"Why shouldn't Man Utd fans believe?!" 😁 | Gary Neville on Manchester United's title chances

13 jan 2021
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Gary Neville says that Manchester Utd could benefit from an 'unpredictable' season and be realistic challengers to Liverpool's Premier League crown.

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  • We all know Keano is warming up for Sunday afternoon

    Cheeko EscobarCheeko Escobar2 dagar sedan
  • united supporters are the worst... few weeks ago slagging players & manager off. players r sh*t, sack ole, Maguires terrible etc

    samboggettisamboggetti2 dagar sedan
  • From 15th to 1st

    that shitter guythat shitter guy2 dagar sedan
  • come on United!!! .rashford score fist.

    Michael HeathMichael Heath2 dagar sedan
  • I cant believe after all their dodgey performances and results, they're top of the fricking league, and 3pts clear. Infuriates me, i hate man utd, with a passion!!!

    Imzy BImzy B2 dagar sedan
  • Why would i believe it when the league is won in MAY not January!! I'm not getting carried away!!!

    Alex MulugetaAlex Mulugeta2 dagar sedan
  • I’m a united fan and even I think we’re jumping the gun. 1st 3 weeks ppl were saying Everton, then Spurs, then Liverpool, and now us. There’s only a handful of points separating 1st place to 6th and city have a game in hand. Do I think we can win the league? Yes. Do I think so can any of the current top 6? Also yes.

    Michael RiedstraMichael Riedstra2 dagar sedan
  • We’ve got a real chance but it’s hard to say but city have been in good form we have just got to hope they start to play shite. We’ve got Liverpool in the bag.

    DavidHddDavidHdd3 dagar sedan
  • Either the cold has got to his brain 🧠 or he smoking 🚬 something powerful then normal

    Alternative FactsAlternative Facts3 dagar sedan
  • This season utd or city can win

    Sandesh MishraSandesh Mishra3 dagar sedan
  • Maybe bacause this squad fail to win in 4 semi-final and getting relegated on the final day of UCL group stage.....

    Fadzrul AziziFadzrul Azizi3 dagar sedan
  • we gonna get destroyed by liverpool next game but i will enjoy and smile however much i can till then

    SiamSiam3 dagar sedan
  • Gary, you are a million miles away from winning the league. Were it not for 9 (NINE!!!!!) dodgy penalty decisions for the old toilet residents you would be no where near the top.

    PopanduPopandu3 dagar sedan
  • Bailey is a solid addition in defence. Shaw has been impressive too. Wan Bissaka needs to step up his game. Replace Martial with Greenwood and sorted

    Dan BDan B3 dagar sedan
  • United beat Liverpool, United win the league

    BobBob3 dagar sedan
  • Hate it or not 21 is coming!

    SaidBandzSaidBandz3 dagar sedan
  • The rivalry is always there but it’s coming back to the intense rivalry and I love it

    jim boardmanjim boardman3 dagar sedan
  • because they’ll get spanked against liverpool then it’ll be back to fighting for top 4

    BradBrad3 dagar sedan
  • I believe

    Ivan PetkovIvan Petkov3 dagar sedan
  • Manschsuny

    TheFacelessGamerTheFacelessGamer3 dagar sedan
  • "i dont think anybody is saying Manchester United is going to win the league" ........

    jono freshjono fresh3 dagar sedan
  • Bruno Fernandes needs a chiropractor for carrying the team on his back

    Avatar NAvatar N3 dagar sedan
  • Ofc we as United fans should get gassed why wouldn't we looooooool?? Nobody would've ever believed we'd be in this position at any point this season especially in Jan. After that L against Arsenal we looked like we were dun out n we wouldn't even get top 4 even tho I thought we'd still get a UCL place but many others didn't. Ole as manager doesn't convince many people n certainly doesn't have the CV to say that we should be 1st rn so the fact that we are we're overachieving massively.

    Nathan LhoniNathan Lhoni4 dagar sedan

    Meyer RothsteinMeyer Rothstein4 dagar sedan
  • once their momentum stops they will go📉

    Thomas TateThomas Tate4 dagar sedan
  • Manc bastards are deluded

    Liam LFCLiam LFC4 dagar sedan
  • You beat Burnley 1-0 well done but jokes aside your mostly likely coming 6-4th

    Don LoqDon Loq4 dagar sedan
  • We NEED to sign a CB if we want a chance of staying at the top and winning the title. Don’t let Woodward and the board hide behind our current position in the table. Glazers - get your wallets out!!

    Sly_SpiritSly_Spirit4 dagar sedan
  • I actually said 10 games ago we'd be top of the league when this G.Nevill was slang us off. If we don't beat Liverpool this weekend City will nick the league, we must beat Liverpool anything less than a draw we lose the chance to be title contenders

    delbeedelbee4 dagar sedan
  • now wacth Ole go winless 6 games in a row, gets rumored of getting sacked, media says Ole is finished, and the week after they play like prime Barca

    TrapzTrapz4 dagar sedan
  • We need to knock them right of there high horse

    bobby firminobobby firmino4 dagar sedan
  • That bitch Cates is such a fake, the phony laugh and stupid questions! Why is she on tv?

  • imagine we didn’t have one of our worst PL starts ever... we would probably be clear of Liverpool right now

    ZioDioZioDio4 dagar sedan
  • Too weird

    ICYCrewICYCrew4 dagar sedan
  • jordan pickford such a legend for wiping out van dijk

    Mikel Ritchie CyclingMikel Ritchie Cycling4 dagar sedan
    • If Bruno gets injured United are fucked

      Gareth BairdGareth BairdDag sedan
    • 😂😂😂😂

      Hassan UddinHassan Uddin2 dagar sedan
  • 2:45 except VDB

    Sefa TanSefa Tan4 dagar sedan
  • United have been 2nd and 3rd in the last few years but never in the the title race. Rather win the league and drop out of the fa cup. After that than we can look at doubles and ucl. But for now let’s get back in the picture like Liverpool have done!

    foreverpopforeverpop4 dagar sedan
  • Where is KEANO!!

    zam veronzam veron4 dagar sedan
  • When utd are back playing Thursdays let's see

    Chris TavakkoliChris Tavakkoli4 dagar sedan
  • Would love to see them get slapped right at Anfield. Time to shut them up again

    Liverpool FCLiverpool FC4 dagar sedan
  • In the mean time....Man City is smiling that all knowing Buddha like smile....watching these people jump up and down seeing Man U leading the EPL table 😂😂😂

    debashis mallickdebashis mallick4 dagar sedan
  • can't wait to watch this again in a months time

    Finn HarveyFinn Harvey4 dagar sedan
  • lol Garry your gassed up pipe down 🤣

    Jamie PierceJamie Pierce4 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool would be at the top with a 12 point gap if they had all their players and city wouldn’t be far behind either but injuries have changed the game

    Dan PatientDan Patient4 dagar sedan
  • Classic Man Utd vs Liverpool chase for the title

    LoneWandererLoneWanderer4 dagar sedan
  • I swear Allah that i belief when Tottenham 6-1 ManchesterUnited at that time i believed we will clash the ligue title

    Hamze HakimHamze Hakim4 dagar sedan
  • Man United fans shouldn’t believe because we’re such an inconsistent team and any time everyone forgets that we drop an absolute shocker of a performance, we’re only 6 points above 6th place, it’s such a close league this season, and say 3 bad results and that’s very likely, we’re back in 10th or something, so obviously we can’t get excited this early

    Ryan StibblesRyan Stibbles4 dagar sedan
  • Last time man utd met with Liverpool won 2_0 but this match man utd may win

    Carlton KipropCarlton Kiprop4 dagar sedan
    • that game united didnt have pogba or bruno

      Subhan KAMRANSubhan KAMRAN4 dagar sedan
  • Neville was saying something very different before. He was coating his own club at every opportunity.

    Masked MonoMasked Mono4 dagar sedan
  • Gary says fin these days, very TV mate

    Dan GillespieDan Gillespie4 dagar sedan
  • Don't think we will win though if I'm being honest

    [SYM] Xeno[SYM] Xeno4 dagar sedan
  • No mention of how the Liverpool team have been devastated by major injuries virtually from the beginning of the season. This season also due to lack of spectators is completely unlike any other. City are looking very strong again even while rebuilding.

    desertman1962desertman19624 dagar sedan
  • Happy to see Pogba starting open up. When Pogba is on his form, even Bruno looks an average player near him. What a game Pogba has had! He never lost possession in last 3 games as far I have seen.

    lokesh kumarlokesh kumar4 dagar sedan
  • We believe in the team, happy about being in 1st position (we were 6th last season at this point)... but believing in a title race (specially this season) is another thing. Point gaps are very small and so many teams have come to a temporary 1st position this season. It's still too early to believe in that. Liverpool and City still favourites. Hope we continue this form, remain consistent and do win the league tho.

    Sudipto MajumdarSudipto Majumdar4 dagar sedan
  • He is honest enough to admit he was wrong too tp doubt the team... well done Gary!! I am always your great fan.

  • 😂😂 they were on about him being sacked 3 weeks ago, so fickle.

    shaun ruddickshaun ruddick4 dagar sedan
  • They have 3 loses. It feels like they had more at the beginning of the season

    splashman23splashman234 dagar sedan
  • Won’t win anything to martial up top

    Hem LimbuHem Limbu4 dagar sedan
  • make keane stand in the ground, that's his job.

    Bizzle TreeBizzle Tree4 dagar sedan
  • is this really a proper football season though lol?

    Bizzle TreeBizzle Tree4 dagar sedan
  • It‘s a strange season but city is being so robust😫

    Jeffrey PangJeffrey Pang4 dagar sedan
  • I'm a Spurs fan. October 4th we smashed Man U 6-1 at Old Trafford. January 14th Utd are 3 points clear at the top of the Prem and 6 points ahead of us lmao

    Omega ManOmega Man4 dagar sedan
  • Three points clear?? How is three points clear? What is Gary Neville smoking. Six points is clear. 8 points is clear. There's not space between three points. If the other team wins they're equal or above. Stupid commentary.

    Jordan DavisJordan Davis4 dagar sedan
    • That's how it is used in football. You don't need to be ahead by a substantial amount to be "clear". If you've watched football long enough, you would hear a lot of this

      Amirul AsraniAmirul Asrani3 dagar sedan
    • @Jordan Davis For the entirity of time that football has been around saying '3 points clear' means being 3 points ahead. What you are saying applies outside of football, but in football it has a different meaning.

      J MJ M4 dagar sedan
    • @J M then say three points ahead. That is not clear. Clear means there is some considerable distance. People use words and don't understand how they are to be used. When someone says "gone clear" it means that the person has reached a point of no return or that you can't catch up to stop them. That is the intention behind the phrase.

      Jordan DavisJordan Davis4 dagar sedan
    • 3 point clear means you are 3 points ahead of the other team. The word clear doesnt refer to the other team being far ahead, just means ahead.

      J MJ M4 dagar sedan
  • Until they can beat Liverpool , Arsenal or any of the big teams. They are not going to win any league.

    Jordan DavisJordan Davis4 dagar sedan
  • WTF is that mic?!

    Jamie KrenzJamie Krenz4 dagar sedan
  • Why shouldn't Man Utd fans believe? ..because its not even half way through the season ..thats why !!

    pat dunnepat dunne4 dagar sedan
  • Lol that's funny before Neville was talking rubbish about United now he believes....

    Deivi PonceDeivi Ponce4 dagar sedan
  • Gary every decision in game that went against man u, u agreed with it ,u we're disappointed when shaw, and slab head wereint sent off,🖕🖕🖕

    J BrennanJ Brennan4 dagar sedan
  • As a United fan..Man U is unreliable

    Pro 47Pro 474 dagar sedan
  • United will end up 4th possibly 5th by the end of the season

    Apollo CreedApollo Creed4 dagar sedan
  • What a reality check it will be for United at Sunday...

    MiroslavMiroslav4 dagar sedan
  • It's sad to see that even Garry Neville does not believe in us winning the league.

    KnoedelKnoedel4 dagar sedan
  • It’ll be back to Ole out in a few weeks time...

    trololololtubetrololololtube4 dagar sedan
  • We’ll find out on Sunday if there good enough, yet to beat a big prem team so should be interesting to see Liverpool beat them

    Grim Bare bushGrim Bare bush4 dagar sedan
  • Bored win, but yaa still 3 point. But i’m not sure united will be consistent this season i think man city and liverpool will take over race for tittle

    yulio nugrohoyulio nugroho4 dagar sedan
  • Manchester United had a habit to screw an opportunity to win something on the last minute so as a United fan don't got your hopes high

    Alfi Cammy615Alfi Cammy6154 dagar sedan
  • If u think united will win the league... lets just say sorry

    William EnglandWilliam England4 dagar sedan
  • “3 points clear of a really good Liverpool side”... that’s missing their best player and has multiple injuries to key players. Well done United, equivalent of beating up Floyd Mayweather with both his arms amputated.

    The AFC AgendaThe AFC Agenda4 dagar sedan
    • @The AFC Agenda nobody asked for yours either bellend

      Amirul AsraniAmirul Asrani3 dagar sedan
    • @Nightin Gale Didn’t ask for a nobody’s opinion though did I

      The AFC AgendaThe AFC Agenda3 dagar sedan
    • Lmao shouldn't you be worried about your relegation battle? Banter fc cretin🤣🤡

      Nightin GaleNightin Gale3 dagar sedan
  • 17 games played out of 38 and United think they’ve won a title already... 🤦🏻‍♂️

    The AFC AgendaThe AFC Agenda4 dagar sedan
    • @The AFC Agenda nobody asked for your opinion either yet here we are. Typical scouser bellend

      Amirul AsraniAmirul Asrani3 dagar sedan
    • @The AFC Agenda you support banter fc you are irrelevant

      Nightin GaleNightin Gale3 dagar sedan
    • @MANpro 107 didn’t ask

      The AFC AgendaThe AFC Agenda4 dagar sedan
    • No one is thinking that, do u watch football news or United stand? they aren't thinking that they are just happy to be at the top

      MANpro 107MANpro 1074 dagar sedan
  • Believe you will get slapped at anfield on Sunday

    kingofthehill 91kingofthehill 914 dagar sedan
  • Can’t this guy say Manchester United 😂🤣😂🤣

    GLA 3000GLA 30004 dagar sedan
  • I’m really going to enjoy the fall, itl make it so much sweeter

    Klopps KopKlopps Kop4 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal are coming buddy

    KarlKarl4 dagar sedan
  • Pogbas fantastic now lol XD

    titan gtitan g4 dagar sedan
  • Ooh F off Neville

    Shaylin RamsunderShaylin Ramsunder4 dagar sedan
  • United is like tottenham.when thay were in top they thought that thay can win the title.and than what happened everyone knows.united are flying and very soon will fall in the ground.liverpool or man city will win the league.

    Md OhiMd Ohi4 dagar sedan
  • Gary Neville : we will win Man utd lose Gary Neville : dont believe Man utd win title If this happens i want 50k likes on my comment!!

    sumsum4 dagar sedan
  • Not a manutd personally but I hate liverpool and its nice to Manchester on top of the leauge again 😂

    michael thomasmichael thomas4 dagar sedan
  • Pogba is still overrated. Wayyy overrrated.

    Peaceful SunsetsPeaceful Sunsets4 dagar sedan
  • Why shouldn't they believe? because they got outplayed by BURNLEY for the large period of the game

    UraStrUraStr4 dagar sedan
    • No they didn't lmao. Watch the game you dimwit. First half was even but 2nd half United dominated the first 25 minutes. Burnley only started being a threat in the last 4-5 minutes

      Amirul AsraniAmirul Asrani3 dagar sedan
    • how did we get outplayed by burnley? they didnt have a single shot on target

      Subhan KAMRANSubhan KAMRAN4 dagar sedan
  • Man city is also still in a title race if they win every game with the same amount of united their point would be 38 out of 18 games. Dont let it fool you

    john doejohn doe4 dagar sedan
  • title chances will be ruined by the flop martial.

    eng hock koheng hock koh4 dagar sedan
  • There is no progress made by the United side! It's the other way round. They're on top of the table not by their achievements but the failure and the poor form of city and liverpool this season. Just because those two dropped points paves the way for the likes of united to take the lead with poor points

    Abdinasir MohamedAbdinasir Mohamed4 dagar sedan
    • @Amirul Asrani emotions aside stats never lie fam. Check your facts right and see the difference between United's last season first 17 or so matches vs this season. They're no better and IF they're any better it won't be more than 2 or 3 points. Anyway let's wait for the verdict on Wednesday 👀

      Abdinasir MohamedAbdinasir Mohamed3 dagar sedan
    • Also saying "no progress" is being made by this United team is ignorant. This time last year, they were 10 points worse and 6 places behind where they are this season. Give credit where it's due

      Amirul AsraniAmirul Asrani3 dagar sedan
    • @Abdinasir Mohamed winning the league means being the best in the league which also means you made the least mistakes. You admit that Liverpool and city are poor this season. Utd on the other hand have been consistently getting points and winning games. Not United's fault that Liverpool are poor. If they can't win the title then it's their own fault. United are doing a good job and Liverpool aren't. They didn't just bullshit their way to the top

      Amirul AsraniAmirul Asrani3 dagar sedan
    • @Nightin Gale Nay! When they reach the bar by hitting 90+ points is when am gonna believe they have worked hard for it

      Abdinasir MohamedAbdinasir Mohamed3 dagar sedan
    • That's what winning the league means dumbass. Taking advantage of others failure

      Nightin GaleNightin Gale3 dagar sedan
  • United in the form of their life, Liverpool having their worst run of form since 17/18. Yet if Liverpool win they go top? 🤷‍♂️ erm hello.

    Michael Scott Paper CompanyMichael Scott Paper Company4 dagar sedan
  • He got this gassed over a 1 nil win at Burnley? Small club mentality

    Ben WolfeBen Wolfe4 dagar sedan
  • "why shouldn't man utd fans believe"- Because there not good

    MetMet4 dagar sedan
    • well true fans believe

      MANpro 107MANpro 1074 dagar sedan
  • Gary - SHUT UP. You make alot of noise with conviction, but you talk SHITE. 1st lockdown you suggested flying abroad to play PL matches. You panic and come up with BOLLOCKS. Have a great day

    Simeon JohnsonSimeon Johnson4 dagar sedan
  • After 3 years of waiting Pogba finally shows Neville what he is capable of, just another 1095 days to wait for Pogba's next game changing moment that actually favours MU.

    Phillip Carl RobertsPhillip Carl Roberts4 dagar sedan
  • Nothings changed.. Team is still as medicocre with the same old players..its just you are winning and most of teams are not playing well..

    Kenneth CarvalhoKenneth Carvalho4 dagar sedan
  • Pogba still ain't getting the plaudits he deserves

    GCM JamesGCM James4 dagar sedan
    • never seen a player get so much hate for playing well

      Subhan KAMRANSubhan KAMRAN4 dagar sedan