I Built a HUGE Lego Railway - Up Stairs & Underwater!

19 apr 2021
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I built a 100m Lego train track around my entire house and garden, including up the stairs, through a swimming pool, through a light tunnel, and through a rainforest dome.
Merch: halfasleepchris.com
Geodesic Dome Tutorial: seworld.info/will/j6WVmJ2ceZap2oE/video

  • FAQs: - Is there an unedited GoPro video of the train ride? Unfortunately not. I had to aim the GoPro slightly differently at different bits (such as angled left inside the rainforest dome), and occasionally edit it so I wouldn't be in the footage myself when I followed it around. Next time I'll invest in a 360 camera like many have requested and record a complete one! - How did you do the TV thing? I used the game Planet Zoo to build the cliff / waterfall / trees / train track. This meant I had complete control over the camera angles. I connected my laptop to the TV with a HDMI cable to perfectly match the real and digital track up, and then experimented with the timing. This is possibly my favourite part of the video :) - Where are the cats during the train ride? Asleep on the bed - Is this video sponsored by Lego (or Flex Tape)? No!

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  • That's brilliant! And charming. Thank you for completing this ambitious project and for sharing your whimsical creativity once again. I

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  • This dude actually used flex tape

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  • That's almost $1,000 USD in track alone, not to mention the actual lego train itself. Good lord. Well now I've got a decent ballpark of how expensive lego is compared to HO scale model trains. About the same actually. If each box (switches are the same price) is worth 15.99 USD, multiplied by 52x and take into account standard tax of 0.075, that rounds out to about $893.84 USD, ignoring the train which would put you at or over $1,000 USD.

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