So I hosted my own Jeopardy show...

5 dec 2019
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  • thanks lud, its always a good time on the Most Reputable Show On Twitch

    jschlattLIVEjschlattLIVEÅr sedan
    • lug

      Andrew DanielAndrew Daniel21 timme sedan
    • Gayschlatt

      Tyler HenryTyler Henry18 dagar sedan
    • Is it though?

      lil Foreskinlil ForeskinMånad sedan
    • what is that word

      TriteTrite2 månader sedan
    • Loses with grace, what a guy

      Celtic BearCeltic Bear3 månader sedan
  • This game is Schlatt and Swagger yelling and Traves and Connor laughing

    SamSam2 dagar sedan
  • The Pokemon bit had me dead lmao

    SamSam2 dagar sedan
  • Mughal empire was in modern day pakistan

    BuckleyBuckley2 dagar sedan
  • Not even a million views... Wild how Ludwig blew up.

    James BlenkinsoppJames Blenkinsopp2 dagar sedan
  • “Oladipo”

    Nate SimcikNate Simcik2 dagar sedan
  • I knew the pull 2 cards one thanks to watching a video yesterday of banned Yugioh cards. Pot of Greed!

    sanuria1sanuria13 dagar sedan
  • I love Travis’s laugh is so contagious

    Brennan Sweatking PontonBrennan Sweatking Ponton6 dagar sedan
  • New to Ludwig but holy hell this guys content is so damn good btw gotta love swagger

    Wyatt PurpleWyatt Purple7 dagar sedan
  • swagger googling things was the most blatant shit ive seen in a while

    GrantGrant11 dagar sedan
  • who the fuck calls their grandma, grammy.

    kyrankyran13 dagar sedan
    • I think it's granny, lud made a mistake.

      Carrot SoupCarrot Soup11 dagar sedan
  • If you are here 2021 PogU R.I.P. Alex Trabeck

    OTSOTS15 dagar sedan
  • Charleston used to be SC capital now it’s Columbia lol. Idk about NC

    Matthew PatelMatthew Patel17 dagar sedan
  • "so what are you gonna do in 2020" the answer is SUFFER

    Justin NowaczynskiJustin Nowaczynski17 dagar sedan
  • Did Swagger ever get his cash?

    Philipp MeierPhilipp Meier18 dagar sedan
  • Saw the thumbnail of Schlatt and Swagger and I immediately said “oh no”

    CranCran18 dagar sedan
  • Pog

    AutarchAutarch19 dagar sedan
  • 15:16

    sarradinessarradines20 dagar sedan
  • Kanye for $1000 “Who was in Paris?”

    Dimitri H.Dimitri H.22 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else fucking hate Travis?

    GoodReadsDotComGoodReadsDotCom25 dagar sedan
  • The Mughal Empire, did NOT, in fact, bleed into Kazakhstan.

    DawDaw25 dagar sedan
  • I' so pissed, I havent progresed to see the answer, but I know its Pot of Greed

    Checkpoint CaesarCheckpoint Caesar25 dagar sedan
  • LMAOO everyone thinks South Carolina’s capital is Charleston. it’s Columbia.

    Kaitlyn RichburgKaitlyn Richburg27 dagar sedan
  • 2:09 This aged poorly

    Jacob StubblefieldJacob StubblefieldMånad sedan
  • I could easily get all the Yu-Gi-Oh and nothing else!

    That-Dude-JeffeThat-Dude-JeffeMånad sedan
  • As a guy from indiana im glad we had something about our corn state

    Lard Jellers lolLard Jellers lolMånad sedan
  • Yo, swagger is dumb. He even play DS? Honestly so frustrated knowing he makes money off the series and knows basically nothing

    Y KahlilY KahlilMånad sedan
  • 1:30 Ellendegenereswig

    YoImScottYoImScottMånad sedan
  • What college did jschaltt drop out of?

    seth sheetsseth sheetsMånad sedan

    FinnBoneFinnBoneMånad sedan

    Surgical SnowmanSurgical SnowmanMånad sedan
  • JSchlatt and swagger are the most "American" Americans I've known

    Alice FayAlice FayMånad sedan
  • 20:34 swaggers laugh 😂

    Eli HegdahlEli HegdahlMånad sedan
  • this man should take over for the late great alex trebek

    take27take27Månad sedan
  • R.I.P. Alex Trebek

    okAlexokAlex2 månader sedan
  • I've come here, in honour of Alex Trebek.

    Shadic MCGSShadic MCGS2 månader sedan
  • si

    Liam McGueLiam McGue2 månader sedan
  • swagger casually dropping that he knows latin

    carriex2carriex22 månader sedan
  • Rest In Peace Alex Trebek

    IañIañ2 månader sedan
  • 20:33 the Latin is pronounced way-near-a

    CulfuricCulfuric2 månader sedan
  • 7:47

    barbungusbarbungus2 månader sedan
  • Why has no one mentioned 26:30

    Jesse GutierrezJesse Gutierrez2 månader sedan
  • 8:30 The chat is full of losers lmao 🤣

    Jesse GutierrezJesse Gutierrez2 månader sedan
  • Rigged

    redviper163redviper1632 månader sedan
  • how on earth does this nearly have a milly views but less than 1k comments?

    A LiarA Liar2 månader sedan
    • and for that matter jschlatts comment has 10k upvotes???

      A LiarA Liar2 månader sedan
  • 7:51 “olah-dipo”

    TimTim2 månader sedan
  • ConnorEatsPants World Who's That Pokemon Champion.

    Chad GreeneChad Greene2 månader sedan
  • On the $1000 misfits question there's only one answer that fits the letters and the rhyme lmao

    Sean BuckleySean Buckley3 månader sedan
  • Say another word for grandma...... 😂😂😂

    Conner JacksonConner Jackson3 månader sedan
  • 20:20 “shout out to the fuckimg creatures boys” :(

    Jake NicoloJake Nicolo3 månader sedan
  • I can see swagger's eyes through the holes in his helmet and it scares me

    ༺ TiffySky ༻༺ TiffySky ༻3 månader sedan
  • Connor's Pokémon knowledge makes me unreasonably happy.

    Kamryn EditsKamryn Edits3 månader sedan
  • The yugioh ones were so easy

    Matthew DavisMatthew Davis3 månader sedan
  • 1:09

    Darien WhiteDarien White3 månader sedan
  • 11:25 english major

    periperi3 månader sedan
  • Very pog, thank you

    Versace_SheetsVersace_Sheets3 månader sedan
  • ~ When worlds collide ~ jshlatt and swagger is a combo I didn’t know I needed

    Drew WilmotDrew Wilmot3 månader sedan
    • They played vr ttt with fitz a while ago

  • Nobody: Ludwig: BOYS

    PogChampPogChamp3 månader sedan
  • I swear travis and swagger are the best tag team

    CayuquitoCayuquito3 månader sedan
  • I will always thank you lud for introducing me to twitch, which introduced me to mizkif and the gang. Appreciate the assist pal OkayChamp

    Josh WulfJosh Wulf4 månader sedan
  • I know why swaggersouls sounded like yugi

    Soundwaves Toy ReveiwsSoundwaves Toy Reveiws4 månader sedan
  • Man i still come to watch this video time to time. Its so good

    Lucas LucasLucas Lucas4 månader sedan
  • "Oh Mountain Mama OKayyyy"

    Jimmy ButlerJimmy Butler4 månader sedan
  • 10:07 wtf

    - Caspo -- Caspo -4 månader sedan
  • Fo76 taught me this one 😂 6:24

    ChinoChino4 månader sedan

    Griffen ColombGriffen Colomb4 månader sedan
  • Swagger may have got his money now

    J JettyJ Jetty4 månader sedan
  • lmao feel like it was rigged

    FelixEngineeringFelixEngineering4 månader sedan
  • I liked the Yu-Gi-Oh column 🤷

    Chase TrentChase Trent4 månader sedan
  • Crazy how much different things are and it only has been 8 months

    XboxHLOLXboxHLOL4 månader sedan
  • Never say Victors last name again

    AndyFrasAndyFras4 månader sedan
  • Anyone tryna talk about how at 14:15 SS + Tr have 21,002,500 points?

    Trapper GiesbersTrapper Giesbers5 månader sedan
  • kanye fucked bitches on his laptop smh

    Ogge BoggeOgge Bogge5 månader sedan
  • It upsets me that multiple people have spelled Connor's name wrong in the comments despite it being constantly spelled out in the video

    Kamryn EditsKamryn Edits5 månader sedan
  • 20:32

    Legolas SmithLegolas Smith5 månader sedan
  • Bo1 🥺 Music

    EgoMobileEgoMobile5 månader sedan
  • These team where not fair

    EgoMobileEgoMobile5 månader sedan
  • it's been 7-8 months did Swaggers' check arrive?

    TybaltFuegoTybaltFuego5 månader sedan
  • Travis' pfp is animal abuse

    Marp Beebop Chickenpox KaijMarp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij5 månader sedan

    Storm DrainStorm Drain5 månader sedan
  • Congrats on 500k

    XeroXXeroX5 månader sedan
  • Swagger from my state? That's pretty cool.

    Bryan CherryBryan Cherry5 månader sedan
  • “What do you plan to do in 2020?” Pepega oof.

    RubidiumMoonRubidiumMoon5 månader sedan
  • do you think they actually got their money

    Anish JainAnish Jain5 månader sedan
  • Team make a wish for the win!

    Aiden RomineAiden Romine5 månader sedan
  • At the earliest SwaggerSouls check should be there now

    Ethan CoutureEthan Couture5 månader sedan

    PinkDolphin 65PinkDolphin 655 månader sedan
  • I love when Ludwig finds something so funny that he can't make a sound

    ZerFer XmYSTICZerFer XmYSTIC5 månader sedan
  • Love Swagger but gosh damn if he can't stop speaking for 2 seconds lol, may as well have just been him and Lud ffs

    John SomethingJohn Something5 månader sedan
  • Dark souls 400 was a million times harder than ds 500

    Shimshaw CreamtimeShimshaw Creamtime6 månader sedan
  • So did they receive the cheque yet?

    idkidk6 månader sedan
  • I was so disappointed that no one knew anything about Kanye. I would’ve blown everyone out of the water.

    Hector GutierrezHector Gutierrez6 månader sedan
  • the whole Kanye category takes on a new meaning with the new of him going into the race for us presdint, weird times

    CaiMacCassCaiMacCass6 månader sedan
  • Swagger his shoutout to The Creatures of his knowledge of Liquid Ass was perfect

    CreeynCreeyn6 månader sedan
  • fuck sign me up for yugioh jeopardy

    Stefan HuberStefan Huber6 månader sedan
  • 0:42 yyyes lmao

    Kurt PlummerKurt Plummer6 månader sedan
  • 140 iq is a verifiable genius? u always thought it was 160 and i was just barely a genius

    bualbual7 månader sedan
  • Why is swagger voice so deep

    Hunter KennedyHunter Kennedy7 månader sedan
  • My man used both BO2 and Halo music

    I’m lonely As fuckI’m lonely As fuck7 månader sedan
  • Swagger put 4 and then there was the 20 points next to it. *nice*

    Mayra NavarroMayra Navarro7 månader sedan