Is Trisha Smarter Than A 5th Grader? - Frenemies #4

6 okt 2020
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  • If you don't think about him outside the show then why did u get upset that he doesn't text u anymore

    Martha MaxfieldMartha Maxfield31 minut sedan
  • You’re wrong Trisha!! This was awesome!!! Love the way you two play off of eachother!

    mimi smithmimi smith4 timmar sedan
  • wait what america entered after almost every single evente on war world 2

  • The episode was by far the funniest

    Evelyn Bustamante _Evelyn Bustamante _10 timmar sedan
  • For being so into Jewish culture and people how would she not know Jesus was Jewish?

    Elisabeth S.Elisabeth S.11 timmar sedan
  • i had to turn it to 0.75 to understand trisha

    Mrs MalfoyMrs Malfoy11 timmar sedan
  • Wow they’re dumb

    Grady KellyGrady Kelly13 timmar sedan
  • 1:07:00 whas the four?

    Eoin CrehanEoin Crehan15 timmar sedan
  • This gave me mom and dad fighting energy

    Eoin CrehanEoin Crehan15 timmar sedan
  • I just noticed they wrote sister on the teddyfresh hoodie

    I DiedI Died17 timmar sedan
  • I laughed so hard during this episode.

    BreeBreeDag sedan
  • The biggest desert is Antarctica

    Mason PuypeMason PuypeDag sedan
  • My fav is the cackling in the back of every podcast I’m p sure it’s Dan or Zach but deadass every podcast it’s the same person laughing I love it

    Kristen CadyKristen CadyDag sedan
  • I loved this episode and I loved playing along

    Irene HarrellIrene HarrellDag sedan
  • The argument about gravity will forever live rent free in my brain

    BethanyBethanyDag sedan
  • Why does Ethan look exactly like Roz from monsters inc

    Kyla BarnettKyla BarnettDag sedan
  • Ummm, America didn’t win WW2 alone... c’mon

    Joshua DemianJoshua DemianDag sedan
  • It was very interesting, the only thing that bothered me about the episode was Trisha’s attitude/ demeanor. I love this podcast but can’t handle how conceded she really is. And btw trish, I don’t want to be you or in you 😜😘

    Emma tully JohnsonEmma tully JohnsonDag sedan
    • Ethan’s is very condescending to

      JakeUp !i!JakeUp !i!21 timme sedan
  • The gravity conversation killed me. Trisha, please Google what gravity is. It literally is the force that shaped our entire universe, and no musical theatre could exist without it. Gravity shapes everything, and it wasn't really invented by anyone, unless you believe God invented it at the start of the universe.

    Stijn de VriesStijn de VriesDag sedan
  • The longest river is the nile tho?

    wen dywen dyDag sedan
  • She should be a English teacher

    Malcolm AngMalcolm AngDag sedan
  • I have never wanted to kill myself so much while watching a podcast

    Luis SilvaLuis SilvaDag sedan
  • 46:05

    Thalia KalliThalia KalliDag sedan
  • She is not upset about the “gravity subject”...she got upset when Nethan talked about her fat and gravity. She asked if he called her fat and he said yes. She really triggers on that subject.

    VeraVera2 dagar sedan
  • Trish nooooooo you don't know about WW2 hahahaha

    Natasha MoffatNatasha Moffat2 dagar sedan
  • This is a podcast duo i didnt know I needed but I'm glad I got

    Demir BetsaDemir Betsa2 dagar sedan

    Whoa EntertainmentWhoa Entertainment2 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely loved this far the best!!!! So entertaining!

    Christina SkaggsChristina Skaggs2 dagar sedan
  • I'm astounded by how terrible Ethan did on the 'English' category. I learned English as a second language and I still make a lot of mistakes, but I could EASILY answer most questions.

    life1alertlife1alert2 dagar sedan
    • it shows how bad the american school system has taught to some of us

      jada bollingerjada bollinger2 dagar sedan
  • hahaha

    Isabel MIsabel M2 dagar sedan
  • Your eye makeup is killing you!

    Deborah BrakeDeborah Brake2 dagar sedan
  • Incorrect information. Category; science. Question: what part of the eye controls the amount of light entering the eye? The correct answer is the Iris, the pupil is where light enters the eye, where as the iris, a muscle. Expands and retracts to allow light to reflect against the cornea, giving you sight.

    Nicholas RibergaardNicholas Ribergaard2 dagar sedan
  • I like the black and pink theme

    Shx xqzShx xqz2 dagar sedan
  • “be me or be in me “ -Trisha Paytas

    Shx xqzShx xqz2 dagar sedan
  • The fact that Ethan got harder questions and gettijg pissed off is comedy fucking gold

    _ Beferrr_ Beferrr2 dagar sedan
    • And the fact that Trisha new all the answers to his questions to lmao

      JakeUp !i!JakeUp !i!21 timme sedan
  • Trisha is so funny I’m crying at the gravity thing lmaoooooo

    Good AmensGood Amens3 dagar sedan
  • I love this episode so much.

    Ash ReddAsh Redd3 dagar sedan
  • Trish and Ethan are literally both sides of my brain arguing and disagreeing with myself❤️😂 And I’m living for it.

    Nata FayeNata Faye3 dagar sedan
  • I swear I am so entertained watching all this episodes rn😂❤️ their sibling chemistry is so funny

    Nata FayeNata Faye3 dagar sedan
  • whats up with Ethans eyebrow movements

    dumb Samadumb Sama3 dagar sedan
    • He has Tourettes

      MrTesfamicaelMrTesfamicaelDag sedan
  • the longest river is the river nile not amazon river

    Cieran AitchisonCieran Aitchison3 dagar sedan
  • Also ethans eyes from the lashes every 2 seconds lol

    Anissa GriffithAnissa Griffith3 dagar sedan

    Anissa GriffithAnissa Griffith3 dagar sedan
  • I'm obsessed with their relationship.

    Anna OikarinenAnna Oikarinen3 dagar sedan
  • Trisha talking about gravity: what if it was never invented *Ad plays* Me, in shock: 👁👄👁

    Sauce BoiSauce Boi3 dagar sedan

    Sauce BoiSauce Boi3 dagar sedan
  • We will overcome

    JDdensonTV yeahJDdensonTV yeah3 dagar sedan
  • you guys always hate on trisha but he just called her fat and you guys expect her to act the same..

    ag nessaag nessa3 dagar sedan
  • I have laughed out loud so much this episode

    Ashley WilsonAshley Wilson3 dagar sedan
  • trisha saying james having a bad heart didn’t age well

    Lauren ChristmanLauren Christman3 dagar sedan
  • she talks too much

    Cassidy CariagaCassidy Cariaga3 dagar sedan
  • It is beyond infuriating to hear/watch her talk but for some reason I’m so drawn to it

    Thomas McCormickThomas McCormick3 dagar sedan
  • 20:40 has me crying. He's actually losing lmao

    Reza KamaliReza Kamali4 dagar sedan
  • trisha can’t be an actual person she’s NOT REAL what in the world

    Jenny GJenny G4 dagar sedan
  • omg i love trisha but NOT US NOT NEEDING GRAVITY

    Jenny GJenny G4 dagar sedan

    Zoe GraysonZoe Grayson4 dagar sedan
  • This was a great episode trisha is so foolish

    RowsterRowster4 dagar sedan
  • I love Trisha's voice as my background noise. Ethan can go to a corner and tend to his fragile ego. Can trisha just get a book on marine biology and read it out and sing hamilton whenever she finds words that are in the lyrics. Bye!

    hima bindu modugulahima bindu modugula4 dagar sedan
  • US Education pepelaugh

    EclipseEclipse4 dagar sedan
  • Ethan looks so good with makeup lol I wish more guys wore it.

    Janelle C.Janelle C.4 dagar sedan
  • Best podcast ever

    C BC B4 dagar sedan
  • wow they’re idiots

    Quinn C MQuinn C M4 dagar sedan
  • the way i hate both of them but them together are so entertaining

    tessatessa4 dagar sedan
  • James Charles is that you

    Dina A.Dina A.4 dagar sedan
  • I love how the doggy is looking at Trisha!! 😂😂. Love this podcast!!

    Lucy MyattLucy Myatt4 dagar sedan
  • how did she not cause a controvercy from calling jame charls and tati evil i-

    Christopher CopelandChristopher Copeland4 dagar sedan
  • I physically can’t listen to Trisha talking about gravity it makes me want to cry

    Lorez CossetteLorez Cossette4 dagar sedan
  • The longest river on earth is the nile. Where did you guys get these questions from?

    opalsandbaropalsandbar4 dagar sedan
  • There is more than three countries in North America...So if someone answered Greenland, Cuba, and the Bahamas would you have given it to them? Cause those three are in North America too? LOL

    Sweepout - Games & MukbangsSweepout - Games & Mukbangs4 dagar sedan
  • How to you sell a thousand bucks

    Frances OntiverosFrances Ontiveros4 dagar sedan
  • Wow he really doesn’t like to lose. You can tell he takes Monopoly seriously.

    Sam PearceSam Pearce4 dagar sedan
  • Everyone wants to be in me or be me. I LOVE IT TRISH!!!!!!

    Sweepout - Games & MukbangsSweepout - Games & Mukbangs4 dagar sedan
    • I feel like Trisha was hurt at that one point. It makes me sad! :(

      Sweepout - Games & MukbangsSweepout - Games & Mukbangs4 dagar sedan
    • "We don't even need gravity. Like what if it was never invented" LOL You're my favourite person ever! :)

      Sweepout - Games & MukbangsSweepout - Games & Mukbangs4 dagar sedan
    • Im still only at the beginning rn but i love Trishs confident shell win energy today!

      Sweepout - Games & MukbangsSweepout - Games & Mukbangs4 dagar sedan
  • 91k people like this🤢🤮who likes Trisha Patas or however you spell it

    TikTok CompilationsTikTok Compilations4 dagar sedan
  • i care about gravity, trisha.

    Lilly RodgersLilly Rodgers4 dagar sedan
  • imagine if trish was the only evidence of the human species

    spilled teaspilled tea5 dagar sedan
    • That's a dark thought.

      Tayvin KiersteadTayvin Kierstead5 dagar sedan
  • The longest river is the nile 😅 the widest is the amazon

    Sherbet LemonSherbet Lemon5 dagar sedan
  • What is this show? Why is Ethan being a dick? I mean, yes, she can be a bit annoying but Ethan is just plain rude?

    OdinWormcakeOdinWormcake5 dagar sedan
  • LMAO trish if you’re reading the comments rn- trust me ppl love frienemies, this episode was great!!

    deku's gfdeku's gf5 dagar sedan
  • I thought the nile was the longest river? not the amazon

    LiaChinnirriLiaChinnirri5 dagar sedan
  • I loved this episode!

    Shannon LukensShannon Lukens5 dagar sedan
  • They are such good vibes ✨ 💕

    Jaxx OrchidJaxx Orchid5 dagar sedan
  • in conclusion, Trish is not smarter than a 5th grader.

    OGnapkinOGnapkin5 dagar sedan
    • Neither is Ethan lmao

      JakeUp !i!JakeUp !i!21 timme sedan
  • I feel like trishas knowledge stops at advanced middle school or beginning of high school😂

    Annabelle SavageAnnabelle Savage5 dagar sedan
  • She says she didn't wanna say she finds him attractive because her bf was there but she's being filllmmed

    cuddoh wuddohscuddoh wuddohs5 dagar sedan
  • Trish you look like Derek Deso's wife here like 💯

    Chrissy CurtisChrissy Curtis5 dagar sedan
  • Ethan sipping his water is literally the funniest thing. 😭😭

    Edwin AlvarezEdwin Alvarez5 dagar sedan
  • god I love trisha

    keyisha lacornekeyisha lacorne5 dagar sedan
  • 46:10 Ethan: Calls Trisha fat Trisha: Calls Ethan fat Ethan: Surprised pikachu face

    JOhkonutJOhkonut5 dagar sedan
  • So we are just going to ignore how well Trisha did in the literature section?

    Valeria LemusValeria Lemus5 dagar sedan
  • They’re both such sore losers omg 😂

    CheyanneCheyanne5 dagar sedan
  • 1:07:58 me, a Rio grande employee 👀

    AnnaAnna5 dagar sedan
  • Ethan sounds like a bitch when they were doing the English categories, why does he act smarter than he is? this guy is unfunny and a turn off 😐

    Cherry PieCherry Pie5 dagar sedan
  • As welsh person I am deeply offended you forgot about us Ethan, roal darl was welsh ffs 😖😖😖

    Meadow CanhamMeadow Canham5 dagar sedan
  • Trisha’s questions were so much easier tho, the univers sides with her sometimes

    NE KONE KO5 dagar sedan
  • This was grate me and my girl sat down and watched this in full

    Armond ReedArmond Reed5 dagar sedan
  • Actually the second WW was won because of the hard winter in Russia and the US dropped the atomic bombs when it was clear that the war was over. So don't be to proud about that. Yes, sure the US played a big part in winning and it's goog the war was lost by Germany, but please don't forget the bombs where dropped to see what they do and not to win. At that time it was already clear that Germany had lost.

    Ronja lovestotravelRonja lovestotravel6 dagar sedan
  • Holy shit i dont really like trisha but these are great.

    KenKen6 dagar sedan
  • 52:19 OMG! I so wished that Dan didn't include "billion" in the question.... i loved to see Trish saying something like: earth is 2000 years old LOL

    YaldabaothYaldabaoth6 dagar sedan
  • The infamous day when the germans nuked Maui - Pearl Harbor on V-Day

    Gabriel SradGabriel Srad6 dagar sedan
  • By far the best podcast..... I can’t stop laughing! Love it!!! Every episode

    Dominica 4392Dominica 43926 dagar sedan