Mini Ms Pac-Man! Quarter Arcades Ms Pac-Man Review! A 1/4 (quarter scale) replica of arcade classic!

6 apr 2020
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On this episode we review Numskull Games latest Quarter Arcades release: Ms Pac-Man a faithful 1/4 quarter scale replica of one of the greatest arcade games ever! We compare this game to real full size arcades as well as other mini arcade brands like New Wave Toys Replitronics

  • You can turn up the volume but yeah, your not going to get the oomph of bass simply because you have a speaker that's.... 1/4 of the size so if you can imagine the sound 1/4 of the volume, it's honestly fair as hey it's 1/4 of the size!!!!!

    Sean CurtinSean CurtinMånad sedan
  • I got this one and it's epic 😎

  • These are perfect for me. I would love to have full sized machines (or even Arcade 1up sized machines) but I am a dad with two girls, living in a small two bedroom apartment. I love my arcades, but I have to scale down due to my space restrictions. This type of thing gives me the nostalgia and the feeling of owning an arcade machine....just smaller. Great stuff. I plan on collecting all of these.

    eight biteight bit3 månader sedan
    • @eight bit Yeah its def more playable than the 1/6. I have the 1/6 Dragons Lair on pre-order hopefully that plays well :) Thanks for subscribing!

      Geek. Dad. Life.Geek. Dad. Life.3 månader sedan
    • @Geek. Dad. Life. That and the fact that they are large enough to be playable. I want accuracy (which these absolutely have) and I want to actually be able to play it too. The smaller 1/6 arcades look nice, but they are just way too small to least for me. These are also great to pair next to what I had (and still have) from my childhood...the Coleco tabletops. Sort of a "this is what we had then, this is what we have now" side by side on the shelf. All awesome. Thanks for the excellent review. Subscribed!

      eight biteight bit3 månader sedan
    • I totally get it! The quarter scale really captures all the details of a full scaled machine!

      Geek. Dad. Life.Geek. Dad. Life.3 månader sedan
  • Tbh I think its to expensive for the size. Its $248 aud for one of these so I don't think its worth it for something desk sized

    videogamevibesvideogamevibes4 månader sedan
    • Wow that is really much. I have paid 145 Euro (around 171 $) for each one in germany.

      DauerbomberDauerbomber2 månader sedan
    • Yeah that's a lot, I don't blame you there.

      Geek. Dad. Life.Geek. Dad. Life.4 månader sedan
  • I bought the Numb Skull Ms.Pac Man. It's incredible, amazing and worth every penny ( I mean quarter) the only thing it's missing, are simulated scan lines.

    Cre8iveOneCre8iveOne5 månader sedan
  • I think the joy stick is to small / I would have like it better if the joy stick was bigger / & also would’ve like if they can made the mini arcade Ms Pac Man smaller / it’s expensive / a smaller version would be better & cheaper for the company sell more of them / & add a bigger joy stick /

    • I agree that the Replicade scale is better, for these. Lower cost while still getting the same effect.

      Geek. Dad. Life.Geek. Dad. Life.6 månader sedan
  • Having joystick issues on my game. Anyone know where to get it fixed

    9335809335807 månader sedan
  • Do you find the audio cracks and pops during the intermissions?

    DinosaurprinceDinosaurprince7 månader sedan
    • Yeah, the audio is not great, one big flaw of this system.

      Geek. Dad. Life.Geek. Dad. Life.7 månader sedan
  • Wow, cool. Definitely small awesome arcade.

    ShawneTheGreatGamerShawneTheGreatGamer7 månader sedan
    • Yeah its a great smaller system!

      Geek. Dad. Life.Geek. Dad. Life.7 månader sedan