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3 maj 2021
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We’re Duca and Roberta, a Brazilian couple that have bought a 44ft steel sailboat (Dinieper Tropic 1200, designed by Joubert and Nivelt) that was abandoned on the hard for 22 years in Guarujá, Brazil. We are on the mission of refitting her to travel the world taking our house with us!
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3OClockBlues - Tony Petersen
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Love Automatic - Katrina Stone
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Desert Cruising - Rafi B. Levy
Bad (I'm Better) - Katrina Stone
Jack Son Samba - Yanivi
Love Automatic - Katrina Stone Los Zolitos - Rafi B. LevySomebody Else - Alex Keren
Cuzco - Ilya Truhanov
Sambas dreus - Trio Particular
Bedtime Lullaby - Jim Gaven
Far - The Hunts
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  • I just can't get over engine access you gave for the size of your boat

    Bryon EnsmingerBryon Ensminger3 timmar sedan
  • You should have painted red stripes on it turn it into a candy cane

    Bryon EnsmingerBryon Ensminger7 timmar sedan
  • Great video enjoyed watching you put your boat back together , I’m very excited for you. Mark.

    Mark DeweyMark DeweyDag sedan
    • Thanks, Mark

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life CraftingDag sedan
  • Great Job guys! Congratulations 👏

    Ebano MarfilEbano Marfil4 dagar sedan
    • Thank you! 😃

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting3 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful couple, beautiful result. Bravo!

    OCnStiggsOCnStiggs6 dagar sedan
  • Good to see fred back guy's boat is looking awsom luv you guy's ben😎🤙👍👌🐕

    Ben JeffreysBen Jeffreys6 dagar sedan
  • Duca, Roberta is such an amazing woman, I wish you would marry that woman. She is amazing and you have found your diamond so cherish that!

    CynthiaCynthia7 dagar sedan
  • Don't listen to those telling you to "just go sailing" - it won't be them breaking down in an isolated place. To them it is just something to watch, to you it is your life. Go when you are ready and confident. If they want to watch splashing waves and billowing sails they can watch any number of other channels.

    MarkMark7 dagar sedan
    • Thanks for the support, Mark

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting7 dagar sedan
  • awesome job guys

    Rodney WrotenRodney Wroten8 dagar sedan
    • Thanks 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting8 dagar sedan
  • Speaking from exper, that exhaust hose will get lot harder to remove in a few years.

    Lynndon HarnellLynndon Harnell8 dagar sedan
  • Roberta for Captain! Filters housings mounted on a higher point makes it easier to bleed. Well done to you both.

    John de JesusJohn de Jesus8 dagar sedan
    • Hi, John. The Yanmar consultant said that lower point is better in this case to avoid any air on the system 😉

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting8 dagar sedan
  • Que motor chique heim!! Deve ser muito bom essa sensação de motor zero no barco. Quando a mestre amador, eu também vou fazer daqui 10 dias , estou comendo livros e cursos on-line , porque preciso viajar 200 km para fazer a prova , então não posso correr o risco de reprovar kkkk , a diferença é que não tenho barco ainda kkk estou fazendo curso de vela ainda , quem sabe um dia terei o meu veleiro ⛵️ ! Curto demais seus vídeos

    Fabio MoraisFabio Morais8 dagar sedan
    • 😁 o Duca tá aqui devorando provas antigas hehe. Boa sorte com a tua prova e com o teu projeto de um dia ter teu barco 🤞🏻

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting8 dagar sedan
  • This is better for waterproofing joints SIKALASTOMER® -511 NON-SETTING BUTYL SEALANT .

    jackdburjackdbur9 dagar sedan
    • We don’t have it here in Brazil 😞

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting9 dagar sedan
  • Greetings from Kelly.s birthplace Holland Yanmar Almere. 😃

    Michael NeijenhoffMichael Neijenhoff9 dagar sedan
    • ☺️ hello, Michael

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting9 dagar sedan
  • Can’t wait to see it go it looks awesome.

    Craig KaschanCraig Kaschan9 dagar sedan
    • Thanks 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting9 dagar sedan
  • Love that it has the serpentine belt, just please carry a spare. If it breaks you’re dead in the water, no pun intended.

    Clint FlowersClint Flowers9 dagar sedan
  • Looks like everything is coming along, good luck 😁😁❤

    dukes4life8dukes4life810 dagar sedan
    • Thanks 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting9 dagar sedan
  • Any time you are in stalling hose. Use hair spray. Go's on slick then gets stick to help hold better.

    Mike's road trip 2017Mike's road trip 201710 dagar sedan
  • So awesome to see Kelly aboard!!! I remember when the JM had a fresh diesel upgrade, it was amazing! You both must be so excited! I cant wait to see the helm station you have created and that new electric panel! Im glad Fred has found his way back, hope his Dad is doing well. Thank you two for always bringing a positive vibe to your episodes! Much love, health and peace....

    slim pickinsslim pickins10 dagar sedan
  • I am really concerned about the support for the hot water tank. It looks really flimsy as it is. Adding water seems like a disaster. Are some supports not on it at the moment ?

    WanderLust ScubaWanderLust Scuba10 dagar sedan
  • Licencing exists to further the greed of the rich by trying to stop other people from moving around freely. The intention is to have the roads and holiday spots to themselves. That is one reason.

    Brad CarmanBrad Carman10 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations

    William HickmanWilliam Hickman10 dagar sedan
    • Thanks

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting10 dagar sedan
  • Your first music was great. put it back on. I have to admit it, I save your vid.s for the last ones I watch every night, I'll even watch them again, and again. Your music is perfecto to go off the sleep. Seka flex 296 is not code anymore.

    Ron BucknerRon Buckner10 dagar sedan
    • Glad you like the music 💕 it’s a pity the sika is not available anymore, it was the best one

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting10 dagar sedan
  • Wait...are you using raw water cooling on that shiny new engine?

    winston gsdwinston gsd10 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful Sharing

    Arbab N Kitchen IDeas VlogArbab N Kitchen IDeas Vlog10 dagar sedan
  • Hello Dear Friend Watching From Switzerland 🇨🇭 Nice Sharing I Hope to See You Around Friend 😊 Big Like 👍

    Arbab N Kitchen IDeas VlogArbab N Kitchen IDeas Vlog10 dagar sedan
    • Hello!

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting10 dagar sedan
  • So close! She sure is a pretty thing! (yes I mean the engine, no offense Roberta) :)

    JC1028JC102811 dagar sedan
    • Not taken hehe. Kelly is pretty indeed

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting10 dagar sedan
  • I have a friend who told me that he likes to sit with when houses were renovated because it was such a nice feeling with the craftsmen. What is your view, is it not time to get the boat in the water for some sailing soon?

    Daniel ZippertDaniel Zippert11 dagar sedan
  • I found the sikaflex you like on Amazon www.amazon.com/AP-Products-017-90891-White-Sikaflex-221/dp/B00O9VFLRS/ref=pb_pd_lutyp_crc_typ_gc_4_9?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00O9VFLRS&pd_rd_r=0a54c030-464e-4f16-8a61-7fa9d583bea2&pd_rd_w=q9Zll&pd_rd_wg=9p8Q2&pf_rd_p=c5e77980-afec-489e-b63c-6e007df472a8&pf_rd_r=MJCRJCAV3JFNR2JRTAPQ&psc=1&refRID=G6DQCNDWQ1X5C1C7ZG0Y

    Chad MatthewsChad Matthews11 dagar sedan
  • Have you tried filling/purging the coolant loop to the water heater? Might be problematic with the installation above the engine.

    Darroll McAlindenDarroll McAlinden11 dagar sedan
    • Not yep but according to the engineer autorized by yanmar it will be ok. Let’s hope so! 🤞🏼🍀

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting11 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations on passing!!!

    Tammy StoneTammy Stone11 dagar sedan
    • Thanks

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting11 dagar sedan
  • Nice wife 💋

    M. F.M. F.11 dagar sedan
  • "Spiffy" ... Olha o plágio aí... Só falta começar a usar duhiqui (sei lá como escreve esse) Kkkkkk

    Bruno TaveiraBruno Taveira11 dagar sedan
    • Hehehe. A gente assiste o Mads do @saillife há anos

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting11 dagar sedan
  • this is so cool. its at this time im glad for my tiny yanmar 1gm10

    Me HarknessMe Harkness11 dagar sedan
  • Here comes a tip for good redundancy, dual filters with possibility to drain, or shift elements during motoring. shop.dpower.se/produkter/tillbehor/racor-branslesystem/branslefilter-turbinserien/kompletta-dubbel/racor-turbinbranslefilter-454-lh-1.html Best Regards from, Gunnar

    gunphigunphi11 dagar sedan
  • Its almost done just take it slow and get two emergency water pumps and a lifeboat

    skip luckskip luck11 dagar sedan
  • Hello Duca and Roberta! Thanks for your post!. I like very much the accessory shown on the 2 minute and 47second. Where can I buy this? All the best!

    EZMILE ProductionsEZMILE Productions11 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations on Finally getting started on the installation of “Kelly”. I completely understand the anticipation you guys have on getting the boat back in the water, my boat has been out of service since July of last year due to a motor issue and now that it’s repaired I’m just waiting on good weather to put everything back together and get it back in the water. Keep up the great work!

    Michael SMichael S11 dagar sedan
  • 👍👌🇨🇦❤

    Pocket ChangePocket Change11 dagar sedan
    • 👍🏼💕

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting10 dagar sedan
  • You guys are really doin an awesome job. I wish I had your energy and enthusiasm for tough jobs. It is going to look so pretty when it is done. It will make Joubert very proud (from heaven of course.)😇😇

    Victor RaymondVictor Raymond11 dagar sedan
  • 228K congratulations just subscribed, keep doing what you’re doing

    Charlie GordonCharlie Gordon11 dagar sedan
    • Thanks 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting11 dagar sedan
  • "need to " use " have to "

    valdiney kennedyvaldiney kennedy11 dagar sedan
  • I envy you two...happy sailing :-)

    Tom HolmesTom Holmes11 dagar sedan
  • por 2 anos ..) então eu vou te mandar de volta para Duke em um lindo chapéu de pele e casaco de pele ..))

    Сергей СмоляковСергей Смоляков12 dagar sedan
  • A casa de máquinas ficou um espetáculo, vocês vão colocar algum sistema de combate a incêndio para embarcações é sistemas de detecção e alarme!

    • Obrigada, vamos sim.

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • Better buy lots of spare parts, Yanmar parts are much more expensive and not readly avalible in many places. Unlike Kubots(Beta Marine) you csn get replacement parts almost everywhere that sells Kubota farm equiptment and much cheaper.

    Mazda rx7Mazda rx712 dagar sedan
  • Keep always multiple spare filters and Oring seal's onboard. Just incase of dirty diesel. Yes you will face this problem sorry.

    Peter EvenhuisPeter Evenhuis12 dagar sedan
  • It’s a little weird the plastic was on the engine so long it should have come off long before engine was installed your videos are becoming more weird

    Mark SherwoodMark Sherwood12 dagar sedan
    • They were using corroded tools to install the engine and we didn’t want to have pieces of corroded metal on the top of our engine

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • Congrats Duca! That is a beautiful engine guys! FRED is back...yay!

    G HenricksonG Henrickson12 dagar sedan
    • Thanks

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • Woitek

    Schmidt LudwigSchmidt Ludwig12 dagar sedan
  • The engine is tinny. What happened, I am sure the last engine was bigger?

    latitudelatitude12 dagar sedan
  • Release the pressure from the pump gun by pressing the tab right at the back

    latitudelatitude12 dagar sedan
  • Great install

    Mike HMike H12 dagar sedan
    • Thanks 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • 👍👍👏

    John ShropshireJohn Shropshire12 dagar sedan
    • 😊👍🏼

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • FREDDDDD you are back

    miguel vitóriamiguel vitória12 dagar sedan

    mmanutmmanut12 dagar sedan
  • Get to the Water already!

    Bill HaigneyBill Haigney12 dagar sedan
  • What a feeling. Brand Spanking new engine. Don't run it too much or it might get a little dirty. In the future you will have to create a Amazon list with toothbrushes for cleaning the engine.lol

    Rick GordonRick Gordon12 dagar sedan
  • Indeed Good Luck to Duca! Good to know you get to go home too. I think its been a couple of years since you acquired the boat. I bet your Dad will be happy to see you both.

    Rick GordonRick Gordon12 dagar sedan
  • Over the entire series I have watched how Roberta’s english has improved and she has blossomed in front of the camera too. Well done beautiful Roberta.

    Christopher MooreChristopher Moore12 dagar sedan
  • OBA!!! Ja chegou Kibon-Bom!!! Just shows what two engineers working together can accomplish. Don't forget the oil.

    caicaraskikicaicaraskiki12 dagar sedan
  • Hello! I really enjoy your videos and the whole process of repairing the boat! Keep working, it worths it;) One minor detail-advice....in the 07:00 that you are trying to lift the floor panel, instead of having the pullies like that, change them (up-down) so that you pull down the rope, you get to use your weight, instead of your muscles! I hope you understood what I meant in the way I wrote it :P Have fun !!! Να περνάτε καλά και καλές θαλασσες!

    Μιχαλης ΤσιλικασΜιχαλης Τσιλικασ12 dagar sedan
    • also, if you punch a hole at the back of sikaflex tube it won't drip as it does, so the 591 will be also ok for you!!!

      Μιχαλης ΤσιλικασΜιχαλης Τσιλικασ12 dagar sedan
  • "The Rings" on the pipe of the water heater as you call it is known as a "Barb". So anytime you see a pipe stub or hose fitting with saw teeth on it just call it a Barb Fitting or a Barbed Hose Fitting. Also, if at all possible find a smooth shaped (formed) hose for the engine to tank connection when you can. That type of hose will create turbulence inside and will quite possibly wear out sooner than expected. Cavitating salt water is more abrasive than fresh water. Roberta with all your knowledge about boats, you too should be studying for your Captain's License. You are an inspiration to many people here in America. I cannot begin to tell you how many couples I have introduced to your channel. Next time I hear from them they rave about you and Duca. Best wishes!

    c jelingerc jelinger12 dagar sedan
  • Finally (Roberta's gimmick :D) Welcome to the nice Yannmar...! Nice to see how much love in Roberta's eyes when she's looking Luca speaking... ;)

    T_ BLT_ BL12 dagar sedan
  • I hope you get to sea someday.

    Henna du plessisHenna du plessis12 dagar sedan
  • It's DucaFlex though!

    Venturi LifeVenturi Life12 dagar sedan
  • She looks awesome and can't wait to here her purr. I really think you picked a great place for the racors and raw water filter, to service and inspect. The engine room is very neat and clean, so it should be really easy to keep it ship shape and free of oil spills.

    Richard Bohling SrRichard Bohling Sr12 dagar sedan
  • Good to have your Captain's license, but, tell us, who will enforce the rule when you are 20 miles offshore in International waters?

    DocuMetrics, Inc.DocuMetrics, Inc.12 dagar sedan
    • To be honest no one. But if you have insurance in Brazil (I’m not sure if we will) and you have any problem offshore they won’t pay if you are not a captain. 😨

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • Yeah Fred’s back

    61golfgeek61golfgeek12 dagar sedan
  • Started watching a while back and this boat was a neglected beauty that most are glad you saved and put your own touch on.. Can't wait to see some adventures as soon as the world stops going crazy.. If I went so poor I'd have a donation and I'm kinda sorry that I dont. Being disabled puts a huge damper on everything all the time...

    William RobinsonWilliam Robinson12 dagar sedan
  • With the drive shaft I would recommend putting an orange straight down one side so when it is rotating your eye always sees that it is rotating and you consciously avoid it. It only takes a millisecond to losing arm in a drive shaft thanks to a piece of clothing or even worse if your hair gets Tangled around it you'll get scalped

    WayhartWayhart12 dagar sedan
  • Hey guy your taking classes for your cpt license you should think your not navgating alone so she should know, what you know, keep safe, think safe and pleasant sails

    Miguel LaboyMiguel Laboy12 dagar sedan
  • Very spiffy! ⚘😊❤ Skippers ticket. Then Captains ticket.

    petnzme01petnzme0112 dagar sedan
  • Looking good !

    Jim AlexanderJim Alexander12 dagar sedan
    • Thanks 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • Damn, she's sexy!! If you break up with "Kelly", just send her my way! 😂 Btw, i heard a story about Brazil and the covid situation and the american reporter was in... Flouranopolis. (I may have spelled that wrong) He was saying many dont wear masks and infections persist. I hope your families are well!

    daniel bucknerdaniel buckner12 dagar sedan
    • @Odd Life Crafting Im glad to hear they are healthy enough to recover well!

      daniel bucknerdaniel buckner12 dagar sedan
    • Hehe. Roberta here. My sister went to visit my parents there and my brother in law got covid and also my little niece. But there are doing great, almost fully recovered. Thanks for the concern

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • Glad to see Fred is back! Really good video this week! You are getting so close to splash day! Years of hard work is about to pay off! I love to see you two work together on Odd. Doing it right the first time, every time is going to pay dividends in so many ways! Roberta, your smile justs lights up the screen! Don't stop! Go Odd!👏👍👌⛵🌏😊

    Robert NixonRobert Nixon12 dagar sedan
  • Great job 😊

    simeon adamssimeon adams12 dagar sedan
    • Thanks 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • Congrats on passing the exam!! Good job!!!

    WeThePeople HaveSpokenWeThePeople HaveSpoken12 dagar sedan
    • Thanks 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • Great to see Fred back! And as always another terrific video.

    Blair TuckeyBlair Tuckey12 dagar sedan
    • Glad you enjoyed it!

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • That engine is too small for the boat won't have the same torque as the old one.

    Gunnar LandinGunnar Landin12 dagar sedan
  • Fantastic job you guys of the engine nearly there the sycoflex runs from the gun if you don't press the lever at the end of the gun great too see Fred again hope all goes well because you two deserve it with all the hard work over this past year. Stay safe and well xx Billy from Liverpool

    William wrightWilliam wright12 dagar sedan
  • I would counsel having two long oars that are commensurate with their placement, the width of boat, and the careful fitting of oarlocks. No, I´m not kidding! If stowage for them is carefully designed, they need not be an encumbrance. They´re even cheap. Once I had to row a Rainbow racing sloop into a harbour during a storm. I and a racing partner would have capsized but for the ability to maneuver without a functional engine (and running lights!). Yes, oars work even on a multi-ton, steel-hulled boat... I wonder if any are made nowadays to be broken down for easy stowage, without compromising robustness...

    Brian HilesBrian Hiles12 dagar sedan
  • You guys are literally going to have a brand new boat

    Jason LockhartJason Lockhart12 dagar sedan
    • 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • So impressed that you are able to learn all these systems, complete the work and go on to the next project. Best of luck with your License exams... great videos!!

    Good X RVnGood X RVn13 dagar sedan
    • 😊 thanks

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • Who else was cringing when the mechanic was pulling the water lock out :(

    Peter MaidmentPeter Maidment13 dagar sedan
  • So glad the engine finally made into your boat... congrats to the master, but I can't wait to call Duca a "Captain"!! Fred, welcome back to the show I have been missing him!!!

    Sven WestendorfSven Westendorf13 dagar sedan
  • Really beautiful work!!

    Christopher KingslandChristopher Kingsland13 dagar sedan
    • Thanks 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • That is one Sexy Motor ... u la la la 🇨🇦💕

    gjh944gjh94413 dagar sedan
    • 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • hi duca & roberta have been watching your project from the start to present and have enjoyed all episode's . keep it going and always have fun

    graham Johnsongraham Johnson13 dagar sedan
  • Bonjour les amoureux, I know what it means to have a new toy :+) One month ? I can't wait to hear it start and you deserve this great moment. And what a pleasure to see Fred again with you. Besides this, You, king and queen of Sicaflex should complain to the CEO, you are their best free ambassadors ! Stay safe, the bloody virus goes on killing everywhere and enjoy your trip, Amicalement, Raphaël

    Raphaël HavranekRaphaël Havranek13 dagar sedan
  • I am in love with y’all’s channel. You two ROCK!

    First day with new brainFirst day with new brain13 dagar sedan
    • 💕

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • Will we ever see the ship in the water?

    Víctor HerreroVíctor Herrero13 dagar sedan
  • Duca after all the sealant work you have done, its time you cut the nozzel at 45deg to get a neat aplication of the sealant.

    John YoungJohn Young13 dagar sedan
  • Just a suggestion on spares for Kelly. A spare belt is obvious and you probably already have one, (together with the other usual spares like water pump impeller, filters, etc.) but I suggest a spare idler pulley for the belt as well. Should be inexpensive - they often fail on car engines, so it's worthy of carrying a spare, in my opinion.

    allgonquinallgonquin13 dagar sedan
    • Thanks for the suggestions

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • Rule of the French Navy for beginners: greet everything that moves, paint everything that does not move! Obviously this rule also applies in Brazil ..

    Alain DegraixAlain Degraix13 dagar sedan
  • electric cables and other tubes organization: see on U-Tube "10 Best tips & tricks with a sample cable ties".

    Jim BarnardJim Barnard13 dagar sedan
  • I haven't watched the whole episode, but why didn't you go for a CV shaft, instead of another cardan shaft? Then you could have aligned the engine horizontally and had constant velocity on the propeller.

    rhkavlirhkavli13 dagar sedan
    • @Odd Life Crafting But you don't go for standard. You always go for the good stuff. I know CV shafts are used in power boats with, at least 250 HP and a 2:1 gearbox. But maybe they're not easy to source in Brazil?

      rhkavlirhkavli13 dagar sedan
    • The standard cv ones are not good for high torque and high angle and speeds

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • You two are amazing. So engaging. You've taken such care. This vessel is already so improved and the bonus is its owners understand so much more about the craft. Great work editing the video.

    Phil KPhil K13 dagar sedan
    • Thanks a lot, Phil 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations you guys !! I know you’ve been waiting on Kelly to get all dressed up :)

    Pete WardPete Ward13 dagar sedan
    • Thanks 😊😁

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan
  • Man I love that engine room with all the light, accessibility and space!

    Dale CharlesDale Charles13 dagar sedan
    • 🤩

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting13 dagar sedan