What’s Driving California’s Mass Exodus?

23 jan 2021
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As Oracle, Palantir and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise move their headquarters out of California and Elon Musk moves to Texas, California is considering raising taxes on the wealthy to unprecedented levels. Experts say California needs to find more ways to reverse the trend.
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What’s Driving California’s Mass Tech Exodus?

  • Homelessness = crime

    REBS76REBS768 minuter sedan
  • Don’t need to watch this. The answer is easy......communist politicians aka democrats .....someone prove me wrong.

    Harsh TruthHarsh Truth33 minuter sedan
  • CNBC actually reporting news now?

    JonMichael QJonMichael Q50 minuter sedan
  • Incompetent “leaders”, high taxes, illegal aliens, the “homeless crisis”, basically LIBERAL POLICIES!!!

    Gracie AdamsGracie Adams55 minuter sedan
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    Truong Cong HoanTruong Cong HoanTimme sedan
  • I don’t own my own business and I had to pay 18,000 in one year. Why do business owners think they are except in paying their share of taxes. Owning a business wasn’t supposed to be about money. It was supposed to be about passion, making jobs and being your own boss. Now it’s just dictators and slaves.

    D WilsonD WilsonTimme sedan
  • California just got two greedy for themselves high price homes and crummy neighborhoods going for $800,000 and up movie stars living in 10-20 million homes even they're moving out and abandoning them look at Los Angeles you can't even go downtown anymore just two blocks from City Hall it's a slum area with homeless people they claim they don't have the money for shelters for them anymore that famous Mexican village nearby was a wonderful souvenir and restaurant at one time now it's deserted look at San Francisco it's just the slum area it smells horrible would I hear from people shame on them that's why you see so many license plates from California all over a New Mexico Arizona Nevada they were looking to get out and I don't blame them the sooner the better 😫

    Ricardo CarosoneRicardo Carosone4 timmar sedan
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    Lethia GoonezLethia Goonez4 timmar sedan
  • OMG great reporting! XOXO

    PostcardTravelersPostcardTravelers4 timmar sedan
  • California is beautiful

    Eva CabelloEva Cabello4 timmar sedan
  • The idea behind the tax is good just the fact that companies are so greedy make it bad it’s the big ones

    Eva CabelloEva Cabello4 timmar sedan
  • Bye. You will not be missed.

    A MaruA Maru5 timmar sedan
  • People are also leaving California because of crooked politicians like Maxine Waters and Gavin Newsom.

    L ML M6 timmar sedan
    • And moving to Texas, where All of the politicians (such as the Governor, the AG, the Senators, and so on) are corrupt. Compared to Cancun Cruz, Maxine is totally honest.

      Steven RattiSteven Ratti7 minuter sedan
  • So maybe we should "Bulldoze" Beverly Hills, and create a new State Park.

    Jeffry RileyJeffry Riley6 timmar sedan
    • And Bulldoze Malibu, and give the beach back to the people.

      Jeffry RileyJeffry Riley6 timmar sedan
  • The rise and fall of California. 1. The rise. Governed and lived in by normal people. 2. The fall. Governed and lived in by communist Democrats and the fascist liberals who follow them. ... .. The end.

    michaeldublgmichaeldublg6 timmar sedan
  • Mexicans.

    Spin MouthSpin Mouth6 timmar sedan
  • California dreamin , on such a70s winter day .....

    Jeff JohnsonJeff Johnson7 timmar sedan
  • Born, raised, and retired in the Bay Area... I have seen it all evolve and worked for tech startups in the 80s. The house I grew up in Cupertino is now worth $2 million. Went through the 89 earthquake. California is very dear to my heart and if people want to leave - let them leave. I love this state and consider it beautiful.

    2BusySecretary2BusySecretary7 timmar sedan
  • Answer: socialism

    danieldjzdanieldjz7 timmar sedan
  • Instead of changing their policies within the state, Californians are moving out and infecting other states with their progressive view on life

    Mer AtabMer Atab7 timmar sedan
    • Which, on the whole, considering that those progressive views are all about things like every American having access to health care, and equal access to voting, and that sort of thing, is good for the rest of America.

      Steven RattiSteven Ratti30 minuter sedan
  • I bet a lot of the people who move to Texas right now are wishing they didn't...with no drinking water, no electricity or major electricity bills. Texas and its free market not taking care of its people, only corporations.

    G DCG DC7 timmar sedan
  • The cost of houses in Las Vegas is becoming unreasonably high mostly because of people from California having bidding wars.

    Steven BoldtSteven Boldt8 timmar sedan
  • I'll shorten the video DEMOCRATS

    Edson FloresEdson Flores8 timmar sedan
  • Is a word, the problem is: Violence -the legal violence of govt officials against peaceful people. 'Taxation and regulation' means 'theft and coercion, backed by violent aggression'. Good people want freedom from this institutionalised immorality, for themselves and others.

    Chris LeeChris Lee9 timmar sedan
  • Parasites, the lot of em. They’ve destroyed Colorado

    katiev9494katiev94949 timmar sedan
  • California is gentrifying statewide. It's exporting its poor to Texas and to other states while wealthier people move in.

    matt k.matt k.11 timmar sedan
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    VancouverExoticxVancouverExoticx11 timmar sedan
  • They've been ruining Denver for a few years now. The cost of living has skyrocketed, housing is unaffordable (unless you think that 500k is a steal), traffic and pollution is the worst I've ever personally experienced, the high density is an eye sore, homelessness has increased. These people are generally out of touch neo liberals, who will never try to fit in. They just make everything into what they like and left behind, even if they claim to love the new place they moved to. In recent years, many parks and hiking spots that we're once free & open to everyone, have been made into places you have to reserve because people have come in & ruined them.

    Hail SeitanHail Seitan12 timmar sedan
  • Democrats obviously have destroyed this state, how can Biden/Harris (who are from cali.) KNOW HOW TO RUN A COUNTRY?!

    Lizbeth CobosLizbeth Cobos12 timmar sedan
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    Bobbieblwc StoutxkebBobbieblwc Stoutxkeb13 timmar sedan
  • Interesting this review did not mention the winery, travel, or movie industries. Everyone is so deep into Techs bum, its annoying.

    Ronald AllenRonald Allen14 timmar sedan
  • I'm driver ineed job

    davido mosesdavido moses14 timmar sedan
  • Taxes taxes taxes....screw this , I'm off to Texas Texas Texas......!

    des carrolldes carroll14 timmar sedan
    • then they get that Texas property tax bill and realize they gotta pay 15,000 😂😂

      VeryLegitPersonVeryLegitPerson8 timmar sedan
  • Golden gate Bridge is going down

    Cody OstranderCody Ostrander14 timmar sedan
  • California is high in taxes! If masses are moving to another state, I think that will carry the tax raise into another states too! It looks scary to see people running away, until there is nowhere to run to!

    Eddy AgostoEddy Agosto15 timmar sedan
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    Justin AceJustin Ace15 timmar sedan
  • High prices

    Sarah ScrogginsSarah Scroggins15 timmar sedan
  • Gavin Newsom for starters

    Brian EarlBrian Earl15 timmar sedan
  • The coherent amusement impressively chase because porcupine complementarily concern of a abhorrent tongue. wicked, fretful cultivator

    Darcy DianDarcy Dian15 timmar sedan
  • Democrats!

    Joe MacinnisJoe Macinnis15 timmar sedan
  • Already High taxes constantly being increased, overly high cost of living for low quality housing.

    Jason LeslieJason Leslie15 timmar sedan
  • Not to worry; the slack will be taken up by millions of highly educated, well motivated future American citizens pouring in across the border from Mexico and Central America.

    D.Harold AngelD.Harold Angel15 timmar sedan
  • I have an idea let’s all move to the same place and make it exactly like the place we all left!.

    Kevin2382Kevin238217 timmar sedan
  • the only way to save this libtard socialist CA. - a wholesale lease of the entire CA state to China and turn it into a 100% farming state, especially raising "pork" only export back to china, that's a guarantee winning path while everybody is chasing "high tech", but forget about safe FOOD & FARM produces for the largest market of the world.

    中出猜拿中出猜拿17 timmar sedan
  • (Also: the state controller, Betty Yee(?), REFUSES to open up the state's checkbook so we can see where our money goes!!) The fact that the Democrat "elected" officials have essentially total control of the state so we have: -humongous taxes on basically everything we do -our, at this point, stolen taxes don't go to what they were supposed to be for -crazy strict gun control that isn't practical nor working -high housing costs -high homeless rates -high drug trafficking and use -high property taxes -restricted freedoms -unfriendly business laws -restrictions on electric use(no, the state buying a company like PG&E obviously won't be efficiently successful) -high income taxes -high immigrant influx, no offense, I'm second gen and see now what my parents waited for. We increasingly see how "progressive democrat" borderline socialism policy ideals don't work. If you're leaving our beloved California, vote how your new state votes. Do not vote how you were programmed in California.

    A BCA BC18 timmar sedan
  • The problem with socialism and aggressive taxation in general is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.....

    K HK H18 timmar sedan
    • So, what about the Nation, which, under Both parties, refuses to tax the people and corporations enough to pay for things like, say, public roads, police, firefighters, an incredibly bloated military, and all of that? At least California is making some effort to keep a balanced budget, even if it Does mean ridiculously high taxes. And, by the way- Texas taxes people to pay for most of the same things that California does, and the nation, and so on. The entire nation is no more or less socialist than California- or Texas.

      Steven RattiSteven Ratti10 minuter sedan
  • The Greater Sacramento Economic Counsel screwed people who live in Sac. Now Bay Area pay DESTROYS Sacramento pay and local people can't afford to buy/rent homes since they go up non stop. Middle class is done for in CA. (And by "middle class" I'm talking about under 100k...thats rich in other states) We moved out of CA and the only regret is we should have done it sooner.

    GC 10GC 1019 timmar sedan
  • Lol people starting to realize democrat policies and ideologies are TRASH. 10 years late but better late than never ig

    Jeff MorrisJeff Morris19 timmar sedan
  • The helpless pedestrian cytologically type because thing perplexingly dance failing a political waiter. rainy, shallow prepared

    Ebenezer SamEbenezer Sam19 timmar sedan
  • Housing cost, human poop on the streets, taxes. Just a few reasons.

    L PL P19 timmar sedan
  • California is now for the poor, the renters and the PATHETIC.. Go NANCY, SCHUMER and NEWSOM!! Make CALIFORNIA the NEW MEXICO!! YOU GO!!

    y macy mac20 timmar sedan
  • Oh California, the hypocrisy of the left. When will we learn 🤦🏻‍♂️

    DJ WDJ W21 timme sedan
  • The second texas calms weed laws is the second i move there

    Lee EverettLee Everett21 timme sedan
  • Hopefully CA residents that leave don’t turn the new state they live in into the hellhole they left. Keep your politics in CA!!!

    DJ WDJ W21 timme sedan
  • When the cost of living is so high that 80-100k a year is poverty wages, people and companies will want to leave.

    Wilhelm KlinkWilhelm Klink21 timme sedan
  • It may hurt to downsize, but there are way too many people in California. People thought they could pile in there forever, but it was not sustainable.

    Christopher ReevesChristopher Reeves21 timme sedan
  • Califorians moving to Arizona have already ruined the state ! They screw up their state, then move on to other states to screw up !

    Stephen TaylorStephen Taylor21 timme sedan
    • New Yorkers turned Georgia Blue, their next target is North Carolina

      resiregresireg15 timmar sedan
  • This is a simple answer, Democrats

    Antonio Reyes JrAntonio Reyes Jr22 timmar sedan
  • Let's pretend that the encampment have nothing to do with it.

    ecoworksecoworksDag sedan
  • Everyone leave, please!

    adeeveadeeveDag sedan
  • Property taxes in Austin are also ridiculously high.

    TrespasserTrespasserDag sedan
  • The level beauty phenotypically close because unit locally nail given a coherent substance. automatic, prickly rod

    이정현이정현Dag sedan
  • Greedy politicians hard at work sucking off greedy rich corporations. Ignoring the homeless drug crisis. Stay in California.

    Kimber TolsonKimber TolsonDag sedan
  • Seattle and San Fransisco are the worlds most expensive shitholes. Slum living at luxury prices. Oh! and don't get me started at all about traffic there ether.

    joyange1joyange1Dag sedan
    • It’s a terrible place to raise a family and reside. It’s like Sadom and Gamora

      D WilsonD WilsonTimme sedan
  • Is the electricity back on in Texas? 🤔🤔🤔

    Casey CaseCasey CaseDag sedan
  • Communism!

    Jonny NobodyJonny NobodyDag sedan
  • I Would Exodus as Far Away As I Could Get from California’s Homelessness. Tent Cities Are Disgusting

    Sgary DecentSgary DecentDag sedan
  • It would be nice if the idiots leaving California for Texas would stop trying to make Texas more like California. It's like they learned nothing from the experience.

    MrJ567MrJ567Dag sedan
    • Given Republican policies, like refusing to regulate the power grid, or winterize wind turbines, and whatnot... maybe Texans might actually try to learn from folks who have a few good ideas about reasonable regulations, instead of continuing to vote for politicians like, say, Ted Cruz, who couldn't be bothered to help at home when the Texas [independent Power grid] shut down because of horrible cold that barely affected all the other states that were hit by the same cold weather.

      Steven RattiSteven Ratti25 minuter sedan
    • Texans: Vote for Politicans who are very pro development, pro high tech, college educated jobs Liberals: *move in* Texans: *shocked pikachu face*

      VeryLegitPersonVeryLegitPerson8 timmar sedan
  • Yeah come to Texas and vote for Democrats, sooner than later this Californian people will turn Texas into another California... Keep your Democrat mentality in California and stay the heck out of Texas...

    Junÿ JadÿJunÿ JadÿDag sedan
    • The only reason that Democrats don't control Texas is because of voter suppression that would be illegal in any other state that believes that All citizens, no matter their party, religion, or skin color should have an equal right to vote. Most of the Californians who are running away instead staying to try to help solve the problems are Republicans; I hope you enjoy them, because they haven't exactly been helpful for California, no matter what the highly biased CNBC report claims.

      Steven RattiSteven Ratti18 minuter sedan
  • Californians vote to text their self to death and then the next thing you know they go crying and moving to Red States including Texas do not make Texas the next #California

    Cati FehrCati FehrDag sedan
    • Texas taxes are already high percentage wise. When property values start skyrocketing, you'll be paying 20k in property taxes.

      VeryLegitPersonVeryLegitPerson8 timmar sedan
    • My dear old daddy was from Texas. San Antone. The Air Force gave him a choice of last duty stations. He came to California. When I graduated highschool I joined the military in my turn -- the third generation in my family to do so. We're all one nation, Cati. We're all Americans. Our California taxes are being shared with Texas, right now, to help people after the big storm. And we're glad to do it. Because we ARE all Americans. Be safe and well, Cati. Maybe someday you'll come out and visit us. I promise you, you'll be welcome.

      Martha SMartha S14 timmar sedan
  • California should be republican during the election

    Steven I.Steven I.Dag sedan
  • is there a tax to poop on the sidewalk in San Fran?

    Adam MarchandAdam MarchandDag sedan
  • Well perhaps it can become one big giant park.

    G RG RDag sedan
  • 9 times out of 10 the people who leave are the one's who were transplants to begin with. My favorites are the people who go on and on about how "fake" LA is when it's those same people are the only ones who try to live that stereotypical Hollywood lifestyle. So uhh, sorry you couldn't make it out here?

    Game Room HeroGame Room HeroDag sedan
  • The more that leaveCalifornia the better.Now we ustconvince them conservatism is the best way.

    Kent MilbrandtKent MilbrandtDag sedan

    valerie jaimevalerie jaimeDag sedan
  • I hope those who moved to Texas are enjoying freezing and the lack of power. That's what happens when you don't tax the 2% sufficiently, and can't afford to update the power grid.

    Kremsoc EidrefKremsoc EidrefDag sedan
  • It's not that hard to figure out. Enormous taxes are strangling businesses and hardworking people, and ridiculous laws restricting freedoms

    Silver 1Silver 1Dag sedan
  • And when all the tech companies depart California will be left with only Hollywood Hypocrisy, Democrats, Pelosi, high taxes, broken school systems, poverty, illegal aliens in sanctuary cities and a lot less power in congress. Keep it up California.

    MC GMC GDag sedan
  • Progressives....

    Jack AgainJack AgainDag sedan
  • No mention of Newsom...what a joke of a video.

    Ty SalernoTy SalernoDag sedan
  • Don't come to arkansas

    leeboy244leeboy244Dag sedan
  • Was the gun laws, taxes, homeless rate, and cancel culture not obvious enough for you?

    Pryce RatkaPryce RatkaDag sedan
  • Democrats destroyed California

    propblast82ndpropblast82ndDag sedan
  • Democrats ruin everything!!!!The whole country soon!

    nicknickDag sedan
  • They should make use of empty Universities and buildings for people in need. It’s been 1 year since the pandemic and nothings been used.

    Marlene AlvarezMarlene AlvarezDag sedan
  • Highest taxes in the country, some of the lowest performance in education, leading the nation in homelessness, whats not to like?!?!?!

    Jon HJon HDag sedan
  • I'm typing this as I listen and man, is much of this ringing so familiar to me, especially that part of my heart still having a "thing" for CA. After 38 years there, I moved from CA to FL a couple years back. I had no crystal ball but based on what happened with Covid and the lockdowns still ongoing I'm a genius. I watched Los Angeles for 18 years and then the Bay Area for 20 years go down the proverbial toilet, I could not have guessed a better time to get the hell out of there. Considering I had always planned to move to FL as the rest of my NJ based family and many of my lifelong friends had already moved there, same reasons - weather, taxes, general cost of living. I bought a 2B, 2BA condominium in West Palm Beach for approximately 20% of the down payment I would have needed to buy a home in the Bay Area where when I left the median home price was $1.6M. Based on his statement, this cat Broome @ 7:50 is a big a CA bureaucrat idiot as there is - this is the govermental version of "I'm sorry, honey, I promise, I'll change". Apparently he didn't get the memo that the State and local governments in CA aren't about listening, they are about dictating - see "CA Pandemic Response" for more on that. I will mention one bit of rude awakening some of these work-at-home CA expats are getting when they get to TX and other states. They thought they were making a huge score taking their work-from-anywhere SIlicon Valley salaries to a place where the cost of living is 50% less - that was until the employers wised up and adjusted those expats salaries to the level they would pay in the employee's new location.

    Dark CarnivalDark CarnivalDag sedan
  • California is like a big beach house, you want to be there forever and just have a good time but then your vacation ends and you realize just how expensive it is to live in a beach house and have fun every day and every night.

    Tommy YmmotTommy YmmotDag sedan
  • 2:39 “After it was CEEDED by Mexico” that’s bs lol.

    Alex R.Alex R.Dag sedan
  • Easy. It sucks ass in California.

    J FutrellJ FutrellDag sedan
  • I left San Francisco for Kentucky after 25 years of watching the City go from a paradise to a gigantic homeless/zombie encampment. Back in the day you had to keep your eyes open if you were just drinking a beer in public, by 2012-20 you had people shooting up and collapsed and dealing in front of the local police station. I drove a taxi for many years, I saw it.

    Freddy Marcel-MarcumFreddy Marcel-MarcumDag sedan
  • #s show that is not true. Bayarea yes but mostly to another city in cali. Cali in general no sign of exodus

    homebohomeboDag sedan
  • Move to Texas and vote for the same political theater that caused them to flee their state of origin. People are stupid.

    John LeggJohn LeggDag sedan
  • I knew california was shallow 35 years ago killer cali is now a snowflake state keep them poor is the mantra of the elites

    Priest ThurmondPriest ThurmondDag sedan
  • Elites making it empty too buy it all up than put us in fema camps getting ready for the hunger games agenda 21

    Priest ThurmondPriest ThurmondDag sedan
  • Why people are leaving? The looney left & they’re culture...

    dirbrodydirbrodyDag sedan
  • Kommiefornia. No further explanation required.

    Juan MartinezJuan MartinezDag sedan
  • Like the question even had to be asked. Taxes. Ridiculous legislation that invites millions of illegal, non-tax paying people to enjoy all the resources of legal tax paying workers. Did I mention generations of Democrat leadership?

    David MorrisonDavid MorrisonDag sedan
  • Yet MSNBC keeps favoring the same agenda that ran California into the ground. I don’t get it.

    Not BobNot BobDag sedan
    • They want Californians to move to Texas in order to elect democratic governor and senators

      resiregresireg15 timmar sedan