31 mar 2021
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In the fourth episode of BarDown Franchise Mode, Corwin continues his first season of NHL 21 with the Expansion team, The Seattle Space Cadets. Thanks to some advice from the comment section, he pulls off a great trade that changes the course of the season.

  • Please more videos like this it’s awesome content and makes us viewers happy

    Tyler JinksTyler Jinks18 timmar sedan
  • Trade for mangiapane on the flames, not the highest value and is pretty underrated

    waleed Kwaleed K3 dagar sedan
  • "Greatest goalscorer of all time" Hell. He isn't even the best russian goalscorer of all time. That's Pavel Bure.

    The ImpalerThe Impaler3 dagar sedan
  • Trade for Kaapo Kakko

    The ImpalerThe Impaler3 dagar sedan
  • Trade for MacKinnon Or Makar To Rub It Into Lucas Face And Include Giordano

    Brody YoungBrody Young4 dagar sedan
  • get joe thornton and win a cup because the leafs can't win it

    Soupy GamingSoupy Gaming5 dagar sedan
  • The capitals really are the worst traders ever. Hall and 2 picks for a 50 goal scoring captain

    mxamiss5mxamiss55 dagar sedan
  • Keep trying to get McDavid or trade for Barzal. If you have the speed of McDavid or Barzal and Ovi's shot the space cadets will be unstoppable.

    Chief 3700Chief 37007 dagar sedan
  • can we get another episode whats taking so long

    Ben HackBen Hack8 dagar sedan
  • Corwin experienced what it's like to be a caps fan watching Ovi for the last 16 years.

    Emnet B.Emnet B.8 dagar sedan
  • Try trading for may barzal he becomes a 90 ovr and possibly higher

    Doge EpicDoge Epic8 dagar sedan
  • Get the real goat Bergeron

    DJM 3773DJM 37739 dagar sedan
  • Corwin, if you prefer management over the actual playing of the games, try out Eastside Hockey Manager

    James BrooksJames Brooks9 dagar sedan
  • More please

    Devon O'NealDevon O'Neal9 dagar sedan
  • Trade mark giordano for anders lee or barzal

    PeanutPeanut9 dagar sedan
  • trade for matthews and marner

    broo u suckbroo u suck10 dagar sedan
  • Try to get Cale makar or Quinn Huges

    Sean LemkeSean Lemke11 dagar sedan
  • Still waiting for next vid

    TheGuyEthanTheGuyEthan11 dagar sedan
  • You should trade for P.K. Subban, then trade him to Montreal.

    Ian McCorristerIan McCorrister12 dagar sedan
  • Where is next episode

    Brant ChurchillBrant Churchill12 dagar sedan
  • Nice video Oh, by the way, did I mention I have Ovechkin AND McDavid on my NHL19 team?

    Azarya YungerAzarya Yunger12 dagar sedan
  • Also, that intro music is intimidating

    Play All DayPlay All Day12 dagar sedan
  • You got to do more please same more guys

    David GamesDavid Games13 dagar sedan
  • Get krill kaprizof for someone

    Matthew WeessiesMatthew Weessies13 dagar sedan
  • Same I rather manage than play

    Nicolas LefebvreNicolas Lefebvre14 dagar sedan
  • Trade to get Crosby so you have Crosby and ovi

    Hockey kid 22Hockey kid 2214 dagar sedan
  • Do some new Cellys, seems like all you do is dive 🤣

    Brahamjit SuriBrahamjit Suri14 dagar sedan
  • Plz livestream this

    Oliwer StrandOliwer Strand14 dagar sedan
  • corwin we need number one cop on the force on the space cadets

    Goldenaustin99Goldenaustin9914 dagar sedan
  • My advice for the draft, always pick the highest ranked goalie. If you have prospect quality and draft quality set to high it’s pretty much a guaranteed low elite or above, if on medium it’s still probably an elite if they’re ranked anywhere in the 1st round. I’ve found trading for a late first using an old player that I know will drop but still has decent trade value and adding on a future 2nd or 3rd works usually. I’ve done this in all my franchises and it usually works out. Also, just as a general gauge for overall for both skaters and goalies, NHL ready means high 70s to low/mid 80s, 1 year left means low to mid 70s, 2 years is usually high 60s, 3 is mid to low 60s, 4 is high to mid 50s and 5 is low 50s and below. I don’t really know if this is new information or my theories are correct, but hope this helps anyone that sees this!

    Nolan RossiterNolan Rossiter14 dagar sedan
  • Need Corwin to channel his inner Barry Melrose and slick that lettuce back haha

    Kyle93Kyle9315 dagar sedan
  • Get mark stone

    Benny HudieBenny Hudie16 dagar sedan
  • You should trade for Tyler Myers, Chara, Oleksiak, and Logan Stanley and have the tallest D group.

    Jabu JabuJabu Jabu16 dagar sedan
  • Trade for a bad team’s 2022 first round pick so you can draft Shane Wright

    Joey BrehmerJoey Brehmer16 dagar sedan
  • Trade for Tim stutzle

    Joey BrehmerJoey Brehmer16 dagar sedan
  • trade for q hughes

    Maxwell PinchinMaxwell Pinchin17 dagar sedan
  • you'll find best forward chemistry with a combo of power forward-playmaker-sniper that together with the right coach = a plus 5 lineup

    TIGMTIGM17 dagar sedan
  • At the deadline teams trade there first round picks, so trade for a teams first round pick if that team might be in the lottery. Since you wont be in the lottery if you are winning.

    Desmond and Gavin McDonoughDesmond and Gavin McDonough17 dagar sedan
  • Either next 3 game losing streak or if you go to 7th in the division you have to fire the coach

    Jason SmithJason Smith17 dagar sedan
  • You should trade for Cole Perfetti, grows to a 85 in 1-2 years

    ItalianCatItalianCat17 dagar sedan
  • Videos could be longer! 20-40 minutes is great.

    Nolan ChapmanNolan Chapman17 dagar sedan
  • Get Patrick Kane

    Lindsay MurchieLindsay Murchie18 dagar sedan
  • Trade for Anders Lee

    Tommy SheehanTommy Sheehan18 dagar sedan
  • Trade for patty Kane

    Patrick J HeneghanPatrick J Heneghan18 dagar sedan
  • Guys whats his twitch

    Tall sports GuyTall sports Guy18 dagar sedan
  • I traded hall and zandanov for Morgan Reilly and Mitch marnar

    Sports CraftSports Craft18 dagar sedan
  • when u score with ovi press Y and he does his custom celly

    JakeMJakeM18 dagar sedan
  • Still I'm like Corey still man taking you with me Jagr ovie I'm taking you to my movie Sid the kid or Austin Matthews hit me with the four? I hit you with the 8 i hit you with the 45mm Splitting you like a butterfly goalie taking your guts tho the glory. Sergjej brobrowski bear and the earth LA king kopitar Slovakian self learn man heiling from Sweden education. Chicken swedes ez sedin sedin Forsberg moda your self Rangers we have the goalie the king of Manhattan hearth attack slow beats still better then your Craig Andersson Louis Eriksson not the best contract but Gothenburg is still the real hood bishops and hammers Detroit or Miami Zetterberg is from the farms still beating your best in the checkers

    Marcus Fritsby Personlig AssistentMarcus Fritsby Personlig Assistent18 dagar sedan
  • You should have done the trade finder

    Dil DhaliwalDil Dhaliwal18 dagar sedan
  • Btw nasa is more of a houston thing than a seattle thing, so change the abriviation to SEA

    First Name Last nameFirst Name Last name19 dagar sedan
  • trade Ovi and 2 first round for sid

    Neil GreenNeil Green19 dagar sedan
  • this has to be weekly cor

    Kevingreco24 Plays ps4Kevingreco24 Plays ps419 dagar sedan
  • Corwin, play your next game with Jesse next to you, that’s some solid content in my book

    AJ KilburgAJ Kilburg19 dagar sedan
  • Please try trading for Draisaitl. Ovi and Draisaitl will help you win the cup for sure.

    Serah and StevenSerah and Steven19 dagar sedan
  • Trade Giordano and a second for Dahlin and Reinhart

    Zachary BergeronZachary Bergeron19 dagar sedan
    • Nevermind

      Zachary BergeronZachary Bergeron19 dagar sedan
  • Try for hedman or makar on D and try for 🍝 or drats up front with ovi

    Aaron PhillipoAaron Phillipo19 dagar sedan
  • Trade for Patrick Kane

    Grady ThomGrady Thom19 dagar sedan
  • What skill do you play against?

    Griffin PrehnGriffin Prehn19 dagar sedan
  • Love to see you trade for EP40.

    Brant ChurchillBrant Churchill19 dagar sedan
  • I love the franchise mode for building trades

    Brant ChurchillBrant Churchill19 dagar sedan
  • include ovi and first round and you sometimes can get crosby

    QEEZY 36QEEZY 3619 dagar sedan
  • need help on 4th line trade a 3rd liner for 2 solid 4th liners

    Dimitri WoodallDimitri Woodall19 dagar sedan
  • Corwin, tell Luca I'm a Avs fan too and also I'm kind of happy you lost to them

    Archie TomlinsonArchie Tomlinson19 dagar sedan
  • Try to get Matthews

    civil gamingcivil gaming19 dagar sedan
  • 1:56 that trade value ratio

    Random PersonRandom Person19 dagar sedan
  • Corwin should just have a full box of custom Seattle space cadets for a hat trick to throw

    Knight RidersKnight Riders20 dagar sedan
  • Trade for Krill Kaprizzos

    Asher WAsher W20 dagar sedan
  • Join the Flying V experience and trade for a Duck (like Getzlaf or Rakell) spice it up a bit and pick some players that normally don’t get drafted

    AriosoArioso20 dagar sedan
  • Trade For Auston Mathews or David pastranak

    Moshe MoskowitzMoshe Moskowitz20 dagar sedan
  • What’s you’re twitch and you should post longer videos I’m sure we all would watch 20-30 min vids

    Matthew MegarryMatthew Megarry20 dagar sedan
  • Get marchand

    VanillaPickle PoochCollectorVanillaPickle PoochCollector20 dagar sedan
  • Trade away anyone who is a minus in the +/- category

    Marsh BoyerMarsh Boyer20 dagar sedan
  • You should trade for price!!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦

    Christopher PelletierChristopher Pelletier20 dagar sedan
  • You should try and get anders lee because his trade value is veery low and he’s pretty good

    Lochy 7Lochy 720 dagar sedan
  • We need a bar down channel

    Tyler TurnerTyler Turner20 dagar sedan
  • Help Ovi beat Gretzky’s record

    Eli PendryEli Pendry20 dagar sedan
  • Trade for pasta pls he scores in stupid ways

    ZyklonZyklon20 dagar sedan
  • I love Corwin's energy it's infection.

    Scott CameronScott Cameron20 dagar sedan
  • Noooo!!!! I did the exact same trade as you but it said my team would be over the maximum salary cap what do i have to do??

    Sports CraftSports Craft20 dagar sedan
    • For ovi

      Sports CraftSports Craft20 dagar sedan
  • How do you get to trade other teams i want to trade hall for ovi but i only can trade with anihem

    Sports CraftSports Craft20 dagar sedan
  • “I dont like playing the game as much as i like managing the game” honestly speaking to me lol

    j Pj P20 dagar sedan
  • Try and get Patty Kane

    Neil StievaterNeil Stievater20 dagar sedan
  • Great video Corwin but very unlikely the time and effort you put in these videos is insane keep it up

    Emma VoihanskiEmma Voihanski20 dagar sedan
  • "Toronto is the lockdown capital of the world" Manila, Philippines: "And I took that personally."

    Albert OpondaAlbert Oponda20 dagar sedan

    Matteo BozzoMatteo Bozzo20 dagar sedan
  • Trade for like demko or Blackwood. Get a good young tendy

    Ethan BucklandEthan Buckland20 dagar sedan
  • ov better than crosby anyways man

    Tyler PuypeTyler Puype20 dagar sedan
  • more of the franchise dude come on bruh

    Tyler PuypeTyler Puype20 dagar sedan
  • You need to toss Dylan Gambrell

    Truman ZerseTruman Zerse20 dagar sedan
  • There’s a Zyler MacDonald at my school I wonder if it’s the same thing

    Trent RTrent R20 dagar sedan
    • *kid

      Trent RTrent R20 dagar sedan
  • Please fix the alternate jerseys. Maybe mainly black or mainly yellow

    Jackson PhillipsJackson Phillips20 dagar sedan
  • I challenge you to either: Play goalie for a whole game Or Play on NHL ‘94 controls for a whole game

    George ShawGeorge Shaw20 dagar sedan
  • I was wondering what happened to this show. ALSO, please make Ovechkin the captain! He deserves it!

    Travis HamelTravis Hamel21 dag sedan
  • Corwin trade mark Giordano and 2 others for nerse

    michael littlemichael little21 dag sedan
  • Corwin I got ovi.

    michael littlemichael little21 dag sedan
  • Get panarin

    Joseph AfflittoJoseph Afflitto21 dag sedan
  • Loving it also would like a be a pro series from u

    Girrafe63 _Girrafe63 _21 dag sedan
  • Make the video longer

    yt Lynxyt Lynx21 dag sedan
  • Trade for Laine to honor Jesse

    VLG7 vidéoVLG7 vidéo21 dag sedan
  • When trading for a big player try to get the players on the other teams trading block

    Warzone NerdWarzone Nerd21 dag sedan