Technoblade Clips That are Absolutely Insane

2 okt 2020
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Technoblade, destroyed Minecraft Tournaments such as Minecraft Monday, Minecraft Ultimate, and Minecraft Championships. I did put Dream in he thumbnail but he was only in 1 part of this video which was the Mr. Beast $100,000 dollar duel. Also I didn’t add the part where Techno / Technoblade joined the Dream SMP server because it wasn’t much of a highlight. Georgenotfound / Sapnap are not in this video. This video took a lot longer to make then I expected. This video is not an animatic, If you want to watch an animatic then you should watch Sad-ist.
In the comments below write down if you think Technoblade is better at 1.8.9 pvp or 1.9+ pvp...

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  • I don't know which version he's better anymore. He's good at both.

    RofdoRofdo21 timme sedan
  • 1.8

    shangoa gamgoashangoa gamgoaDag sedan
  • The woebegone brother-in-law surgically pedal because bronze topically order below a fearful fearless brain. exotic, agreeable grill

    lil ventilil ventiDag sedan
  • Technoblade is a god at 1.8 pvp and he won the 1v1 with dream by luck im sure as he did say dream made a few mistakes

    footballmad 188footballmad 188Dag sedan
  • Technoblade: Takes Over World His fans: Not even Universe! NOOB!

    Sajan SSajan SDag sedan
  • "yeah you eat that bread" *while killing people*

    Akhiro DaikiAkhiro DaikiDag sedan
  • After killing Tommy he says: “I guess the two years of Spanish class I took paid off”

    I SkiI Ski2 dagar sedan
  • I recognize that imovie fonts and transitions

    Jerey UwUJerey UwU3 dagar sedan
  • 1 mil views and no subs sad

    Brudy WenstrupBrudy Wenstrup3 dagar sedan
  • Sometimes i forget that technoblade is really fucking good at pvp

    NatamNatam4 dagar sedan
  • 1.8

    Charpar GamezCharpar Gamez5 dagar sedan
  • Me satisface ver como el verdadero admin de Minecraft mata pendejos en MC Ultimate xd

    Haziel FrosztegaHaziel Frosztega5 dagar sedan
  • The last clip translates to: hot damn, where is the library

    Insparational ChickenInsparational Chicken5 dagar sedan
  • Me: don't kill me I suck at Minecraft. Also me in survival only world slaying all the beef pork and lamb: 0:48

    Jerome FrischknetJerome Frischknet6 dagar sedan
  • For some reason my favorite parts are when he goes "hehh??" when confronted with something screwy And then he pulls out the win anyway

    Rose HannaquistRose Hannaquist7 dagar sedan
  • 14:01 r u jowkin

    Hope IsLuckyHope IsLucky7 dagar sedan
  • This is why dream sucks.

    NesspoilNesspoil7 dagar sedan
  • /top

    Christian white10Christian white107 dagar sedan
  • Honestly he's better at 1.1+

    Rhett GardnerRhett Gardner7 dagar sedan
  • Just a God in it's natural habitat

    BasicallyAstroBasicallyAstro7 dagar sedan
  • Techno is like Leonardo da vinci of minecraft

    Tronny 2Tronny 28 dagar sedan
  • I just have to say... 1.8 PvP is so much more fun so many strategies and in 1.9 you just crouch and jump.

    Mate AmongusMate Amongus8 dagar sedan
  • /top

    wmw1210wmw12108 dagar sedan
    • Now I should be at the top of the comment section

      wmw1210wmw12108 dagar sedan
  • Er

    YooYoo9 dagar sedan
  • Techno; *Gets second place on a pvp game by 0.001 points* His chat : *L*

    Cool Not coolCool Not cool10 dagar sedan
  • He is such a genius

    B R U HB R U H10 dagar sedan
  • Schlatt vs techno was the saddest one side beatdown ive ever seen lmao

    Saku1237Saku123710 dagar sedan
  • i love how skeppy got technoblade to play and fight bad for him.

    Elaine LinElaine Lin10 dagar sedan
  • 1.8 by FAR

    Xray w1nsXray w1ns10 dagar sedan
  • Wcdnn

    john Hammondjohn Hammond10 dagar sedan
  • The holistic pea neurally whisper because albatross consistently water sans a electric study. whole, strong window

    Chau Nam LocChau Nam Loc10 dagar sedan

    PixelBunnyPixelBunny11 dagar sedan

    AntarcticAntarctic11 dagar sedan
  • at 14:18 if you were wondering what he was saying he said "ay gee where the library is"

    666grant666666grant66611 dagar sedan
  • Unpopular opinion but I'd say techno is better at 1.9. Not because objectively he had more practice, but because in terms of best in the world, hes probably ranked much higher in 1.9, possibly top 10

    AetheriusAetherius11 dagar sedan
  • Honestly, could do better.

    vizendervizender11 dagar sedan
  • 1.8

    Honkydoo BrohornHonkydoo Brohorn11 dagar sedan
  • #GOD

    Topher MarxTopher Marx11 dagar sedan
  • Worst thumbnail sos

    Da WhispyDa Whispy12 dagar sedan
  • Puberty hit Techno so hard oml

    UnknownUnknown12 dagar sedan
  • 1.8 is way better in my opinion

    Infinity boyInfinity boy12 dagar sedan
  • 1:58 smh didn’t do it blindfolded and standing upside down🤦‍♂️

    yu julyyu july12 dagar sedan
  • He’s proportionally better at 1.9 but has more skills in 1.8

    Isaiah PvPIsaiah PvP13 dagar sedan
  • Skeppy and bad boy halo’s voice sounds like Alvin and the chipmunks when sped up

    Heart StarHeart Star13 dagar sedan
  • Who’s he playing with? In the start

    Dantroll FitzgeraldDantroll Fitzgerald13 dagar sedan
  • he better at 1.9 by a mile

    CaltariusCaltarius13 dagar sedan
  • This is what happens when people get over powered

    BRB animationsBRB animations13 dagar sedan
  • God is dead, TechnoBlade killed him.

    The UnknownThe Unknown14 dagar sedan
  • 1.8

    Aryan KarangiyaAryan Karangiya14 dagar sedan
  • 1.8 and 1.9+ IS TECHNO AT GOOD AT BC HES A GOD!

    no nono no14 dagar sedan
  • Good job

    A Cat in VRA Cat in VR15 dagar sedan
  • Dream is good but he cant defeat techno

    ProtonGamingProtonGaming15 dagar sedan
  • He definetly is better in 1.8 its just that when it comes to 1.9 and above it gets easier to be good

    ZuckerBubiZuckerBubi16 dagar sedan
  • Both

    Joseph JamersonJoseph Jamerson16 dagar sedan
  • Don't fight this dude he gets 11 finals and 3 beds casually

    Demafelix JaymarkDemafelix Jaymark17 dagar sedan
  • It’s not a techno compilation without “AYEEE CARAMBA DONDE ESTA LA BIBLIOTECHAAAAAAA”

    Isla RichardIsla Richard17 dagar sedan
  • Green sour patch kids are gangster

    Evil blackEvil black17 dagar sedan
  • 10:34 is by far the best 1.8 pvp encounter I've ever seen Techno had with someone. His armour and sword was sooo much worse but he still won. barely

    Jordan KerJordan Ker17 dagar sedan
  • I like how part of the video is him doing a combo dude he does that every fight

    Калоян НиколовКалоян Николов17 dagar sedan
  • There's xnestorio in th video he was technos teammate at 1:18

    XxLionGamingxXXxLionGamingxX18 dagar sedan
  • At the end when he spoke Spanish I would been so confused

    zack caldwellzack caldwell18 dagar sedan
  • Techno is good at both version.

    KuroxinaDesuuKuroxinaDesuu18 dagar sedan
  • everyone knows it's 1.8.9

    Casey JonesCasey Jones18 dagar sedan
  • The first clip I remember watching live it was insane

    noahrepublicnoahrepublic18 dagar sedan
  • "technoblade is the worst player" -technoblade fans

    Cartoon shows and gamingCartoon shows and gaming19 dagar sedan
  • Dream when happy *scream and wheeze* Techno when happy: *high pitched drawn out gasp*

    G QueenG Queen19 dagar sedan
  • legend says that techno still hasn't found the library.

    BeanyBoi173BeanyBoi17319 dagar sedan
  • I like the part when Tecnoblade never dies.

    droLSantosdroLSantos19 dagar sedan
  • Techno moment

    TrimLukey 360TrimLukey 36019 dagar sedan
  • He is not very good in 1.9+ but in 1.8 he is a god

    RigaylonRigaylon19 dagar sedan
  • 14:24 how did you get such good resolution on the subscribe animation?

    BabyFireDragon2BabyFireDragon219 dagar sedan
  • 14:16 I love this

    BabyFireDragon2BabyFireDragon219 dagar sedan
  • techno is a god at all pvp

    allen simonoallen simono19 dagar sedan
  • "this is-what"

    One Funky YoutuberOne Funky Youtuber19 dagar sedan
  • IM SORRY 47 KILLS OUT OF 57?!?!????

    Charlie McLeanCharlie McLean20 dagar sedan
  • Techo killing Jschlatt looked like he was bhopping from jschlatt's pov😂

    FBIFBI20 dagar sedan
  • AYYY CARAMBA DONDE ESTÁ LA BIBLITECA!!!! (that translates to oh no where’s the library btw)

    Oil :[Oil :[20 dagar sedan
  • Which version is Techno better at? Yes.

    AvakAvak20 dagar sedan
  • If you have couple seconds pls sub to this small channel

    tuguldur uugantsetsentuguldur uugantsetsen20 dagar sedan
  • ayye caramba donde estas la bibliotechaaa! *proceeds to drop kick a small britsh child in self defense*

    Hannah Jamail HerrickHannah Jamail Herrick21 dag sedan
  • Wow he got banned on mc Monday. Sore loosers

    Republic CinemaRepublic Cinema21 dag sedan
  • Lol

    GodGod21 dag sedan
  • Technoblade never dies

    xNesta900xNesta90021 dag sedan
  • _made with_ *IMOVIE*

    OctoCreeperOctoCreeper21 dag sedan
  • "Trash didn't even cure cancer" -Sun Tzu probably

    The Salty SultanThe Salty Sultan21 dag sedan
  • love the part where vick complains about techno "cheating" with /top when you arent supposed to be able to build in the center

    Ethan EilerEthan Eiler21 dag sedan
  • Techno sounds like shroud

    DaveyDavey22 dagar sedan
  • 14:16

    awes43awes4322 dagar sedan
  • “Technoblade never dies” - Sun Tzu

    Archie HunterArchie Hunter23 dagar sedan
  • 14:16 the spanish inquisition arrives

    JustICEJustICE23 dagar sedan
  • Technos fist Knock back II

    Ashok ChinnappaAshok Chinnappa23 dagar sedan
  • Ppl should stop complaining about techno vs dream 1st of all techno is better at pvp yes cool but dream can complete the game under 30 minutes so they r equal dream playing about almost 10 years of pvp servers is not as good as techno even tho techno has spent less time cool dream speed runs the game despite only playing survival when ye started speed running and like yt where as techno has played survival but csnt beat it faster then dream they are both naturally skilled at pvp and the actual game techno doing his pvp the legend of pvp and dream doing his thing with SEworld and speed running the game without any practise before now he has had practise but before he just did it without even playing survival He has addressed this in a build battle video u might of seen they both are amazing content crestors and both of em are equal #technoto10mil and #flipthedreamstans

    Roblox MasterRoblox Master23 dagar sedan
  • Subscribing to you from a clip of someone else playing mmm

    FireteunxPHG 1FireteunxPHG 123 dagar sedan
  • Technoblade: let me just yonk this video

    Mehul AnandMehul Anand23 dagar sedan
  • Skeppy really had sour patch kids, my FAVORITE candy

    AntiS8nAntiS8n23 dagar sedan
  • Imagine how powerful he would be if he w tapped

    WhyLife?WhyLife?23 dagar sedan
  • This shit was edited on sharefactory is the worst fuckin editing I’ve ever seen. Do better

    Frutie TuberFrutie Tuber24 dagar sedan
  • 14:15 techno has seizure in spanish

    Dan MorseDan Morse24 dagar sedan
  • 1.9 pvp + is and always be a disgrace to minecraft

    The Sauce GiverThe Sauce Giver24 dagar sedan
  • Techno deserves more subs

    Rebelucian VRebelucian V24 dagar sedan