Arsenal 0-1 Man City | Weak Mentality By The Manager, Players & Fans! (DT Rant)

21 feb 2021
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Arsenal 0-1 Man City | Weak Mentality By The Manager, Players & Fans! (DT Rant)
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  • mediocrity now the order of the day, this is Arsenal ffs

    Jèan PaulJèan Paul4 dagar sedan

    Bruno FernandesBruno Fernandes4 dagar sedan
  • Pep put arteta in his place after 2 minutes as a warning, "lay down and take this defeat and we'll go easy on you, come at us and we will decimate you" Arteta and his players were wise to listen to City's warning.

    ninjamonk3y1987ninjamonk3y19875 dagar sedan

    Alexis SanchezAlexis Sanchez5 dagar sedan
  • Great comments. Thanks.

    Brian KempBrian Kemp5 dagar sedan
  • If Wenger was in charge, God help us! Wanted Wenger OUT life not improved PUSSY BOY

    Matthew DoyleMatthew Doyle5 dagar sedan
  • But u were happy wen Arsenal cudnt win a match in 8 games shouting Arteta in. DT is part of Arsenal problem

    smart michaelsmart michael5 dagar sedan
  • What happened to the “over my dead body” attitude we used to have?!?!?!

    NanoNano5 dagar sedan
  • The season when we beat Manchester City that's the season when we are true title contenders but since we still can't beat them then we are not worthy of being a top four finish and when I say beat Manchester City I don't mean in little and useless Domestic Cup games like FA Cup.

    Xavier LindoXavier Lindo5 dagar sedan
  • We showed Manchester City too much respect and that we shouldn't match up with them and let them constantly beat us. Utterly acceptable and disgusting from the boys.

    Xavier LindoXavier Lindo5 dagar sedan
  • Another £600 jumper for DT !!!! You can't polish a turd sunshine

    Chinston WurchillChinston Wurchill5 dagar sedan
  • DT can't say the word Arteta was the biggest bottler on Sunday. He's weak minded and cannot galvanise thus lot. Weak minded and timid

    Ian FraterIan Frater5 dagar sedan
  • Dt is a contradiction

    Stephen JonesStephen Jones5 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal need an owner like Abrahamovich of Chelsea for three months and things will change. Arteta is too relax. He need some pressure.

    Abraham GarshongAbraham Garshong5 dagar sedan
  • Arteta must be courageous. 1:0 and 2: and 3:0 does not matter. We needed the points and Arsenal should have a winning mentality. Management is giving Arteta too much rope. The axe must be around him . Arteta respects his former boss too much

    Abraham GarshongAbraham Garshong5 dagar sedan
  • I told yooooooo, Wobbie!!!!!!!

    Ayoub HassanAyoub Hassan6 dagar sedan
  • DT with the craziest of over-corrections.

    Wendel ChinsamyWendel Chinsamy6 dagar sedan
  • You guys are way too hard on your team. You played the way you played because of what was in front of you-a Man City!! I think your lot tried but you just aren’t near City’s level. Your lot hardly had the ball!! Saka is seriously good!!

    Stanley MorganStanley Morgan6 dagar sedan
  • I honestly don't understand Arsenal fans. You went up against a Man City team that are performing the best they have in about a year and you manage to lose by 1 goal and its unacceptable. Like remember where you are. 1 nil against man city is a result a lot of clubs who are above you in the table would jump at.

    MorganMorgan6 dagar sedan
  • Robbie: you can continually deceive an believe that you could go for it, if they did and they got beaten 4 nil, you will be the same that will say that's the worse performance of the year. And as for DT man city was at their top gear, why not praise the arsenal team for making them look ordinary? Why does it always have to be that the opposition did not play well not that arsenal FC put up a fight. Guys I am getting tired of you guys not always being objective anytime Arsenal lose and when the team wins then they are the best players. What do u guys call objectivity

    Azeez AyoAzeez Ayo6 dagar sedan
  • Saka and Pepe, should have played on the wings where they have played well recently.

    Jay PushaJay Pusha6 dagar sedan
  • Pep didn't wamt Arteta to get the sack.

    oggy jackoggy jack6 dagar sedan
  • Lee was spot on. Man is sitting on the fence right now.

    oggy jackoggy jack6 dagar sedan
  • Dt its very very simple. This generation of footballers are weak

    Paul RossPaul Ross6 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal : Love to Lose 0- 1 against City

    Sami ErtrawiSami Ertrawi6 dagar sedan
  • No arsenal players belives in artera philosophy

    king kongking kong6 dagar sedan
  • Arteta dont have the geniuses

    king kongking kong6 dagar sedan
  • At one point do we say arteta has got 2go

    king kongking kong6 dagar sedan
  • The players are not behind arteta they dont back him there not the players are not behind him come on

    king kongking kong6 dagar sedan
  • I thought you were okay with sacrificing games for the greater good, you were after the fa cup Southampton game.....

    Ziyad EssamZiyad Essam6 dagar sedan
  • you gotta get rid of dt. always on his high horse. bagging players fans and manager. bend over he think they sun shines. the only problem dt is ur the only one who thinks. I cant watch his vids. over the whining. just life that ref that tried u. that was a reality check

    Gresham GattusoGresham Gattuso6 dagar sedan
  • DT will never try to look at the real problem, blinded by his love for Artera.

    Jean-edrice RosanaJean-edrice Rosana6 dagar sedan
  • I.onmy listen to.lee on here now. Use to be lee and Graham. Rest are boring or twats..

    Strain CainersStrain Cainers6 dagar sedan
  • Odegaard was poor

    joel mulungijoel mulungi6 dagar sedan
  • Pep felt sorry for Arteta so he told his boys to go easy on them lol

    fasooly1992fasooly19926 dagar sedan
  • Comedy club that just keeps giving LMAO

    CypherCypher6 dagar sedan

    PokémonXlpsPokémonXlps6 dagar sedan
  • Braveheart the movie right

  • Lmao Arsenal fans so deluded. City would beat any team in PL atm and guy goes on about 'Basics of defending' all good saying that comfy in your armchair lmao

    Aran SinghAran Singh6 dagar sedan
  • I always supported Arteta but now I am actually starting to doubt that he is the man to take Arsenal forward. The worst team selection you could ever imagine and only he could have expected to get something from that game. Atleast 5 players shouldn't have started that game Aubameyang, Pepe, Elneny, Mari and Holding. And you had the likes of Lacazette, Smith Rowe, Cebballos, Luiz and Gabriel. That is why we lost the game and the weakest of all those 5 players that shouldn't have played Aubameyang was the worst.

    Yussuf HajiYussuf Haji6 dagar sedan
  • Even Palace will Finnish above Arsenal

    Robert FieldRobert Field6 dagar sedan
  • I don't get it did DTs misses cheat on him with bellerin or something? He was marking B.Silva how could the first goal possibly be his fault

    Jordon BoomanJordon Booman6 dagar sedan
  • I hate too say it but Arsenal is turning into a Nottingham Forest .

    Matthew TrotmanMatthew Trotman6 dagar sedan
  • Just imagine what the score would have been if Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Kanu, Van Perse, Viera, etc had played. These were men not boys; currently Arsenal are being managed by a boy.

    Gunner5 For lifeGunner5 For life6 dagar sedan
  • Mancity just had pity on Arsenal. They were just playing not to embarrass Arteta. They could have mauled Arsenal 5 - 0.

    Gunner5 For lifeGunner5 For life6 dagar sedan
  • Finally DT is genuine about the manager and our players

    Ryan StockleyRyan Stockley6 dagar sedan
  • Get better internet DT

    Ethan ClaridgeEthan Claridge6 dagar sedan
  • Team are not warriors. Afraid of playing ball.

    santos Gurungsantos Gurung6 dagar sedan
  • Arsene Wenger got Arsenal into the top four for 20+ years and fans took it for granted. How's tenth treating you?

    The GhostThe Ghost6 dagar sedan
  • Xhaka pretends he's trying he isn't

    Imran AhmedImran Ahmed6 dagar sedan
  • So true...can't imagine arsenal throwing towel in last 15 mins with just 1 goal down

    Trueindian TrueindianTrueindian Trueindian6 dagar sedan
  • I have had enough of Arteta and i am not even sure what's so special about him. And Aubameyang whose idea was it to chose him as a captain? He ain't captain material.

    JSJS6 dagar sedan
  • Sounds like Robbie is in his garage,,,, didn't see any cars though

    andrew azurandrew azur6 dagar sedan
  • DT is confused in an attempt to look like a 'superfan'. You back the manager and criticize the players. The manager that starts these players , gave them new contracts and begged some of these clowns to stay.

    segun temenusegun temenu6 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal are a full on mid table club now

    Ancelotti’s EyebrowAncelotti’s Eyebrow6 dagar sedan
  • “The BASICS of defending” 🤦🏿‍♂️ Can’t lose a match conceding a goal in a 1v2 in your own box... to a 5’7” Raheem Sterling! Pathetic

    Chi OChi O6 dagar sedan
  • DT is typical of an Arsenal supporter still living in the invincible era. We are nowhere near the level we use to be. We are not even top 4 worthy.

    Basil DBasil D6 dagar sedan
  • Face the facts, Arsenal are no where near MC. Nobody likes to lose, but 1-0 not bad guys. We are in 10th.....10th. Also we should of went for it at the end. Arteta is out of his league. Remember before January how terrible Arsenal were and are.

    MARK ChandlerMARK Chandler6 dagar sedan
  • As long as we have the Dross of: Xhaka. Bellerin. Luiz. Cellabos and Willian at the club we will NEVER achieve anything. If Arteta is going to be our manager he MUST get rid of those useless waste of space. If not he can go too.

    Yanto2013Yanto20136 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal are a finished club just accept it.

    Arthur MorganArthur Morgan6 dagar sedan

    Gregg KirbyGregg Kirby6 dagar sedan
  • Sell them all, sell auba sell pepe, sell holding sell the midfielders sell everyone. Sack arteta, why is Martinelli a bench warmer, noone is even speaking about this at all. He is far better then all our attackers, and gives it 100% each and everytime, this guy is being wasted, because of artetas inferiority complex, he didn't sign him.. Guendouzi got sent on loan for showing fight even though I don't rate him much anyway, but that's what happened, which manager will do that? One who didn't sign him. So Martinelli, Guendouzi, Saliba, all Emery signings & Pepe isn't really want emery wanted so I'm not including him. But these players are getting treated like dirt. Saliba looks a top defender but isn't in the team was sent out, Martinelli is a beast but has been warming the bench without coming on. Guendouzi is better then elneny moving forward to provide fluidity, he is also on loan. Have you thought why? Arteta doesn't want these players to succeed he wants to leave them out. Irrespective of how good they are, he didn't even give saliba a chance. Said he weren't ready, but holding is made to look good when he's not. Luiz got a red card problem. Bellerin has good link up play moving forward but is atrocious defensively. Arteta didn't sign them so don't give two dams about them, he can't improve pepe, he moved him to the left, he got his confidence became a threat, then he dropped him and against city puts him back on the right. What is this manager doing? He uses the first sub after 70 mins, he didn't want to go for it, he just wanted to show City only beat us 0-1, what's wrong with this guy. We were at home, even Brighton will create more chances at home, Leeds would, wolves would, all these teams would create more, but we sat back and tried counter attacking football after gifting them in 1 minute. Why? Why didn't the team push, press high and just go for it. If we concede two let's try score 4, go all out at home. Play counter away from home. What's this nonsense

    Adnan JawaidAdnan Jawaid6 dagar sedan
  • DT points the fingers at fans for being content with losing to City but still celebrates an FA Cup win? Hypocrisy at its finest 👌🏽

    FFFFFF6 dagar sedan
  • it is true what DT is saying but if arsenal equalised, he would've changed his words 100%. can someone please explain me what is mikel seeing in bellerin that i don't see. he can't even do a good pass....

    bala tehzibbala tehzib6 dagar sedan
  • DT stop protecting Arteta..he should be blamed for the loss

    Alpha BeeAlpha Bee6 dagar sedan
    • @Gregg Kirby in for losing 11 and winning 10

      Alpha BeeAlpha Bee6 dagar sedan
    • Arteta is the best thing for arsenal! Arteta in ✅

      Gregg KirbyGregg Kirby6 dagar sedan
  • Even our Manager (Arteta) spoke like City is a bigger club than Arsenal. It’s the Manager’s fault it’s all about what he has told his players . He has said to them let’s keep it at this 0-1. Totally unacceptable .

    Jon HigherJon Higher6 dagar sedan
  • I don't agree fans are part of the problem at the end of the day, the players, boardroom and management are the ones who have a say with the results on the pitch

    yabbas123yabbas1236 dagar sedan
  • Wenger out Arteta in this guy is something.

    Mohamed AhmedMohamed Ahmed6 dagar sedan
  • The hunger just wasnt there! The team was timid

    Mark MakayiMark Makayi6 dagar sedan
  • The hunger just wasnt there! The team was timid

    Mark MakayiMark Makayi6 dagar sedan
  • Are we still calling Arsenal a big club? 😂😂😂

    Rhys JenkinsRhys Jenkins6 dagar sedan
  • This is the worse manager of Arsenal football club I can remember for more than 40 years and I have seen most of them how is Arteta not sacked?that coward display by Arsenal yesterday was just shocking;Arteta should not b no where near Arsenal football club;and all u who say back the manager need 2 take a good look at ur selves;back what?if the owners had any ambition for Arsenal football club Arteta should b sacked on the spot for a display like that;it just goes 2 show how much Arsenal values have fallen;Arsenal as it stands is a disgrace;and that is real talk;Arteta out;

    burchel winklerburchel winkler6 dagar sedan
  • I love the way DT knows EVERYTHING.

    Spratt !Spratt !7 dagar sedan
  • William Wallace won Scottish FREEDOM !

    Jonathan harveyJonathan harvey7 dagar sedan
  • DT.. Just a big mouth dumbazz

    Jon JonesJon Jones7 dagar sedan
  • When its going to end Robbie?

    Mohd Faizal ZulkiflyMohd Faizal Zulkifly7 dagar sedan
  • Why is DT is no longer on AFTV watchalong?

    Muhammad Asyraf YusoffMuhammad Asyraf Yusoff7 dagar sedan
  • it is old arsenal again SACK HIM OUT NO PROGRESS AT ALL

    don mohammaddon mohammad7 dagar sedan
  • And yes I love the guy pepe and I strongly think we can get the best out of him..but he and bellerin didn't quite have the spark on the right..his best his one the that's interesting

    Rohan MajumderRohan Majumder7 dagar sedan
  • It's sad how u people say back up the manager financially.... look at west ham or Leicester... do u really wanna convince me these 2 teams have better players than Arsenal... look at the salary wages in these teams compared to Arsenal... and they are in the top 4... when did Leicester a team from the championship come to pass us in the league .... this management ain't good enough..thats it

    wilfred adinahwilfred adinah7 dagar sedan
  • Aftv is the problem

    Lucifer 2055Lucifer 20557 dagar sedan
  • No one to be blamed any more, but the manager. He is such an arrogant body. Enough is enough. No process no trust anymorE. He is just a minority psychic

    Mekbib MulugetaMekbib Mulugeta7 dagar sedan
  • jesus christ man, i like dt but idk why he still backs arteta, he’s doing worse then previous managers who have been sacked and even west ham are in the top 4, one question 🙋‍♀️ when was west ham ever above arsenal under wenger or emery? and this guy called christ deluded? LOOOL

    zion amashazion amasha7 dagar sedan
  • DT just talking shitee like usual

    Robert EvansRobert Evans7 dagar sedan
  • 3 points dropped 😆 delusional. Your not in Cities league !

    St HurleySt Hurley7 dagar sedan
  • Questions are only allowed to be asked once we’re 10th with more defeats then wins, and out of all cups in feb? Are I insane? We played 7 games with 0 wins. That’s when they should’ve been asked. Then he got battered in the league cup. Then schooled in the fa cup. He’s already lost europa last year aswel. You’re deluded.

    The Black ProtagonistThe Black Protagonist7 dagar sedan
  • Lol Dt you literally said the reason you prefer Arteta over Wenger is because “Atleast we don’t get slapped up anymore away to the big teams” Now anyone that said that for yesterday is “apart of the problem” Lol you’re such a plumb.

    The Black ProtagonistThe Black Protagonist7 dagar sedan
  • Im telling you now: if wenger or emery was manager DT would get in the car, drive to the stadium and confront them for that type of performance. Abysmal!!!

    GeorgeGeorge7 dagar sedan
  • I feel for martineli

    Mustafa MohamedMustafa Mohamed7 dagar sedan
  • Trust the process, where's the cheese? 😀

    The RealistThe Realist7 dagar sedan
  • Coming here just to watch Arteta's lawyer

    Prakash PPrakash P7 dagar sedan
  • An Arsenal loss is a win for AFTV

    Joshua BondJoshua Bond7 dagar sedan
  • Hopefully Arteta is learning quickly because man, it is obvious that he doesn't have enough game management experience.

    Cal DepenCal Depen7 dagar sedan
  • Mr Flip Flop

    Bladder BallBladder Ball7 dagar sedan
  • D Flea at it again

    Lanky LarryLanky Larry7 dagar sedan
  • Red Cards FC

    XD_its IbraXD_its Ibra7 dagar sedan
  • There was not fight at all from the Arsenal side, slow, backwards football, playing like training session. Stop blaming the Arsenal players, the problem is the way Arteta wants them to play (backwards football). When Arsenal plays fast attacking football Aub scores and all players perform. MMC were not good Arsenal made them to look good

    filho do sapofilho do sapo7 dagar sedan
  • Bigfoot would love a manscaped birthday present lol😆😆

    Dominic LimDominic Lim7 dagar sedan
  • I agree with this, they should of went for it in last 20!

    AdamAdam7 dagar sedan
  • We need a leader, someone in the squad that will stand up and say come on let's f@cking av it!

    mikey blackmikey black7 dagar sedan