Manipulating The Weak | Push The Button

14 maj 2020
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  • 0:57 Lars's character doing that animation at that time was perfect

    Pikagamer3Pikagamer32 dagar sedan
  • one of the most entertaining games SR plays

    Wasel HasanWasel Hasan10 dagar sedan
  • I’m actually with Stan, I think a necklace is a great gift for graduates

    Dark CrusaderDark Crusader22 dagar sedan
  • Me watching kaif knowing he's imposter: wow how do people believe him? Me, not knowing: wow ok nvm

    GD RunnyGD Runny25 dagar sedan
  • Me at 11:56 - 12:12 : *Insert CatJam here*

    Glaggy TGlaggy T25 dagar sedan
  • As a non native speaker, I really appreciate the subtitles. Thanks for that!

    JoacgrosoJoacgrosoMånad sedan
  • Too be fair I dont keep up with celebrities either lol.

    exemidaexemidaMånad sedan
  • Stan is an idiot

    Ianic DavidIanic DavidMånad sedan
  • The average temperature at 40,000 feet above sea level is -60 F.

    BluBluMånad sedan
  • i like how cali says that he got preety park and then stan tries to lie.

    Enzo PradoEnzo Prado2 månader sedan
  • _The Scream_ sounds like an XK End of the World Scenario.

    Anomalocaris the Abnormal ShrimpAnomalocaris the Abnormal Shrimp2 månader sedan
  • I don't think people understand, at 4:32 with the "being given a necklace" thing, it's not about convincing yourself with the necklace thing, it's about convincing others to believe you, so you'd use their sort of answers to sway them to your side. THAT was the issue.

    MortimmMortimm2 månader sedan
  • You should play this more

    Thai FoodThai Food3 månader sedan
  • 0:57 when the animation is perfect

    Lewisonhower ConneryLewisonhower Connery3 månader sedan
  • @Kaif when you got all three aliens can you please at least put a seizure warning

    Bacons EggsBacons Eggs3 månader sedan
  • how do you tell of your an alien or human i dont get it

    Just a Scottish guyJust a Scottish guy4 månader sedan
  • 16:37 Rob apologized for being sus of kaif but its a little hard to hear.

    GandalfVapezGandalfVapez4 månader sedan
  • Jackbox games yeah

    Exterminatus enthusiastExterminatus enthusiast4 månader sedan
  • What is the song at end sorry

    Ljubisav MadzgaljLjubisav Madzgalj4 månader sedan
  • 10:47 YABA DABA DOOOOOOOOOO Edit: Also 11:56 if u also liked it a ton like me

    Miles S.Miles S.4 månader sedan
  • Is kaifefe with ebbz?

    AnubisAnubis4 månader sedan
    • They live together

      leobrine 9445leobrine 94452 månader sedan
  • No matter what game it is Stan will 3rd imposter

    RexolReptileRexolReptile4 månader sedan
  • Alright

    mc. Clarck kenth M sambilemc. Clarck kenth M sambile4 månader sedan
  • “cali you fucking fanboy” best shit ever

    Safouane chahbariSafouane chahbari5 månader sedan
  • :joy:

    Zoilo AvancenaZoilo Avancena5 månader sedan
  • Discount Among Us

    William ZhaoWilliam Zhao5 månader sedan
  • I like how everyone is partying while Stan rob and Cali argue in the background

    Ram GamesRam Games5 månader sedan
  • Of course you slow down *you have to kill them slowly and painfully let them see the universes around them crumble let them know they will die and make they suffer before-hand* yeah I'm not an alien I'm just a monster.

    Kay Plays TodayKay Plays Today5 månader sedan
  • 13:42 why the zoom in?

    Grayson BolesGrayson Boles5 månader sedan
  • 13:42 why the zoom in?

    Grayson BolesGrayson Boles5 månader sedan
  • So Kaif likes cooking? eyyy, anything you got to recommend to a cooking student

    Stringnerd11Stringnerd115 månader sedan
  • i like how everytime human wins the humans were celebrating and laughing while the aliens were just argue in the background.

    Jordan LohJordan Loh5 månader sedan
  • I wanna point out that Ubi said that Keanu Reeves annoys him...kinda sus I think.

    AquaBasilisk347AquaBasilisk3475 månader sedan
  • Stan lowers the difficulty of the game for the killers in any game he plays if he is human/innocent

    meta knight is broken in ssb brawlmeta knight is broken in ssb brawl6 månader sedan
  • Hey may i know hows the background music on 2:02 called? because it slaps

    MarelMarel6 månader sedan
    • @Marel yo dude ur welcome 😳😳😳

      tjtj3 månader sedan
    • @tj thank you so much!

      MarelMarel5 månader sedan

      tjtj5 månader sedan
    • yeah, im finding it for the past 3 hours. have you got any clues or something?

      tjtj5 månader sedan
  • Kaif is just foo god wtf

    Blox_Fruits EnjoyerBlox_Fruits Enjoyer6 månader sedan
  • It's such a good game but it seems a tad overpriced

    TopHatDemon TDMTopHatDemon TDM6 månader sedan
    • It's from a Party Pack, it comes with like 5 other games

      Matthew GrantMatthew Grant5 månader sedan
  • First time I have ever seen humans win

    Purple LotusPurple Lotus6 månader sedan
  • 11:55 16:40

    Antonio LuisAntonio Luis6 månader sedan
  • oh god which clip of your stream had the one with Lars asking why he couldn't go after his best friends significant other

    Lelouch StrifeLelouch Strife6 månader sedan
  • That got me hyped up hahahaha

    sa2115sa21157 månader sedan
  • haha necklace gose brrrrrr

    Simon RamosSimon Ramos7 månader sedan
  • i love when kaif explains the game

    hazel alessandrahazel alessandra7 månader sedan
  • 16:27

    Cold Gaming YTSCold Gaming YTS7 månader sedan
  • 15:30 excuse me ubi what

    Daniel FaustDaniel Faust7 månader sedan
  • so among us, but jackbox?

    lev figueroalev figueroa7 månader sedan
  • Sorrybut whats the outro music

    Ljubisav MadzgaljLjubisav Madzgalj7 månader sedan
  • Kaifs observation skill is impeccable he's like a detective

    Cytus AesirCytus Aesir7 månader sedan
  • Need another episode of this game

    SnakebrenSnakebren7 månader sedan
  • Ebbz is Kaiffu's Waifu

    Squidiot StoriesSquidiot Stories7 månader sedan
  • But if the aliens get a different question doesn’t the AI thing already know who the aliens are?

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya7 månader sedan
  • Can I tell if I got a necklace for grad? It's exactly like what he said

    Hunter Wilson-georgeHunter Wilson-george7 månader sedan
  • I had my first drink at 8

    Silas ShepardSilas Shepard7 månader sedan
  • I would put 1 too it never said what type of drink

    the Amazing Ambrosiathe Amazing Ambrosia7 månader sedan
  • Kaif.cheef

    Volta MachineVolta Machine7 månader sedan
  • 11:29 I could tell stan tried to spell Zelda.

    Legion 903rdLegion 903rd7 månader sedan
  • Ebbz is really fucking passive agressive towards Stan smh, kind of ruining the mood.

    RandomQuestionRandomQuestion7 månader sedan
    • XDD IKR

      Neil AdrianNeil Adrian7 månader sedan
  • Anyone know the ending music?

    CrimsonWingCrimsonWing7 månader sedan
  • This is just amoung us

    Name WordsName Words7 månader sedan

    Trenton ReinhardtTrenton Reinhardt8 månader sedan
  • That was cool tho

    Dantiel82Dantiel828 månader sedan
  • I forgot: I DRAWED SOMEONE SCREAMING Me: the fameus scream art?

    Aleshia WischAleshia Wisch8 månader sedan
  • The dance scene. Is way to good

    william rhinehartwilliam rhinehart8 månader sedan
  • Kaif has the biggest brain

    Uncaged Ninja5Uncaged Ninja58 månader sedan
  • Lars just has to test the goods for his best friend.

    GenericNameGenericName8 månader sedan
  • My prompt to the humans is: Draw a pistol My prompt to the aliens is: Draw a revolver Give me links to a picture of each.

    Shawn Burke-HutchinsonShawn Burke-Hutchinson8 månader sedan
  • Wait How does one answer a question

    I like DonutsI like Donuts8 månader sedan
  • I thought Stan was only bad in Among Us until I saw this video.......

    get_neppedget_nepped8 månader sedan
  • I miss scp foundation. Those were the good ol days of kaif.

    AbysmalAce139AbysmalAce1398 månader sedan
  • 5:57

    Shahir AimanShahir Aiman8 månader sedan
  • When did you have your first drink? Boaby: 24 Kaif: Don't believe it one bit, how about you Ben? Ben: 11 definitely

    D WD W8 månader sedan
  • can anyone tell me what is the game name and where to download it ?

    Mklok WarneyMklok Warney8 månader sedan
    • deeenis Денис thanks

      Mklok WarneyMklok Warney8 månader sedan
    • Push the button, it's a part of the jackbox party pack 6 which is available on all major consoles and PC

      deeenis Денисdeeenis Денис8 månader sedan
  • What game is this

    Cassie MallariCassie Mallari8 månader sedan
    • Push the button, it's a part of the jackbox party pack 6

      deeenis Денисdeeenis Денис8 månader sedan
  • Wow this is the very first time I have ever seen the humans win

    Pink SirenPink Siren8 månader sedan
  • In my country if u say u had first drink at age of 1 they will believe you its fax

    Sanel MuratovicSanel Muratovic8 månader sedan
  • I love how when they win they are still arguing but you edited in music, so now it’s just a bunch of kids at christmas

    Aodhan DooneAodhan Doone8 månader sedan
  • Honestly, every time humans win is big poggers, because it’s so hard to win as humans

    Ian JonesIan Jones8 månader sedan
  • Don't look up blue waffle

    Nothing LampNothing Lamp9 månader sedan
  • Me: **believes kaif and stan** One of them: **are the alien** Me: **betrayal music** Kaif AND stans: **are both aliens** Me: **ANAKINS BETRAYAL ORCHESTRAL VERSION**

    Miguel MialichiMiguel Mialichi9 månader sedan
  • Whats the song at 3:24 !?!?!?!

    Neil AdrianNeil Adrian9 månader sedan
    • Nvm

      Neil AdrianNeil Adrian7 månader sedan
  • Your's and starcat's thumbnails are so similar that I keep on thinking you both are stealing each others thumbnails only to realize they're just slightly different

    the mind toustthe mind toust9 månader sedan
    • He must have good taste 😉

      KaifKaif9 månader sedan
  • 9:24

    que thehuskyque thehusky9 månader sedan
  • My Guess as to why Stan sped up the bioscanner -Stan hoped Kaif would fail and so Stan could use that a against him

    Kitten Kat123Kitten Kat1239 månader sedan
  • Wow a have never seen a human win in this.

    TheGameBoy 11TheGameBoy 119 månader sedan
  • I'm from Argentina and my gandfather makes me drink wine and whisky and smoking at the age of 6 years old

    El viciadoEl viciado9 månader sedan
  • “I told you Stan! I fucking told you!” “Stan you need to shut the fuck up” 5:49 😆😆🤣🤣🤣

    Cailyn GloverCailyn Glover9 månader sedan
  • Just so you know : I've had my first drink at 18 on my birthday, my father opened an expensive wine bottle as old as me for the occasion. T'was the second best day of my life.

    Commandant AeonCommandant Aeon9 månader sedan
  • Kaif is real life equivalent of Sherlock Holmes. We need more people like him in investigations.

    EgolithEgolith9 månader sedan
  • Can this game be played on mobile?

    rs2sensen Gamesrs2sensen Games9 månader sedan
    • I figured that by now

      rs2sensen Gamesrs2sensen Games8 månader sedan
    • Yea.. I figured that out a while ago.

      rs2sensen Gamesrs2sensen Games8 månader sedan
    • Technically it is a mobile game since you can use your phone to connect to jackbox.TV . But in order to see the main screen you need a PC or console

      deeenis Денисdeeenis Денис8 månader sedan
  • I’ve never seen humans win this game, wow

    Caleb MurrayCaleb Murray9 månader sedan
  • What's the music at the very end when they get it right the second time and the outro music?

    icefire 0932icefire 09329 månader sedan
  • Touch da button. -a small Chara from some random comic

    Knight123xKnight123x9 månader sedan
  • Stan is basically the dumb friend you have in every group of friends :/

    Zero ExeZero Exe9 månader sedan
  • Kaif is a ducking god

    SugarWolf211SugarWolf2119 månader sedan
  • What was the music at the very end of the video when the three aliens died..? (Ubi, Stan, Cali)

    ValgientValgient9 månader sedan
  • i think that Lars loginc about the nacklace makes sense, i would give a nacklace as a graduation gift

    papyrus 330papyrus 3309 månader sedan
  • What is the outro song for this one

    OmenOmen9 månader sedan
  • So no one's gonna mention how at 3:45 when it said draw the grossest vegetables someone drew a tomato which is a fruit?

    Joel IbargollinJoel Ibargollin9 månader sedan
  • 11:55 - 12:12 is the bets moment of the video change my mind

    LukerLuker9 månader sedan
  • How the hell does this game work? Aliens get difference answers than humans, and only aliens can hack, so aliens can just hack and not be noticeable?!?

    HatefulhierarchyHatefulhierarchy9 månader sedan
    • Kaif oh damn, wasn’t expecting kaiffu himself to explain it to me. Thanks.

      HatefulhierarchyHatefulhierarchy9 månader sedan
    • You have limited hacks If people are suspicious, the cracks start showing

      KaifKaif9 månader sedan