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Fortnite STORY - The RETURN OF MIDAS! Ep. 3
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  • Midas is literally jared letos joker

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  • Hi

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  • so much for november 17th

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  • Ayo it’s the 17 and I didn’t even noticed🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😅

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  • 5:07 YUGIOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Just Kidding........

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  • I’m starting to feel that the team at Epic really likes Midas and will just keep bringing him back in different styles and forms.

    Metro North Railfan ProductionsMetro North Railfan Productions6 dagar sedan
  • Theory: what if Midas has a evil twin and that’s Midas evil twin

    Divine_sake4Divine_sake48 dagar sedan
  • Since it’s three people that on this SEworld channel should you name your channel top five games

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  • shadow midas is his soul, not his physical self. luthor built a suit to help him which is why he is there

    K.MitchelCruzK.MitchelCruz10 dagar sedan
  • Heh ahadow midas was eliminated idk if he is apart of the story?

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  • He's getting closer.

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  • J

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  • I'm a girl but I'm still watching this

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  • Midas Rex can be a boss yay

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  • Guys there prob gonna return to the war because it’s a bunch marvel movies were coming out

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  • Love your storyline vids

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  • What if cyclo brought him back to life and he is looking for jules

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  • Midas is probably the biggest mastermind in chapter 2 but chaos agent is literally a undershadow person.The whole person causing havoc

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  • What if tony stark built him

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  • Ahh yes the most friendly thumbnail

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  • oro is midas if you see his scare

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  • I’m not aloud vbucks

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  • Look dude, you make great videos But please stop with the clickbait thumbnails

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  • has anyone noticed midas rex has oros crown upside down on his chest?

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  • I think who brought midas is that mummy halloween king of the dead

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  • what about the lynx file in john jones office

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  • top 5 gaming do a 4 episode about fornite storyline i love them

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  • you do know that galactus was already on his way when the chapter 2 map was created by the zero point?. thats facts.

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  • Oro brought Midas back to lyfe

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  • ORO is actually ANOTHER version of midas bug more in the future please give me a shoutout

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  • Does anyone else agree that the fortnite story line is cringe? It kinda used to be good it sucks to see the game get worse every season :(

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  • 9:45 So... ¿Midas is springtrap now?

    SonicGamer Roblox Sonic y MasSonicGamer Roblox Sonic y Mas19 dagar sedan
  • not robot midas

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  • the skin is lex luther and midas combined

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  • Choas Agent brought Midas back to life probably to take over the world

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  • For me, the entire Fortnite storyline is so creepy in some way

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  • Midas wasn’t a threat or a foe, and never was. As a matter of fact, he tried to save everyone with the Doomsday Device! He was trying to get rid of the storm so the island could be in peace and harmony. But too bad his plan went downhill pretty quickly. Too bad we only got to spend two days with Midas being on my favorite team, Shadow. Then he got eaten. He’s only trying to get revenge on his 9th grade science teacher for giving him a D- on that test he studied really hard for. Cut him some slack, T5G. And I feel really bad for him because the Fallout Power Armour looks really uncomfortable on Midas Rex. I’m also not afraid to admit that I have an obsession with Midas, meaning I have a ginormous crush on him that snowballed into a bigger, stronger obsession when he tried to get revenge and tried to make approximately 300 million people join his Shadow army...

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    • @DS-richman- Yt And I know Midas will be back in the Last Laugh bundle, I would give everything I own just to have Midas Rex, except my Fortnite account.

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    • @DS-richman- Yt No, Jules is his daughter.

      Midas_Touch 8Midas_Touch 818 dagar sedan
    • @Midas_Touch 8 and yes Midas and Jules are siblings

      DS-richman- YtDS-richman- Yt19 dagar sedan
    • @Midas_Touch 8 well he’ll be bck n a few weeks and possibly season 5 but Midas isn’t done, hopefully he’ll be part of the storyline forever

      DS-richman- YtDS-richman- Yt19 dagar sedan
    • @DS-richman- Yt Why would you be mad at me? He’s just too handsome...Oh, and Jules is Midas’ daughter. And in my opinion, The Agency was the best POI in the history of anything, and I know Midas was just in game, but I would give anything to hear his voice again and have The Agency back.

      Midas_Touch 8Midas_Touch 819 dagar sedan
  • first Juils is midas doter and he only did the dooms avent to save her from the gold touch he put in her so how could Juils akak maragold help with when she was a gold statue midas plan did not fail cos he brot Juils back if u want full detail and the original story and fun games fortnite like prop hunt go sud to newscapepro 1 2 3 4 and there latis channel 5 which is theris and stuff also tefu haves been behind every single major avent

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    • U might be on to something

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  • November 21 is my birthday!!!🤯🤯🤯

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  • Some heroes and tony stark Ah yes tony stark isnt a hero but doctor doom is

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  • It's like Satan being summoned except Midas

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  • When you look when midas is about to be eatin by the shark you will see the inland from spongbob in the back round!!!!!

  • Greek Midas watching this with hades be like 🤣🤣👁👄👁

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  • plz do a video about the mithcal boss? :)

    Justin CarulliJustin Carulli21 dag sedan
  • Pro and pro

    17-Abdullah Songor17-Abdullah Songor21 dag sedan
  • oros description says “part of the midas revenge pack” so i’m assuming it’s midas as a dead corpse

    HailHail21 dag sedan

    Levis TionkoLevis Tionko21 dag sedan
  • I don't think midas have ever been a villain and also he is smarter than any fortnite charcter he always was trying to save the island whenever he appeared and epic might surprise us

    ammar alhadiammar alhadi21 dag sedan
  • Realized if Oreo is gold then how did he become gold dun dun dun!!!!!!

    deathprank104 2nd account and a fan of mrsin Reallydeathprank104 2nd account and a fan of mrsin Really21 dag sedan
  • Theory:if the future Midas is the default Midas in a suit then somebody who had the powers of reviving people could of sucked up the evilness in him but who is the man with powers the mystery yet won't be solved

    deathprank104 2nd account and a fan of mrsin Reallydeathprank104 2nd account and a fan of mrsin Really21 dag sedan
  • If galatus attacks us he's gonna die from storm 3secs later galatus died in the storm. everybody:hhhaahhahahahahahah

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  • Good job

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  • where did you get that The Storm is alive? I'm really interested in that part of the lore.

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  • midas is scp 001 but without the flaming sword

    Derek CharbonneauDerek Charbonneau21 dag sedan
  • but you ken kill minis as a ghos

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  • Minus bring people back and just helps everyone if you collect us but we have to have more people trying to destroy so what if that’s all of my dishes does mitis chose to do

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  • What is Joe’s make some thing to help and like mine is one of mine is brings doors back and stuff and we get more people to help feet

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  • That isn't midas it is oz

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  • Midas is not shadow he is like a Kevin the cube he got the power

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  • We get it your voting biden bro

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  • What about the black winter you think it might come to Fortnite since we are close to winter

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  • I did't play for like 3 weeks and now i came back and got a win with like 19 kills i like the idea fornite did

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  • This is fan fiction and a way to bring Star Wars in. Before the battle vs galactis iron man realized they needed help so he timetraveled back in time with the extra pum particles and sending a republic distress signal so the new republic sends some of there best pilots and two attack cruisers. When they get here they unleash all the power they have on galactis and loose many lives iron man has to call on the island and relunticly teaming up on aquaman, chaos agent and Batman with this power they are able to defeat galactis almost loosing and part of the island blasting of on its own adventure but the black winter is getting close so the hero’s with the new republic leave the island to defeat it.

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  • This channel is notoriously clickbait. Dont trust it

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  • I had the 41,000 like

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  • Who tf plays still plays fortnite

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  • What if ORO is the future Midas that warned him about him getting eaten by a shark?

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    • @DS-richman- Yt Thanks

      Martin SyversrudMartin Syversrud19 dagar sedan
    • Dats a good ? bro like how u think

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  • Midas. Bun back box Galactus

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  • oh boi

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  • what if jonsey is the visoter

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  • Oro can be a future midas BRRROOOOO

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  • I love iron man

    SardisticSardistic22 dagar sedan
  • Go iron man no glatis

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  • If Midas wants let’s Galactus destroy the island than he won’t have any island to take over

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  • It’s weird bc chaos agent is in the shop and oro was in the shop

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  • But top 5 gaming what about oro

    Ambar SultanaAmbar Sultana22 dagar sedan
  • Jules is his daughter

    Faked Python ReviewsFaked Python Reviews22 dagar sedan
  • Maybe that stupid Jules was me making that might suck up all of the Château stuff from him in a make them the rules person

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  • I have a theory of Oro:he is the one that cursed midas but before he wasnt gold then midas touched him and he turned gold please like if you agree

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  • if you like top5gaming like this comment

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  • the season is ending on November 30

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    • pass

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    • look in the battle

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  • 5:06 welcome to the shadow realm jimbo

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  • It could be the corrupted players

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  • Bro Jules is actually minus his daughter have you not watch the Golden touch that’s like in 1980s you should know this by now if you wanna make videos like this

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  • Welcome to the shadow realm jimbo

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  • Heh heh heh

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  • Jules is minus daughter

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  • Wait why did thor call doctor doom to the island he is a villan not a hero

    Cillian MaherCillian Maher23 dagar sedan
  • A dead guy wants to kill a superhero and a army of zombies just chills somewhere on the map that’s what I thought About when I saw the. Thumbnail

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  • Maybe Galactus gave life to Midas and Galactus maybe is the cube

    Augusto BrunelliAugusto Brunelli23 dagar sedan
  • Bro Jules is Midas wife

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  • Wait so considering the pack with Joker, doesn't that mean the Fortnite, Marvel, and DC universes are connected?

    MarioMario23 dagar sedan
    • No I think that just a outfit and not a character like the spies and the marvel heroes

      Kay is SuperiorKay is Superior22 dagar sedan
  • I’m eating chicken ha ha vegans

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  • God Loves U

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  • Now I feel bad because I killed shadow Midas ALOT

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  • I think jules might of brang midas back becuase she has the power to things into gold... But then jules might of gotten turned into a shadow because she might of been to close to the ritual like if you think this theory is kinda correct lol

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  • Deadpool*

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