Mullet El Camino Build Episode 23!! More Sensors...More DATA!!!!

25 apr 2021
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We continue chipping away at finishing the wiring to connect all of the sensors that the car has installed on it. Once we sort a couple of programming issues, we attempt to crank it again after the installation of the firewall connector.......did we get all 100 of the crimps right and install them in the right places in the connector?????
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  • Its been a week since your last upload, have you got an idea when your posting a new video? missing your content brother!!!

    dajahnitor007dajahnitor007Dag sedan
  • I've only ever watched mullets videos on your channel. Not really into the building side of videos. But this has grown on me seeing every bit of progress. But definitely has got me into watching more of your builds! Cheers for the content

    bradndaahtbradndaaht10 dagar sedan
  • That feeling when she starts and all works after big changes stays AMAZING well done guys.

    Michael EvansMichael Evans11 dagar sedan
  • Whoever is complaining about mullet videos are just idiots that wanna complain for no reason! I love watching the build and I'm actually learning stuff ad you go! Thanks 😊

    ZSTRODE.ZSTRODE.11 dagar sedan
  • Do it right once and take your time or don't and chase problems forever. Keep up the great work and amazing content. Wish I was closer as we dont have any real speed shops here where I live

    Dameon KowalkeDameon Kowalke12 dagar sedan
  • That's some complicated looking shit on that laptop. I felt like if I talked, he'd mess something up

    Corey BakerCorey Baker12 dagar sedan
  • I know it's hard not to care what people don't like about what you are doing or how you are doing it but when it's perfect then please don't give them any of your time. Love the content.

    Ronnie ChambersRonnie Chambers12 dagar sedan
  • 3 days without a video, I'm boutta die

    Efren joseEfren jose13 dagar sedan
  • G meter to measure the g-body shuffle.

    darryl haynesdarryl haynes13 dagar sedan
  • Normally I would days it’s gets old but not with Kevin at KSR. I find it very interesting

    Curt HookCurt Hook13 dagar sedan
  • Rad video. 100 more episodes of mullet and I won’t have a problem about that;)

    Built To RunBuilt To Run13 dagar sedan
  • The intro is very well made and not too long something you can get used to and love seeing

    Hunter wilderHunter wilder13 dagar sedan
  • Is this the definition of ‘sensors out the ying yang’ or what?

    MOEMOE13 dagar sedan
  • Hope he's paying you well

    steve beuchertsteve beuchert13 dagar sedan
  • People complaining about how many videos mullet takes have never done anything to 100% complete in their life. They get it close and go “eh good enough” and never go back to fix it when it breaks first time out.

    af22manaf22man14 dagar sedan
  • Fantastic work as always Kevin. Can somebody tell me what that little hoop is at the scuttle between hood & windshield please? I always notice it on the interior shots. Is it a handle of some description?

    Dan ShieldsDan Shields14 dagar sedan
  • keep doing you!!!! i love the content

    Robert RentaRobert Renta14 dagar sedan
  • Don't change a Damn thing Kevin. Your videos are awesome!

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  • thank you for saying good morning instead of "WHATS UP GUYZZZZ" i appreciate you

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  • Who is complaining about there being too many Mullet videos? I've watched 34 videos over the course of 7 years on Project Binky and love all of it.

    Chris RChris R14 dagar sedan
  • What I wanna know is who is giving these videos thumbs down? Like why?

    Shanan PowlessShanan Powless14 dagar sedan
  • That is nuts how much wiring is going into Mullet! I'm sure it will be amazing when its done but I don't know if I would have the patience for all that...

    nghngh14 dagar sedan
  • Please don’t stop the mullet content and the tech talk. I love that stuff, I was actually a manufacturing engineer on the plant floor for an OEM for several years early in my career. I’ve been a car guy my whole life and grew up around racing, but I learn something new in every video. I’m literally over here taking notes for my T/A lol

    jnic69jnic6914 dagar sedan
  • Checked my subscription... was not subscribed..... Am now!

    TheUbersmacktardTheUbersmacktard14 dagar sedan
  • @15:00, that was adorable!

    Jake PJake P14 dagar sedan
  • Kevin is an absolute stud! Learned so much from him in such a short time. Not to mention the quality of work he does 😍

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  • Making boost and it's not running that's why it takes as long as it takes.

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  • I never want Mullet videos to end

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  • All right if anybody out there from Holly's watching you got to put a feature in there where you can you know connect to Wi-Fi and watch videos and stuff watch your run on your dashboard just an idea you know sitting in the stage and Lanes watching SEworld on your dashboard or something

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  • Who has the testicular fortitude to question the winner of the prestigious Freedom 500? 😂

    James FlemingJames Fleming14 dagar sedan
  • Episode 6090 we dyno the car!

    Jon ManJon Man14 dagar sedan
  • This is fun watching videos of kevin and his team putting Mullet together....I could watch these videos all day long...

    Junior 249Junior 24915 dagar sedan
  • This car is WAY too nice for Cleetus. Lol

    SnugglezSnugglez15 dagar sedan
  • Good vid kev!

    Tommy MandrellTommy Mandrell15 dagar sedan
  • Kevin builds masterpieces, you can’t rush that. Some people like painting and other forms of art but mine is watching someone love what they do. I bet when that car hits the track it will be so dead on it won’t be funny. Kevin is an amazing fabricator, tuner and dad in my book!!! Keep up the good work Kevin! It’s not unnoticed by us real car nuts bud!

    Chris KennedyChris Kennedy15 dagar sedan
  • who cares how many videos it is? not me!

    EagleRun23EagleRun2315 dagar sedan
  • love your videos are 1 nice guy.. keep up the great work.

    k. matneyk. matney15 dagar sedan
  • Will it be done for Indy? No rush just wondering.

    The Adventure CruThe Adventure Cru15 dagar sedan
  • Most are here to watch the hard work, keep at it.🥸🤙🦅

    SourBogBubbleSourBogBubble15 dagar sedan
  • This is approaching airliner sensor count. XD

    G CrauwelsG Crauwels15 dagar sedan
  • If you don't like what you are seeing or hearing then leave. Kevin does amazing work and this is his show. If you can do better start your own show.

    Scott FarrowScott Farrow15 dagar sedan
  • I always think its funny when people who are entertained for free complain about the free entertainment. keep doing what you're doing, it works for me and that's all that matters (to me lol)

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  • First of all take as many videos you need, your doing it right. Secondly I think alot appreciate that you didn't cut the little clip out with your girl haha. ✌️

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  • "Excessive" videos help the uninitiated understand how much time, effort, and skill go into properly building a race car. I'd nothing else, maybe they'll understand why the mods they want in their own rides cost what they do. Keep up the great work/content. The only thing I'd like to see is, maybe, more in the Viper. I'd love to see how different it is from converting a former ASA V6 car into a SCCA GT1. Again, thank you for helping me get my car nerd fix on.

    Shaun MessengerShaun Messenger15 dagar sedan
  • Wife... ' what you watching'.... Me.. ' car stuff' Wife... 'racing' Me 'no, Wiring'

    Phil GeePhil Gee15 dagar sedan
  • Killer work mate. No complaints here really enjoy your videos no matter what car it is

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  • Thermocouple for the EGT sensor? How’d you compensate the change in ohm

    Sally KingSally King15 dagar sedan
  • Pretty cool stuff man, keep up the good work!

    Tallisman81Tallisman8115 dagar sedan
  • Good Morning Kevin. I hope you do as many videos on mullet as possible. I have ZERO complaints. I'd rather know the ins and outs of what it takes to build a car like this than have a few quick videos that show only what people call "The Good Stuff". This is amazing and I can't say enough how educational this is for us. I love Cleetus and I know he's good at breaking things, but the same token goes that I love watching your channel as I can see what it takes to keep things together so Cleetus can't break it lol. Make sure the oil pressure is nice and big cause you know Cleeter will be staring at that a lot.

    Redman147Redman14715 dagar sedan
  • *Kevin dont worry we love the Mullet videos, keep em commin!! also loving the "rolling weather station" comment, should rename this this "SOUTHERN HARRP"*

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  • Travis is the "Ferb" of this channel. just saying

    Stuffandjunk AndthingsStuffandjunk Andthings15 dagar sedan
  • Do not focus on the haters!!! Do your thing and keep making great content.

    MTC RacingMTC Racing15 dagar sedan
  • I come here for the mullet videos. Those haters must be real stupid.

    Adam HartmannAdam Hartmann15 dagar sedan
  • next video will be parking sensors

    Oliver Lind JensenOliver Lind Jensen15 dagar sedan
  • What software do you use? When I google software it has a zillion options.

    BBChevyBBChevy15 dagar sedan
  • See you in Indy, cant wait to see this beast run soon.

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  • i love your builds Kevin, doesn't matter the amount of episodes, the more you show, the more we learn.

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  • You've got to partner with Matt Carricker on a build!!!

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  • What an absolute unit! Can't wait to see it done and ripping down the track. Whats going to be the next build Kevin? Let us know!

    nick Gibsonnick Gibson15 dagar sedan
  • The goal is the make Mullet fast yes, but also reliably so. Like just about anyone can hit a 8 second or better time with Ruby so will Mullet. That's because Ruby had Kevin go through her, not to diss the Cleet crew but Ruby broke a lot less after Kevin was done with her. That said, Rome wasn't built in a day and we see how long those structures have lasted.

    Devin AllenDevin Allen15 dagar sedan
  • Kevin, if I could give some constructive criticism on the videos it would only be one small thing. I really love seeing and hearing you talk about all the detail throughout the build. That being said, I've noticed the time lapses are pretty long. I end up skipping through a good amount of them because its not like you can really see much of what is happening anyway. So I guess my .02 would be to maybe cut the time lapse portions down a bit, and even replacing it with more talking would be welcome as well! This is all just my personal opinion, if you have a method you're used to, stick to it. Ill keep watching 👍

    BadBeaverBadBeaver15 dagar sedan
  • Enjoying every video. Thanks for your time 👍

    VolV8VolV815 dagar sedan
  • I have a question Kevin.... Now you're doing video's are you seeing more production from the lads beens camera is on them 😂🤣😅

  • The more videos on mullet the better. More freedom machine.

    Trippy 1980 Ford BroncoTrippy 1980 Ford Bronco15 dagar sedan
  • If ppl are complaining about the build videos I'm not sure why they are watching a builder/ fabricators youtube channel in the first place this is what he does and it's why we auto nerds love watching these videos and listening to the information flow out of kevin! It's why we keep coming back, all the racing and other content is just a bonus. Keep up the awesome work Kevin.

    spedward860spedward86015 dagar sedan
  • Why does Travis look so grumpy lol

    hate lifehate life15 dagar sedan
  • Great content Kevin keep up the great work and I am sure Garrett is going to be very pleased with your work.

    Jamie OdomJamie Odom15 dagar sedan
  • I really think you should take it to the next level and make Mullet a completely self driving remotely operated driverless race car. Hey, it would be a first. LOL

    William T.William T.15 dagar sedan
  • i really like the mullet build videos . it is facinating all that yo are doing for that car . keep up the careful and meticulous build but can't wait to see the finished product perform.

    Terry FergusonTerry Ferguson15 dagar sedan
  • Kevin, when you complete the Mullet build, you should compile a chronological order of all the time lapse you’ve taken of this build and just let it run though for an awesome compilation! It would be great to see the whole process in one upload!!!

    83thomasanthony83thomasanthony15 dagar sedan
  • The want of swapping my Terminator for a Dominator is huge. Kevin has like 50 sensors on Mullet and my ECU has 4 I/Os. Lol

    Clark's Auto & PerformanceClark's Auto & Performance15 dagar sedan
  • Fab and build, until it is done! A reference to King Novik in Doom: "Rip and tear, until it is done!"

    PhyPhy15 dagar sedan
  • People have been taught by cable car shows that a year long or more build takes place in one or 2 episodes. Also how's that saying go? The last 10% of a build takes 90% of the time.

    Eric TierneyEric Tierney15 dagar sedan
  • i love the build video's with all the nitty gritty's and ups and down. else i would watch a tv show.

    HellspijkerHellspijker15 dagar sedan
  • Love watching videos on mullet, cant wait to see it done!

    Joe PlesciaJoe Plescia15 dagar sedan
  • Who is complaining about how many video is being made for Mullet cuz its surly ain't me. Who doesn't like contents on how to do it the RIGHT WAY and the ADVANCE WAY cuz I surly love to learn the way he is doing thing and for the reason he doin it. So far I love the way he thinks and his knowledge. I love car builds I wish I can do this for a living. Just waking up everyday to do what u love and get paid for it. Keep up the fantastic job your doing, I'm learning as u do this. your the teacher and we are the students.

    Edgar Reyes TorresEdgar Reyes Torres15 dagar sedan
  • Haters gonna hate, Kev. Make a Million videos concerning Mullet for all I care. Love the content, as the nerd in me loves it when you reveal all the little details of what you do as a builder/fabricator. Keep up the amazing work my brother!!

    Jason BarkerJason Barker15 dagar sedan
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    Chris BeattyChris Beatty15 dagar sedan
  • That last %10 takes %90 of the time to finish all the fiddly bits take for ever with any project. Love the work. Sending love from a land down under

    mobsterwowmobsterwow15 dagar sedan
  • Ole Jackstand Jimmy hacked the mainframe trying to access the Nitrous file

    Adrian EAdrian E15 dagar sedan
  • We will still see this rig finished b4 project binky 😂

    s gans gan15 dagar sedan
  • Kevin, Do you have enough tables there? '-)

    idin1976idin197615 dagar sedan
  • Someone smarter than me needs to build a ECU that can connect wireless to all of the sensors in a car. No need for all of the wiring.! Your welcome Fuel tech, Holley, Haltech...etc. now go make millions with that idea. 😁🤘🏻

    joshs199joshs19915 dagar sedan
  • Its a proper build, it has to be certified, people just dont understand perfection on cars takes time I love watching it get built right

    KuSh x FadedKuSh x Faded15 dagar sedan
  • AWESOME 👍🇳🇿

    Peter ParlanePeter Parlane15 dagar sedan
  • Dont read the comments! Are you monitoring the air system through the Holley controller?

    Daniel SpencerDaniel Spencer15 dagar sedan
  • less Travis time lapse ......more shop dog footage

    Bowen WalkerBowen Walker15 dagar sedan
  • Make a video on any car as long as you want I absolutely love watching your work and I hope one day I can come to you for work, you and your crew are very skilled

    CruisinCuzziCruisinCuzzi15 dagar sedan
  • Kevin Smith Racing! I'm so dum lol

    3Brown Eyes3Brown Eyes15 dagar sedan
  • honestly people asking how many more vids.. as many as it takes.. I'm on the side of those whom are enjoying the indepth look at how this all gets done, plus you don't gloss over the mistakes.. you stop and go 'this is were I/we messed up, this is what we did wrong, this is what should have been done'. That's rare but great for people looking to realise that even pro level shops have issues.. As you said everything can be fixed.. it's just a matter of time and how much effort/cost it's going to take. I like watching how things work, both here in the shop and out on the track for all the cars. Mullets just nice because we get to see a pro level race car built from the ground up. keep em coming Kevin.

    Rob GrahamRob Graham15 dagar sedan
  • Don’t let Jackstand Jimmy near it or it will have nitrous

    simonhendry1simonhendry115 dagar sedan
  • This wiring content is my jam ! Love the Holley versitility, I'm sure if there was a seismic sensor you would add Kevin 😂👌 I could watch wiring and programming content all day 👊😎

    BNE ExoticsBNE Exotics15 dagar sedan
  • The time consuming part is always the last 10%. Kickass job my dude. People wanna complain, they can build their 6-second El Camino in half the time then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Deonte AlexanderDeonte Alexander15 dagar sedan
  • These car build video series is the best and most detailed on all SEworld he explains what things do even if you don’t know what things are you’ll have an idea of what’s going on His attention to detail and workmanship is impressive

    Mario BarriosMario Barrios15 dagar sedan
  • Definitely would watch KSR Kevin reality tv show

    Matthew CiccarelliMatthew Ciccarelli16 dagar sedan
    • It’s would be like watching bill nye the science guy but for race cars

      Matthew CiccarelliMatthew Ciccarelli15 dagar sedan
  • Love the shop dog, my wife and I have one just like him, absolutely enjoying the build, and better not make her wait to long for the beach 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🦘🦘🦘🦘

    steve_kemp70steve_kemp7016 dagar sedan
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    NFL FootballNFL Football16 dagar sedan
  • That 'Comment"count should be your 2nd time.'699'.and the 3rd will be 6:47.3

    BryDuhBikeGuyBryDuhBikeGuy16 dagar sedan
  • I don't want to seem to insult Cleetus,but I think 3 lights,Red,Yellow,and Green are stretching his capacity.You should install a Speak and Spell for a check list.

    BryDuhBikeGuyBryDuhBikeGuy16 dagar sedan
  • If people want to see something done wrong there are plenty of other channels. But to see something done right is why we are here. Attention to detail is second to none.

    K BartonK Barton16 dagar sedan