3 jan 2020
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The best of the best. Thanks for a great 2019!

  • Time stamps 0:01 - we haves cookie 0:23 - first person to fight a living goblin 0:59 - untitled goose game ground keepers hat 1:12 - schlatt argues with ant venom over stal 1:45 - meabeab & bonk 2:14 - schlatt walk & jokes 2:26 - at any given moment 2:39 - this is my step ladder 2:49 - such a good friend 3:00 - just say the punch line 3:09 - I never knew my real ladder 3:25 - I dont know-*falls* 3:30 - someone dropped a knife 4:24 - my childhood hero just called me bipolar 5:03 - human fidget spinner/helicopter rescue 6:00 - cadmium, cock and dick 6:16 - I'll take this one/ computer has virus 6:52 - schlatt has an otamatome/ mini joins 7:28 - jokes 8:04 - throwing acid is wrong 8:25 - looking for my ex girlfriend's killer 8:42 - selling my vaccume 8:55 - buy girlfriend something sexy 9:06 - where there's a will 9:33 - a song about tortillas 9:53 - replaced bed with a trampoline 10:21- hedgehogs eh? 10:42 - universal remote control 10:57 - say what you want 11:11 - shuffling papers 11:29 - of course I should clean my windows 11:49 - the potatoes should go in the front 11:58 - there's no domestic violence going on & end of jokes 12:06 - steak from uber eats 12:25 - who sold out Ann Frank 13:06 - your pushing my buttons 13:29 - tornado 14:53 - Conner gets boofed 15:51 - I love the smell of ___ 15:58 - ____ is magically delicious 16:05 - if nudism is so normal why am I banned from _____ 16:50 - two hands grand mac 17:14 - they call me Jesus h christ 17:31 - get in the cuck shed 18:40 - life is at its highest point when ___ 19:23 - put her there brother 19:41 - schlatt gets trapped/ an offer he can't refuse 20:09 - I just saw Alvin in the chipmunks 2 20:15 - I'm playing breath of the wild 20:27 - man on street light 21:10 - lets kill nick 23:15 - junky janker whats poppin 24:01 - bonk says to raise taxes 24:52 - oneb dies & bonk is god 25:28 - there is always a man outside my window 25:55 - music disc tier list, stal 26:47 - stal talk 27:19 - Michael buys schlatt coin 27:43 - bye bye 28:00 - creeper & lamest death 28:14 - YMCA earrape 28:56 - invisible baby pigman & sky joins the call 32:06 - dick and balls 32:17 - sky sees the cuck shed 33:50 - ant venom sees the cuck shed 34:50 - naked arlus 35:07 - nobody likes this monkey 36:17 - untitled goose game, broom 36:39 - child worker & Pete escapes the cuck shed 37:34 - Pete buys schlatt coins 39:22 - glitched garrys mod 39:48 - scary Minecraft vr 40:16 - stop dancing to cat 41:22 - baby raging & man ass 43:23 - call me carson crying 43:53 - hey ninja you like dick and balls? 44:33 - there is nothing wrong with the water 45:27 - ninja you like dick and balls 45:41 - chest room 45:57 - why is the castle wearing a sombrero 46:12 - big guy 46:33 - going fishing 46:52 - aids 47:58 - I banned obama 49:20 - who put a pee pee on the sign? 49:47 - really saf e area 52:44 - pig villager 53:32 - dual 54:02 - natural disaster schlatt god 54:52 - schlatt vs captain sparkles 56:34 - natural disaster schlatt god 57:12 - I didn't see that 57:31 - I'm jacking myself off 57:49 - technoblade is going to grief everyone 59:09 - schlatt and technoblade win Minecraft monday 59:50 - wagoo ritual 1:00:44 - don't know how to stop the music 1:01:20 - untitled goose game wall d duck 1:01:45 - butter Minecraft butter 1:02:56 - bum bun nun nah nun nana 1:03:29 - schlatts gonna get you 1:03:46 - someone just gave me 25 dollars to tell you you're gay 1:04:02 - big time rush theme 1:04:20 - rabbid wants to die 1:04:31 - Minecraft theme remix 1:05:05 - lets try that one more time 1:05:46 - rabbid fever dream 1:07:12 - prop hunt 1:08:12 - no black rabbid 1:09:06 - oh no papa 1:09:16 - schlatt keeps dying 1:10:27 - one piece voice over 1:11:33 - new spiderman 1:12:34 - the baby fucking dies 1:12:47 - prop hunt 1:16:10 - sneez 1:16:24 - rabbids & parkinsons 1:17:25 - my hero academia voice over 1:17:43 - stumpy 1:18:30 - dollar jokes 1:19:07 - sound board fun 1:19:42 - angry German 1:20:01 - minecraft vr calibrate height 1:20:19 - hungry/ portraying that emotion 1:20:28 - magic tricks 1:20:52 - what's behind you ear 1:21:15 - schlatts brain/ *BLUE* 1:21:35 - casting a spell 1:22:12 - mime 1:22:33 - Brian 1:22:40 - schlatt and ant venom kill the ender dragon :)

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    • @Ringo Starr is a handsome man quarantine got them

      【ᴄʜᴀᴏᴛɪᴄ】【ᴄʜᴀᴏᴛɪᴄ】7 timmar sedan
    • Ok but why

      Ringo Starr is a handsome manRingo Starr is a handsome man8 timmar sedan
    • u could have hit up a girls dms, and beat a couple levels in mario 64, but u chose to do timestamps. what a fucking chad

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    • :)

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  • I made the rooky mistake of doing line art while I watched this

    Max FostepherMax Fostepher2 timmar sedan
  • 20:15 this entire time I thought that was Ted

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  • who’s this carson guy

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  • Carson and mini ladd made it into this comp lmao

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    • this was 2019, now sadly they both use their fans for sexual gratification.

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  • Stal is great

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  • The moaning pen one is my favorite.

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  • Pov: you are here after Carson allegations

    Caden SluderCaden Sluder4 dagar sedan
  • I feel like Schlatt and Adam would actually play off each other really well lol

    Vexley VortexVexley Vortex5 dagar sedan
  • 1:11 carson passes a diamond vein and pisses me off

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  • Anyone watching this after the Carson situation

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  • Mini is a scumbag

    Donomír of TroyDonomír of Troy6 dagar sedan
  • 2019 feels like a fever dream : 1/13/2021

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  • anyone know the end credits song?

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  • 45:49 he “steals” from an ender chest

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  • 7:40

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  • When I am hungover after a long night of drinking I pop some jschlatt on to forget about my mistakes the night before. Then contemplate my life decisions.

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  • pov: you're watching this in 2021 because it came up on your recommended

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    • Pov Carson is a creep

      Caden SluderCaden Sluder4 dagar sedan
    • Yep...

      Ethan McDonaldEthan McDonald10 dagar sedan
  • oh carson

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  • Can’t out j the schlatt

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  • Anyone else here in 2021 after the Carson allegations😢

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    • pain

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    • Me 😭🤧💀

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  • It hurts watching this joe

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    • @itsjust_ALE X joe mama

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    • Joe?

      itsjust_ALE Xitsjust_ALE X6 dagar sedan
    • @Lego Yoda Joe mama

      Regan RobertsRegan Roberts8 dagar sedan
    • @leo sangome true

      Lego YodaLego Yoda10 dagar sedan
    • @Lego Yoda

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  • I feel weird watching this....

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  • The fact that MiniLadd, Fitz, and Carson are all in this makes this disturbing

    TwiperTwiper12 dagar sedan
    • @。Lavender Ender。 they weren't going out, Anything 4 views confirmed it

      Bad MemeBad Meme11 dagar sedan
    • @Bad Meme he was one of the guys that Kate cheated on Carson with

      。Lavender Ender。。Lavender Ender。11 dagar sedan
    • Tf u got against Fitz

      Bad MemeBad Meme11 dagar sedan
    • @MBrinkk he really likes mini lads

      Kentucky fried ChickenKentucky fried Chicken11 dagar sedan
    • What happened to minilad?

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  • Literally every comment in a video with Carson in it “It’S jUsT nOt ThE sAmE”

    Spirit VortexSpirit Vortex12 dagar sedan
    • @[ Venom ] it's annoying as shit too, let me enjoy my content cuh

      rsceway79rsceway798 dagar sedan
    • Yeah as if it would help if they invade every comment section.

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  • Me: hello Carson..... Im sorry :) ok now I have to leave :)

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  • Wow we got Carson and Craig in the same video... yikes...

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    • Yikes

      meep skreepmeep skreep2 dagar sedan
    • Yikes

      Legionary RecruitLegionary Recruit12 dagar sedan
  • 43:23 I’ve NEVER seen an outward veiw of that clip lol

    Daddy Blue JayDaddy Blue Jay13 dagar sedan
    • SAME WTF

      Katie WallaceKatie Wallace11 dagar sedan
  • Weird to see these clips with Carson it doesn’t feel the same

    ModernJackVODSModernJackVODS13 dagar sedan
    • @Ethan McDonald i mean Schlatt and the Misfits are ok, the one with the problem here is Carson (Fitz was too, but its not as bad as what Carson or Miniladd did)

    • I havent been around since SMP but I started watching them after the Misfits interview and yeah, its sad to see how different things are now. Still love watching these guys though, got me through a lot.

      Ethan McDonaldEthan McDonald10 dagar sedan
  • Watching half of these clips with Carson, knowing that in some of them hes not doing ok, and it hurts, even tho you cant tell.

    Tony DeMasdaTony DeMasda13 dagar sedan
  • *sees Carson* yikes

    Abbi GouineAbbi Gouine14 dagar sedan
    • yeah... it feels like a different vibe

      stargazer baddiestargazer baddie13 dagar sedan
  • Pog for Jesus Jesus

    Keeva GraceKeeva Grace15 dagar sedan
  • It’s sad to see mini here, I miss him so much. I’ll never forgive people for absolutely destroying him and his entire career, along with all the good he’d done for charity. The thing he did was clearly a mistake, it had happened years ago, youtubers have done worse and gotten away with it.

    CC LewisCC Lewis16 dagar sedan
    • Fuck off

      Legionary RecruitLegionary Recruit12 dagar sedan
    • Bro you're defending a nonce. You don't wanna die on this hill.

      Carlos WeedCarlos Weed12 dagar sedan
    • Dude he's a nonce

      Max CantrellMax Cantrell13 dagar sedan
    • It’s sad to see CallMeCarson here, I miss him so much. I’ll never forgive people for absolutely destroying him and his entire career, along with all the good he’d done for charity. The thing he did was clearly a mistake, it had happened years ago, youtubers have done worse and gotten away with it.

      KeggoKeggo14 dagar sedan
    • Dude he's a nonce

      Athish blAthish bl15 dagar sedan
  • Video taken right before horrible events

    Im meIm me16 dagar sedan
  • I just watched the 2020 recap and now I finished the 2019 as well, 4 hours of my life weren’t wasted

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  • 47:58

    James AnalaJames Anala17 dagar sedan
  • Seeing MiniLadd makes me sad now.

    ConnorsharkConnorshark17 dagar sedan
    • Same with Carson now lmao

      John LeeJohn Lee14 dagar sedan
  • Now it’s 2021. Time flies.

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  • The humorous sideboard principally sigh because train ordinarily doubt above a acid luttuce. rabid, willing scissors

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  • Who’s here after 2020 version

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  • 1:16:08 *Husky sneezes* " whats wrong with that cat?" *Husky explodes* WOAH!

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  • Haha bitch Ok well I must escape to my bed after bullying schlatt today

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  • Waiting on Schlatt 2020

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  • Someone should reupload this video without the mini ladd bits

    Trash HumanTrash Human20 dagar sedan
  • Im just here to hear his beautifull voice

    AlakazamAlakazam21 dag sedan
  • Everyone: Leave the server! Schlatt: *Incoherent unholy screaming*

    Gacha PixelGacha Pixel21 dag sedan
  • 45:47 *opens his own enderchest* Oh my god, there's some stuff in here... *takes out his own diamonds*

    Ethan BeldowskiEthan Beldowski21 dag sedan
  • 20:35 Itachi😳😳

    Dope DavidDope David21 dag sedan
  • best 1 hour, 25 minutes and 22 seconds of my life.

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  • The parts with mini really hurt to watch now. :(

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  • So goooo[ooooooooo[oooooo[ooooœ99oooøoiooö999⁹õõõõõ out õõ or õîõî or or õ[5[[6[[5õõõ

    Landyn AdamcrykLandyn Adamcryk21 dag sedan
  • I miss 2019 schlatt

    RoadtogloryRoadtoglory22 dagar sedan
    • How has he changed ? Sorry I wasn't there for 2019, I came to know him in like march

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  • 1:02:23 butter minecraft minecraft butter

    RustythebobRustythebob22 dagar sedan
  • Schlatt: I recently decided to sell my vacuum cleaner Everybody: *dies*

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  • I like this guy!

    Alpha ChadAlpha Chad23 dagar sedan
  • 22:48 The show he was talking about is Jonny test if anyone was wondering

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  • The faint fair santa subcellularly open because angora conventionally walk across a pretty theory. thick, glistening glorious enquiry

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  • ima idiot I thought this was best of 2020

    MannerlyDripMannerlyDrip24 dagar sedan
  • 21:05 when u start making fun of the queit kids shoes so he reaches in his bag...

    R2R KurtR2R Kurt24 dagar sedan
  • Literally every time sky talks all I can hear is anguish

    MildlyUpsetMildlyUpset25 dagar sedan
  • 2:14 when you say smth not funny but its actually funny

    JRashJRash26 dagar sedan
  • 5:01. dont laugh its rude

    JRashJRash26 dagar sedan
  • волк

    RiyoRiyo27 dagar sedan
  • Bonk will eliminate the middle class

    Alex SouthernAlex Southern27 dagar sedan
  • Bruh jschlatt’s facial hair reminds me of wolverine’s

    LoganLogan28 dagar sedan
  • i deadass laughed when that woman was air lifted OMG SHE SPINNNS!

    trenchcoatbandittrenchcoatbandit28 dagar sedan
  • *where theres a will* **stares into wilburs eyes**

    [Jayten][Jayten]28 dagar sedan
  • Jschlatt sounded like Joker Laughing 5:53

    Noah AndersonNoah Anderson28 dagar sedan
  • Where there's a will, there's a bur

    Tyler Ann HutchesonTyler Ann Hutcheson29 dagar sedan
  • What is the baggrund song called at 17:31?? pls help

    Tobias MøllerTobias Møller29 dagar sedan
  • I'm crying drinking oj in bed and this be the only shit that make me laugh

    Zac JarvisZac Jarvis29 dagar sedan
  • 20:13 . . .

    Marcus WilsonMarcus Wilson29 dagar sedan
  • Mebeeb and BonK 1:45

    Mr. MoesbyMr. MoesbyMånad sedan
  • seworld.info_mp4

    LIQDLIQDMånad sedan
  • Can’t believe it’s the 2019th instalment of this series already.

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  • I like to listen to this while I play games and pretend I have friends

    RebelliousRebelliousMånad sedan
  • the simple times

    Gasoline2013Gasoline2013Månad sedan
  • The first one was surprising I didn’t know he made the meme

    Espresso_ DepressoEspresso_ DepressoMånad sedan
  • So a suicidal person adopted an orphan...

    Crippled TimmyCrippled TimmyMånad sedan
  • Jschlatt, inventor of 1/2 liners

    Theo JBTheo JBMånad sedan
  • what video is the clip from 20:27 from plsss

    LetallicLetallicMånad sedan
  • Honestly I see Schlatt and graystillplays being really good friends and this video proves it

    Dream Team SimpDream Team SimpMånad sedan

    JensJensMånad sedan
    • @Ausi Ali its not:( thanks tho

      JensJens25 dagar sedan
    • I'm pretty sure it's a piano cover of kira's theme

      Ausi AliAusi Ali25 dagar sedan
  • 28:30

    Dream Team SimpDream Team SimpMånad sedan
  • 21:10 "uh oh" *gun fire*

    LongShot 101112LongShot 101112Månad sedan
  • What's the name of the texture pack of 26:59 ?

    DemoERDemoERMånad sedan
  • I should be taking a test rn but instead Im watching schaltt

    ッTmasッTmasMånad sedan
  • wish i could just hide everything related to fitz he ruins every video

    HexitryHexitryMånad sedan
    • And miniladdd lol

      Evan McCuddenEvan McCuddenMånad sedan
  • oof mini lad

    Colin WierColin WierMånad sedan
    • The jokes I wanted to make, man. THERE WERE SO MANY!

      I’ll figure this out later -I’ll figure this out later -Månad sedan
  • Sky blaming White People for invisible baby zombies is quite the statement honestly. He has no consideration for the past of the invisible baby zombie. To be Frank, Frank.

    VoixminVoixminMånad sedan
  • Schlatt should have been telling the first half of a joke, and then occasionally finish a joke he made a minute ago, and people would then laugh harder, like the step ladder joke

    IdleHawkIdleHawkMånad sedan
  • ew mini ladd

    Nippy was hereNippy was hereMånad sedan
  • Damn

    Lukey4mayorLukey4mayorMånad sedan
  • 21:02 gets me every time

    Molly GillettMolly GillettMånad sedan
  • I love how for a good quarter of the video it’s just Schlatt telling jokes without the punchline.

    Shira ArcShira ArcMånad sedan
  • Didnt mini lad send his mini lad to some teeny bopers or somthin

    treacetreaceMånad sedan
  • Ahhh the before times

    METREMETREMånad sedan
  • Screw you shlatt you bully tubbo

    OH VibeOH VibeMånad sedan
    • Shut up you play fortnite

      Average DuckAverage DuckMånad sedan
  • What are you, a liberal?

    JobberMichaelJobberMichaelMånad sedan
  • *Giga pudding*

    Reegan McKayReegan McKayMånad sedan