Your Next Chapter Awaits on Nintendo Switch!

25 okt 2020
522 188 visningar

What will you do?
⚔️ Forge a path?
❤️ Fall in love?
👿 Foil the bad guy?
From huge hits to tiny giants there's something for everyone on Nintendo Switch. Where will your next story take you?
Share your favorite #NintendoSwitch gaming stories in the comments!
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  • Just let Zelda and Link get together officially in BOTW 2 Nintendo, like dang. We know they love each other. Just tie the knot! Zelda fans would go crazy to see it go beyond teasing, and you already confirmed it in BOTW. Just let them take that step.

    Random1567Random15672 dagar sedan
  • 0:10 finally after 35 years

    Arsham SobbiArsham Sobbi17 dagar sedan
  • Bruh guys its not Nintendo that clickbaited us it’s SEworld for pausing the video at the exact moment for that thumbnail

    Fan Sonic PrototypeFan Sonic Prototype25 dagar sedan
  • “Maybe you’ll do the impossible” and they show that pearl called Hollow Knight! Amazing, such a statisfying game

    Eric GiunchiEric Giunchi26 dagar sedan
  • Can u bring out another Mario and Sonic game

    Mackenzie FraserMackenzie Fraser26 dagar sedan
  • Nintendo this was really inspiring,thank you.

    Opwz StuckeyOpwz Stuckey27 dagar sedan
  • Nintendo: What will you do? Me: Telling nintendo about why online play isn't free. Nintendo: ... ⚔️ Forge a path? ❤️ Fall in love? 👿 Foil the bad guy? Me: Tell the internet about how salty the nintendo is Dislike every nintendo's video Play Moblie game Nintendo: ...Or is it not so simple? Me: Oh you're right! I'll download some roms! Nintendo: Please, leave. Me: Thank you.

    Another AnonAnother Anon27 dagar sedan
  • nintendo switch jogos deadly creatures

    Lino 2Lino 228 dagar sedan
  • Super Mario odyssey 2

    SoheybeSoheybe29 dagar sedan
  • I like how the narrator sounds like an adventurer in this. Makes you feels like the switch has a ton of adventures waiting for you.

    Gabriel WalkerGabriel Walker29 dagar sedan
  • I thought it was odyssey 2

    LegobrainproductionsLegobrainproductionsMånad sedan
  • This is worse than getting rick rolled.

    Shauka HodanShauka HodanMånad sedan
  • I’m late and yes I also suffered the DLC clickbait.

    Cris EXCris EXMånad sedan
  • Nintendo is just teasing us with odyssey at this point

    alida flusalida flusMånad sedan

    QuantumtalesQuantumtalesMånad sedan
  • Your Next chapter Awaits On Nintendo Switch!: NS PRO RUMORS INTENSIFIES

    Cool GamerCool GamerMånad sedan
    • nerd.

      Shauka HodanShauka HodanMånad sedan
  • Nintendo is just teasing us with odyssey at this point

    gioyu comigioyu comiMånad sedan
  • Well... It's a clickbait without ads

    MoxuisMoxuisMånad sedan
    • @alida flus I see a switch every time I go to the store

      MoxuisMoxuisMånad sedan
    • It's impossible to even get a switch nowadays 😭😭😭😭😭

      alida flusalida flusMånad sedan
  • nintendo thank you for confirming that link and zelda love each other it's ok for making a love story

    Ben FetchakBen FetchakMånad sedan
    • Well we all know Zelda is in love with him, she has in fact fallen in love with him but we are not sure that he loves her or that he has fallen in love with her, maybe Hyrule Warriors will expand his feelings to us but I hope we can see more of Zelink in the prequel and sequel

      Mockingjay_stayalive 99Mockingjay_stayalive 9928 dagar sedan
  • Where is the Nintendo switch I want one please I want one I want to play Splatoon 2

    no nameno nameMånad sedan
  • I love Nintendo I really really love it and I want to play it so bad I really want to play Nintendo switch and well I don't really have one yet but I'm really really really really really really really really want one so please please please please please please please please give me one for free and I really an apple and I want the I want the I want the Animal Crossing New Horizons switches so I'm getting my for my brother and and me and include the game

    no nameno nameMånad sedan
    • Fall in love 😳

      gioyu comigioyu comiMånad sedan
  • I don't have a Nintendo switch yet but I will get one suit for Christmas and I really want to play Animal Crossing New Horizons

    no nameno nameMånad sedan
  • God dammit Nintendo, stop beibg so cryptic!

    I CristianI CristianMånad sedan
  • What was the point of this, again?

    Kidd P HazelKidd P HazelMånad sedan
  • Me making nuts on the goomba puzzle in the mushroom kingdom

    Jacob WongJacob WongMånad sedan
  • For the love of god, just announce the Pro Switch already

  • Who else, thought they made Super Mario odyssey 2?

    Kr0beKr0beMånad sedan

    Stacie ShupeStacie ShupeMånad sedan
  • Toonami vibes

    Katy LeeKaty LeeMånad sedan
  • But like, it's not clickbait ? Did you really think they would just show something this big randomly ? I don't know, I just think this cool ad that makes me kinda proud to be a total nerd.

    Ember the foxEmber the foxMånad sedan
  • Booooooo!

    Andy SoraAndy SoraMånad sedan
  • It's impossible to even get a switch nowadays 😭😭😭😭😭

    gev da zoegev da zoeMånad sedan

    Just a WaffleJust a WaffleMånad sedan
    • its probably going to be a commercial on TV

      Just a WaffleJust a WaffleMånad sedan
  • Go damnit Nintendo i was expecting Mario odyssey 2

    WeezleWaxWeezleWaxMånad sedan
  • Fall in love 😳

    Animated NicoAnimated NicoMånad sedan
  • hey Nintendo you should make a super Mario oddysy 2 game for switch

    Tristan AcostaTristan AcostaMånad sedan
  • I thought it was Mario odyssey 2!

    CalebawesomenessCalebawesomenessMånad sedan
  • was i the only one that thought this was mario odyssey DLC?

    HarliiHarliiMånad sedan
  • 0:07 How about a round of gwent

    mark SHINmark SHINMånad sedan
  • Seeing a large amount of games I played on this video made me emotional ngl I hope in a new Fire Emblem

    笑顔悲しい笑顔悲しいMånad sedan
  • Me: 😁 oh boy, a new Mario. Me after: 😟😒

    Allan Rabanales ArtAllan Rabanales ArtMånad sedan
  • 'maybe you'll do the impossible' *shows Hollow Knight* me, after dying 1000 times in the pantheons and not getting through the last one: hahaha... sounds about right

    e le lMånad sedan
  • Geralt for Smash?......just saying.......

    ZindakkuZindakkuMånad sedan
  • Announcer: "Fall in love" Nintendo: shows Link and Zelda on horseback Me: Huh! That'll never happen lol

    Richie NomuraRichie NomuraMånad sedan
  • Nintendo........what are you on rn......banana milk 🍌🥛

    NKZNKZMånad sedan
  • What’s this song called?😍

    el bartoel bartoMånad sedan
  • I thought this was a DLC for Odyssey. I got click baited...

    《Omar Official》《Omar Official》Månad sedan
  • Oh my f*cking God I got real goosebumps when I saw Mario Odyssey as a thumbnail... but it turned out to be a promotion of the game😑

    Suk-Mike-HokSuk-Mike-HokMånad sedan
  • “Fall in love?” They say as a picture of Link and Zelda on horseback together. DON’T DO THAT NINTENDO. DON’T GIVE ME HOPE.

    Xander FultonXander FultonMånad sedan
    • well nintendo just confirmed it Thanks Nintendo what are you going to do next make zelda and link kiss in AOC please make it happen

      Ben FetchakBen FetchakMånad sedan
  • Fall in love ❤️ *shows Link and Zelda* Me: bich YES PLS

    Zelda With A GunZelda With A GunMånad sedan
  • hmmmmm if zelda and link are in the frame when they said fall in love, and then they showed bowser as they said beat the bad guy, then, that means that they are talking about whats on screen, right? but if thats the case, that means...... BOWSER IS THE BAD GUY????????

    Zubin SundaramZubin SundaramMånad sedan
  • Its gonee by cloud gaming for big games damm nintendo great work

    Plop PlopPlop PlopMånad sedan
  • You did Nintendo just confirm link x Zelda.

    Fat AlbertFat AlbertMånad sedan
  • B R U H I though this was gonna be something like odyssey 2 or dlc for odyssey.. this made my heart jump

    Flying DoggoFlying DoggoMånad sedan
  • I don't need a PS5 for a year or so, thanks Uncle Nintendo!

    WRFM PaRaDoXWRFM PaRaDoXMånad sedan
  • That thumb nail for a sec made me think "Mario Odyssey 2? or DLC for Mario Odyssey?" And of course when I watched it: Me: Watches video Me: Realizes what it actually is Me: (Angry Mario fanboy sounds)

    ThecoollegobuilderThecoollegobuilderMånad sedan
  • Nintendo: "...maybe, you'll do the impossible..." *shows off Hollow Knight* Me: Path of pain flashback intensifies

    Jibran WafiJibran WafiMånad sedan
    • consider the final pantheon

      e le lMånad sedan
  • Where's Pokemon Sword and Shield? I'm tired of repeat like Mario. I want Pokemon Sword and Shield. Stupid other games targeted towards players and avoid Pokemon. No more repeats and kids dominating Pokemon market.

    Peter MeiPeter MeiMånad sedan
  • "Fall in love" Shows footage of Link and Zelda. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    Enrique C.Enrique C.Månad sedan
  • C L I C K B A I T

    Epic McEpic McMånad sedan
  • 0:21 Its official

    Abdias NemoAbdias NemoMånad sedan
    • What?

      Username_576Username_576Månad sedan
  • What's the first game?

    Luther DePapierLuther DePapierMånad sedan
  • have they just made Zelink canon!?

    Leia SpitzmüllerLeia SpitzmüllerMånad sedan
  • Idk I did like 50+ chapters

    Detective IrkenDetective IrkenMånad sedan
  • I deadass thought it was super mario odyssey 2

    Mcwellington HarrisMcwellington HarrisMånad sedan

    brianna zbrianna zMånad sedan
    • @Itay_ zelink canon in 2011 and 2020

      brianna zbrianna zMånad sedan
    • They were clearly in love in skyward sword tho

      Itay_Itay_Månad sedan
  • Bernadetta represent

    DabidoDabidoMånad sedan
  • I thought we were finally getting a sequel to SMO 😔

    Leon HenryLeon HenryMånad sedan
  • what was that last game that popped up?

    Nathan WilliamsNathan WilliamsMånad sedan
    • Nathan Williams Mario odyssey?

      AntimatterstudiosAntimatterstudiosMånad sedan
  • Mario odyssey 2 and botw 2 confirmed!

    Garchomp GamesGarchomp GamesMånad sedan
  • I really want breath of the wild, but I’m to afraid to ask. What do I do?

    ToMuch_Makeup YTToMuch_Makeup YTMånad sedan
    • ToMuch_Makeup YT your parents? Just ask imo

      AntimatterstudiosAntimatterstudiosMånad sedan
  • Nintendo is trolling zelink shippers at this point

    Sean CullenSean CullenMånad sedan
  • Y'all really thought they were gonna announce odyssey dlc in 30 seconds

    Knight of NightKnight of NightMånad sedan
  • Atleast 1 other person thought they were making mario odyssey dlc right?

    RagdollRagdollMånad sedan
  • Bruuuh. I though it was Mario Odyssey 2!

    Flower BoyFlower BoyMånad sedan
  • How crazy is it that the switch is doing sooooo good! year 3 right?

    MR GreenMR GreenMånad sedan
  • Where is No more heroes 3!?

    Aaron H. BabinAaron H. BabinMånad sedan
  • Maybe the next chapter is for the Nintendo Switch Pro / 2nd gen? 😜

    Nier AutomataNier AutomataMånad sedan
  • Does anyone even pay attention to this channel who doesn’t already have a switch?

    Alt AccountAlt AccountMånad sedan
  • Who else thought this was super Mario odyssey 2

    Ethan ChernichawEthan ChernichawMånad sedan
  • Im so mad

    6.4M views6.4M viewsMånad sedan
  • So what I am hearing is Mario Odyssey 2?

    YuneekYuneekMånad sedan
  • Your next chapter awaits..unless you're a fan of Star Fox, F-Zero..ect.

    Magitek1112Magitek1112Månad sedan
  • I hate how They say "fall in love" while showing Link and Zelda talking on horseback as if Zelda had enough agency to even make that part of the narrative (spoilers: it wasn't).

    Ethan HendersonEthan HendersonMånad sedan
  • I did the impossible: I skipped ismas tear

    qqshay132 IsTheBoiqqshay132 IsTheBoiMånad sedan
  • Yup

    uaedaienuaedaienMånad sedan
  • Make your console cheaper and then I'll get it. Crazy money for a console that's three years old

    m/ playsm/ playsMånad sedan
  • Fall in love? *Shows Link and Zelda* Nice try, Nintendo. You’re not fooling me.

    Matt HMatt HMånad sedan
  • like every console?

    valentdsvalentdsMånad sedan
  • bro why would you do that... why did you clickbait us all?

    BobTheBuilderACNHBobTheBuilderACNHMånad sedan
  • "fall in love" confirmation of Zelda and link shipping

    Ethan'sShow TVEthan'sShow TVMånad sedan

    Luke ElliottLuke ElliottMånad sedan
  • Although he clickbaited us, he didn’t say like and sub so I guess still forgivable?

    frickyfreakyfrickyfreakyMånad sedan
  • More like, the eternal wait for the next chapter of nintendo switch

    grip sotcgrip sotcMånad sedan
  • Oh ok then ig

    Erikona1Erikona1Månad sedan
  • I don't have a switch, so I guess no life for me then

    Pyro CancerPyro CancerMånad sedan
  • Nintendo, just stop with these type of videos, keep them for adds only.

    JirachiGaming69JirachiGaming69Månad sedan
  • I really thought it was smo 2 I wish it was

    Kelski891Kelski891Månad sedan
  • Lame. I thought this was a major announcement...

    The Catholic Nintendo NerdThe Catholic Nintendo NerdMånad sedan
  • Bro I want odyssey 2 plz

    Nox TinkerNox TinkerMånad sedan