Booger Wall: The Trial of the Century - The Gus & Eddy Podcast

28 apr 2020
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  • I will NOT have a kangaroo court in my comment section.

    Eddy BurbackEddy Burback9 månader sedan
    • Too bad

      beast orjettbeast orjett2 dagar sedan
    • Not if I have something to say

      Eli MayesEli Mayes9 dagar sedan
    • boing boing bouncy

      Joe ParkerJoe Parker14 dagar sedan
    • @Noah is Bored nothing mock about this trial.

      my cock is tiny but,my cock is tiny but,Månad sedan
    • @Bring me joy-con ×ws sss÷

      novodognovodog2 månader sedan
  • ok but its obviously thor. the guy was like 6 years old, and he might not have comprehended the fact that his parents where telling him to stop that specific action. also, gus was like 14. i don't care how "chaotic" he was, if his mom would repeatedly tell him to stop smearing boogers on the wall, he would stop. also, idk y everyone acts like thor had such a solid defense, he literally only said that he would not wipe his boogers on clear surfaces, which he literally could have just made up on the spot. thor is guilty.

    Mr.Critic Mr.GamerMr.Critic Mr.Gamer18 timmar sedan
  • Who elses fav youtuber is Danny Gonzalez (And you too gus and eddy)

    stråwbēřrý fřôgstråwbēřrý fřôg20 timmar sedan
  • Not me just watching this at 10pm with popcorn and playing animal crossing....

    stråwbēřrý fřôgstråwbēřrý fřôg21 timme sedan
  • Why does Gus look like Dwight and act like Dwight

    Jake MeeuwsenJake MeeuwsenDag sedan
  • I blew my nose so many times while watching this

    MamerfsMamerfsDag sedan

    vicwajuvicwaju2 dagar sedan
  • none of them had adequate counsel I call for a mistrial

    Ben SmartBen Smart2 dagar sedan
  • Gus did booger wall

    DoughboiDoughboi2 dagar sedan
  • Does double jeapordy apply in a kangaroo court

    Mario JumpmanMario Jumpman2 dagar sedan
  • Wait I had no idea that my favorite SEworldr Ethan knew my other favorite SEworldrs Danny, Drew, Gus, and Eddy!

    XDXD3 dagar sedan
  • i truly do not think gus did it and i would really like to see this filed as a mistrial. the howie mandel "evidence" was clearly fabricated and accepted as fact! its honestly outragous. and are we going to just ignore how fast sven and thor ganged up against gus!? i think now that sven is ruled out we need to have a second trial without sven there. he was clearly rattling for the sake of rattling and as much as eddy didnt want a kangaroo court... thats what we got. thor did it, easy as that. he said he was a secretive booger whiper so it makes PERFECT SENSE that he would lie about it if he had done it. he was also a known booger whiper which was irrifutibly brought into light by mrs johnson. the jury had bias and this trial was truly rigged from the start. sorry judge burback but thats how it is. it was in fact a kangaroo court.

    strange.happeningsstrange.happenings3 dagar sedan
  • Should have done a law & order intro

    DoggoDoggo3 dagar sedan
  • thor had a specific location for boogers. sven didnt even go to that bathroom. its gus.

    sami msami m4 dagar sedan
  • Sven put his snot on the wall because he didn't want to put it on toilet paper because he was scared it would overflow. My defense on Gus would be that he blurred the facebook post to not dox his mom's Facebook however that could not be true and I believe Gus' overreacted and became defensive for comedic purpose. This is verified after he leaves the room to the hallway despite it being mentioned many times to leave the call and go to the hallway chat on discord. This explains the gun. Also if Sven was not "monstrous enough "than he would have not cut his hair with a Swiss army knife before napping. As for Thor whilst the evidence on him is damning through many misconsistencies such as "the bigger went inside the sock and then seeped through to the carpet" *this is not the exact quote yet it is practically a combination of what he said. I do however believe that Thor is innocent and was into this by Sven in a ploy to pin the blame on Gus. Gus pointed out many of Svens inconsistencies in his story and Thor was to young to realise what he was doing was bad so I think once it was pointed out to thors young impressionable mind he realised it was wrong and stopped hencefore why he comes across as the criminal which he is partially. Sven however says "are we going to take mom's recallation from 5 years ago as concrete evidence" in a way that implys Mrs. Johnson's memory from 5 years ago as not good enough. Sven however continues to use Mrs. Johnson as a witness and makes it seem like this is concrete evidence despite nearly all of the testimony being 5 or more years ago. At 14:20 Sven says you caught me on that one implying he knew of more holes in the story and possibly even the crime itself. Thus fore Sven should take the original punishment and Thor should have to admit to contributing to the original crime and the rest of the punishment and apologies should be decided by the right and honorable Mr Burback.

    George RussGeorge Russ4 dagar sedan
  • honorable judge eddy, i understand the result as well as the jury's decision, yet I still believe it was Thor. Gus was very defensive, but to be fair, more comments were made against him than anyone else. I just want that to be considered.

    Samuel LilesSamuel Liles4 dagar sedan
  • Can't believe I watched the entire thing and loved every second of was definitely Thor.

    nanditeplusnanditeplus5 dagar sedan
  • this was the best thing ever please do another trial

    Macarena UrteagaMacarena Urteaga5 dagar sedan
  • the howie facebook post will never not get me 😭

    fatin nabihahfatin nabihah5 dagar sedan
  • I know this is late but Gus could have said that his mom proved the they were all right handed so that they all had to be taking a dump if they wanted to wipe the boogers on the wall

    Landon JacobsenLandon Jacobsen5 dagar sedan
  • It was Sven

    Noah BahaNoah Baha5 dagar sedan
  • I never thought of eddy's name being short for Edward until these shocking credits

    Olive JuiceOlive Juice7 dagar sedan
  • it was definitely thor

    go awaygo away8 dagar sedan
  • the johnson boys have such good genes; not only are they funny but they're sO FINE

    go awaygo away8 dagar sedan
  • Wait I'm confused is Eddy actually a judge, is that cannon??!!

    Bingus__BongusBingus__Bongus8 dagar sedan
  • I thought for the longest time that Thor Johnson was just Sven in a wig

    WaluigiForSmashWaluigiForSmash9 dagar sedan
  • Sven Did Booger Wall Greetings all, I am here today because I believe that Gus Johnson has been wrongfully convicted of the booger wall crime. Additionally, I have another suspect that I believe is far more likely to have been the perpetrator. Sven Johnson has definitive motive, tried to redirect blame when caught out in a lie, and had the moral standing consistent with someone who would commit this crime. For one, the booger wall itself doesn’t make much sense. Why would someone wipe their boogers on the wall with such an ample supply of toilet paper so near? Unless, of course, this person had a deathly fear of using too much toilet paper and overflowing the toilet. Sven claims to not have been using that bathroom throughout this entire period, but in a family of six, there were surely times when no other bathroom was available, and the need was urgent. Plus, Sven could have been using it secretly in order to dispose of his boogers in a way that he could not have been suspected of. Additionally, let’s not forget that Sven conveniently “forgot” the height of the boogers in a way that would completely exempt home from suspicion. Seems like an awfully specific detail for someone to misremember. Very suspicious. Finally, let’s consider the other Johnson boys and their boogers. Gus’ boogers were accounted for on the wall of his bedroom, and Thor’s were found on his bed’s wooden slat. This means that Sven’s are the only boogers unaccounted for. He would have us believe that he was of superior moral character, and would never do something like this, always properly disposing of his waste in the correct receptacle, in this case, a tissue. Again, we can’t be expected to believe this when he himself has admitted to leaving his hair behind the lazy-boy whenever he took a nap. While this does not make him stand out from the other boys: (as the honorable judge Burback stated, they were all the weird kid), it does bring them to their level, and makes the viewer question where Sven really stashed his boogers as a kid. Now let’s turn to Gus Johnson, the man wrongly convicted of this crime. The reasons for this conviction were purely speculative. He himself admitted that he flicked boogers in his bedroom, which actually serves to help his defense, as it accounts for his booger placement system, whereas Sven’s is unaccounted for. Another reason for his conviction was that he “seemed defensive”. This makes complete sense, as he was coming into the trial faced with an utter lie from Sven making Gus the only viable suspect, which Gus debunked. Yet another reason was that he misremembered his presence in Extra Cheese Please: Mozzarella’s Journey From Cow to Pizza. This is absolutely inconsequential to the trial, and remember that Sven drew attention to this as evidence, when his misremembering of the height of the boogers was far more relevant, as it removed him from suspicion, so some hypocrisy from Sven there. The final reason for his conviction was a comedic sketch of him picking his nose and murdering someone when they witnessed him. Again, irrelevant. All this proves is that Gus may have picked his nose as a child, which he had already admitted earlier in the trial. In conclusion, Sven Johnson was the clear perpetrator of booger wall. He was the only boy with clear motivation, he tried to shift blame when fought out on a lie, and he is clearly the type of child to place his boogers in an unsavory location, the only difference from his brothers being that his boogers remain unaccounted for to this day. Also, the evidence against the convicted Gus Johnson was speculative at best, and irrelevant at worst, so his conviction was definitely not grounded in fact. With this evidence presented, I think in is reasonable, even logical to reconvene the trial and consider this new evidence implicating Sven in this heinous act. Chaz Davidson, Lawer

    BobbyBobby11 dagar sedan
  • I believe the verdict of Gus was fairly established and a good ruling according to the laws of honorable (sexy) judge Burback. However, the sister is not out of the runnings for me. Each of the Johnson children had a booger related area at age 5. How old was Hildy at the time of Booger Wall? 5. Given that she grew up in a household of such chaotic nonsense, it would’ve been easy for her to slip into the boys bathroom unknown and wipe her boogers on the wall, creating a perfect alibi and three viable suspects to take the blame. Until we hear Ms. Johnson’s testimony, we will not be able to say without a reasonable doubt who was responsible. I await the Johnson v. Johnson v. Johnson v. Johnson case.

    savvycraftssavvycrafts11 dagar sedan
  • I fucking swear that it is thor

    The TelepotatoThe Telepotato12 dagar sedan
  • So this is where H3H3 got the idea 😂

    Brittany BlalockBrittany Blalock12 dagar sedan
  • Lenghtwise, you can watch Shrek the movie, or this. My choice to watch this did not disapoint.

    sotomontesotomonte13 dagar sedan
  • Thor did it. I firmly believe that Thor did it. From the beginning You were all biased toward Gus and I demand a re trial

    Jesse LobsingerJesse Lobsinger14 dagar sedan
  • we had a booger HALL

    Cheddar Goldfish CrakersCheddar Goldfish Crakers14 dagar sedan
  • this is, honest to god, one of the best things on the internet

    kiki14 dagar sedan
  • my little brother ate ladybugs as a kid too. but the way he proceeded to eat them was shockingly professional.

    MaplewoodMaplewood15 dagar sedan
  • What the hell? Ethan is here?

    Trooper 66Trooper 6615 dagar sedan
  • thor is a known booger wiper. but thor had spots already where he wiped his boggers. However, Gus is a booger flicker and could have flicked the boogers and they landed high up. Gus did it. the jury made the right choice.

    MaplewoodMaplewood15 dagar sedan
  • They’re really just going to ignore that Sven conveniently forgot the height of the boogers in a way that would exempt him from conviction, and when questioned about it, he tried and failed to walk back his statement with a word loophole. #svendidboogerwall

    BobbyBobby15 dagar sedan
  • Thor telling Sven it's his time to come clean kills me, so good.

    Bulk NoiseBulk Noise15 dagar sedan
  • Boogerwall was an inside job

    AxoLofaAxoLofa15 dagar sedan
  • Iconic

  • Due to Sven and Gus trying to pin it on each other, thor Pulled an OJ and got away with it

    StArmunch 64StArmunch 6416 dagar sedan
  • "shadow of adult" -Gus

    Samuel JohnsSamuel Johns16 dagar sedan
  • This is incredibly underrated.

    WYATT hereWYATT here17 dagar sedan
  • When mr Johnson pulled out the gun 😂

    TheLittleTinkerersProductionTheLittleTinkerersProduction17 dagar sedan
  • This is some of my favorite content on SEworld.

    HollisHollis18 dagar sedan
  • Can we please get a LegalEagle react?

    Plastic Icon 2 - Freewheeling Gunslinger EditionPlastic Icon 2 - Freewheeling Gunslinger Edition18 dagar sedan
  • 5 11 is NOT "normal mom height"

    Charles HautlyCharles Hautly19 dagar sedan
  • This really takes me back to being in debate.

    TheCurvyGamerTheCurvyGamer19 dagar sedan
  • I think it was thor

    Matthew McEnaneyMatthew McEnaney19 dagar sedan
  • I think it was thor

    No one likes you Charles DuganNo one likes you Charles Dugan19 dagar sedan
  • What if they all did it?? .____.

    Vivian SondriniVivian Sondrini19 dagar sedan
  • Why is your mom so cool

    Karl HessKarl Hess20 dagar sedan

    MustardMustard20 dagar sedan
  • Mrs. Johnson got it goin' on.

    Jon JoyceJon Joyce20 dagar sedan
  • Hello everybody, I am here to submit evidence as to why I believe it was Sven Johnson who committed this crime. First of all Sven was around the right age to believe what he was doing to be viable, and let’s not forget Sven was still included in the meetings to discuss the booger wall in 2009. Why would Mrs. Johnson do this unless she believed Sven was absolutely capable of wiping his boogers on the wall. Now for my last and most damning piece of evidence. During the jury conversation Mr. Gooden states that someone who would even think of carrying out this crime is a barbaric person for not just using the ample toilet paper supply directly next to them. Unless, the person who wiped the boogers was deathly afraid of using any more toilet paper than he needed to. Sven Johnson previously flooded this bathroom using too much paper and would obviously try to avoid using it as much as he can, but his nose is uncomfortable while he’s trying to poop and being terrified of flooding the toilet again, Sven decides to get rid of his boogers on the closest surface available. Creating the booger wall. In my mind Sven is undoubtedly guilty and should be persecuted to the laws extent for establishing the booger wall and refusing to come forward for his crimes. Thank you all for considering my point of view.

    HillT0PHillT0P20 dagar sedan
  • I actually laughed out loud when I saw the title and thumbnail of this video

    Annie CenterAnnie Center21 dag sedan
  • This is a great dnd session

    seawitseawit21 dag sedan
  • Thor did BoogerGate

    Daniel MillerDaniel Miller22 dagar sedan
  • At 42:50 Sven says he was not a responsible destroyer of "human REMAINS", a phrase usually used to refer not to human waste such as boogers, but human corpses. Did Mr Johnson just confess to another crime? Murder is obviously not as heinous as booger wiping, but maybe it's something the Honourable Sexy Edward Burback might want to look into.

    time for Lauryn's opiniontime for Lauryn's opinion22 dagar sedan
  • This is better than the oj trial

    Jesus CrustJesus Crust22 dagar sedan
  • ok but Thor said, he put it on his sock and it would be lost into carpet fibres that means the booger would’ve had to be on the outside of the sock instead the inside he changed his argument to stop gus attacking him idk if it’s useful but it’s something

    uR nAn SaNdiuR nAn SaNdi23 dagar sedan
  • Landmark case. Just learned about this in law school.

    Kyle HKyle H24 dagar sedan
  • the case was closed when mrs. johnson brought in the bunkbed slat

    unofficialghoulunofficialghoul24 dagar sedan
  • thor looks like if sven and gus had a baby

    Justin TylerJustin Tyler24 dagar sedan
  • Petition to change the name of the Gus and eddy podcast to 2 dudes with moustaches

    Maxim AirapetovMaxim Airapetov24 dagar sedan
  • It was Thor

    Ruben BorboaRuben Borboa25 dagar sedan
  • I just watched and hour thirty zoom tail about boogers..what the hell am i doing with my life

    Ruben BorboaRuben Borboa25 dagar sedan
  • wow this was really 8 months ago

    GigaNovaGigaNova25 dagar sedan
  • I fell asleep and woke up to this,

    Plantalope LegendPlantalope Legend25 dagar sedan
  • I have seen this video recommended to me so many times and I will NOT watch it because it sounds fucking DISGUSTING

    Liberty FuchsLiberty Fuchs26 dagar sedan
    • But it's the trial of the century.

      Ace StoneAce Stone24 dagar sedan
  • Sven was pretty suspicious, but I will have to go with Gus

    Elliott G. C.Elliott G. C.26 dagar sedan
  • May we PLEASE get more court episodes? I loved this!

    Tired WizardTired Wizard26 dagar sedan
  • Because they can't be tried for double jeopardy, I REALLY hope the culprit (IF it's not who was convicted) comes out to the others as the one who did it.

    Tired WizardTired Wizard26 dagar sedan
  • If both other boys had a booger problem at 5, wouldn't it make sense that the 5 year old in 2009 was responsible? Sounds like a phase they all went through

    ReesespiecesReesespieces26 dagar sedan
  • I had fallen asleep a little bit before this started playing. It made for some very strange dreams. Gus, you are not a good dream boyfriend!

    Leadfoot LindseyLeadfoot Lindsey27 dagar sedan
  • Sure, I’m 7 months late to Jury duty - but I got the day off work for this!

    trevertrever27 dagar sedan
  • big-smart melon, the truth of gus johnson. also, what a kangaroo court, nobody asked sven even when back to back thor and sven's story overlaps on which toilet he used and sven himself says that he used to use the other toilet in the "booger bathroom". so safe to say thor as well as the judge and jury were bought by sven and gus was framed. also no one asked mrs. john if she indeed posted on facebook

    KahL SamaKahL Sama28 dagar sedan
  • I love how Ethan just sat there for like 99% of the episode and didn’t speak

    Lu The GamecatLu The Gamecat28 dagar sedan
  • It's the dude with the tie

    Thekid22167Thekid22167Månad sedan
  • The fact that drew and Danny are in this but kurtis Conner isn’t makes me want to cry.

    Princess SavagePrincess SavageMånad sedan
  • I’m starting a petition for a sequel where Gus appeals

    E WE WMånad sedan
    • Where do i sign

      William Owns this AccountWilliam Owns this AccountMånad sedan
  • I’m disappointed they didn’t do a booger lineup

    E WE WMånad sedan

    Robert GramleyRobert GramleyMånad sedan
  • Greetings Gus and Eddy, I know that this trial took place over half a year ago -- but, after revisiting the trial, I believe that Sven Johnson was let off the hook far too easily. As Gustav pointed out, Sven's storytelling was extremely inconsistent. And I know that Sven explained how these inconsistencies prove his innocence, claiming that they show just how little he actually knows about what happened. But I believe that they are really just poor attempts at covering up the fact that he is guilty. And I might add that he tried to incite a kangaroo court SEVERAL times throughout the course of the trial. Judge Burback even called him out for blatantly lying in response to the question that Gustav wiped boogers in the past. If you ask me, lying in a court of booger law is an act of pure desperation. Why would he be desperate? I believe it is because he is guilty. Gustav may have been excessive with his emotions at times, but he never lied. If you'll have it, that is my position on the matter. Thank you for your consideration, Bradley J.

    Bradley JohnsonBradley JohnsonMånad sedan
    • Here here

      William Owns this AccountWilliam Owns this AccountMånad sedan

    Reid GodwinReid GodwinMånad sedan
  • I was just watching crime shows when this crazy shit came up and I watched the whole thing and can I say good job mister Johnson is clearly the corporate

    The Raven KingThe Raven KingMånad sedan
  • It’s actually kinda funny because when I was little I had a wall for..... *ahem*

    Theswad901Theswad901Månad sedan
  • I have come to a conclusion that I think is very promising and will make sense if you read to the end. The perpetrator of this crude act was howie mandel himself, you might not believe me but hear me out. When looking at the wikipedia page for howie mandel's career and life I found that his first act was basically to act quote like "a wild and crazy borderline psychotic". Now you might not think that's enough evidence but look back and you'll see that eddy said that the johnson boy's were crazy and quite crude. Sven would cut his hair for no reason with his swiss army knife, Gus would pee in his drawer and Thor would wipe his boogers on the boards of his bed. All of these actions represent a psycho path, furthermore you'll see that howie mandel is bald and in recent quotes states that it is not because of natural hair loss but rather OCD and his "Mysophobia". Meaning he shaved or cut his hair (just like sven) which he stated to make himself feel cleaner to prove that he was in fact deathly afraid of germs when in actuality he has, had and will piss in his drawers if not found out, but I found out. Now you might not think that was enough proof but I will explain to you this specific act in question in which he put a latex glove over his head and inflated it by blowing through his nose, I propose that booger wall was not created by smearing boogers but rather flicking boogers out of Howie's nose through pure air pressure alone. You might also think this is far fetched but listen back and you'll hear that Gus said he was good at flicking boogers and Sven said that he would pick his nose if there was not a tissue around and that he only blew his nose if possible, suggesting a proficiency in blowing his nose as a kid. Now I think that these attributes are actually Howie's and that he held all three johnson brothers at gun point by controlling the shark tank hosts through a contract they signed because of the ad they created together. Now I think that these specific things happened. 1. Howie mandel smeared boogers on boards of Thor's bed causing Thor to think whether or not it was him or the bald man he had seen outside his window that night. And also causing the Thor to be relaxed because he thought that he did those things even when Howie was forcing him to say that he did. 2. Howie would put boogers into Sven's socks if Sven had been out that night causing Sven to believe that it was a habit rather than a trick. 3. Howie would appear behind Gus whenever he entered his room and flicked his boogers on the wall causing 13 year old gus to believe that it was also a habit even if he was a bit older than the other johnson brother's at the time of booger wall. HOWIE COMMITED BOOGERWALL.

    Luke LanidesLuke LanidesMånad sedan
  • I fucking lost it at 48:11

    Mysq MMysq MMånad sedan
  • im in awe of this video format. please. this was amazing. gripping. enthralling. 10/10

    Jess Reddi CoronellJess Reddi CoronellMånad sedan
  • I don’t know how this shit wound up on my tv last night, but I’m fuckin glad it did. I was dying laughing

    NullNullMånad sedan
  • this is such an exorcise in keeping a straight face, everyone is so professional.

    First LastFirst LastMånad sedan
  • oh god! this is an hour and a half long.

    First LastFirst LastMånad sedan
  • i forgot that ethan was apart of the jury

    Zoe FayZoe FayMånad sedan
  • I need more of the honorable judge burback

    lööpmasterlööpmasterMånad sedan
  • around 7 or 8 months late but I would like to give my take on this based on the evidence presented in this podcast I too believe that Gus did booger wall and this is how I think he did it: he said that he wouldn't be taking a dump and rubbing boogers on the wall, which is why I think that instead, he did it while peeing standing up and flicking the boogers onto the wall to his left, possibly without even realizing

    JoshuabumpJoshuabumpMånad sedan
  • Drew’s points at around 1:13:22 are making me laugh way too hard, definitely someone scared of a toilet would not have “the psyche” to be able to perform boogerwall

    Lizzie -Lizzie -Månad sedan
  • That microphone looks like a fleshlight.

    Sky WidowsSky WidowsMånad sedan
  • 44:12 when Thor pulled out the book I knew shit was getting REAL lmao

    Lizzie -Lizzie -Månad sedan