When your cat writes a song

1 jan 2021
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  • I need a full version of this song🌪

    Petra BaumerthPetra Baumerth4 minuter sedan
  • I just noticed that you got a new cat since your cat died...

    Michaelmini ManMichaelmini Man17 minuter sedan
  • Me be like when my cat is sitting near me : 0-0..

    Emelia-Emelia-Timme sedan
  • is it just me thats like: this kinda be boping no. just me? ok

    Sophia MartinSophia Martin5 timmar sedan
  • *SQUAAAAA* that's my favourite part

    CowCatCowCat5 timmar sedan
  • Why is the cat meowing and there putting mean words there its a cat likr hes judt meowing

    Kavoy HamiltonKavoy Hamilton6 timmar sedan
  • That cat needs a spotify

    Sara SSara S7 timmar sedan
  • Totally NOT a threat......

    savverlite 323savverlite 3238 timmar sedan
  • Anyone else get a cat food ad?

    ThatGuyMattThatGuyMatt8 timmar sedan
  • Wait... isn't it dead?

    JoshydinoJoshydino8 timmar sedan
  • Kind of adorable when he says don't say anything to my dad

    MagicCardboardBoxMagicCardboardBox9 timmar sedan
  • This is actually kinda catchy

    Yitong MaYitong Ma9 timmar sedan
  • the powerful "SQUAW" at the end

    Sophie bs9030299Sophie bs90302999 timmar sedan
  • didn't his cat die??

    laurieeelaurieee9 timmar sedan

    RaeRae10 timmar sedan
  • What is the song at the very end of this video during the audible ad?

    Kyndal CooperKyndal Cooper10 timmar sedan
  • Don't worry, this is for me. 0:20

    Imagination 111Imagination 11110 timmar sedan
  • Cat singing no cap

    Peaxchy_PotatoPeaxchy_Potato11 timmar sedan
  • Lololol

    ItsAliloksBtwItsAliloksBtw12 timmar sedan
  • When he has his glasses on I swear he looks *I* *D* *E* *N* *T* *I* *C* *A* *L* to *Tom* *Holland* .

    Lizz's UniverseLizz's Universe12 timmar sedan
  • i love how intense he was and then he goes “and if you tell my dad....” love that

    melissagcovmelissagcov13 timmar sedan
  • okay but i love this

    melissagcovmelissagcov13 timmar sedan
  • I'm glad I got a chance to see this adorable cat, tho the song just sounds like a bunch of meows

    MiledithMiledith14 timmar sedan
  • That turned dark fast

    That PersonThat Person14 timmar sedan
  • Your cat is so sweet

    Kotka 2207Kotka 220715 timmar sedan
  • I want a part two

    RoseRose16 timmar sedan
  • ..Is no one gonna talk about how his cat seems to have been revived by a demon?

    Le saucisson allemandLe saucisson allemand16 timmar sedan
  • so when is that getting on itunes lol

    kin55423kin5542317 timmar sedan
  • Kinds wished the cat sang Dame Da Ne

    br0xenzen_vfxbr0xenzen_vfx19 timmar sedan
  • your cat is cute i W A N T it

    ivano pavicivano pavic19 timmar sedan
  • U gotta respect those lyrics

    AG Cubes & StacksAG Cubes & Stacks19 timmar sedan
  • I literally listen to this song every morning and night and sometimes during the day since the day one.

    Renat AlptekinRenat Alptekin20 timmar sedan
  • *sqquaaaa*

    Hanns YowHanns Yow21 timme sedan
  • What schizophrenia looks like

    nono21 timme sedan
  • This is criminally under viewed

    TPninjaTPninja21 timme sedan
  • I laughed when your cat said " i will pee on your head " XD

    a dudea dude22 timmar sedan
  • man, hes spitting fire there

    FluffEBoyFluffEBoyDag sedan
  • ok looks like it's reincarnated

    Affifa Syah RJAffifa Syah RJDag sedan
  • Skwaa

    Captian CornCaptian CornDag sedan
  • Wait... I thought your cat was dead...

    BenBenDag sedan
  • This guy never runs out of ideas.

  • SQUUUAaAaAaaaa

    Kyle Andrew BaguioKyle Andrew BaguioDag sedan
  • Whose Here before 1 million?

    Ravindran PanapalliRavindran PanapalliDag sedan
  • PETITION FOR 1 HOUR version

    GarryLarry 890GarryLarry 890Dag sedan
  • Here is Daniel, writing songs with singing murder cats that are better than everything I have ever done......damn

    Felix BernshausenFelix BernshausenDag sedan
  • I wish it was on spotify

    Ichhabe KNAXIchhabe KNAXDag sedan
  • WHY is this guys random crap music so FREAKING GOOD LIKE MAN

    that's a moodthat's a moodDag sedan
  • I mean, isn’t that the same cat that died but he was never told about it? The song kinda explains that

    _carlito__carlito_Dag sedan
  • Not gonna lie, the music is pretty good though.

    CoalCoalDag sedan
  • I knew cats were evil

    JamdagJamdagDag sedan
  • I'll wear your skin like it a suit, I'll make that shit look super cute.

    Chris FusionChris FusionDag sedan
  • Adventure time energy

    Julie LewisJulie LewisDag sedan
  • If this is how to showoff a cat This is how you do it take notes

    Gia HuynhGia HuynhDag sedan
  • Kittens...🥰 until this video...😳

    Hannah SweeneyHannah SweeneyDag sedan
  • “I’m so happy that i found you, so I can punch you in the face with my paw.” That’s SO funny to me...😂😂

    Hannah SweeneyHannah SweeneyDag sedan
  • No One: No One: Not a single fucking soul: Cat after "promises" : SQUAAAAAA

    dannyboy1765dannyboy1765Dag sedan

    Mini PekkaMini PekkaDag sedan
  • is this a prequel to When you finally write a hit song but your cat is dead?

  • caT

    SilkyiiSilkyiiDag sedan
  • Anybody know what that song that the end was

    Keegan NicholsonKeegan NicholsonDag sedan
  • The sequel to *when you write a song but your cat's dead*

    AdriAdriDag sedan
  • Hoodie Guy's cat was revived!

    Pompous BastardPompous BastardDag sedan
  • Why is this song so catcy

    George GiachalisGeorge GiachalisDag sedan
  • Is everyone in the comment section insane? Like all I could hear was meowing, I dont have the slightest clue what yall are talkin bout.

    DepressedKermitDepressedKermitDag sedan
  • sneaks a peek at my cat while watching your video..... *doubtful about my cats intentions to me now*

    Kendi KixKendi KixDag sedan
  • ok in all seriousness though your cat is very cute, and that song is hilariously well written

    Scarloke AgrivianScarloke AgrivianDag sedan
  • lol they be like that sometimes

    Scarloke AgrivianScarloke AgrivianDag sedan
  • i keep coming back here, pls i need this on spotify

    Crystal SnowCrystal SnowDag sedan
  • skwaaa

    J.Ujwala XI-E2 19J.Ujwala XI-E2 19Dag sedan
  • Nobody: The cat at the end: SQUAA

    Your personal Juice boxYour personal Juice boxDag sedan
  • I like the balloon wreath he made

    Robyn MRobyn MDag sedan
  • That cat be spittin bars

    Darth NihilusDarth NihilusDag sedan
  • The song slaps tho

    just a.personjust a.personDag sedan
  • 1:37 The first i've ever heard Daniel swore

    Mario486 WaluigiMario486 WaluigiDag sedan
  • is this the prequel to "When you finally write a hit song but your cat is dead"?

    skelly_boyskelly_boyDag sedan
  • this sounds like oldschool jacksfilms skit, its amazing

    denieddeniedDag sedan
  • My cat sang this song to me :,)

    Ashlyn PaigeAshlyn PaigeDag sedan
  • And I quote “this is why we are not getting cats” 🤣

    Moses GridleyMoses GridleyDag sedan
  • What breed is it?

    saianar piesaianar pieDag sedan
  • Squaaaa!!!

    MistoakunenMistoakunenDag sedan

    ZojahthegoatZojahthegoatDag sedan
  • Ok but ur cat is so cute

    Silver TuneSilver TuneDag sedan
  • SKWA

    Meme reviewMeme reviewDag sedan
  • This is the weirdest one yet, Daniel. By far my dude.

    RinRinRinRinDag sedan
  • squaa!!!

  • Plz make a rock music video

    Alx BgdsAlx BgdsDag sedan
  • Dude that's fucking amazing I have heard it over a 100 times

    Alx BgdsAlx BgdsDag sedan
  • the SQUA at the end sent me to another dimension

    Marína UrbanováMarína UrbanováDag sedan
  • Dad: Don't be scared of the cat, it's more scared of you. Anyway it's the cutest thing, what's to be scared of The Cat:

    TGJ'S EntertainmentTGJ'S EntertainmentDag sedan
  • do anyone hear the background bassmusic is go, meow, meow, meow ..... meow, meow, meow ... meow, meow, meow ... meow, meow, meow or Is't in my head?

    Andreas EdfalkAndreas EdfalkDag sedan
  • thats a promise, not a threat

    ILIMSILIMS2 dagar sedan
  • I’m scared of my cat now. She follows me everywhere 😅

    Areesha JavedAreesha Javed2 dagar sedan
  • Bro, this cat is lowkey spitting XD

    justme ytjustme yt2 dagar sedan
  • That christmas wreath baloon tho Thats nice

    Kath 132Kath 1322 dagar sedan
  • im watching this the second time and i just learned the whole song, and its quite catchy xd

    Emilia WasilewskaEmilia Wasilewska2 dagar sedan
  • I demand this be put on Spotify, buddy. I ain't askin' twice.

    Heather LeeHeather Lee2 dagar sedan
  • Isn't this the cat that died in the other skit

    bob billbob bill2 dagar sedan
  • Lyrics: I’m a cat And I don’t give a fuuuuudge What kind of year that you had Or whether or not your happiness Took a plunge I don’t give a meow about you I don’t give a meow at all I’m so happy that I found you So I can PUNCH you in the face With my paw And then I’ll claw you Drink all your blood too And then I’ll scratch everything That you ever loved I’ll pee on your head And then when you’re dead I’ll be meowing at you From heaven above Cause you’ll be in hell Not me I’m a cat You humans all smell What’s the deal with that? FIRE BLOOD AND BRIMSTONE I’ll TEAR YOUR FLESH OFF TO THE BONE I’LL WEAR YOUR SKIN LIKE ITS A SUIT I’LL MAKE THAT SH*T LOOK SUPER CUTE I’m singing about you DANIEL But he just hears meows I’m looking right at you Daniel I’M KING OF THIS HOUSE And if you say anything to my dad... I’ll slit your throat in your sleep... That’s a promise, not a threat. That’s a promise, meow meow meow SQUAAAAWWW This took a long time! A like would be appreciated!

    DanOnYTDanOnYT2 dagar sedan
  • He didn't die yay

    The High GroundThe High Ground2 dagar sedan
  • I'm going to die omg that kitten is the cutest thing I've EVER SEEN.

    Roses are RedRoses are Red2 dagar sedan