TOP 10 BEST Beginner OLD WORLD Tarantulas!

17 mar 2020
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In this video I am talking about the top 10 OLD WORLD tarantulas I usually suggest to people when they ask which species they should get as their first Old World tarantula! If you have been keeping tarantulas for a little bit and think you are ready to cross over to keeping OW t's...then t his is the video for you! This is the 58th episode in a weekly series called Tarantula Tuesday. Usually I highlight one species each week covering basic information, husbandry and care. If you found this video entertaining or helpful, please hit the like button so new keepers can find this content further down the road. I have Tarantula Collective T-shrts, Stickers and pins/buttons available for purchase...check the link out down below. If you want to see short feeding videos and other tarantula related videos in between episodes of Tarantula Tuesday, follow me on TikTok, I am uploading at least one tarantula related video there everday (link further down in the description). Be sure to join our Facebook group, The Tarantula Collective, to continue the conversation and follow @the_tarantula_collective on Instagram for daily pictures of tarantulas from my collection. 🖖💚🕷
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    the Tarantula Collectivethe Tarantula Collective8 månader sedan
    • So basically any type of baboon ?? Lol

      Alexander SpeikerAlexander Speiker5 månader sedan
    • have you seen exotics lair, he treats them well but all the tarantulas just threat posture him

    • Poopin on the cat

      Ryan The BossRyan The Boss8 månader sedan
  • My first tarantula was a p metallica, and no, I don't mean it was my first old world t, I mean it was my first ever t. I spent a long time researching the species beforehand though, so I knew what I was getting myself into. I think that you should get the tarantula you REALLY want, even if it's your first. As long as you do your research and you have fully committed yourself to taking care of the animal properly, then I'd say that even as a first time keeper, go for whichever species you want.

    Chloë WrightChloë Wright6 dagar sedan
  • Darlingi.baboom In.the....malaysia. Pet.mart.sell80.00 🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚

    Kelvin VinKelvin Vin17 dagar sedan
  • Look at the eye at 8:04 and pause. Amazing.!!

    Joe.C.1971Joe.C.197125 dagar sedan

    DragonKing 157DragonKing 15727 dagar sedan
  • TY!

    Fother MuckerFother MuckerMånad sedan
  • my first old world was an obt their amazing to keep i love the orange coloration and the webbing she made was crazy

  • Best oldworld T's for beginners IMO: Eucratoscelus pachypus (stout leg baboon tarantula) and Chaetopelma olivaceum (middle east gold tarantula). Small, less aggressive and less webbing than most other oldworld T's. Especially Eucratoscelus pachypus from tanzania is one of the cutest T's at all. Chaetopelma olivaceum on the other hand is something special too, because it's europes biggest true tarantula.

    True SpiderTrue SpiderMånad sedan
  • I just have one OW. An OBT, and I love her! Such an interesting species.

    Suz's Pet ChannelSuz's Pet Channel2 månader sedan
  • Yay!!! The one I really want was #1

    Jennifer WeedmanJennifer Weedman2 månader sedan
  • I like your videos but to get more views i would choose better music and a faster delivery each one takes 50-60 seconds but if you cut your delivery in half the time i would watch more videos, you have very good production quality

    Jamison RodriguezJamison Rodriguez2 månader sedan
  • can tell this guy crazy love tarantualas and such passion and excited give information for beginners. he remind me of my self

    Martin Rowlands ReptilesMartin Rowlands Reptiles2 månader sedan
  • Wow. The H cafreriana is definitely an underrated species. So beautiful! Baboon tarantulas are my favorite!

    Philip IngvarPhilip Ingvar2 månader sedan
  • Haha, my first was an obt. No youtube to warn me back then how fun that would be.

    slumlord racingslumlord racing3 månader sedan
  • I thought for sure pumpkin patch would have made it to the #1 list,Because my pumpkin patch spiderling is soooo tiny that, I received from fear not tarantulas, she's soooo tiny that I had to order a magnifying glass just to see her!!! And my eyes aren't even that bad at all close up, despite having to wear glasses!

    Debbii LetchworthDebbii Letchworth3 månader sedan
  • What is the difference between old world and new world? Just curious I’ve never taken care of tarantulas before

    SquidSquid3 månader sedan
    • the Tarantula Collective ok thank you very much!

      SquidSquid3 månader sedan
    • This video will answer all your questions:

      the Tarantula Collectivethe Tarantula Collective3 månader sedan
  • Good review sir ❤️ support from Philippines 🥰

    Abdel JumaaniAbdel Jumaani3 månader sedan
  • OBT and P.Metallica ❤️ Just got mine this week ❤️ Much love from PH 👌 Keep it up! learned a lot from your channel ❤️❤️❤️

    Jayson GalarrettaJayson Galarretta3 månader sedan
  • M

    hieu kube09hieu kube093 månader sedan
  • Why on this good green earth would you ever in your entire life pic and OBT tarantula as a good beginner old world tarantula there a psychotic

    Izzy BentonIzzy Benton3 månader sedan
    • Because they're inexpensive, very hardy, very available, and if kept correctly...aren't actually all the psychotic. The way I have mine set up, I never even get as much as a threat pose..let alone bolting around their enclosure.

      the Tarantula Collectivethe Tarantula Collective3 månader sedan
  • I never realized the stripes on OBTs proximal leg were such a pretty contrasting sterling color. I am not prepared for an old world lolol...

    Cat AndersonCat Anderson3 månader sedan
  • H. Pulchripes is my favorite OW, and it was my first. Its a great species, its a little fast but i havent got any threat poses or defensive behavior from it. All around great species. Good video bubba!

    No BodiesNo Bodies4 månader sedan
  • Love love love that H. Pulchripes! Cannot wait to have one.

    Dan PompiliDan Pompili4 månader sedan
  • I just got an OBT as my first old world now too long ago. It’s barely a 1 inch sling right now, but I’m excited to raise it and watch it grow.

    Jordan HotchkissJordan Hotchkiss4 månader sedan
  • I've only ever had one old world and that was indian oriental would like to get a OBT at some point just need to convince my GF. She gotten use to my red knee now though she even looks at it with out getting scared and she went to touch her yesterday this is a big step for girl who runs away form a common house spider lol i think she started to realise its not a face hugger form aliens that's going to jump up and attack her lol

    UK Firearms and air GunsUK Firearms and air Guns4 månader sedan
  • So I found this because I keep T’s and I wanted to watch it.....than I got super excited when I heard the “FBS” instrumental in this video. I love Pandaraps!!!

    Elliott MichaelElliott Michael4 månader sedan
    • the Tarantula Collective Also can I say, your videos are helping me get more into the social joys that come with this hobby/passion. I’ve always been very shy when it comes to commenting on T videos or using forums and boards. Thank you for helping me with that and putting great artists in your videos!

      Elliott MichaelElliott Michael4 månader sedan
    • My dude!

      the Tarantula Collectivethe Tarantula Collective4 månader sedan
  • I completely agree. My H. Pulchripes is my calmest T. That's even in comparison to some classic beginner species as well.

    Pyramo GamingPyramo Gaming4 månader sedan
  • OBT a good beginner old world? I dont agree

    Atago1337Atago13374 månader sedan
  • You put OBT in list? Dude you are crazy XD

    P_I_P_A_R_SP_I_P_A_R_S4 månader sedan
  • Is cobalt blue for old world beginner? Cause thats my first tarantula

    ST3V3Nphilip bunyiST3V3Nphilip bunyi4 månader sedan
  • My first T is OBT its my starter T🤣

    John Patrick VillanuevaJohn Patrick Villanueva4 månader sedan
  • Great video! Do you recommend beginners get a NW for their very first T or can an OW be the very first for someone? My son is 8 and we’ve been looking at T videos since he was 5. I’m terrified that I’ll need to get into my Molotov Cocktail stash if the things gets out... but I’m trying to be supportive. The communal ones looked beautiful! Is communal OW ok for first timers?

    Meghan WilsonMeghan Wilson4 månader sedan
    • @Meghan Wilson Grammostola Pulchra? Mine is super chill and beautiful. Just over 3 inches after its left molt. I call her "Blsck Beauty" since she's a rich black they are a little more pricey but definitely worth it

      Dustfeather and Co.Dustfeather and Co.3 månader sedan
    • Dustfeather and Co. thank you!! My kiddo loves Geniculata, Goliath Bird Eater and the Gooty Saphire. I was leaning towards the Gramistola. Is that ok for a first one?

      Meghan WilsonMeghan Wilson3 månader sedan
    • personally, I would start out with a NW or a calmer OW (one on his list, recommend C. Darlingi) just to start out and get used to feedings/rehousing. My B. Smithi is super bolty and fast so it kinda prepared me more for keeping OWs. Better to start off easy than be overwhelmed by a very defensive T. especially around kids or pets.

      Dustfeather and Co.Dustfeather and Co.4 månader sedan
  • I notice no one ever mentions P. Regalis on these 'top' lists. I remember one at my old workplace at a tropics display centre and she had one hell of a feeding response, but she also had an more defensive attitude that most, so in short, a bit of a diva xD When feeding, she'd either ignore you completely, or throw herself at the tongs and scare the wits out of the poor soul holding the tongs. Will never forget that T, she certainly left one hell of an impression, and P. Regalis are of course absolutely gorgeous

    GWR178GWR1784 månader sedan
  • M. Balfouri! Love them

    Secretary BirdSecretary Bird4 månader sedan
  • I love this ❤️.

    Wilfred r Middlebrooks JrWilfred r Middlebrooks Jr5 månader sedan
  • my second tarantula was old world, pokie regalis, then I got 2 others, ceratogyrus meridionalis and darlingi, then I got an OBT, and some other old worlds before I got my next new world. For me I just get the species I want and learn along the way. I never understood the whole nervousness of people getting old worlds, the angry ones are the most fun.

    Dzaz GuyDzaz Guy5 månader sedan
  • My first old world was a pterinochilus murinus and it ended up being my second tarantula, now I want to get either the p metallica or p regalis as my 3rd.

    smallBrainsmallBrain5 månader sedan
  • Dude that's some extraordinary spiders I want one

    John CaslinJohn Caslin5 månader sedan
  • I think some tarantula collectors smoke too much weed cuz when I hear the word affordable I look at the prices and it says like $200 okay a 150 to $200 that's not a cheap T bro cheap is like $35 $75 right you guys have a twisted way or I should say we all have a twisted way of setting prices but I suppose how many are available who's all not breeding them so on and so forth and make sense just saying just say there on the high side

    Paul HeynPaul Heyn5 månader sedan
  • Number 2 really has "forbidden kiwi" vibes lmaooo

    Caitlyn CameronCaitlyn Cameron5 månader sedan
  • I keep waiting to see where the Cyriopagopus minax will pop up. Anyone that's a fan of ExoticsLair will know the struggles of having a Thailand Black

    CaatkoCaatko5 månader sedan
  • Better than a Pit Bull or Rottweiler. If somebody breaks in...Let em loose :-D

    Tina Johnston-BakerTina Johnston-Baker5 månader sedan
  • 4:26 I like that scientific name if you know what I'm talking about

    Turtle GatorTurtle Gator5 månader sedan
    • Lol

      the Tarantula Collectivethe Tarantula Collective5 månader sedan
  • My first tarantula was a Cobalt blue and I am happy with her and I like the speed and defensive nature

    kenneth goddenkenneth godden5 månader sedan
  • My first OW: C. lividus. Funny thing tho, my GBB throws me threat postures than any of my old worlds.

    Chris ChChris Ch5 månader sedan
  • Richard, please do a video on a Peru Purple.

    Realm GamingRealm Gaming5 månader sedan
  • You kidding me? You cant says that old world tarantulas are "beginner" . You should change your title man, the only thing why you you said those tarantulas are beginners cause you're already an experts in tarantulas world, what if someone newly in tarantula straight buy those one of your list and skip all the new wolrds one, they will handle, touch it those highly venom and bolty tarantula. Please be more careful on your videos titles

    Kenzi IsaKenzi Isa6 månader sedan
    • @the Tarantula Collective there are no "beginner" old world tarantula, they all have medium to high venom. You should name your video "first old world tarantulas for you" not beginner cause there are no "best beginners tarantula for expert tarantula", and yes i did watch ur video till the end. I'm not hating you, i do subscribe you, just want to say what i want to say. Thank you

      Kenzi IsaKenzi Isa6 månader sedan
    • Did you even watch the video? It is about beginner old world first old world Tarantulas. WHEN you think youre ready to get an old world tarantula...these are the best ones to get as your first old

      the Tarantula Collectivethe Tarantula Collective6 månader sedan
  • my first old world is the golden blue leg baboon i ordered it but it hasnt arrived yet im very exited!

    Victor the VloggerrrVictor the Vloggerrr6 månader sedan
    • That's awesome. Congrats! 🖖💚🕷

      the Tarantula Collectivethe Tarantula Collective6 månader sedan
  • Where my balfouri communals at!?

    Anthony MatiasAnthony Matias6 månader sedan
  • I'd like to see some more of the actual spiders, rather than your pretty mug lol

    halfniakhalfniak6 månader sedan
  • I finally subscribed, I like your energy with each species, and I always learn a lot.

    KenReySensei C:KenReySensei C:6 månader sedan
  • I love it cute Philippine orange number 10

    Jurassic GàmingJurassic Gàming6 månader sedan
  • Love the obt

    Richard KeeneRichard Keene6 månader sedan
  • Phillipine tangerine IS FAST AF

    Andrew CollinsAndrew Collins6 månader sedan
  • Nice content, looking forward to more uploads! You deserve more subs, I think you should use SMZeus . c o m to grow your channel!

    KaysonKayson6 månader sedan
  • I promised myself that I would never go Old World just because I don't need the extra anxiety or nervousness. I plan to keep that promise but Love this video.

    Tina Johnston-BakerTina Johnston-Baker7 månader sedan
  • Great list. Though i have had hundreds of tarantulas and many diffrent Poecilitheria speicies i have never owned a P metallica. I have to get one as you say, the prices are lower

    ArcticDreamers RaptureArcticDreamers Rapture7 månader sedan
  • I'm making the dive today. I have a 2 P Regalis and a H Pulchripes coming in as my first OWs. I've been building up a compilation of notes and research for 3 months in prep. I'm so excited to finally make the jump and get some of my dream spiders.

    JormandrJormandr7 månader sedan
  • From Philippines

    Vincent LumogdangVincent Lumogdang7 månader sedan
  • Can i have one

    Vincent LumogdangVincent Lumogdang7 månader sedan
  • Can i have one

    Vincent LumogdangVincent Lumogdang7 månader sedan
  • Can i have one

    Vincent LumogdangVincent Lumogdang7 månader sedan
  • Can i have one

    Vincent LumogdangVincent Lumogdang7 månader sedan
  • watching from Philippines 🥰

    New MindsNew Minds7 månader sedan
  • I’m from the Philippines, where do I get that beauty?

    The Head GuyThe Head Guy7 månader sedan
  • nice content.

    Cutie CrawlersTVCutie CrawlersTV7 månader sedan
  • Can't decide between OBT and H. Pulchripes... :( Probably gonna get both))) But, maybe you can tell the main behavior differences? Which one is more fun to keep? I heard that they are almost similar in keeping.

    ZakkmanZakkman7 månader sedan
  • M. Balfouri is on my wishlist as my first old world. 😊 Also; please do NOT feed feeder goldfish to your H. Gigas! They have no nutritional value for any animal and are often full of parasites from the conditions they're kept in. (Not to mention that fish in general are low on a H. Gigas hunting list.)

    Kayla PoseyKayla Posey7 månader sedan
  • Hey man. Not a fan of switching between the cameras esp mid sentences. Its giving me motion sickness and hard to focus on what you're saying. Dont get me wrong your content and clips are gold standard. But the switching camera thing not a fan.

    Ulysses SandstormUlysses Sandstorm7 månader sedan
  • Would love to see a video about the amber baboon tarantula. This one has quickly rocketed up my wish list.

    AnimatedserpentAnimatedserpent7 månader sedan
  • Too bad you're married, 'cause you are hot!

    PriSimoesPriSimoes7 månader sedan
  • I thought that the philippine tanguerine was an new world n btw im from philippines

    Iиғєяиө神Iиғєяиө神8 månader sedan
  • I have 9 new worlds and am finally taking the plunge into old worlds. Picking up a C. marshalli tomorrow night, and I’m so excited. I’m scared of the speed, but I’m confident in my safe and diligent care. Can’t wait to own my unicorn.

    The HeathenThe Heathen8 månader sedan
  • The best beginer old world isn't an old world. P. Irminia - Big, cool colors, stronger venom, fast, bad attitude. All the things that you usually say about an old world. I've heard more than one person say their pokie is calmer and less defensive than their P. Irminia.

    N7 TiggerN7 Tigger8 månader sedan
  • Tarantulas tarantulas everybody loves tarantulas, if you see fuzz where your hampster was it's probably because tarantulas 😂 my boyfriend just said that and I died laughing..he has a such a wicked sense of humor

    Rebekah RileyRebekah Riley8 månader sedan
  • My 1st old world T was a Ceratogyrus Darlingi. 😅

    Lemon XXVLemon XXV8 månader sedan
  • Always could rely on your videos. Had someone argue with me after recommending P Metallica as a beginner old world. 😫 Based on the videos i’ved watched and my own experience, it just stays behind the cork bark.

    AuBrie JPAuBrie JP8 månader sedan
  • What up buddy? Nice video as always my friend. I see that hoodie you got on. Looks awesome

    Michael E. Derrick Jr.Michael E. Derrick Jr.8 månader sedan
    • Hey, thanks!

      the Tarantula Collectivethe Tarantula Collective8 månader sedan
  • Great video Rich. Sucks about Tinley. Would've loved to meet you and shake your hand. Maybe sign my collective t-shirt.

    Richard Powell Jr.Richard Powell Jr.8 månader sedan
  • Old world isn’t for beginners. Period.

    Isaias FIsaias F8 månader sedan
    • Ur Mom Beginner old world meaning your first old world. You wouldn't jump from keeping a brachypelma hamorii straight to keeping a stromatopelma calceatum would you?

      The Welsh TarantulaThe Welsh Tarantula8 månader sedan
    • I think you missed the entire premise of the video if you think that is what it is about.

      the Tarantula Collectivethe Tarantula Collective8 månader sedan
  • OBT is one of my favourites, beautiful, great feeding response, attitude haha

    There Is No SandwichThere Is No Sandwich8 månader sedan
  • Epic 👍

    Tarantula KeeperUKTarantula KeeperUK8 månader sedan
  • Love your channel. Keep up the great work! The H. Pulchripes is on my list now. Subscribed!

    Lisa DanielsLisa Daniels8 månader sedan
  • I know it's always hard to pick a Top 10 of anything, but I would also like to suggest as maybe an honorable mention Heterothele villosella (Tanzanian Chestnut Baboon). Rumor has it they can be kept communally (with enough space and hides) although I keep mine separately. They make really cool burrows and their feeding response and growth rate are zippy.

    Morgan KennedyMorgan Kennedy8 månader sedan
  • Really a great video Richard ! !! In these sad time with the corona virus, it's essentiel to change our mind... Only two things I love to do these days : 1-feeding my tarantulas 2-Watch the tarantula collective 😊 Thank you again Mr. Stewart

    spiderphil360spiderphil3608 månader sedan
  • We cant keep any of the Harpactira genus cause we live in South Africa. They are illegal here. To sad..

    Janco PfisterJanco Pfister8 månader sedan
  • Man, I needed that video. Just saw the Exotics Lair's video where he received a sling T that got squished by bad packaging. Your videos are a cure. (a "how to make a proper package to mail your spiders" would be good for a lot of people at this point)

    LilindeyLilindey8 månader sedan
  • Didn't even neet to wait until you said the spieces name for number 3. Just hearing the long disclosure about how they get a worse rep than they deserve was enough to tip me off that it was OBT.

    KeiranKeiran8 månader sedan
  • My husbandry suggestions: Holothele longipes, Ephebopus murinus. Big fan btw, and I am eagerly looking forward to doing business with FNT. Thanks for the info and lists.

    fullonsociopathfullonsociopath8 månader sedan
  • Hey Richard, Thanks for making such quality videos. I’m new to the hobby and I have to say, the information is top notch and presented so well. It’s hard to find videos that are both informative and fun to watch. Keep it up! Now my first old O.W. Was the C. Fimbriatus. I love it’s webbing and with its burrow it seems very docile. I love the colors and the feeding response. I would have loved to have seen it here but all ten were great species. Thanks again for what you do. Stay safe man

    Christian JollsChristian Jolls8 månader sedan
  • I can’t express how much I appreciate you for not demonizing the obt I have three of them and all three retreat into their burrows and never give me threat poses occasionally rehousing I get something but that a no brainer since your basically destroying it’s home to move it into a new one. I really enjoyed this video .

    Alex Roldan-santiagoAlex Roldan-santiago8 månader sedan
  • My 1st Old world ( Ceratogyrus Darlingi) 😍🤗

    Ragnar LothbrokRagnar Lothbrok8 månader sedan
    • Same

      The Welsh TarantulaThe Welsh Tarantula8 månader sedan
  • If am right no Idiothele Mira in the list. In terms of easy going and unique you cant beat them! But great vid!

    ArachnophiliaArachnophilia8 månader sedan
  • My Albipilosum Tliltocatl is more aggressive than most of the Ts on this list. This little devil is proof that it really depends on the specific specimen.

    Julian SaJulian Sa8 månader sedan
  • Nhandu Chromatus care and husbandry next please!

    raves_rraves_r8 månader sedan
  • Ye my obt was so calm other than an occasional bolt

    Jean-luc ChessherJean-luc Chessher8 månader sedan
  • This was siiick! great video! Interesting picks indeed. I myself have the Socotra Island Blue Baboon and even as a sling it webs so much and lately it's been out and about walking around and webbing it's enclosure. So far it's almost 3 months old and in my care it has molted once. It's so tiny and fuzzy rn, I'm proud to see it growing well c': Thanks for sharing dude! If it wasn't for your informational video on this T, I wouldn't have gotten it. 😎👍🏿🔥

    TheGrowlingAraknid c:TheGrowlingAraknid c:8 månader sedan
  • 4:14 I'd get one just to say to people "I have Metallica in my room."

    Shikari FoxShikari Fox8 månader sedan
  • Hey Richard. I made my own tarantula YT channel. You have been a great inspiration to me. My other channel is Heyo Clan. You might recognize that name from past videos. Thanks for making these great videos. Keep up the great work.

    Fangs N ThangsFangs N Thangs8 månader sedan
  • 100% agree. I got an obt and h.pulchripes as my first old worlds. My obt sling is skittish but it hides 100% of the time and has been extremely easy to care for. My H.pulchripes is my most active T in my collection, my best eater, always out and us super chill with feeding, watering and rehousings. Highly recommend. ❤

    Casey ElginCasey Elgin8 månader sedan