Portal 2 with Kryoz

12 jan 2021
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KryboxKrinkledicks and I go on an adventure in a game called Portal 2.
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  • Just had an ad that said poop about a hundred times

    KhaosKaiusKhaosKaius58 minuter sedan
  • I thought the thumbnail was femboy hooters

    Fucking NerdsFucking Nerds6 timmar sedan
  • I was having a really shitty day and then this popped up in my feed and I just needed to say thank you for the laugh it really helped. Love you guys keep up the good work!

    Umbroeon16Umbroeon167 timmar sedan
  • 15:50 you sounded like scientist from hl1

    shandow freddyshandow freddy8 timmar sedan
  • john and smi77y best duo in portal 2

    Ozman213Ozman21312 timmar sedan
  • Dodge Challenged

    DeccoIsLost :ODeccoIsLost :O13 timmar sedan
  • needed a vid to watch to take my edibles. Thank youu

    Woodzyy -Woodzyy -14 timmar sedan
  • She seems nice.

    tsup2tsup217 timmar sedan
  • Hi

    PwittzzzPwittzzz17 timmar sedan
  • alt f4 doesnt even work for portal 2

    KxVKxV19 timmar sedan

    Esma WinterEsma Winter21 timme sedan
  • No but seriously, They have Bear Fists?

    LukeIzBoredzLukeIzBoredz22 timmar sedan
  • This game might be 9 years old, but it was so much fun to watch the shenanigans you two pulled off. YOU HAVE BEAR FISTS

    Tristan WoodhurstTristan WoodhurstDag sedan
  • More stuff with kryoz plz I love this!!!

    Samuel GogginSamuel GogginDag sedan
  • Please make more

    Captain EmeraldCaptain EmeraldDag sedan
  • Famous last words: this lady seems alright

    J -MotionsJ -MotionsDag sedan
  • I see you're playing with yourself again.

    ZarnoxZarnoxDag sedan
  • Glados "You don't feel pain" P-Body "Yes i Do! Detroit: Become human

    Jon_Bee B0mb1nJon_Bee B0mb1nDag sedan
  • idk if it was just me but the energy in the vid kinda seemed off

    BANdavidBANdavidDag sedan
  • hey smitty where the hell is bioshock part 6

    Sean HughesSean HughesDag sedan
  • SEworld must be working with Microsoft bc they recommend this after i looked up hoe much portal is

    London GillespieLondon GillespieDag sedan
  • Smii7y is the dude you can eat food and watch his videos.

    K6anaK6anaDag sedan
  • 6:58 my fav part

    RadiicalRadiicalDag sedan
  • Yes

    RadiicalRadiicalDag sedan
  • o7 for SMii7Y in the beginning

    RadiicalRadiicalDag sedan
  • Smii7y and John are like those two robots from that one episode of Jimmy neutron who remember that episode

    UndeadJoker 420UndeadJoker 420Dag sedan
  • Such a great vid, loved it fr. You and Kryoz are a synergy to be unmatched

    Ethan TeigeEthan TeigeDag sedan
  • Part 2?

    moneyman068227moneyman068227Dag sedan
  • I got an ad for team work on this video

    carl Neelycarl NeelyDag sedan
  • First time ive simped to a thumbnail

    Emali SomaliEmali SomaliDag sedan
  • Needed a happiness boost. Thank you both, yall really do be making my day better. Keep it up man💕

    Lilly LunaLilly LunaDag sedan
  • Why does that thumbnail make so much sense

    profane geoprofane geoDag sedan
  • Hi it’s me, I was the one on among us with you! I was Lulu with the white skin and the red hat

    kara mckaykara mckayDag sedan
  • God please make this a series 😂

    nibila barinibila bariDag sedan
  • Teardown. Where's teardown

    HighTime StoriesHighTime StoriesDag sedan
  • 20:15 what did he say?

    green impostergreen imposterDag sedan
  • Smithy and kryoz are the perfect couple

    khant Dawangkhant DawangDag sedan
  • honestly you are the last funny people on youtube other than critical

    RavioliRavioliDag sedan
  • Where's the Teardown Gameplayyy!!!!

    Bryan Ariel kusnandarBryan Ariel kusnandarDag sedan
  • Play Siege with Marley it’d be such a funny colab

    Mason CliffeMason CliffeDag sedan
  • 9:45 me entering 2021

    Isaiah PartidaIsaiah PartidaDag sedan
  • Kryoz kinda sounds like morekryoz🤔🤔

    invader045invader045Dag sedan
  • I straight up thought I was getting a discord call

    Grant FiggGrant FiggDag sedan
  • bear fist duo

    Xyb3r AnimsXyb3r AnimsDag sedan
  • Portal 2 is the best game

    WD101WD101Dag sedan
  • I literally asked myself how many years ago this video was posted before reading “two days ago”

    Todd HowardTodd HowardDag sedan
  • This video gives me life

    Noodles The FurryNoodles The Furry2 dagar sedan
  • Smii7ty is like the hyperactive dog that kyroz decided to impulsively buy

    DaddyGayKermitDaddyGayKermit2 dagar sedan
  • Make this a series?

    Christian HummelChristian Hummel2 dagar sedan
  • Alternate title, 2 Idiots plays Portal

    BarrelededBarreleded2 dagar sedan
  • I cant be the only one who saw the thumbnail and thought that they were wearing promoting femboy hooters outfits

    TrapTrap2 dagar sedan
  • the thumbnail looks like goku and vageta when they have the orange suits with the singlet

    Blair MahoneyBlair Mahoney2 dagar sedan
  • Smii7y, you're almost at three and a half million subscribers! How does that make you feel?!

    Devin SymondsDevin Symonds2 dagar sedan
  • You know the vids gonna be fire when John and Smii7y are playing together

    Sergio OrnelasSergio Ornelas2 dagar sedan
  • How can the funniest person in the WORLD have only 3.48mil subs ( seriously SUB TO HIM!!!!!)

    Avi SilvaAvi Silva2 dagar sedan
  • Crazy to think back on Smittys 100,000 vid. He never thought he was ever gonna reach 1 million subscribers and now he's here with over 3 million its been a crazy ride so far!

    Tristan CollierTristan Collier2 dagar sedan
  • Workshop co-op maps hit different

    Syed .LabibSyed .Labib2 dagar sedan
  • I have never beat the co-op campaign since I got the game on the contrary I managed to beat the main story campaign in 2 days

    Tyce LowryTyce Lowry2 dagar sedan
  • The laser can kill you

    Gen DawgGen Dawg2 dagar sedan

    Bossvit2Bossvit22 dagar sedan
  • Yeah that was good

    Stuart RushStuart Rush2 dagar sedan
  • You have Bear Fists???

    ZeldyelfIncZeldyelfInc2 dagar sedan
  • Can we see more teardown? Pleeaaassseeee

    Jake BartlettJake Bartlett2 dagar sedan
  • Smii7y in the thumbnail? No milk? No bag?

    JesseJesse2 dagar sedan
  • Hmm... Ripping off a SovietWomble joke.... Disc suckers.

    Ning3nNing3n2 dagar sedan
  • Bruh I wish I could have a friendship like John and smii7y

    ricky bezjakricky bezjak2 dagar sedan
  • Is this video for 10 year olds

    datboibrunodatboibruno2 dagar sedan
  • john and smitty are the best duo

    Dr BrightDr Bright2 dagar sedan
  • Portal 2 is such an underrated game. This game shaped my childhood 😂

    Chloe [REDACTED]Chloe [REDACTED]2 dagar sedan
  • I need more tear down

    RecklessRazakRecklessRazak2 dagar sedan
  • Nothing to watch better than this

    carl dexter dacumoscarl dexter dacumos2 dagar sedan
  • This should be a series

    Quinton TaylorQuinton Taylor2 dagar sedan
  • Holy fuck i didn't know i needed this i haven't laughed this hard in so long

    Gordon McKenzieGordon McKenzie2 dagar sedan
  • She really does doesn't she!

    Somehow SaneSomehow Sane2 dagar sedan
  • this is brilliant.

    CalistaCalista2 dagar sedan
  • No one gonna say nun ab the nasty b hops?

    Andrew HookerAndrew Hooker2 dagar sedan
  • I just played it again about 2 days ago

    Atay BarnesAtay Barnes2 dagar sedan
  • fact: you can actually take the cube from the lazer level to the more lazer level but doling it down into the ground crouching and walking slowly

    CoolCanManCoolCanMan2 dagar sedan
  • I have never laughed this hard.

    GLaDOS ApertureGLaDOS Aperture2 dagar sedan
  • my fav duo playing my fav coop game

    DrInternetPseudonymDrInternetPseudonym2 dagar sedan
  • I knew he would say you have bear fists

    MilkMilk2 dagar sedan
  • there's got to be a leftover soon on this...

    [Nao][Nao]2 dagar sedan
  • Cant tell whether its meant to be challenge mode or challenged mode

    Brucie7702Brucie77022 dagar sedan

    z HeqZz HeqZ2 dagar sedan
  • What a great vid post more ahh

    VividDragoon839VividDragoon8392 dagar sedan
  • I always thought smity and Scotty were the same people

    M VM V2 dagar sedan
  • Logic reference?

    Александр КоростелинАлександр Коростелин2 dagar sedan
  • what a classic duo

    Syrus AlderSyrus Alder2 dagar sedan
  • I have put 600 hours into portal 2 and I have no memory of 550 of them.

    Slorch ManSlorch Man2 dagar sedan
  • You guys should do a video together every month.....or just get married already up to you

    AlexAlex2 dagar sedan
  • İts 2021 a New a year And these guy still play this game

    demirle gachalardemirle gachalar3 dagar sedan
  • 22:30 “we’ll, we can no longer progress” so nothing has changed.

    Charles CalvinCharles Calvin3 dagar sedan
  • Smitty you should really play firework mania it looks so fun kinda like teardown but with alot of explosions

    javy234 olmedajavy234 olmeda3 dagar sedan
  • #god mode

    Jr MtzJr Mtz3 dagar sedan
  • Ay can play sea of thieves again

    N.S.A AGENTN.S.A AGENT3 dagar sedan
  • 11:03 dont spoil the fucking 8 years game

    Francisco BismarkFrancisco Bismark3 dagar sedan
  • Ayyyee my boy trending

    TerminalJoker24TerminalJoker243 dagar sedan
  • It's been 83 years

    GoldenSwagGoldenSwag3 dagar sedan
  • I wanna go on one of those! uh oh.

    its cat borgerits cat borger3 dagar sedan
  • More portal with Kryoz! 😆

    Silver ExpectationsSilver Expectations3 dagar sedan