That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen

12 jul 2020
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we are a complete disaster
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  • I love being max level in this game and cringing at everything the streamers do.

    Danny HamiltonDanny Hamilton23 timmar sedan
  • grizzly looks like the real human version of sid the sloth

    Brendon DixonBrendon Dixon4 dagar sedan
  • That's got to be the biggest pirate I've ever seen

    Desmond EnglishDesmond English6 dagar sedan
  • Yarr Slmccl 2020

    C.J. SkullsC.J. Skulls14 dagar sedan
  • "Stop throwing up on me and playing the accordion" That ended me

    Dakota HigginsDakota Higgins26 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Golden raccoon nGolden raccoon n26 dagar sedan
  • More slimecicle cooking asmr

    I am CuthuluI am CuthuluMånad sedan
  • I miss sea of thieves

    PixelmacePixelmaceMånad sedan
  • So it would seem

    Deeperest MemeDeeperest MemeMånad sedan
  • More please

    blip_blorpblip_blorpMånad sedan
  • You look like Dennis Neilsen

    the Supreme Leaderthe Supreme LeaderMånad sedan
  • Man, The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything is a lot different than I remember

    Critical AmurCritical AmurMånad sedan
  • Does he know that you can reload cannons without leaving them?

    Galvanax GamingGalvanax Gaming2 månader sedan
  • Sneegs signature move is guilt tripping

    Christmas MouseChristmas Mouse2 månader sedan
  • I swear every time I watch this I feel like I’m watching a different video. Then they get struck by lightning and Condi explodes and I realize I am indeed watching the same video.

    Charlie LamphereCharlie Lamphere2 månader sedan
  • the ad on this video was the new Kelly Clarkson Show. HOW

    Miquel LergaMiquel Lerga2 månader sedan
  • 7:35 Bread bank. We sell bread, we sell loafs. We got bread on deck, bread on the floor. TOASTED!

    BATKAMARRI 13BATKAMARRI 132 månader sedan
  • They blamed Charlie for harpooning and hitting the dock that’s not the case at all they had the wheel all the way to the left and anchored lol

    Jay M89ZJay M89Z2 månader sedan
  • Too many ADS

    WhalemanWhaleman2 månader sedan
  • 10:05 "I'm so glad that I was able to shit"

    Adoring FanAdoring Fan2 månader sedan
  • Wait is this a fake channel cuz there is a channel called slimecicle

    OD On crayonsOD On crayons2 månader sedan
  • Its yaarrr time

    Invader GirInvader Gir2 månader sedan
  • 5:15 the fucking bard

    Alexx CasanovaAlexx Casanova2 månader sedan
  • *So it would seem,....*

    Chris WardChris Ward2 månader sedan
  • So it may seem...

    MagnitudeMagnitude2 månader sedan
  • S k e l e t o n

    JgamingJgaming2 månader sedan
  • The new one piece be lookin strange

    PixelmacePixelmace3 månader sedan
  • the invention of the cannonball dive:somewhere around 1630 or 1750

    Zombie BroZombie Bro3 månader sedan
  • I once beached my boat entirely, i have better pirateness than you

    King GnomusKing Gnomus3 månader sedan
  • Okay but the brig song was pretty good tbh, 10/10 Edit: around 15:40 if you were wondering

    Nina D.Nina D.3 månader sedan
  • is this the final season of one piece?

    GioGioGioGio3 månader sedan
  • “Shut the fuck up and give me it” classic

    Ray RoskosRay Roskos3 månader sedan
  • I played he's a pirate on loop while watching this video, IT WAS EPIC! 10/10 would recommend

    vast wizardvast wizard3 månader sedan
  • What is this game

    TogariTogari3 månader sedan
  • So it would freaking seem.

    Fiji SharbroughFiji Sharbrough3 månader sedan
  • Captain get in the cannon *jumps off ship*

    Terref Niffum21Terref Niffum213 månader sedan
  • So it would seem...

    DrHenHenDrHenHen3 månader sedan
  • Charlie's southern pirate sounds like a klansman

    Sticky6FtSticky6Ft3 månader sedan
  • You had me at "You guys"

    LuckLuck3 månader sedan
  • me when steal boat BD

    MagsPieMagsPie3 månader sedan
  • So it apears

    pancake commander and Bowserpancake commander and Bowser3 månader sedan
  • By all due respects, sir, what the #### do you mean lower the sails?

    Carter StevensonCarter Stevenson3 månader sedan
  • Eat bananas to heal and right click to charge up a swing

    Kole KoesterKole Koester3 månader sedan
  • Should’ve yelled “CAPTAIN! LOOK!” Whenever you saw literally anything

    LegoEngineer003LegoEngineer0033 månader sedan
  • This physically hurt me. Will be in rehab till end of high school.

    Joe DouglassJoe Douglass3 månader sedan
  • Why is no one talking about Condi blowing up. I literally spent 5 minutes trying to find this video just to see Condi run to Charlie screaming HELP ME

    Charlie LamphereCharlie Lamphere3 månader sedan
  • Before this there was an ad that just shout “HOW LONG DOES YOUR SEX LAST” and my mum walked in and asked if I was watching porn

    Mr- PigMr- Pig3 månader sedan
  • So it would seem...

    Kevin PKevin P3 månader sedan
  • 9:56 watching him load the cannonballs like that pained me

    CorrelanderCorrelander3 månader sedan
  • The dude on the thumbnail looks like ice age baby

    Lyric UlvogLyric Ulvog3 månader sedan
  • At 11:00 right as he shot Condi there was a HBO ad and it started with Elmo laughing

    nickfury giraffenickfury giraffe3 månader sedan
  • So it would seem

    Bababoey LBababoey L3 månader sedan
  • Oztjstibdthnra My dog typed this

    Hodd TowardHodd Toward3 månader sedan
  • Tbh sea of thieves vr would me cool

    The one The bestThe one The best3 månader sedan
  • >cringe

    AJ KnightsAJ Knights3 månader sedan

    Paul DaughertyPaul Daugherty3 månader sedan
  • Seeing them not reloading the cannons while aiming them is just Horrifying

    Gabriel GalassoGabriel Galasso3 månader sedan
  • Morrrr

    Joey KrugaJoey Kruga3 månader sedan
  • I really hope he does more of this please do more Charlie

    Johann Clarence Ko HongJohann Clarence Ko Hong3 månader sedan
  • I now dat gema to dantdm

    Roi Gaming MinecraftRoi Gaming Minecraft3 månader sedan
  • Does anyone else think grizzlys character looks kinda like ice age baby’s dad? Looking at him made me want to kill him so ice age baby would never exist.

    David DeskoDavid Desko3 månader sedan
  • 15:57 slime casually threatening mass murder

    Am gooseAm goose3 månader sedan
  • My tablet selected this by slapping my stomach

    SCHOOL KIDSCHOOL KID3 månader sedan
  • wow the way he said yaaaaaaaaar really hit me

    ry lulry lul3 månader sedan
  • The guy on the thumbnail looks like the Ice Age Baby if he was all grown-up

    Charlie :3Charlie :33 månader sedan
  • "Oh god that's Iraq!" - A tourist who got lost in northern Saudi Arabia

    The Aspergers EffectThe Aspergers Effect3 månader sedan
  • I am sad

    Jakeers Da bettaJakeers Da betta3 månader sedan
  • He said, "to be or not to be" as he held Yaaaaarrrrrrrick's skull

    happy guyhappy guy3 månader sedan
  • You should play atlas if you like SOT

    galactic_Spinogalactic_Spino4 månader sedan
  • If not for the pool cue at the end of the skyrim video I would for sure have thought the room was a green screen.

    Luke ThackerLuke Thacker4 månader sedan
  • that's got to be the best pirate i've ever seen. so it would seem 0:05

    Miko PoloMiko Polo4 månader sedan
  • I didn’t know you played sea of thieves

    AC3 warriorAC3 warrior4 månader sedan
  • This is my favorite game I never thought this video would be invented

    Mr CoonMr Coon4 månader sedan
  • I am getting JRWI flashbacks

    William MWilliam M4 månader sedan
  • This new pirates of the carribean looks amazing

    LarsonLarson4 månader sedan
  • This was uploaded the day after my birthday and I was afraid to watch because I had 'nam flashbacks to when my ex didn't talk to me for days just cuz he was too busy playing this with friends

    Doggie AnticsDoggie Antics4 månader sedan
  • 5:28 “Allow me to play a song in memory” *proceeds to play flight of the bumblebees on accordion*

    Declan FeeneyDeclan Feeney4 månader sedan
  • So it would seem...

    Jak GrájedaJak Grájeda4 månader sedan
  • These are just modern day pirates.

    Someone randomSomeone random4 månader sedan
  • the song that Charlie made whilst in the brig was great

  • 15:43 that song is pretty epic

    You_ doy-oyYou_ doy-oy4 månader sedan
    • Amen to that

      King H.DKing H.D4 månader sedan
  • Eat it

    Isaac ._.Isaac ._.4 månader sedan
  • Are Charlie and Grace still together? Random question but I really wanna know

    Luminescent_Lya 33Luminescent_Lya 334 månader sedan
  • *Yarr harr fiddle me dee*

    DaddyGayKermitDaddyGayKermit4 månader sedan
  • the first and last time i played sea of thieves the crew i was put with (i didn’t have any friends) put me in the brig as soon as i joined until i promised not to purposely sink the ship, throw our loot into the ocean, attack the crew and other things. i never left the brig edit: just to clarify, i never knew any of these guys, i don’t have a history of teamkilling, they were just really paranoid about me. also when the ship sank and i drowned in the brig they did briefly let me out.

    I have an unoriginal profile pictureI have an unoriginal profile picture4 månader sedan
  • TFW Someone incorrectly references Hamlet by holding Yorrick’s skull and saying To be or not to be (sorry but I like hamlet too much xP)

    The Doctor PlayzThe Doctor Playz4 månader sedan
  • Ship:*literally sticks straight up in the air* Charlie's immediate reaction: U h o h

    Snapety McSnapSnapety McSnap4 månader sedan
  • Wibbly wobbly the pirate's are one the cutlesses they have are now guns (props of you know that video)

    Gracie CaswellGracie Caswell4 månader sedan
  • Dude someone needs to clip Charlie’s seven seas song

    Elf4eli2Elf4eli24 månader sedan
  • This got to be the best video I’ve ever seen.

    Hole HorseHole Horse4 månader sedan
  • I love this

    money backmoney back4 månader sedan
  • spam 5 on your keyboard for kooky crazy part 9

    MjaddixMjaddix4 månader sedan
  • "so it would seem"

    AlastorAlastor4 månader sedan
  • What game is this?

    Phoenix MukaidoPhoenix Mukaido4 månader sedan
  • Why does Slimecicle have the skeleton of a small child?

    ZaireZaire4 månader sedan
  • i think we're lucky charlie never found out you can vomit in a bucket and throw it at other people

    DaleynavalisDaleynavalis4 månader sedan
  • I literally cannot tell condis and grizzlys voices apart

    FooldukeFoolduke4 månader sedan
    • thats because they're the same person

      DaleynavalisDaleynavalis4 månader sedan
  • Is no one gonna talk about the skeleton on the pool table?

    Connor McRaneyConnor McRaney4 månader sedan
  • I wonder if he knew if his character were drunk, it would play a scuffed tune playing any instrument

    SlurpyRippleySlurpyRippley4 månader sedan
  • Sea of Rocks

    JustGeorge2JustGeorge24 månader sedan