HIGHLIGHTS | MARINE 0-5 SPURS | Vinicius, Lucas and Devine on target!

11 jan 2021
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Watch full highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's 5-0 FA Cup win against Marine, including a Carlos Vinicius hat-trick, a fine Lucas Moura free-kick and our youngest-ever goalscorer, Alfie Devine!

  • we need to use more of devine

    Your HghnessYour HghnessDag sedan
  • Bruh, Marine’s wall barely jumping for the free kick 👀

    Reth HuloayReth HuloayDag sedan
  • Mourinho: We will show them respect by picking a strong line up Also Mourinho: Dele in starting 11...

    Wynn LuinWynn LuinDag sedan
  • Giant Killing!!

    Muhammad Rezky WardanaMuhammad Rezky WardanaDag sedan
  • 확실히 비니시우스 잘한다

    김양균김양균Dag sedan
  • 6:40 on target!

    Eddard TeachEddard TeachDag sedan
  • congratulations guys u beat a bunch of farmers

    mikael fernandezmikael fernandezDag sedan
  • The way that ball was bouncing on the pitch lol... good luck trying to tiki-taka on that. I love it. This is what the FA Cup is all about. Also, class from all the Spurs fans and fans of other clubs who bought those £10 virtual tickets. You all ensured that Marine F.C. will still exist next season. Non-league clubs are really struggling right now, as they completely rely on gate receipts to pay for travel, pay their part-time players, pay for upkeep of their stadium, even the electric bill for the floodlights.

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  • 가지고 노네.. 저정도 수준차이 나면 어쩔수 없는거지...

    함바식당함바식당2 dagar sedan
  • The womanly ambulance wessely rhyme because bronze presumably shop of a lyrical pound. faithful, scattered position

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  • Show racism the red card!!!

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  • Marine is to commended for this match. Even against one of the world's strongest club, they didn't just roll over and give up, despite their eventual loss. We're talking about a club of part-time footballers here. Respect. 👍

    Mario PrawirosudiroMario Prawirosudiro2 dagar sedan
  • Amazing. In England, you could see semi-pro/amateurs like this competed with a top-flight professional club. That's why England football is world-class. My country needs to emulate this system.

    RoyMcAvoyRoyMcAvoy2 dagar sedan
  • imagine Spurs actually lost 5-0 to Marine

    S. KimS. Kim3 dagar sedan
  • Así debería anotar hat-trick vinicius en la Premier League 😅

    Gil Osorio Luis RobertoGil Osorio Luis Roberto3 dagar sedan
  • Alli playd nice and good the Middlefield indeed Spurs win without kane & son let's go my Spurs 🌟🌟

    Patrick AnusaPatrick Anusa3 dagar sedan
  • i already hate this vinicious guy , fuck out of here with that arrogant attitude acting like he done sth big against some world class players or sth ,chill fucker ... there is literally a school teacher on the other side catching your shots

  • I’m sorry bill I have a game tonight

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  • 6:30 “weeeeeeyyyyy...... wankerー” 😂

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  • Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.

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  • 3:08 what a sportsmanship

    Ben LeeBen Lee5 dagar sedan
  • ‘James barrigan binman by day and central midfielder by night.’ Quote of the year

    Thomas LefrancThomas Lefranc5 dagar sedan
  • Tottenham Brazil 😎

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  • Joe hart ngelamun wkwk

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  • Imagine seeing your friends work as a goal keeper

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  • So nice to see it in live

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  • Dele was really creative player that night.

    -Audai_ RaiK--Audai_ RaiK-5 dagar sedan
  • I think this Club Need Shicibukai

    Diki Fahmi FadilaDiki Fahmi Fadila5 dagar sedan
  • Where us Sonny???

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  • Everyone complaining about Vinicius celebrating against Marine is dumb. If it is wrong to celebrate against a tier-8 team, then it should not be right for them to play in a professional competition right? He got his first hat-trick for a new club, and he scored in a major competition, so why can he not celebrate?

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  • Bale A Flop!

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  • 4:41 "FUCK OFF" loool

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  • i love soccer

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  • joe hart getting a game

  • Still would have beaten Leeds

    Joe PickfordJoe Pickford5 dagar sedan
  • Great

    Marcos CamposMarcos Campos5 dagar sedan
  • I would love an apartment that has a view right into a stadium

    Schäfer G.Schäfer G.5 dagar sedan
  • Manchester United: *Finally, a worthy opponent*

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  • That was a tune up game for the Spurs. 🤦

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  • 3:29 Mad goalie tries to kick to ball but hits the post🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • mad props it was only 5-0. Actually, buy them all a box of pizza for this, they could've even made it 5-1

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  • Respect to marine never stopped fighting and big respect to José and all the spurs boys for giving 100% coys

    Lee MitchellLee Mitchell5 dagar sedan
  • Dele Ali is Tottenham's Lingard

    Randy MarshRandy Marsh6 dagar sedan
  • Is this a charity match

    Freshweezy BOyFreshweezy BOy6 dagar sedan
  • What happend to the hat full of goals then? 4 up before half time

    Dave CorryDave Corry6 dagar sedan
  • Feeling bad for dele😭

    Varad NaikVarad Naik6 dagar sedan
  • Very disappointing performance from Marine.

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  • At this point i believe that levy brought bale back simply to increase morale and amped up motivation for players. Looking at stats they dn need bale that much unless its a prime bale ofcourse. Anw up the spurs x

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  • ဒယ္လီ😍😍😍

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  • Who's Delhi?

    nerdophilenerdophile6 dagar sedan
  • can you imagine the spurs winning the league cup or the fa cup this season?

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  • Respect for Marine a 8th tier team playing a Champions league team regular also respect for TOT for helping marine through the pandemic

    Alex GallionAlex Gallion6 dagar sedan
  • Personally, vinicius s a above average striker who shd not be willing to be a sub even hotspur a a big team

    Sam WongSam Wong6 dagar sedan
  • shame that couldnt score a dozen atleast

    Nithin NeyyanNithin Neyyan6 dagar sedan
  • So happy for spurs, but i'm not ok with fact that mourinho did not greet the Marine coach after the match

    Bill Russell'sBill Russell's6 dagar sedan
  • Millions vs amateurs...no thanks!

    Fernando AntónioFernando António6 dagar sedan
  • Jose Mourinho 😎😍

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  • Devine > Bergwjin

    DalkongDalkong6 dagar sedan
  • Vini’s first goal is how I always score my open nets in fifa 😂

  • I Iike Vinicious. He just scores goals. He doesn't chase back or run about all the pitch etc. He just does his job. Scores goals.

    Ginger BakerGinger Baker6 dagar sedan
  • Круто

    Savelie SSavelie S6 dagar sedan
  • Where is Son and Kane?

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  • 다들 잘했어요 ㅋㅋ 알리때문에 큰 웃음지었네요^^ 무리뉴 감독님 알리좀 칭찬해주세요 전 토트넘팀들이 너무좋아요 으샤으샤해서 우승컵 가져오자구욤 알리 아버지해주세요 너무 주눅들게하지말구요 선수들 다 무리뉴 가족이 잖아요 사랑은 큰 힘을 발휘해요 홧팅~~^^♡♡♡

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  • cost me £200 taking lucas off.

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  • 00:54 CUMMINS lul

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  • Kane watching Vinicius 👁👄👁

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  • Just realised I'm also turning 16 this year lol Time flies...

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  • 양민학살오지네

    cherry boycherry boy6 dagar sedan
  • No VAR

    SES SporSES Spor6 dagar sedan
  • Wheres Son and Kane?

    Jay MuaJay Mua6 dagar sedan
  • Dele ALI dele ALI dele ALI

    Arif SusantoArif Susanto6 dagar sedan
  • Many respect to marine such a delightful little club 💙 ❤

    Donna ApplinDonna Applin6 dagar sedan
  • Dele♡

    별사탕별사탕6 dagar sedan
  • Piala Asia U23 2022 IRAN Group A Iran Host Suriah Jepang Filipina Group B Korea Selatan UEA Qatar Indonesia Group C Arab Saudi Tailand Cina Irak Group D Australia Uzbekistan Jepang Myanmar

    Wildan Noval BaisWildan Noval Bais6 dagar sedan
    • Nani?

      Ved GuptaVed Gupta6 dagar sedan
  • Is it me alone saw that when vinicious scored his third goal he was doing a harry kane celebration 4:56

    Jbryan WatkisJbryan Watkis6 dagar sedan
  • Why that fucking sound is

    kuttu cr7kuttu cr76 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe they allow those horns and sirens. That's sooo annoying and irritating.

    HereFor WorthItHereFor WorthIt6 dagar sedan
    • @Zahor zahran Nah man h just feels the horns and sirena are very annoying, he just loves chanting and fans sound screaming ngl

      Rxsyxd KunRxsyxd Kun5 dagar sedan
    • You have a problem in the head if you want to come to watch a match silently..its not a library

      Zahor zahranZahor zahran5 dagar sedan
    • It bringing back the 2010 World Cup vibes but their fans is really funny tho 😂

      Rxsyxd KunRxsyxd Kun6 dagar sedan
  • Cheers to Mou for playing Devine in the game. He was an absolute steal apparently. Levy a master negotiator as always.

    Gavin WinksGavin Winks6 dagar sedan
  • Ilove you aku fans berar totenham hotspur dari indonesia

  • Sungguh indah dan cantik gol yang tercipta

  • Sungguh sangat luar biasa performa totenham malam tadi

  • Ilove you semua pemain totenham ilove you

  • Ilove you jose mourinho

  • Ilove you totenham

  • Not to disrespect Brazilians but I think this kind of field boosted their performance

    Bindi PurnamaBindi Purnama6 dagar sedan
  • GG Marine #respect #coys

    Achmad FarizqiAchmad Farizqi6 dagar sedan

    Bubba King 13Bubba King 136 dagar sedan
  • Fuck carlos vinicus, shit player

    ddd mmmddd mmm6 dagar sedan
  • 3:02 시선⚡⚡

    BongBong6 dagar sedan
  • 5-0 spurs ain’t no joke

  • Omg 😂

  • 5:37 Devine scored like a sony style

    Zelfi NopriyansyahZelfi Nopriyansyah6 dagar sedan
  • That goal was devine

    Jimmy PageJimmy Page6 dagar sedan
  • I think Alfie will be an important player for us in 2-3 years! And Vinicius should get some minutes in the Prem especially against Fulham and Sheffield im sure he can score and boost his confidence and relief sonny and kane! COYS!!!

    Gerki 666Gerki 6666 dagar sedan
  • Air horn Marine

    Jimmy PageJimmy Page6 dagar sedan
  • vinicius is the real deal !! now he's got the taste of blood ! expect to see alot more goals from him this season.

    one worldone world6 dagar sedan
  • What a man,Devine

    ホリトモホリトモ6 dagar sedan
  • Can we just appreciate how far Marine have made it into the cup. Their striker is a PE TEACHER.

    Hubba BubbaHubba Bubba6 dagar sedan
    • Lol, you so funny hahhahaha

      Ezike DarlingtonEzike Darlington4 dagar sedan
  • I wish Son and Kane played so they both scored like 50goals each [

    김예준김예준6 dagar sedan
    • And what for? Their name will be crushed by media because not respect.

      Sugiarto KaharSugiarto Kahar6 dagar sedan
  • 🇧🇷 COYS Lucas, Vinicius 😎

    Renato GóesRenato Góes6 dagar sedan