we're dating.

11 apr 2021
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we finally date.
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today is the day. kate & i are no longer crushes but we are boyfriend and girlfriend! we even made a tik tok together! this vid is all over the place but i love it so much. we date for 24 hours and then get married. thx again for 2m. hope u enjoyed :) omegle soon
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  • 1:40 don't see one thing that's blue in that room

    Dan HDan H6 timmar sedan
  • Favorite thing to do "Insect" wtf lmaoooo

    CaramelMothCaramelMoth8 timmar sedan
  • 3:23 this just took a wide turn into being a Dhar Mann gold digger girlfriend video

    ViksenViksen11 timmar sedan
  • me at 3am wondering wtf is happening

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  • *Underrated*

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  • This video is just pure amazement

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    • Okay

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  • Rigged oaj

  • No.3 favourite thing to do fuck no way

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  • The camera man ;-;

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  • Aren't we gonna talk about the fucking cool Mjölnir on the bathtub?

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  • she look like skylar vox

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  • It seems today

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  • plot twist theyre long lost siblings

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  • who else wants kates insta

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  • should have ended with hyper and tranium ahooting crispy with nerf guns and kate freaking out

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  • why does parker stevens look like crispy concords

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  • Chaos is like the priest from uncle drew

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  • Pain peko.

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  • What the H-E-Double-Fuck...

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  • This might be the funniest and the most cringe thing I have ever seen

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  • cring

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  • 2:30 *checks invisible watch

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  • I'm crying of cring

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  • ACTING 100!

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  • 1 week after. Breaks up....

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  • They lasted 1 week

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  • she actually sounds like Pam from the office

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  • The fact that he remembers the promise and is using the same jackets since like the 1st date is kinda suspicious

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  • WTF...

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  • 2:36 I couldn't stop laughing

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  • Crispy You Live In Oklahoma? I Do To!

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  • He be wearin the Lightning McKicks

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  • Not scripted 100% legit

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  • Why are you wearing the same outfit you wear in EVERY BIG you go to is it the only jacket you think you look good in or is it your only jacket?

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  • Breathing Intensifies 8:12

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  • wtf did i just watch

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  • this is both the most cursed and funny thing I've watched in a while lol

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  • what the fuck did i just watch

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  • we are dating!!! one week later...we broke up

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  • 90 day fiance, but its 24 hour fiance and weirdly enough... it actually worked out.

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  • this was an acid trip

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  • They keep getting the same thing lol! Lamo

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  • I got an ad about HIV

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  • Me: crispy just kiss her No one:🥳🥳😭😳🤭

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  • so this is what people do in Texas?

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  • 10:07 in 0.25 speed

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  • Kate reminds me of Pam from the office

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  • Why tf they look so sad

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  • This is the best cringe I've ever watched. 🤣🤣✌️

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  • im laughing so hard because of how cringe it is crispy but i love it lol you did a good job on the video :) love to you and kate

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  • I’m sorry crispy but the way you 2 was saying bussin was cringe 😂

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  • no shit

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  • Those vows be hittin hard tho

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  • This is the most lustful video ever

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  • this video is cancer i love it

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  • why is this uploaded on my birthday wait MY BIRTHDAY WISH CAME TRUE

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  • Keep my likes at 50, Cuz thats how many days i want them to date for

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  • When they where about to (kiss) I was like that gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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  • now i aint sayin kate a gold digger but she aint messin with a broke crispy

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  • Who else getting office vibes ?

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  • God in the beginning was so cringe my toes were in another dimension...

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  • I almost cried at 10:58 so sad enough to make a grown man cry

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  • No like frfr what's kate body count?😐🤣😩

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  • is anyone else bothered by how it's noticable when the camera man is breathing and the noise of zooming in/out lol

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    • @Operator you got that right

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    • Uhhhhh bad timing

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  • Brother I thought that is your sister

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  • moth or butterfly

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  • The level on cringe these two have

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  • Update from 3 minutes ago they broke up

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  • Crispy no this is cringe I only care about you and your favorite food

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  • This video deserves an Oscar😂

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    • 69

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