Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters REMATCH

20 okt 2020
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Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters REMATCH. You asked for it. This was even more INSANE than the original.
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there are FOUR hunters instead of just one.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo AND my friend Antfrost tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 1,000,000 likes we'll do a rematch!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin

  • You probably could have put tnt on the end portal too

    Boxed gamingBoxed gaming5 timmar sedan
  • lez go dream team dream will win he da bezt

    Felix the FurryFelix the Furry5 timmar sedan
  • 25:46 “It’s over Dream. We have the high ground.”

    Clau’s Cloudy CommunityClau’s Cloudy Community5 timmar sedan
  • Omg

    monika peterneljmonika peternelj5 timmar sedan
  • pure talent omg

    Katherine NuttallKatherine Nuttall5 timmar sedan
  • Great video.

    Rebecca PalmerRebecca Palmer5 timmar sedan
  • The hunters need to do 100x more research if they don't wanna get destroyed

    shlinctorz gamesshlinctorz games6 timmar sedan
  • I9 9900k Gtx 2080 Brooooo

    Duxsa 33Duxsa 336 timmar sedan
  • Vietnam be like:

    Woodman VelikanWoodman Velikan6 timmar sedan
  • Galaxy brain moment in this video

    ShadowphilShadowphil6 timmar sedan
  • When he said "oh my gosh" I felt that

    Dragon662Dragon6626 timmar sedan
  • The music at the tnt part was the best thing ever.

    ZmanRockzZmanRockz6 timmar sedan
  • Im Italian, but i put like and I subscribe his channel, he is a pro pro pro pro gamer or, a dream

    Manuel GardonManuel Gardon6 timmar sedan
  • 19:24

    Andrew ZhangAndrew Zhang6 timmar sedan
  • I think after this manhunt Ant is officially a DEMOMAN

    lucaslooklucaslook6 timmar sedan
  • 35:40 look at the chest lol

    Yea ThatsfineYea Thatsfine7 timmar sedan

    juicy acidjuicy acid7 timmar sedan
  • Backfire? Nah, bedfire.

    ihateyoutubeihateyoutube7 timmar sedan
  • Bro ure one of the smartest guy have ever seen

    KOWLKOWL7 timmar sedan
  • Our very top Wow

    Prime TubePrime Tube8 timmar sedan
  • 22:06 You are so weak dream My body is weak but my mind is strong

  • whats the music at the nether roof part?

    BoléoBoléo8 timmar sedan
  • I watched it on October 20 when it premiered

    V ChiV Chi9 timmar sedan
  • i swear hes a perfect fit for a spy that blew his cover but managed to escape discreetly while being tailed lmfao

    CalfKickedHobbitCalfKickedHobbit9 timmar sedan
  • But smart

    Cooper ChangCooper Chang9 timmar sedan
  • you are a best minecraf player

    DoVić DeDoVić De9 timmar sedan
  • When you were first in the nether the music is really scary

    Cooper ChangCooper Chang9 timmar sedan
  • anyone know the song he uses @ 34:20 ?

    TylerTyler9 timmar sedan
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    Momcilo GrujicicMomcilo Grujicic10 timmar sedan
  • In the intro, he always hit’s George before running off 😂

    Midnight SnackMidnight Snack10 timmar sedan
  • Oi alguém brasileiro aí?

    Contafreefireprimaria UmpoucogemadaContafreefireprimaria Umpoucogemada10 timmar sedan
  • 111

    pupsik blinpupsik blin10 timmar sedan
  • Dream is BIG BRAIN Minecraft player!!!!

  • 18:20 really? They must be blind or something

    falamalafalamala11 timmar sedan

    Greyce RangelGreyce Rangel11 timmar sedan
  • Narrator: "But when thy four muffins wonder they traded a villager prot IV armor" " *BUT UNFORTUNATELY THEY CANNOT KILL WHAT THEY CANNOT SEE* "

    Malsawmzuala MszaMalsawmzuala Msza11 timmar sedan
  • His 48min video keep my attention so much

    Paritosh SinghParitosh Singh11 timmar sedan
  • the TNT trap tho

    JustBeJustBe12 timmar sedan
  • I'm grinding om CODM to get Damascus, but i have schedules every 3PM to watch Dream's manhunts and to fell asleep

    Anime is LifeAnime is Life12 timmar sedan
  • Как же наверно их заебало собирать железо на сет

    OCCSAMOCCSAM12 timmar sedan
  • never mess with bream or me well... i have been followed my 5 hunters but i kelled them but it was in minecraft like im the best at minecraft they didnt get me! they whent in 1 group but still i killed them with TNT they didnt gevied up i had 47 TNT i save 23 TNT! to kill then but they were my brothers and my 2 sisters...

    alejandra machadoalejandra machado12 timmar sedan
    • so i killed them were they respawn i put TNT i put 300 because i made more

      alejandra machadoalejandra machado12 timmar sedan
  • 4v1 wtf

    jaaa 7jaaa 713 timmar sedan

    jaaa 7jaaa 713 timmar sedan
  • So I found his channel on the first video that 4 Hunters vs A minecraft speedrunner and then im watching him always!

    AdhamPlayerAdhamPlayer13 timmar sedan
  • My eyes are like ➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️↘️⤴️⤵️↘️⤵️↘️⤴️↘️⤴️↘️⤵️⬇️⤴️↩

    Fyzix nolowFyzix nolow13 timmar sedan
  • There is a way to get your staff so Once one of your friend muat be dead and then the others still waiting then one of your friend must back in real world and find a 1)wood -5 to make a stick and ladder 2) find a gravel with your stone axe or wood axe then find a iron must be atleast 4 to extra then Craft the iron and flint to make flint steel 3) find a portal or make a portal once you find or make then go higher the nether then find a bedrock and find the highest 4) so put a ladder ther click up and down then trow the ender eye so you are back to your friend and put a fire in portal so that you are back in real world... Goerge and sapnap there are always a way to go back and get the staff

    john remy escalonajohn remy escalona13 timmar sedan
  • Dying at the “first things first...” “I’m the realest”

    Linn KLinn K14 timmar sedan
  • I never find diamonds

    Saisha's WorldSaisha's World14 timmar sedan
    • Me too

      Svayash MelarkodeSvayash Melarkode13 timmar sedan
  • Is it just me or do other people get annoyed of bad in manhunts but I only do in manhunts

    xXNightmare_ PlayzXxxXNightmare_ PlayzXx14 timmar sedan
  • how convenient they waited for him to get enough obsidian and then entered the portal

    omar saabomar saab14 timmar sedan
  • Hearing sapna kill everybody so funny

    Justyn MendezJustyn Mendez15 timmar sedan
  • I watch this video: Video: OMG O NY GOD OMG OMG OMG.... OMG... O MY GOD...

    Hromyshev SemyonHromyshev Semyon15 timmar sedan

    Anxious ShipperAnxious Shipper15 timmar sedan
  • k

    Origami PersonOrigami Person15 timmar sedan
  • The best Minecraft Player in the world

    VS _GamingVS _Gaming15 timmar sedan
  • This is like minecraft hunger games but on steroids

    hollis_gamzhollis_gamz16 timmar sedan
  • 25:39 look at george and what he does in 2 seconds Shortly after at 26:09 there george couldve also ended it with 1 axe hit but he decided to light him up instead to try troll

    ottootto16 timmar sedan
  • Very well Dream

    Dream MeshachDream Meshach16 timmar sedan
  • I'm Vietnamese so I don't understand what you said, I hope you please do a translation so I can understand more.

    Phong LâmPhong Lâm16 timmar sedan
  • DREAM=👑

    Özgür RuhÖzgür Ruh17 timmar sedan
  • hey dream how u did u have lots of boats in the nether and u jump?

    marlon trogomarlon trogo17 timmar sedan
    • than his friends

      marlon trogomarlon trogo17 timmar sedan
    • for dream his hounor prefection

      marlon trogomarlon trogo17 timmar sedan
  • amaizing film

    Piotr RuckiPiotr Rucki18 timmar sedan
  • OMG

    DIMON YouTube TVDIMON YouTube TV18 timmar sedan
  • Quality ( Dream) over Quantity ( The Rest of the Dream Team)

    Surender KaurSurender Kaur18 timmar sedan
  • Song at 34:24?

    The Honorable OrochiThe Honorable Orochi18 timmar sedan
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    Claire DivasClaire Divas18 timmar sedan
  • Pog 👉👈

    Rosey Red FoXxRosey Red FoXx19 timmar sedan
  • im poland transate in my tallking ten odcinek w pewnych momentach był bardzo smutny wzruszyłem się :)

    Shorgyy_Shorgyy_19 timmar sedan
  • Dream would make a good dalek.

    rest in peace, rick may. [DM]rest in peace, rick may. [DM]19 timmar sedan
  • How did they come out?

    Abantika RayAbantika Ray20 timmar sedan
  • 35:51 and to add insult to injury, the chest with two flint and steel inside of it, just chilling there where they can't get it.

    Demicus MaximusDemicus Maximus20 timmar sedan
  • When I saw you getting the cobwebs I knew what was up

    Falxie_Falxie_20 timmar sedan
  • I like how dream just turned into the Vietcong when got into the nether and started digging tunnels 😂

    Spencer ChurchSpencer Church20 timmar sedan
  • The grandiose knight delightfully provide because accordion mechanically behave after a discreet timer. angry, vagabond pear

    Denmark MillikanDenmark Millikan20 timmar sedan
  • When he went into the nether and started digging I was like what is this Vietnam tunnel rat bs lol

    Tye SterlingTye Sterling20 timmar sedan
  • can someone please tell me what the name of the song is that starts at 4:59

    røwan kramerrøwan kramer20 timmar sedan
  • windmills are used to make bread

    John TonyJohn Tony20 timmar sedan
  • What’s the song at 34:25

    TheBoss MinerTheBoss Miner20 timmar sedan

    XcLiBuaR ZeTsUXcLiBuaR ZeTsU20 timmar sedan
  • I think I have a technique for being a hunter. As soon as dream goes through the portal, break it from inside the nether. That way, he needs to get obsidian in order to get out, and of course can’t get it from the lava in there. I think you can get it from pigeon drops, but it would really delay him. Then, if you could make a separate portal to go in the nether separately, you could try and get some blaze powder so that you can find the end stronghold on your own and set up the best defenses possible around it.

    Alex BentonAlex Benton21 timme sedan
  • The power of God:*Can do anything* The power of Humans: Can do a few amount of stuff when payed The power of Dream: Can make 35 million views in a video and makes more Speedrunners Choose one: God: Both Humans: Comment Dream: Like CHOOSE YOUR TEAM or not ;w;

    Adam Timothy JopsonAdam Timothy Jopson21 timme sedan
  • Ты крутой и играешь круто. It is Russian

    Юра МухинЮра Мухин21 timme sedan
    • @Xx TheFastFoxFrazzy xX Привет

      Юра МухинЮра Мухин15 timmar sedan
    • Да неужели, первый русский которого я нашёл

      Xx TheFastFoxFrazzy xXXx TheFastFoxFrazzy xX16 timmar sedan
  • What is the name of the song at 27:00?

    Enos WongEnos Wong22 timmar sedan
  • Dream you are the bast at pvp with an Ask

    Edwin YeeEdwin Yee22 timmar sedan
  • I’m sorry bad but you have to be on of the ugliest people I’ve seen in my life

    Dev PayneDev Payne22 timmar sedan
    • Lol

      ROBLOX PlayerROBLOX Player20 timmar sedan
  • Dream's Confidence or Diamond Axe Tough Choice

    AbsolutelyLegendAbsolutelyLegend22 timmar sedan
  • This video was recommended to me more than 100 times

  • He killed the dragon in just 30 seconds

  • Fight!!!

    Sebastian NolascoSebastian Nolasco23 timmar sedan
  • BadBoyHalo , GeorgeNotFound , Sapnap , And Antfrost Has Been Send To Be in Hell

    [Wahyu][Wahyu]23 timmar sedan
    • Why tho?

      Blu EngineerBlu Engineer21 timme sedan
  • Run dreamrun!!!!!!

    Sebastian NolascoSebastian Nolasco23 timmar sedan

    *Doggo_ Boba*Gacha*Doggo_ Boba*Gacha23 timmar sedan
  • Dreams alternate channel name: *huge brain*

    Calvins Carvings.Calvins Carvings.23 timmar sedan
  • I realized he said my name in this video can you figure it out 😳

    Mark PlaysMark Plays23 timmar sedan
  • The common budget structurally object because property unequivocally ignore between a aggressive ocelot. wonderful, meek era

    Kimberly BurtonKimberly Burton23 timmar sedan
  • We smashed the like on the vid it has 1.9M Likes

    *Doggo_ Boba*Gacha*Doggo_ Boba*Gacha23 timmar sedan
  • 1:11 what’s the music? Any help appreciated thanks :)

    Bigjoker CommandoBigjoker Commando23 timmar sedan
    • @Calvins Carvings. doesn’t say it anywhere tho

      Bigjoker CommandoBigjoker Commando14 timmar sedan
    • Probably copyrighted

      Calvins Carvings.Calvins Carvings.23 timmar sedan
  • When he was in the never tunnel he was doing what the Vietcong did I’m the Vietnam war they would build tunnels under the ground and ambush American soldiers in those tunnels like a pik ah boo attack

    Wolf gamerWolf gamerDag sedan
  • Dream vs phil swift who would win

    Pamcakes FBPamcakes FBDag sedan
  • Dream in 10 years- Minecraft speedrunner vs 10 hunter ultra finale grand rematch

    Aarnav ShuklaAarnav ShuklaDag sedan
    • @Calvins Carvings. well well you really love spoiling the future dont you?

      Aarnav ShuklaAarnav Shukla22 timmar sedan
    • Lie, that's in a few months

      Calvins Carvings.Calvins Carvings.23 timmar sedan