotus messing with this kind of tech about a decade ago, think they might have based it off a Hydraulic system iirc, but its great that nowadays there are readily available parts and controllers that can be bought off a shelf and adapted to the purpose in your garage.

  • This man's a crazy genius

    MordecaiSoup7MordecaiSoup7Dag sedan
  • nuts

    Daniel WahlDaniel WahlDag sedan
  • Man thats a nice shop

    SteveSteveDag sedan
  • This man about to catch a cease and desist from Koenigsegg

    austinroxoutaustinroxoutDag sedan
  • This is a pretty spectacular home engineering feat 😯

    Southern DIYSouthern DIYDag sedan
  • You should be doing R&D on Rolls Royce Jet Engines

    Two Car GarageTwo Car GarageDag sedan
  • 2 months? Impressive mate, please keep it up!

    Julian LJulian LDag sedan
  • Very interested in how well this works on a rotary. Should free up 1000hp on a 13B 2 rotor for sure. They have so much losses and restriction from their valves its ridiculous.

    Dave’s Boredom BustersDave’s Boredom BustersDag sedan
  • Yeah the possibilities this opens up is endless. I can’t wait to see how this tech is applied to forced induction and maybe a car that can take an octane. And in the Avenue of efficiency, the machine learning idea could be crazy too.

    Drew StandishDrew StandishDag sedan
  • Wow what an inspiration. Cant wait to see you advance with this in the future!

    Project 1UZ Drift Car BuildProject 1UZ Drift Car BuildDag sedan
  • Okay so hear me out guys Ford Straight 6 Two-Stage Turbo Freevalve Yes? No? Am I dead yet?

    The InstituteThe InstituteDag sedan
  • I’ve only just came across your channel and subscribed to you after literally 2 minutes of the first video I watched. I’m currently doing my degree in mechanical engineering and I hope to be able to achieve something like yourself at some point!

    Karl ColemanKarl ColemanDag sedan
  • Don't let money get in the way of tech, first person I've ever heard have the same opinion as I do on that. Profit has crushed innovation so many times.

    Crypto HeroCrypto HeroDag sedan
  • I get how the design works, I just don't understand the purpose. Is this for greater efficiency? Less wasted horse power on moving a mechanical valve drivetrain? Or does this have some kind of latency advantage over mechanical drive and springs? Actually curious, I have no idea why you did this.

    Joel DoxtatorJoel DoxtatorDag sedan
  • Golden SEworld... Thanks so much for posting

    chevyimpchevyimpDag sedan
  • If you were to run a supercharger, could you pull compressed air from that to actuate the valves? If not, could a belt driven screw type air compressor provide sufficient pressure and volume to run the engine up to redline for extended periods of time? Could a surge tank be added to smooth pressure surges or drops?

    quasigenocidequasigenocideDag sedan
  • Hats off sir for your appreciation on that almost impossible project!

    Θεόδωρος ΠαπαϊωάννουΘεόδωρος ΠαπαϊωάννουDag sedan
  • A very simple grass roots way to have a fantastic air compressor to drive the system would be an AC Condenser. People retrofit them all the time on old Jeeps for on-board air. Works great.

    Jake BassettJake BassettDag sedan
  • @konisegg fly this dude out for a tour of the factory! cool stuff man!

    wrxkylewrxkyleDag sedan
  • Not a '92 unless it's been in a wreck and had the front bumper replaced with a '93-97 model...

    Joe HJoe HDag sedan
  • Need more people like you in the world 🙏🏆

    Calvin PatramCalvin PatramDag sedan
  • Really awesome man! I hope that this becomes a reality for enthusiasts

    Xantho PoulosXantho PoulosDag sedan
  • I'd be hesitant to try to do this on a rotary, based on the idea that they don't use anything close to a classical valve system like you see in a piston engine. I haven't been in the Mazda ecosystem for a while, but when I worked on RX-7s back in the mid-90s, they were all run on reed valves. I'd be interested in seeing a really beefy setup like this for something like a carbureted GM big block. I feel like technology like this would be much more compact than the large hunks of metal that currently manage the valve systems in pushrod engines.

    AlexDeGruvenAlexDeGruvenDag sedan
  • Yes

    Where's the miata?Where's the miata?Dag sedan
  • Instead of a compressor, could you use the exhaust to somehow run the system?

    PedzPedzDag sedan
  • I love it!! Amazing work.

    John KirbyJohn KirbyDag sedan
  • Nice try, but the idea isn't new. I worked this principle on a single cylinder moped engine 30 years ago, but abandoned the idea, when I realized I couldn't switch from 4 to 2-stroke mode. Bosch has been working on solenoids for this application for decades.

    mike omike oDag sedan
  • you are one talented ass smart dude! this is the most interesting/cool thing ive seen done to a miata yet

    Jp JohnsonJp JohnsonDag sedan
  • Amazing, but have you considered using an air-conditioning pump to feed air to a tank in addition to an air compressor, I've seen alot of offroading guys use the aircon pump as a compressor for on the trails, maybe you could utilize the same setup to eliminate the need for an auxiliary air compressor after startup

    Marc McCuskerMarc McCuskerDag sedan
  • Extremely impressive and love the idea of letting people get involved and refining it!!! Great work!

    michael everittmichael everittDag sedan
  • Amazing work dude! WOW!

    JonasJonasDag sedan
  • yes totally dyno it :D

    Mász KálmánMász KálmánDag sedan
  • That is so cool. Well done sir.

    John HoyengaJohn HoyengaDag sedan
  • "It's all free" We're either about to see a lot of free valve miatas... or a lot less miatas lol This is amazing. Subbed for sure.

    That GuyThat GuyDag sedan
  • Have you considered using the a/c compressor as an air pump? With a pressure switch in the tank wired to the clutch you can have it come on and off as the pressure is needed.

    John RuffaloJohn RuffaloDag sedan