23 okt 2020
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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
Rulesbreakers FIFA 21 Ultimate Team promo is here the players include;
- 91 Harry Kane, 88 Laporte, 87 Douglas Costa, 87 Mertens, 85 Nainggolan
Also a player pick Inaki Williams SBC with Boosted dribbling or boosted shooting, and a player objective Mukiele
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  • Bruh I wish I had the game when this was out 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Denis VillatoroDenis VillatoroDag sedan
  • Do sbcs repeat or this the only time I can get Williams ?

    Carlos MendozaCarlos MendozaMånad sedan

    udckrivning games mobileudckrivning games mobileMånad sedan
  • I know he’s doing it for content but fuck me he spends £100 of fifa points and gets like 50k in return, what’s the point 😂

    chrischrisMånad sedan
  • Love it #addictedgamerbd

    Gaming With RafiGaming With RafiMånad sedan
  • I like this

    Aisling OCallaghanAisling OCallaghanMånad sedan
  • Grind for 100k pack, open, blue flair and it's an 81 rated goalkeeper 😂. Least it gave me Davidson Sanchez to go with gomes 😁..

    run 187run 187Månad sedan
  • Nep really put a shadow on mukiele 😂😂I love this guy

    Mohammed GMohammed GMånad sedan
  • Just got rule breaker report from one pack I opened with coins, 550k sold instantly cause he was extinct. Even packed mid icon eto in my very first pack on release. Ea treating me this year

    Jeremy MJeremy MMånad sedan
  • It might not be the usual suspects but it seems overly Frenched, don’t you think?

    Luke YoungLuke YoungMånad sedan
  • Hate the fact it isn’t seasonal and called ultimate scream mind

    Loveridge JLoveridge JMånad sedan
  • They should do this promo and give marega a rulebreaker card he's got 90+ pace and physical but only 65 dribbling it would be cool to see his card with dribbling

    Matty BoiMatty BoiMånad sedan
  • 13:02 Click here to hear Nepenthez turn into an owl.

    Switch It with DCSwitch It with DCMånad sedan
  • I packed lewandowski from marquee matchups packs I was saving for this promo. Bit upset I didn’t get a special card but lewandowski is good

    Cheater OppCheater OppMånad sedan
  • This card is insane. 2 matches already had 12 goals in Fut Champs with him. Go for the dribbling card. Shooting is so broken there’s no point and slap on a hunter card it’s mental.

    GRodGRodMånad sedan
  • Imagine if the dribbling Inaki had 5* skills and the shooting Inaki had 5* weak foot. I think that would make a bigger difference in choice.

    Stephen OkanlawonStephen OkanlawonMånad sedan
  • I picked the Inaki with better Dribbling as he has good shooting anyway, and dribbling is important

    lewisyates_ 1021lewisyates_ 1021Månad sedan
  • I didn’t even play a single game last night, ea servers are absolute crap

    lewisyates_ 1021lewisyates_ 1021Månad sedan
  • 2 star wf at ST? no thanks

    Luke FieldingLuke FieldingMånad sedan
  • Lmao, when you open 600k worth of packs and the best you get is a goalkeeper walkout.

    SeanSeanMånad sedan
  • Think about this though Sucker Punch just released an awesome online game (for free!), and EA is just running their online casino. Nep just spend lord knows how much and packed nothing, nothing worth real coins. Fuck this company, EA are criminals.

    Andre BubblesAndre BubblesMånad sedan
  • Im in a pickle... Either use my first owner aguero to get an inaki or not... And i do have a la liga team so i have no clue what to do

    Joshua D.Joshua D.Månad sedan
  • I recently packed Mbappe so this is the first time a can actually use the players

    h a mh a mMånad sedan
  • guys if your wondering ea is still dodo

    ritzcraxzritzcraxzMånad sedan
  • Why how he's still online when most of us can't log in eh

    Andy GAndy GMånad sedan
  • Just got in at 00:50 but servers are crashing maddd keeps disconnecting me

    Big ABig AMånad sedan
  • Why does Kane have 91 shooting on his normal card but only have 87 shooting on this card that’s higher rated makes no sense

    It’s your boi ahh caiIt’s your boi ahh caiMånad sedan
  • Get out of Facebook then you might get another viewer

    Bughatii LovrenBughatii LovrenMånad sedan
  • Good value for a 2 star weak foot player no thanks I’ll spend my 110k with a different player

    Christian SilvaChristian SilvaMånad sedan
  • Where is gotze !!!!

    Fernando NavaFernando NavaMånad sedan
  • I did literally wait more than 4 hours to play and the servers are still down. This is honestly sad

    Mr2Nice4uMr2Nice4uMånad sedan
  • Anyone else not able to actually get on fifa?

    Leo jonesLeo jonesMånad sedan
    • Can i also say ea are fucking up alot already and its not even been out for a month?

      Leo jonesLeo jonesMånad sedan
  • They could add an icon that’s not on the game already, like team Touré (Yaya) and team Alonso (Xabi) with the group reward being the icon and the winning team gets a 35k pack

    Superiour SnoopySuperiour SnoopyMånad sedan
  • server breakers

    Daniel EdwardsDaniel EdwardsMånad sedan
  • 11.30pm and still servers are down 😡😡😠

    John alexander ElliottJohn alexander ElliottMånad sedan
  • Still can’t get on

    J LJ LMånad sedan
  • I dont understand why objectives in friendlies is a dub. Friendlies are matched with rivals division points so ur playing the same level as u would in rivals just not getting the rivals weekly points? And again u have to play double the games to grind rivals aswell. Not all people have time for that

    Martin LendeMartin LendeMånad sedan
  • Servers are up

    Ruben MaloneyRuben MaloneyMånad sedan
  • Laporte and kane GOAT cards

    Corey BrighamCorey BrighamMånad sedan
  • Are the servers up yet

    Bryan ThomasBryan ThomasMånad sedan
  • Servers still down?

    Ruben MaloneyRuben MaloneyMånad sedan
  • Ocampos with a shadow as a CM looks beautiful

    EZ PZEZ PZMånad sedan
  • so zlatan can still come next round

    Hector SandovalHector SandovalMånad sedan
  • Ocampos should’ve been an 85 in the first place, they make non hype guys super shitty for a reason. He is actually a very very good player probably a lot better than martial or rashford

    Baris AfacanBaris AfacanMånad sedan
    • But... he’s not...

      XnTR1cNeoN7XnTR1cNeoN7Månad sedan
  • can you sing for me: Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste I've been around for a long, long year Stole many a man's soul to waste

    King CoffeeKing CoffeeMånad sedan
  • Still cant fucking get in 😡

    Paidi o riordanPaidi o riordanMånad sedan
  • Servers been down 5 hours this game is garbage

    biddlybongwongbiddlybongwongMånad sedan
  • great about the new "objectives mode" - they NEED to do it for icon swaps as well - so that people don't ragequit when icon swap teams play against a godsquad of someone just trying to get points.

    Jaylen ChengJaylen ChengMånad sedan
    • @Martin Lende also obviously people can ragequit in friendlies but they won't do so immediately after seeing your team, which is my point here.

      Jaylen ChengJaylen ChengMånad sedan
    • Why? People can easier rage quit in friendlies cause u get no ranking points or lose games of the 30 rivals if u do

      Martin LendeMartin LendeMånad sedan
  • While people think these loans are bad yes in terms of rivals WL SB they are but keep them for friendlies and have fun with them the only thing i dislike about loans theres no filter for them to hide them from your club when squad building etc if that makes sense

    Eazy BazingaEazy BazingaMånad sedan
  • EA should of added Adam Johnson to the rule breakers

    Loading LoadingLoading LoadingMånad sedan
  • Who’s waiting for the service?

    Juicewrld TiktokJuicewrld TiktokMånad sedan
  • My servers are still not working anyone else?

    Isa HaiderIsa HaiderMånad sedan
    • Holy sh1te they’ve been down for about 5 hours now for me

      TheFeffelitoTheFeffelitoMånad sedan
    • Ya

      Jaden SanchezJaden SanchezMånad sedan
  • Kane sadly won’t fit in to tier/high form games. The 3 sm keeps him from being an elite striker and getting into top teams. He might however make a good box to box cm.

    K SeyK SeyMånad sedan
  • Just me they thinks the objective mode in an L? It’s still skill based matchmaking, meaning I’m playing div 1 (2000 skill rating) players, while not earning rivals points. Although I understand that you are only playing people that are also doing the same objective, I’m still playing against 2000 skill rating players.

    Jamie McintoshJamie McintoshMånad sedan
    • I find it just annoying that i have to play extra games outside rivals and sb to get objectives done

      Martin LendeMartin LendeMånad sedan
    • Yea i totally agree

      Martin LendeMartin LendeMånad sedan
  • that intro lol typical ea

    Joseph RuizJoseph RuizMånad sedan
  • One upside of the loan item rewards, and the seeming movement of obj to friendlies is you might be able to set up teams using your loan cards.

    K SeyK SeyMånad sedan
  • Nep will find anything to complain about.

    Ethan WalkerEthan WalkerMånad sedan
  • This is a good concept, I just can't get on board with downgrading base stats.

    mookie3threemookie3threeMånad sedan
  • This weekend league better be extended. Can’t get in the game for hours.

    RookieRookieMånad sedan
  • I packed Naingolan normal rare card. Should this not have been a Rulebreaker card?

  • Has 2.6million coins but uses FIFA points to buy packs :/

    chris89lfcchris89lfcMånad sedan
  • Neppo was probably sick in his mouth when he saw the 2 star wf 😂

    Harvey JamesHarvey JamesMånad sedan
  • “That would be sad if we can’t do that with our friends” *insert John travolta GIF of me looking for friends*

    Elliott ScottElliott ScottMånad sedan
  • Server hasn’t let me in for 3 hours now

    Reecey4004Reecey4004Månad sedan
    • @Reecey4004 yh

      Rhys HughesRhys HughesMånad sedan
    • On Xbox?

      Reecey4004Reecey4004Månad sedan
    • Same

      Rhys HughesRhys HughesMånad sedan
  • EA Sports are pathetic..... this is unacceptable

    Rodrigo CSRodrigo CSMånad sedan
  • andre Koscielny amavi link for RTG

    Raul AlonsoRaul AlonsoMånad sedan
  • Another failed promo

    phil mchutcheonphil mchutcheonMånad sedan
  • Been trying to get in the game for hours

  • Even futbin was down wtf!!

    Luke ThompsonLuke ThompsonMånad sedan
  • Can’t get on server lol

    MeighzyMeighzyMånad sedan
  • They should’ve called it server breakers

    Lil ThigzyLil ThigzyMånad sedan
  • All them packs and all you got was scezny

    BobbyBobbyMånad sedan
  • It basically is screamcards with a new name. Well done EA 🤣

    Ali EskiciAli EskiciMånad sedan
  • They should’ve called it serverbreakers

    Moha SalemMoha SalemMånad sedan
  • finnaly got day off, just wanted to chill and play some weekend league and now this. their servers are as shit as their promos. insted of making many cards little bit better they alredy gave us this monster cards to make the game die before it even started. and im sick of having the same players like douglas costa in every few promos

    smoke kushsmoke kushMånad sedan
  • Do these replace scream items? Hope they don’t

    Psychotic dyadPsychotic dyadMånad sedan
  • When I even try play with friends, it says I have none added but I clearly do. Help?

    Ben MooreBen MooreMånad sedan
  • Kane finally has over 90 pace. Wow

    coleeg69coleeg69Månad sedan
  • i cant log in for 2 hours now

    LightSoundGeometryLightSoundGeometryMånad sedan
  • Imagine servers still down

    Joseph ReddingtonJoseph ReddingtonMånad sedan
  • Xbox is still down for me wtf

    Chahat ModiChahat ModiMånad sedan
  • i cannot believe ea and their loan crap

    Ersy VErsy VMånad sedan
  • OMG, I packed Mbappe tradable!!!! check the video on my channel, please!

    PlayGamesCodPlayGamesCodMånad sedan
  • Effin sweet. Only you tubers can get on. That seems a bit fishy to me. Been over two hours already and Matt and Haber have videos up while the rest of the world can’t get on.

    john blairjohn blairMånad sedan
    • not fishy listed

      LightSoundGeometryLightSoundGeometryMånad sedan
    • Nep and all the other youtubers are soon to get a lot of hate if this carries on, not personally by me but other fans will start to realise and they won’t like it one bit

      Green RetroGreen RetroMånad sedan
  • Besides Laporte, rest of players are just a joke. I would Change The skill moves or weak foot as well, Inaki with 2 star weak foot îs pretty useless in hard games where you barely get space to shoot, a 4 star would make him a beast

    Razvan GhitRazvan GhitMånad sedan
  • And now its down, so I'm watching this instead

    Chris Padgett93Chris Padgett93Månad sedan
  • How the fuck did you get on

    Lit GLit GMånad sedan
  • They better give as a pack or somthing for this i still can't got in

    M4rc3ll 05M4rc3ll 05Månad sedan
    • @Calvin neither and it's past midnight

      Craig FergieCraig FergieMånad sedan
    • Lmao you think that ea will give a pack for this

      Maffa 1878Maffa 1878Månad sedan
    • same

      Gergő FiczereGergő FiczereMånad sedan
    • @Calvin same

      Rohaan NasirRohaan NasirMånad sedan
    • I’m still not on

      CalvinCalvinMånad sedan
  • Servers down 😫

    BiglfcfanBiglfcfanMånad sedan
  • 10000 fifa points 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    ferferMånad sedan
  • Bruh that much time for servers to come and at the end we got the worst promo pack ever. Thanks EA

    NGN NOSNGN NOSMånad sedan
  • How do all these content creators get on, yet the game is still down everywhere I look??

    RobFut 99RobFut 99Månad sedan
    • Not a content creator but was in already and when I got kicked out I spammed it for 30 minutes got in and got mad players for min bid and made mad coins when people got back on

      CaesarCaesarMånad sedan
  • Man you thought that this year wouldn’t be the same as last year, but it is crazy how every detail is the same as Fifa 20. Same rigged gameplay and same bs servers

    Elio ZhillaElio ZhillaMånad sedan
    • same in 22 , 23 , 24 get out your wallet

      LightSoundGeometryLightSoundGeometryMånad sedan
  • will be completing the mukiele, once the servers actually work again

    Sam HodgeSam HodgeMånad sedan
  • So early in the game and EA has already started with the crazy game breaking cards

    Xavier Monet βξXavier Monet βξMånad sedan
  • Packs a new card at 8:34

    Mashed ChapMashed ChapMånad sedan
    • Lies

      SteezeSteezeMånad sedan
  • Some people can actually get in :) nice.

    AAMånad sedan
  • POV: You checked to see if the servers are still down

    billbots boysbillbots boysMånad sedan
    • still down smh

      Jairo ReyesJairo ReyesMånad sedan
  • Enjoying not being able to get on the servers still, really good chat

    Lee MaxwellLee MaxwellMånad sedan
  • Need that Kane

    FTLFTLMånad sedan