First start in 5 years - V12 BMW E32 750iL - Project Karlsruhe: Part 3

8 jan 2021
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Great source for OEM parts: Daparto -
The time has come to bring this neglected V12 machine back to life. A lot needs to be done in order to get the car going again after a long-time of standstill and we'll cover all of that in this episode. Discover mistakes from the previous incompetent mechanic shop while I grunt and battle my way through this car. Satisfaction guaranteed in this episode!
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  • Having watched several of your videos I have to compliment you on your thoroughness. Most home mechanics would take lots of shortcuts that you don’t. I would have no problem buying a car from you. You use the right parts and know BMW’s and their idiosyncrasies.

    fw1421fw14215 timmar sedan
  • Who the f would dislike this guy. I love all of his videos. I can’t wait for that e60 m5 tho. 😎

    DanDan6 timmar sedan
  • You need to do an E30. Fantastic work.Respect from the UK 🇬🇧

    A. MorA. Mor6 timmar sedan
  • Enjoy your beer! Great video.

    Carl BrintonCarl Brinton7 timmar sedan
  • Idiot

    Danzel bmwmaniakDanzel bmwmaniak8 timmar sedan
  • 33:25 hahahahahhaah the rage

    SMG707SMG7079 timmar sedan
  • Dude you are awesome. Thanks again for a very interesting video

    Jimbojag V8Jimbojag V89 timmar sedan
  • Best place for parts and best prices. Autodoc: all the brands even original and best service.

    SamiSami12 timmar sedan
    • Compare it with Daparto and you'll see that's not true.

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations11 timmar sedan
  • For Bmw Original parts use Hubauer- shop!! Best price for oen

    Christian AndoliniChristian Andolini12 timmar sedan
  • Nemo and his Bruder

    SUCCBOISUCCBOI13 timmar sedan
  • Ohhh yes. It is in.

    Raj BrarRaj Brar13 timmar sedan
  • Glad I found this channel.Great stuff,from a very,very novice mechanic.

    Gordon BennettGordon Bennett13 timmar sedan
  • Could someone tell me the reference of the drain plug/cap from minute 14:41. I need one of these for my E38 and I am not able to find in the BMW section which is among all those that appear in the list. Thank you very much in advance.

    Miguel GarcíaMiguel García14 timmar sedan
  • There's something Freudian in the way you always let your lamp fall to the ground. you have to admit: you want a new lamp! :-)

    Falcone 1967Falcone 196714 timmar sedan
  • Love watching your videos ...quality is great and it’s like meditation for me . Keep up the good work ..maybe add in some music in the background at times? Otherwise I like the raw commentary 👍

    Ravi RamiahRavi Ramiah17 timmar sedan
  • Be careful with reverse gear. It is safer to start driving forward while cold, not in reverse

    Linas RLinas R17 timmar sedan
  • 👍🏻😄😎♥️♥️

    Миша БолотовМиша Болотов19 timmar sedan
  • Well done how it should be done

    Nick PhippsNick Phipps20 timmar sedan
  • I must admit, watching this video and seeing how you fix things makes me feel very relax

    republicreefrepublicreef20 timmar sedan
  • Straight pipe it it’s a v12 haha

    GiohooeGiohooe21 timme sedan
  • “Fresh carbon fiber towel” continues to vacune fuel 🤣 u killed me dude

    GiohooeGiohooe21 timme sedan
  • So that clicking noise is fuel injectors?

    german banegasgerman banegas21 timme sedan
    • Yes

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations9 timmar sedan
  • My favorite BMW 👍👍👍

    Max kollMax koll22 timmar sedan
  • i... HATED... working on the two v12 BMWs i have in my life... it was a massive pain in the butt and both times was for a tune up :( Eff number 12 >: (

    fro16883fro16883Dag sedan
  • Thanks for the advise for the fuel pomp hoses! Always a pleasure and instructive to share your diaries! Good continuation from Elsass ;). Ah and do you think keep nemo and his friend as mascot of the 750i :)?

    RomainRomainDag sedan
  • Man you are LEGENDary. Top work.

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  • such a very good mechanic....i love you man!!!

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  • Is there any chance for Z4 in Your projects?

    Tomasz PiwińskiTomasz PiwińskiDag sedan
  • Sreten, du machst mein Leben ein bisschen lebenswerter in diesen trüben Zeiten. Ich danke dir dafür! Sreten, you make my life a little bit more worth living in these dreary times. I thank you for this!

    guzziwheelerguzziwheelerDag sedan
  • @27:03 S

    Mr.He-Rock-Ohh!!!Mr.He-Rock-Ohh!!!Dag sedan
  • Dude how many times this guy hurt his self😂😂

    Denis VasilevDenis VasilevDag sedan
  • Niki Lauda preferred the E32 V12 too.... :)

    e34 Daniele34 DanielDag sedan
  • Haha funny guy, Subscribed!!!!!!

    Masimba GamiraMasimba GamiraDag sedan
  • Daparto is great and super value. They dont ship to ireland. My order was 1000 euro

    Gu LagGu LagDag sedan
  • a black positive wire, and a red negative wire, why does this have to be a common thing, quick fire way to make owners burn their alternator

    Hero ZeroHero ZeroDag sedan
  • lol @ 102 thumbs down. Sreten is clearly a great engineer, but haters gotta hate..

    Nigel EvendenNigel EvendenDag sedan
  • This is easily the best channel on yt imho

    obihörnchenobihörnchenDag sedan
  • after trying to start Bmw goes Neiiiin

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  • Silicone inside the fuel tank one through to the engine won’t burn and will kill the catalytic converters, at least that what I’ve understood about silicone.

    OverlandTTOverlandTTDag sedan
    • I didn't put a whole bottle of it.

      M539 RestorationsM539 RestorationsDag sedan
  • Another greaaaaaat video! Many thanks for sharing Daparto (I didn't know it), I have found many special items I couldn't find here in Belgium (I mean on the websites where I usually order my parts). By the way, you're not German? Silly question maybe, but then why translating the web page into English? Cheers mate, I can't wait till the 'coooooming up' of the next episode.

    Vicente Garcia ArenasVicente Garcia ArenasDag sedan

    David AMANTEDavid AMANTEDag sedan
  • New subscriber here! Even though I'm not BMW fan, I find this interesting as a general gear head content. Good job, greetings from Finland! BTW, what's that car lift? I have never seen so compact 4-post.

    michael001437michael001437Dag sedan
  • Didn't it want to start immediately because the fuel lines were empty? Would switching the ignition a few times before firing the engine (to fill the fuel lines and build the pressure) help?

    LoadsOfPetrolLoadsOfPetrol2 dagar sedan
  • If there's anything to learn from this is that you should never buy a V12, there's NO room to do anything.

    Permanently DisappointedPermanently Disappointed2 dagar sedan
  • I know the "I can edit this out and make it seem like I know what I'm doing" is a joke, but the fact you show it anyway does three things: you can make a joke about the silliness of it and we all laugh about it, you show the good the bad and the ugly about these kinds of projects, and it shows that sometimes (or oftentimes) the simplest possible solution is the solution. Great video!

    Swordie100Swordie1002 dagar sedan
  • Fantastic channel my friend!

    Tyler CoffmanTyler Coffman2 dagar sedan
  • Great vid, I haven't started my e39 m5 for over a year now, any suggestions?, I was thinking of cranking the engine with the starter motor with the fuel pump fuse out or would using fogging oil be better? I stored em away with fresh oil and plugs back in december 2019, TIA

    N 540N 5402 dagar sedan
  • Be careful with that vacuum cleaner, air molecules zipping at high speed create a shitload of static electricity. Needless to say that a tank full of gasoline vapours with an opening pointed at your face, exploding due to an accidental discharge isn't ideal.

    Jakub BuryłoJakub Buryło2 dagar sedan
  • It actually came up good you didnt connect the fuel pump, since you build up nice oil pressure while cranking it without fuel 😅

    Desmo SDesmo S2 dagar sedan
  • "not rusty" 10:45 top right corner?

    omaversteher1omaversteher12 dagar sedan
  • To me that is a daunting engine bay, it’s such a pleasure seeing you make it look so easy

    JabbaJabba2 dagar sedan
  • Love your content, where is the m5 though man! I need to see you ripping the e60 around town!

    MerovingianMerovingian2 dagar sedan
  • More videos, we demand more videos ....Great work and atention do detail

    srky2121420srky21214202 dagar sedan
  • Hey Sreten, I love the videos and truly appreciate the effort you put into them. What would you suggest for a beginner (18yo) who would like to start working on cars as a hobby, but feels lost with more complicated jobs? What are your sources? How did you start? I would love to hear more about that! Keep it up, Peter from Hungary

    Péter RépássyPéter Répássy2 dagar sedan
  • Great channel! Anyone know if there's a similar channel that restores mercedes cars?

    Philip KarlssonPhilip Karlsson2 dagar sedan
  • Ruina

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  • Would be nice to see a video talking about what companies you recommend to buy and what not. What company is good at doing what. Companies you should definitely avoid and so on. How do you know what the oem for the specific car is?

    MrBluePapaSmurfxMrBluePapaSmurfx2 dagar sedan
  • This is the first (and only) channel that I have clicked the notification bell just for the fact that it hopefully helps Sreten....

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  • I believe these videos 2b "staged", nobody would put fuel filters in @$$ backwards...ur fired!

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  • Great video - love the content.

    Savan PatelSavan Patel2 dagar sedan
  • Great channel. Subscribed! @20:16 - dude, that thing needs to be handled with care :DD it's super rare in mechanic garage to find it easily :DD and @21:39 - you can actually feel the pain... we are all been there :DD

    Lukas GritisLukas Gritis2 dagar sedan
  • any possibility you get your hands on a sweet, wrecked e30 some time?

    alpenjodel24alpenjodel242 dagar sedan
  • this guy can do it all, while accessing the fuel system he just casually finds Nemo while Pixar had to make a whole Movie about it!

    Mrmorrisniceguy98Mrmorrisniceguy982 dagar sedan
  • What languages do you speak other than English. I remember you saying in one of your vids that you don't speak German, how do you get by?. Great vids by the way, all of them!

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  • Great video bro

    Trevon HillTrevon Hill2 dagar sedan
  • greetings from near karlsruhe

    Namen ändernNamen ändern2 dagar sedan
  • Ha, ha. Nice grab on the wrench

    Scott MQScott MQ2 dagar sedan
  • Wish that i have that kind of marketplace in indonesia, it is very hard to find parts for old bmw in here

    ramadhanismeramadhanisme2 dagar sedan
  • Carbon-fiber towels? That’s some alien tech right there 😂

    imartynenkoimartynenko2 dagar sedan
  • Awesome work!!! Sounds very nice!!!

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  • Wow that fuel system repair was so shady

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  • I really like your videos but 48 minutes. It’s a little long.

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  • This video was a recommendation on my homepage and I'm happy for that. I'm not a fan of BMWs in particular, but I like the way it's presented and edited. As someone who has been in the motor trade for almost 20 years, hats off to you for your knowledge, attention to detail and caring attitude towards vehicle maintenance. You have just gained a new subscriber.

    The Gourmet SnapperThe Gourmet Snapper3 dagar sedan
  • I wish you existed in the UK!!

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  • This guy said I'm gunna grab a fresh carbon fiber towel instead of microfiber 😂

    ianriggsianriggs3 dagar sedan
    • Google sarcasm.

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations2 dagar sedan
  • Best SEworld channel,looking forward for the next episodes. Best of luck sir and thank you for this moments you are sharing with us 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

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  • Using a vacuum to suck up gasoline is a really easy way to cause an explosion.

    Dave CDave C3 dagar sedan
    • @M539 Restorations Oh dear god, this isn't even close to a truly scientific test. These two hill billies couldn't find their own ass with a mirror and a GPS. It just takes the correct fuel/air mixture and a spark and you'll be releasing a ridiculous amount of energy. By you showing this to amateur mechanics who don't know better, you might be responsible for someone's death.

      Dave CDave C2 dagar sedan
    • A WET shop vac. It's fine and cannot ignite, explode or whatever.

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations3 dagar sedan

      Dave CDave C3 dagar sedan
    • @M539 Restorations No! Please don't let people think this is okay. A shop vacuum is an ignition source. Boaters know this as bilge fumes can explode when you use a vacuum to clean your boat.

      Dave CDave C3 dagar sedan
    • It's not when using a wet shop vac.

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations3 dagar sedan
  • I watch Your channel for like 3 months, Ive watched all Your videos and in my opinion You have very good knowledge and skill for reviving bimmers. Your narration is great, montage is good and as a viewer You get the idea and sense of work that has been done. Keep up the great work. Hi 5!

    Maciej PatykMaciej Patyk3 dagar sedan
  • I like these old BMW very much (til the ~ mid 9ties) I dislike all later ones ... :-) So I like your TLC work very much.

    Gnubbel WutzzGnubbel Wutzz3 dagar sedan
  • i like your way of mechanicking

    hom taxihom taxi3 dagar sedan
  • where are you from, I mean originally?

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  • when is the next episode with M5 e60 ? :) pleeeaseee

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  • I'm looking for a BMW 840/50i RHD from the last year it was built in the '90, must be in good condition

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  • I just love the proper BMW technique!!!!

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  • Nice video

    Tanyaradzwa ChamarimeTanyaradzwa Chamarime3 dagar sedan
  • That's a trunk ? Looks more like a warehouse to me

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  • is lovely watch restore great cars, its legacy and culture.

    P de G ValeroP de G Valero3 dagar sedan
  • The vacuum lines to the fule pressure regulators are connected in the wrong way. They need to be swapped, line from no.1 goes to no.2 and vice versa. Also, can you please elaborate on the spark plugs? The owner manual specifies Bosch F 8 LCR, the NGK ZR5F is the corresponding equivalent. You must be the only guy not using the NGK, and I can not see why.

    Oliver KossatzOliver Kossatz3 dagar sedan
    • @M539 Restorations Sorry, I missed the last two or three minutes. Glad you noticed it. Well, I have been in the forums for over 10 years, and I own my 750i just as long. This is the first time someone says the ZR5F are wrong. Never read about the ones you have shown in the video. Do you mean the E31 forum or the 7er-Forum?

      Oliver KossatzOliver Kossatz3 dagar sedan
    • Yes, I said in the video they are connected incorrectly. I'm not the only one and I explained it in the video. Research the forums.

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations3 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for the Daparto recommendation, amazing prices and easy to browse the areas - sure to order sth from there soon!

    hot|money|vaporhot|money|vapor3 dagar sedan
  • You're a genuine inspiration to anyone interested in cars in any capacity, as well as being funny and hugely charismatic - thank you!

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  • Had one 20 years back , loan car , test car for a supercharger kit..600bhp , was smooth and fast , until hydraulics went , suspension brakes steering..ffs

    Bro KenBro Ken3 dagar sedan
  • I must say seeing that E32 up on the lift from behind, square exhaust pipes, L shaped lights, diamond black metallic - this is BMW! It's what made the brand, E30/32/34/31 those cars are the foundation of the legend that used to be. Thanks for sharing!

    hot|money|vaporhot|money|vapor3 dagar sedan
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