When Mini-DVD tried to go big

22 aug 2020
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I've accidentally brought a format back from an alternate timeline where it appears there’s no such thing as a bad idea.
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  • 15 years is a very very very long long time in technology. This samsung player in 2005 to today's samsung galaxy Z Fold 2. Omg

    Chris LeeChris Lee2 timmar sedan
  • From the intro alone it should be clear why whoever came up with this, promptly lost his job.

    Johannes DolchJohannes DolchDag sedan
  • hey @techmoan, this is at 666,646 views right now, wth

    FrogzFrogzDag sedan
  • Wow, you make me snore. Your "comparison" is so primitive that I won't even talk about that.

    YanestraAgainYanestraAgainDag sedan
  • I remember desperately wanting one of those DVD Jr players when I was youger.

    Michael John OneillMichael John Oneill2 dagar sedan
  • I want to see Doom on that thing

    wal2broswal2bros2 dagar sedan

    EBJDCPM2007 EEBJDCPM2007 E3 dagar sedan
  • 5:10 is that a amoung us astronaut Cyan sus

    Rainbow CookieRainbow Cookie3 dagar sedan
  • Right around the time the iPod Video 5th gen came out. This thing stood no chance.

    Æether EntropyÆether Entropy3 dagar sedan
  • "It's like having a patent on a kick in the groin!" LOL

    Gunther SchulzGunther Schulz4 dagar sedan
  • They used mini DVDs on the PSP called UMD’s.

    RobbieRobbie5 dagar sedan
  • А мне нравился этот стандарт. Я использовал mini dvd-rw в тонкой упаковке, как сейчас использую флэшки. Это было в 2003 году. Очень удобно было - компактно и быстро.

    Vladimir FasyuraVladimir Fasyura6 dagar sedan
  • I'm amazed by how far we've come in such a short period of time.

    RileysFilmsRileysFilms7 dagar sedan
  • I think a sticker peeling montage would be hilarious. Best moment of every video. Something just so satisfying about it. Is it warm in here?

    Alfie's GamesAlfie's Games7 dagar sedan
  • Shout outs to the reviewer who watches feature films on the toilet.

    Bud BorneBud Borne7 dagar sedan
  • Only major device I remember that used miniDVDs was the Nintendo GameCube

    DeathEngine2DeathEngine29 dagar sedan
  • Very Good Player.

    Tapan HalderTapan Halder9 dagar sedan
  • It was only 2006 I had a MP3 player that played mp4 videos. I’d watch full length movies on that thing just because I could

    Dominic AbelaDominic Abela10 dagar sedan
  • I couldn't even buy this. LOL

    ran-domran-dom10 dagar sedan
  • I remember back in the day there were these weird shaped mini cd roms in like promotional oatmeal and granola bar boxes that had 1 level game demos on them

    Rick Sanchez137ARick Sanchez137A10 dagar sedan
  • Watching a flip up CD ejection mechanism has always been so satisfying for me, this one was quick with a nice little bounce at the end. Wonderful. 4:43 for those interested

    Dean FordDean Ford12 dagar sedan
  • you bought catwoman twice? you pool soul

    ToddersTodders12 dagar sedan
  • So now we have This Old Tony, ClickSpring, AND Techmoan, on the confirmed time traveler list? Crazy how blaze they are about exposing this cabal of time travelling buddies.

    asertaaserta12 dagar sedan
  • but can it run doom

    OlejaOleja13 dagar sedan
  • You mentioned video now color. I did a history video about the VideoNow Format: seworld.info/will/gp6tzN2dpGBkz58/video

    Monado Boy 16Monado Boy 1613 dagar sedan
  • 1It seems like the biggest flaw in this was a design focused entirely on durabilite rather than size. The bottom could have been much smaller, the disk is slightly wider than the screen, so if they slightly expanded the screen size and given it a more Gameboy Color shape (though a bit bigger) it might have actually been nice for places where you want to be kind of discrete.

    xFuzzzyGamesxFuzzzyGames14 dagar sedan
  • The salt in the VO is some of the funniest Techmoan writing.

    Zachary SchroederZachary Schroeder14 dagar sedan
  • This definitely feels like it was rushed out to make it to market before the PSP did, because its UMD format would’ve probably crushed it into oblivion. And then it ended up being too late anyways.

    TheMamaluigi300TheMamaluigi30014 dagar sedan
  • 12:04 CRAIG! CRAIG! CRAIG!

    Ethan MatzdorfEthan Matzdorf14 dagar sedan
  • It's so unbelievable that how much times have changed in just 15 years.

    ベジータベジータ15 dagar sedan
  • this reminds me of that portable CD player that needed batteries

    jelly_ makeyeejelly_ makeyee15 dagar sedan
  • That device looks European.

    K CK C15 dagar sedan
  • Mini DVD, minier LCD

    Cash BonanzaCash Bonanza15 dagar sedan
  • Oh, they were dvds? I thought they were free coasters from my chinese usb peripherals.

    Hentai NatHentai Nat15 dagar sedan
  • I do not remember these mini dvd's or players at all. Where was I at? I'm quite sure I would have went bankrupt trying to collect them… or not. I stopped buying dvd's when Redbox came along.

    DTPIIXARTDTPIIXART16 dagar sedan
  • BARELY remember mini-DVD’s! I live in a small city that’s never been too big on getting the new “innovations” in technology unless they become a sensation. Since mini-DVD never really caught on, it was here and gone in my town rather quickly, and no one really noticed either event. 😆

    Weerd MunkyWeerd Munky16 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, that one review is clearly fake. It's really just not a practical format. Just like portable CD players, they were a nightmare to use. Sure, you got music on the go, but really digitally is way to go with any sort of portable player.

    Jonny BJonny B16 dagar sedan
  • i can imagine this was made more for the asian community, such as japan and korea, for commuting purposes... but then smartphones took over

    Paul DPaul D17 dagar sedan
  • Subscribed because of the LGR reference

    Cauê AraújoCauê Araújo17 dagar sedan
  • "This is gonna replace CD someday." - Agent K, MIB

    Chicken Draws DogsChicken Draws Dogs18 dagar sedan
  • Omg!! I totally forgot this. This used to be hot shit.

    Michael SmithMichael Smith18 dagar sedan
  • This was the worst idea ever. Sony had already launched the UMD format, which was smaller and better in every way. The PSP is an amazing device, and watching movies in it is one of the best mobile experiences I've ever had. Even now with our solid state memory easily available and high performance mobile devices, it stills looks good.

    Tiago FeitosaTiago Feitosa18 dagar sedan
  • 4:53 I love how u break the 5th wall in ur own narration

    Gavin TrckaGavin Trcka19 dagar sedan
  • I thought that UMD movies for Sony PSP was the dumbest idea until this. The UMD movies were far superior to this on a PSP, bigger screen and better quality. What was even the point of this? Truly horrible!

    Sergey KSergey K19 dagar sedan
  • What about UMD? Not sure if this has been covered yet but would like to see something about it...

    overlin vidaloverlin vidal19 dagar sedan
  • the display was too small it wasted power and space for high compression and resolution

    aaaa19 dagar sedan
  • mini-dvd? i was more of a video now kid

    EntermateStarEntermateStar20 dagar sedan
  • still better than Quibli

    Brent LabasanBrent Labasan20 dagar sedan
  • This time: Catwoman on two mini-DVDs. Next up: Batman and Robin on 162,000 8-inch floppies.

    George HGeorge H21 dag sedan
  • 9:32 DUD

    Max ZMax Z21 dag sedan
  • Seeing all this brings back memories and I’m watching this on my PHONE. We’ve com along was as far a portable entertainment is concerned

    Kaleb PinkstonKaleb Pinkston21 dag sedan
  • Crud like Catwoman should ONLY be on this format. And I love the shout-out to Ron Weasley!

    Foebane72Foebane7221 dag sedan
  • "Mini DVD based format" I remember having to explain that the wii couldn't play DVD's like 5 times to my stepdad on as many different occasions

    Aurora JarvisAurora Jarvis22 dagar sedan
  • But can the mini DVD player play Shrek?

    Kevin ZhangKevin Zhang22 dagar sedan
  • A 4K mini DVD? What, is the movie spread across 10 discs?

    Nate HarrisNate Harris22 dagar sedan
    • More like 100

      ベジータベジータ15 dagar sedan
  • Fir

    Nate HarrisNate Harris22 dagar sedan
  • Too bad those Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries only held 180 - 1000 charges ... So .. after that ... it’s a wrap folks. 🤦🏾‍♂️ @TECHMOAN : I truly feel bad you had to buy two copies of “Catlady: Halle Berry Edition” you’ve done yourself a GREAT favor in never viewing that dumpster fire of a film. 🤦🏾‍♂️ I also propose a PETITION: DC and WARNER BROS owes everyone who watched that abomination their $20 back and the 2hrs wasted added to the backend of their lifespan .. at minimum. Yes, seriously. #nolol

    Quentin RykardQuentin Rykard22 dagar sedan
  • I remember this from the GameCube

    ThatsAnotherJ13ThatsAnotherJ1323 dagar sedan
  • I was blissfully unaware of these.

    Bowsette NC-17Bowsette NC-1723 dagar sedan
  • i like it. but it has 2 downsides, pooor battery life and tiny screen.

    Yasin OZYILMAZYasin OZYILMAZ23 dagar sedan
  • Man, you were real cynical on this one.

    Gabe DavisGabe Davis24 dagar sedan
  • Wow the screen... It's not the usual pixel pattern this is LCD but has the Pentile pattern which is more common on OLED displays for some reason...

    Naota AkatsukiNaota Akatsuki24 dagar sedan
  • It's hard to believe Samsung made that....

    Naota AkatsukiNaota Akatsuki24 dagar sedan
  • In 2005 I already had an iPod Video which could hold several feature films and play the whole movie on a single battery charge. I also had a PSP which had a few feature film releases, and could also play videos off a memory stick. I also had a portable DVD player which was really not much bigger than this thing when folded, but it had a much larger screen and could play any ordinary DVD. The Mini-DVD seems like a totally pointless and redundant product.

    Rational RavenRational Raven24 dagar sedan
  • What a device to watch Spy Kids lol

    Yavuz MarifetYavuz Marifet24 dagar sedan
  • 5:58 don't do it man, don't watch Catwoman

    shophet125shophet12524 dagar sedan
  • I only had one mini dvd and it was a tutorial on how to use Windows xp

    LoganLogan25 dagar sedan
  • I actually found mini DVD in a box of cereal of YoGiOh

    Mac ManMac Man25 dagar sedan
  • I actually have the exactly the same Sony handy cam you showed

    Mac ManMac Man25 dagar sedan
  • lol so much space for a bigger screen

    WickemWickem25 dagar sedan
  • Is that a STEINS;GATE reference?

    Sakura LoverSakura Lover25 dagar sedan
  • “I’ve never seen the film cat woman” All I can say is you lucky bastard.

    Stefan RichmondStefan Richmond25 dagar sedan
    • A spinoff is in process: Fat Woman.

      Johan BruijnoogeJohan Bruijnooge23 dagar sedan
  • When was the last time you burned a DVD? I can't remember

    RgeeRgee26 dagar sedan
  • Really cool and interesting video I really enjoyed this! 2000's tech makes me feel so nostalgic and just thinking back how it was considered so revolutionary and the "next big thing"

    g0rillasg0rillas26 dagar sedan
  • Umd psp

    Martin GeorgievMartin Georgiev26 dagar sedan
  • I honestly thought you weren't be able to skip the title sequence because on many DVDs you literally couldn't the moment the title sequence started playing, I hated that as a child, but welp I guess it really wasn't the case with this mini DVD

    Emil98Emil9826 dagar sedan
  • I miss portable consoles, like sure theres the switch and ds and basically nintendo ( which i have and love) but whatever happened to playstation portable. Theres something amazing about being able to play your games anywhere even on long car trips. I for one would rather have that then like graphics

    Gamera SpindlethornGamera Spindlethorn28 dagar sedan
  • All the hype the PSP got at launch makes a heck of a lot more sense after seeing what this thing offered

    greygrey28 dagar sedan
  • For the times when you're away from home and you just NEED to watch Catwoman.

    Movie GamesMovie Games29 dagar sedan
    • Exactly, we've all broken out the Catwoman miniDVD and tissues, right ?!

      NowForTheTruthNowForTheTruth12 dagar sedan
    • Who hasn't had that moment?

      jaxtrawjaxtraw13 dagar sedan
  • Mmmm dont think i want one! (:

    Darren SmithDarren Smith29 dagar sedan
  • Hahah i only used those to burn GameCube games

    O Marcos BayO Marcos Bay29 dagar sedan
  • Its annoying when narrator say 'DVD' LOL

    Jacky LockJacky LockMånad sedan
  • The only english tounge who pronounce sumsoong instead of samesong 😹

    keeRZKkeeRZKMånad sedan
  • 2005 you already got Pocket PC´s as phones or Comunicators (called Smartphones back then), they offered a 4" or 5" screen and SD card support, rendering this actually useless.

    BuleddeBuleddeMånad sedan
  • The thinness of the covers reminds me a bit of the old tapes from Digiview Entertainment. They were sold very cheaply at Walmart, as I remember, no more than 5 dollars max. They would feature primary old public domain films- "Puss in Boots", "A Tale of Two Cities", and the like. They ended up sued to oblivion around 2007. But it still brings back kitsch memories, for me at least.

    Eric S. CzerneckiEric S. CzerneckiMånad sedan

    PhoenixPhoenixMånad sedan
  • 4:48 I came.

    theFLCLguytheFLCLguyMånad sedan
  • "Like taking a patent out on a kick in the groin." 🤣

    Matt PhillipsMatt PhillipsMånad sedan
  • I want to watch porn in this

    music notesmusic notesMånad sedan
  • the screen should have been on the lid.

  • Ummm. He can't possibly own a d12 album?!

    Mick ManMick ManMånad sedan
  • Yes, I am the half blood pr- INSERT DISK 2

    Yitocuk KilicYitocuk KilicMånad sedan
  • The only MiniDVD I have ever seen in-person was a MiniDVD copy of Catwoman I saw once at a discount department store as a kid. That should say everything about how well the format did LOL.

    Nathan WalkerNathan WalkerMånad sedan
  • This whole thing reminds me of the "smallest Discman" video from a few years back. And really makes you appreciate Sony's engineering from back then. Concept: "Hey, we wanted to sell a pocketable player, but a pocket is actually too small to fit a full-size disk into. We've got half-width disks, but what do we do for compatibility?" Sony engineers: "Well, we can put the hub motor on a slider so the user can adjust the hub location. A full-size disk will hang out of the player like a saw blade, though. Not really optimum, but it actually looks wicked-cool. Like something out of Ghost in the Shell or Blade Runner." Samsung engineers: "I DUNNO LOL" seworld.info/will/d6fbr6zSqWloxGQ/video for anyone that doesn't remember the coolest portable CD player.

    CptJistuceCptJistuceMånad sedan
  • These are still cool I would still use one every once in a while.

    Stan DarshStan DarshMånad sedan
  • This is essentially a Video-Now

    ChristiIna WillisChristiIna WillisMånad sedan
  • Oh neat I love the video now

    That wolf guyThat wolf guyMånad sedan
  • Never had the luxury of seeing one in person

    Swervo The GodSwervo The GodMånad sedan
  • the phone can do all that with youtube download. LOLs. things have changed

    Jason Reviews TECHJason Reviews TECHMånad sedan
  • Please do one on UMD movies and games

    Evan BlackEvan BlackMånad sedan