"UR SHORT, WELL YOU'RE A SINGLE MOM" | Blind date roast each other

31 mar 2021
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  • I've got screenshots of half naked girls on my phone and I'm not even a lesbian, they're just pretty 🤷‍♀️

    Maria KonikMaria Konik21 dag sedan
    • @Maria Konik Because if you consider what you do as aesthetics, use that logic to the end. aesthetics and art can't be restricted, it have to be shared. So if you consider other's body as pieces of art, you must do the same for yours. Or maybe being a woman exempt you from using logic.

      L'Ami KalL'Ami KalTimme sedan
    • @L'Ami Kal why would i

      Maria KonikMaria Konik12 timmar sedan
    • Ok, so send pics of yours naked to every male here because... What ? "This is creepy ?" Really ? ...

      L'Ami KalL'Ami Kal14 timmar sedan
    • No, you're a Lez-bot

      Alex Everett FettAlex Everett FettDag sedan
    • @霜降りQuon do u have hot dudes in ur phone too if not ur ether openly or in the closet sus but ether way super sus

      nbh campnbh campDag sedan
  • Nah I think it’s the same argument you used for the screenshots. Taking them and just not getting rid of them atm. His pettiness in retaliation was kinda weak. I can understand why her camera roll is herself because she herself is her brand. Lol when he said he was still a kid he wasn’t kidding Overall this was just uncomfy yet funny

    shaynanigans .tshaynanigans .t5 minuter sedan
  • simp free zone

    Bushman BrigzBushman Brigz32 minuter sedan
  • She’s actually so rude wtf 😫🤣🤣

    Rosé WellsRosé WellsTimme sedan
    • This is too funny 🤣🤣 omg I love his pettiness

      Rosé WellsRosé WellsTimme sedan
  • She deserves it

    fatma watifatma watiTimme sedan
  • Man came out swinging “The battery low as fuck”.😂🤣🤣

    Lord Paps22Lord Paps222 timmar sedan
  • dude was savage, I praise the man

    Raging noobRaging noob2 timmar sedan
  • The law & order theme took me out 😭😭😭💀💀💀

    TiffyChevelure910TiffyChevelure9102 timmar sedan
  • Preach would make a great show host. His reaction have me crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    PLANE JAINPLANE JAIN4 timmar sedan
  • If you just watched the actual interaction on CUT😂🖐️

    prudence kumasi besaprudence kumasi besa7 timmar sedan
  • She claims to be talking to lots of guys She is still single AF 🥴

    KristianKristian8 timmar sedan
  • lol lol! "Why you have pictures of girls with their butts out"? then law in order theme song starts playing, that's so funny.

    Christian Lives Matter // CrewsChristian Lives Matter // Crews12 timmar sedan
  • I get you guys can think that she’s a bit mean but some of you are coming off as misogynistic

    Curtis TrinhCurtis Trinh13 timmar sedan
  • I wanna know where Aba got his shirt from.

    Christina TrotterChristina Trotter14 timmar sedan
  • As a 5,4 guy I thoroughly enjoyed this.

    BenjaminBenjamin14 timmar sedan
  • This was funny af, no cap 🤣🤣🤣

    The Autumn WindThe Autumn Wind15 timmar sedan
  • She wasn't really that petty. He was being an insane amount of petty

    Jade CarlileJade Carlile16 timmar sedan
    • youre trippin

      Icey Oh-EnIcey Oh-En5 timmar sedan
  • Manly (linebacker shoulders) narcissist judgy young mom gets annoyed and triggered after guy responds to her in kind..

    SuperDrew85SuperDrew8516 timmar sedan
  • Aba, Preach: I'm interested in your outro music for this video. If either you guys or fan base know the sauce I'd be happy to know. Thank you : )

    ArpoximateArpoximate16 timmar sedan
  • Lol, hilarious.

    david edbrooke-coffindavid edbrooke-coffin18 timmar sedan
  • you two are hilarious XD

    MaerchenlaenderinMaerchenlaenderin20 timmar sedan
  • Shes a rude bitch wtf

    Susan SabirySusan Sabiry20 timmar sedan
  • This is the equivalent to Roon Raiders lol

    Marquis AndersonMarquis Anderson21 timme sedan
  • He failed big time 🤣😆😂

    Swamp DogSwamp Dog23 timmar sedan
  • Ouuuuuuch! You look better on your picture! Classic 🤣😆😂🤘🏻✌🏻

    Swamp DogSwamp Dog23 timmar sedan
  • It's ok to joke about stereotypes I'm a skinny white dude with red long hair! And I laugh with them! Its pathetic to be such victims these days its murdered comedy political correctness IE self censorship brainwashing sheep policing the sheep

    Swamp DogSwamp Dog23 timmar sedan
  • May I interest you in some fornication...... 🤣🤣🤣

    Brutal InfernoBrutal InfernoDag sedan
  • Kinda basic was savage

    Mathew ThomasMathew ThomasDag sedan
  • 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

    Samed WarugSamed WarugDag sedan
  • @7:10 wigga what?!?

    alrocksthispagealrocksthispageDag sedan
  • Once he knew she had a kid, its over... Sorry it is what it is.

    Monk FarmerMonk FarmerDag sedan
  • Do it for the rest of us bro 😭😭

    Calisthenics In ProgressCalisthenics In ProgressDag sedan
  • The motto this guy should have: "Fuck A Bitch, I Keeps It Real"

    Alex Everett FettAlex Everett FettDag sedan
  • It's like like younger people live on the internet u date on ur phone most of ur friends are on the internet u fuck on ur phone u work from ur phone fuck younger people have a horrible existence

    nbh campnbh campDag sedan
  • People put WWWWAAAAAYYYY to much energy into what people do on the internet it's for fun it's not meant to be seriously taken the internet raised kids are real in 2021 it's sad

    nbh campnbh campDag sedan
  • "Is that a titty pic!?, ima send that shit to my phone"

    JacobJacobDag sedan
  • 14:42 this needs to be meme immediately lol

    John JacksonJohn JacksonDag sedan
  • 1 minute into video I spit my drink uncontrollably! Flipping hilarious 😂

    Rich MooreRich MooreDag sedan
  • He's hella rude. Um bitch you started it first.

    Chaos MDChaos MDDag sedan
  • You must play a warlock.

    Steve BohnSteve BohnDag sedan
  • I just love gender equality, and this is exactly what it looks like

    Pomme843Pomme843Dag sedan
  • when she pushed out the baby she treated it as a work out

    phantom skiphantom skiDag sedan
  • a WHOLE baby!?

    FoureyedpugFoureyedpugDag sedan
  • Rumor has it she's had a successful date with the kid guy.

    Adam TedderAdam TedderDag sedan
  • Now I want Aba to perform Annie Get Your Gun in its entirety, a la Sideshow Bob.

    James AdamsJames AdamsDag sedan
  • Who Sings the song at the end?

    Angela K. WinbonAngela K. WinbonDag sedan
  • She doesn't even have a booty lmao

    Dan LoomisDan LoomisDag sedan
  • damn she's really self absorbed..

    Rio SnyderRio SnyderDag sedan
  • Your battery is low af charge your phone!!! 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀

    S0lic0nS0lic0nDag sedan
  • There is not one single 5'11 man on the face of the Earth

    Onyx The DogOnyx The DogDag sedan
  • As an Irish guy I can say with certainty potatoes aren't racist, anyone can eat em 😂

    Brendan MastersonBrendan Masterson2 dagar sedan
  • I think he would have still said no just to get back at her . It looked like He was just taken a back by how fast she said no, well atleast his expression looked that way imo .

    vskvsk2 dagar sedan
  • Danny Bhoy is Scottish not Irish. The ‘potatoes’ joke he makes is literally him specifically telling people he’s not Irish.

    Dougal McTavishDougal McTavish2 dagar sedan
  • This got me dead lmao

    Trevor FisherTrevor Fisher2 dagar sedan
  • I was wondering why this video is titled as such.. Now I know..

    Night AoXNight AoX2 dagar sedan
  • didnt know abba played dnd

    Wyatt MooreWyatt Moore2 dagar sedan
  • Cringe

    Fernando CobbFernando Cobb2 dagar sedan
  • Rips him a new hole. "Man I was just being so nice to you and you're being rude."

    John WickJohn Wick2 dagar sedan

    justin smithjustin smith2 dagar sedan
  • she kind of asked for this shit LOL ..... this some funny shit.

    Michael SearsMichael Sears2 dagar sedan
  • She's going to have to lower her standards to realistic or go pick out some cats

    C BrownC Brown2 dagar sedan
  • They both were kinda terrible lol but hey🤷🏽‍♀️

    Iyanna HerronIyanna Herron2 dagar sedan
  • What is the height obsession women have?

    C BrownC Brown2 dagar sedan
  • To be honest she doesn't have a whole lotta room to talk about looks.

    C BrownC Brown2 dagar sedan
  • Laugh so hard

    Christian BrouwerChristian Brouwer2 dagar sedan
  • This has to he my favorite video because it's so funny.

    Jilicia R.Jilicia R.2 dagar sedan
  • "What else do you see in her photos" "What do you mean what else? It's all her." 😆😆

    Jilicia R.Jilicia R.2 dagar sedan
  • Okay that was funny with "may I interest you with some fornication" 🙂.

    Jilicia R.Jilicia R.2 dagar sedan
  • Every man's last words. "Bro, delete my browser history..."

    FirehawkTTFirehawkTT2 dagar sedan
  • Women talk the most shit.. but they hate it when the shoe is on the other foot

    Sky McCloudSky McCloud2 dagar sedan
  • Why is anything under 6' considered short? The average male either white or black is around 5'9".

    DarkshadowDarkshadow2 dagar sedan
  • With how she started off I can see why she's now a single mother. Dude left for a reason because she's an asshole through and through. Entitlement and narcacism straight out the gate. The fucking hosts should have said it at the end so each knew what they were saying because he needs to know and so does she.

    TDK DHMTDK DHM2 dagar sedan
  • Hey Preach. Your Irish joke isn't not racist because you got it from an Irish guy, and it isn't not racist because it's accurate (which it is). Your joke is not racist because there is no hate in your heart when you say it. Funny is funny,

    Gregory EspositoGregory Esposito2 dagar sedan
  • My man with the braids deffo thinking about Guys when he talk about pulling

    Madd McGheeMadd McGhee2 dagar sedan
  • Going through photos, and seeing nothing but selfies, and half-naked poses with her ass out in skimpy lingerie? Would be a huge turnoff, she seems incredibly self-absorbed.

    Philip ZeplinPhilip Zeplin2 dagar sedan
  • I saw another youtuber react to this same video and oh boy the youtuber and comments had me so disappointed. Can always rely on Aba and Preach.

    Alichea CoetzeeAlichea Coetzee2 dagar sedan
  • you guys would be the best at a bar

    jeremy emersonjeremy emerson3 dagar sedan
  • Yeah dude! Represent! You actually got irish roots, I'm sure!

    Patrick O'NeillPatrick O'Neill3 dagar sedan
  • Ladies (swing) first

    k96mank96man3 dagar sedan
  • I will like pay money to who ever edited this video 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dead

    Abdulahi OsmanAbdulahi Osman3 dagar sedan
  • She complains about him being rude but she was rude as f*** from the beginning. And then when the guy starts to be rude she gets defensive. Can't take the heat get out the kitchen.

    STINKYSTINKY3 dagar sedan
  • My guy went in with the pettiness. Lmfao

    Augustus FreemanAugustus Freeman3 dagar sedan
  • “Hey, kid for kid! There you go! You guys can have like dates with the kids” This guy has zero chill lmao 😂

    Pietro De CaroPietro De Caro3 dagar sedan
  • this girl is below average at best LOL!

    ChadChad3 dagar sedan
  • she started it, he finished it...

    WarthainWarthain3 dagar sedan

    asdf asdfasdf asdf3 dagar sedan
  • Maaaan if she has absolutely NO CLUE that she was the one who pulled out the petty card first then that guy dodged a hard bullet. "Wh-wha-... I WAS NICE!" You were what?? ಠ_ಠ

    RuffuiniRuffuini3 dagar sedan
  • Was this really even a blind date? I mean they could have had a ginuine connection until their phone contents got involved. I think that it only displayed there flaws instead of actually looking for love.

    MARZMARZ3 dagar sedan
  • These guys are gold!!!

    Ruby GillRuby Gill3 dagar sedan
  • What comes around goes around lol

    Jack BlackJack Black3 dagar sedan
  • Burner Phone Yeahhh, you know whats up LOL

    Jack BlackJack Black3 dagar sedan
  • Funny content🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Robbie MartinRobbie Martin3 dagar sedan
  • When I seen the screenshot I knew why he had it. Any man with a group chat knew why he had the screenshot.

    Jetlife AoJetlife Ao3 dagar sedan
  • How should a woman prevent herself from becoming a single mother?

    A TA T3 dagar sedan
  • Do it for us short perros

    Manny ThrashManny Thrash3 dagar sedan
  • So technically I got 1 main 2 burners lmao

    Manny ThrashManny Thrash3 dagar sedan
  • As somebody who’s also a trainer, no he’s no doing it wrong she’s just too critical

    Austin FrileyAustin Friley3 dagar sedan
  • Cant say I agree with y'all with the keeping photos thing. That shit's creepy af no cap, don't matter who ya are

    sewer ratsewer rat3 dagar sedan
  • "i was nice to him" bish what

    KausticHazeKausticHaze3 dagar sedan
  • I knew when I saw those soldiers like uhoh she a athlete unless you coming correct physically you toast.aaaaannnnnndddd I was right. But wow the pain is real 💔. He is hurt ouch.

    Geek ProtagonistGeek Protagonist3 dagar sedan