"No Matter What It Is.... Get Your Stick Keep Playing" Sabres' Announcer Calls Out Mittelstadt

3 maj 2021
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  • Wouldnt you just love to see this commentator get smacked in the face with just a regular pencil and see his reaction?

    Lowen EstrellaLowen Estrella2 minuter sedan
  • Announcer- jerk

    Drew BerryDrew Berry38 minuter sedan
  • Don’t u guys talk shit about rob ray he’s a god I’ve met him twice

    Great White SixOGreat White SixO54 minuter sedan
  • What a horrible take.

    Jamie BradfordJamie BradfordTimme sedan
  • It's even funnier that he doesn't even drop his stick, it's slashed out of his hands AND the Islander in front of him literally knocks it away from him

    JustAnotherPsycoJustAnotherPsycoTimme sedan
  • Never forget he couldn’t do a single pull up at the NHL combine and Buffalo still drafted him

    Michael McMahonMichael McMahon2 timmar sedan
  • fuckin announcer, i bet he cant even skate backwards or even skate

    You guess HuhYou guess Huh2 timmar sedan
  • I mean he’s not wrong

    Shaun 2Shaun 23 timmar sedan
  • Bro he just got hit in the face super hard, his first instinct was to touch his face in pain, and this announcer is actually calling him out for "dropping his stick" "You gotta keep playing" bro shut up. He just wants the pain to go away. And the guy didnt even get a major penalty for it.

    Irick HolcombIrick Holcomb3 timmar sedan
  • Guys right. Grab your stick and go. Don’t Stand there like and idiot

    Boom Boom BillyBoom Boom Billy3 timmar sedan
  • Can we really expect smart perspective building things to come from Rob Ray's mouth.... not really.

    Pat ManPat Man4 timmar sedan
  • this is the same dude that would compliment the sabres play even when they lose 6-0

    thatguyukno41thatguyukno414 timmar sedan
  • And the refs are still completely incompetent. But you cant say that cause it will hurwt der wittle fewwings

    Timmy LittleTimmy Little4 timmar sedan
  • I wonder if he would keep announcing if I’d high stick him the same way

    Jamie McMasterJamie McMaster6 timmar sedan
  • If you see the announcer stop and continue his statement is a pretty stupid announcer cause either way it was going to be a penalty and they were winning 2-3 lol

    Kyle EvansKyle Evans6 timmar sedan
  • yikes ,,,, ya its a penalty clearly but,,, he had the puck right there and didnt even pass it or anything just let it go.... doesnt look good to any coaches watching .

    Strangedanimal JohnsonStrangedanimal Johnson7 timmar sedan
  • Rob Ray, Bay-Bay!

    ChigginWhengzChigginWhengz9 timmar sedan
  • Y’all realize that this is Rob Ray? Aka one of the toughest customers in NHL history.

    Boris Van DruffBoris Van Druff10 timmar sedan
    • Makes sense why he made such an idiotic comment, if it was the same Rob Ray I’m thinking of...

      Rick HaavistoRick Haavisto5 timmar sedan
  • Different generation , imagine Terry O’reilly with a little scratch on his face .

    J BJ B10 timmar sedan
  • Why is he directing his anger so much at Mittlestadt and not the refs for missing a bloody high stick?!

    SteveSteve10 timmar sedan
  • Bum goon calls out actual hockey player Also forgets to mention the lack of penalty

    This GuyThis Guy10 timmar sedan
  • Rob Ray should be fired for this comment and never allowed in the same phone number area code as any NHL team

    Anthony GuildAnthony Guild10 timmar sedan
  • “If they get possession it’s a 2 man advantage for the Islanders” uhhhh. Damn Buffalo’s announcers are as bad as the team 👀

    Ryan DoughertyRyan Dougherty11 timmar sedan
  • Imagine being 10 years old and your dad has season tickets to the Sabres, yeah now I'm 20 and we haven't went since I was 15

    Zan FurmanZan Furman12 timmar sedan
    • @This Guy ungrateful, more like the sabres started shitting the bed and selling tickets for $7 a seat

      Zan FurmanZan Furman10 timmar sedan
    • Ungrateful

      This GuyThis Guy10 timmar sedan
  • everybody embellishes high sticks.. it's the only way the refs see them to call them.

    delcie mcwhoopiedelcie mcwhoopie16 timmar sedan
  • The fact that I laughed at this and are a Sabres fan hurts me. To be honest I’m just happy the season is over.

    Max TraugottMax Traugott16 timmar sedan
  • Fuck Rob Ray man. Every Sabres fan has wanted him gone for years now. He has no idea what hockey is. All he knows is to be a fighter. He says alot of stupid shit on air and its mind blowing he’s still in between the glass

    Brandon HenningBrandon Henning17 timmar sedan
  • Mans bleeding from his face “ you gotta play”

    Finn HillFinn Hill17 timmar sedan
  • When a sticks gets that close to taking out an eye, instincts kick in and say "this ain't worth it".

    Justin EricksonJustin Erickson18 timmar sedan
  • Gotta love hockey

    Devin BrinesDevin Brines19 timmar sedan
  • Rob Ray sure could dish out the punches but with that statement it sounds like he took a few himself

    DougDoug23 timmar sedan
  • Is this announcer kidding? Even if this is the Islanders broadcast how do you not have the decency to say “oh wow missed call” like holy smokes.

    Michael CianfriniMichael Cianfrini23 timmar sedan
  • Most guys who get high sticked like that end up face down on the ice curled in a ball so I’d say he’s got some tuff skin

    Raymond IgorRaymond Igor23 timmar sedan
  • This org is so fucked

    Wxlf1N _Wxlf1N _23 timmar sedan
  • I would love to see the announcer get hit in the face when you’re cut open and see him not get stunned by it and keep playing like nothing happened. What a joke.

    Adam CartwrightAdam Cartwright23 timmar sedan
  • The NHL is a joke

    Giga 13Giga 1323 timmar sedan
  • I mean the announcer isn't wrong, this is hockey not soccer. Toughest dudes on the planet, secure that W. Terrible no call by the way

    Mike RazalloMike RazalloDag sedan
  • Kind of leaking Mr. Announcer...

    Hooty WootyHooty WootyDag sedan
  • He was being stripped of the puck before even stopping to touch his face

    Alexandre DaigleAlexandre DaigleDag sedan
  • They could have had a two man advantage because he dropped the stick 😂 bruh he's bleeding from a highstick, probably getting a call if the ref sees that

    MattGEntertainmentMattGEntertainmentDag sedan
  • I would love to see what bro would do if that happened to him

    Blake AndersonBlake AndersonDag sedan
  • What a fucking tool. Lace up and show us then. Tough words from a pussy in the booth

    Austin NelanAustin NelanDag sedan
  • I get the suck it up methodology but if your bleeding you gotta get off the ice, due to the no blood on Jersey rule, you can't play again till you switch your jersey lmao

    Steve CianconeSteve CianconeDag sedan
  • Poor dude has had to sit through a lot of bad hockey this year. Boiled right over.

    Chris NyhofChris NyhofDag sedan
  • Too many guys feel pain and lay there or stop playing. Your team needs you. If you can’t help them, get to the bench by whatever means necessary.

    AureliusProjectAureliusProjectDag sedan
  • I miss Rick jeannerette man

    Matthew SmithMatthew SmithDag sedan
  • Everybody dies a little... just get up rub dirt on it

    Anthony AdamsAnthony AdamsDag sedan
  • All people are a big ass and a shit

    Guillaume BrownGuillaume BrownDag sedan
  • Right because the playoffs hang in the balance here.

    Casey WilsonCasey WilsonDag sedan
  • You can get hit in the face with a puck, cut by a skate blade, got your hands slashed off and he will still expect you to keep playing

    JDmeingJDmeingDag sedan
  • One of the highest potential players to come out of Minnesota. How dare you, sir

    Mr GlitchMr GlitchDag sedan
  • i love hockey but more than half of the announcers and color men are an embarassment to the sport. (I thought you couldn't play when blood was visible. It's why the trainers and bench guys wear rubber gloves.)

    southsideskysouthsideskyDag sedan
  • L for the announcer

    Erik LeeErik LeeDag sedan
  • Bad call by the announcer. He just waited a couple of seconds

    RazorRazorDag sedan
  • YES!!!!! video game alley

    Ye arsYe arsDag sedan
  • Where is the double minor penalty?

    Ro RenziRo RenziDag sedan
  • as soon as i saw the thumbnail, i thought *”oh this is gonna be good”*

    We Want TacosWe Want TacosDag sedan
  • This announcer sounds like he should get fired what a complete douche bag of a move buddy is just leaking you ever been hit in the face from a stick you cant see shit. Let alone leaking blood into your eyes. How do the refs miss this shit? They wonder why players dive all the time now.

    jkmonkey123jkmonkey123Dag sedan
  • This Announcer does not know how it feels to get hit with a stick in the face so i think the player should show him a first hand experience

    Havok Dead#CellHavok Dead#CellDag sedan
  • Coming from a Sabres fan, can u please show us a bit of sympathy, even our announcers don’t give a fuck.

    BlackKnight 7657BlackKnight 7657Dag sedan
  • Classic Rob Ray

    Keenan716Keenan716Dag sedan
  • Don't be a pussy. Lol

    Scott KazmerScott KazmerDag sedan
  • Thats like someone dropping to the ice when they get hit high with a shot and saying "you cant just lie there" .... what a moron

  • so happy to see the majority of these comments are calling out the announcer 😂

    Natasha HuttNatasha HuttDag sedan
  • What an idiot. The Buffalo Sabres commentators bore me so much. These commentators sound different from the ones that i dislike

  • Im all for "keep playing".. when it makes sense.. but when you've got a litre of blood spewing down your face, and you're team was eliminated from playoff contention two months ago, just try to get off the ice if you can. I mean give Middelstadt some credit.. he asked the trainer how bad it was and when he got an answer he was ok with and felt like her could go.. strapped up the bucket again and wanted to get out there. This isn't like Kovalev in game 4 of the 2004 playoffs in OT getting a little whack on the arm..

    thekingofthenorthyorkthekingofthenorthyorkDag sedan
  • Most millennials play so soft. In all sports. Part of the issue is there paid so well, irs probably hard getting motivated

    Carmine VittorioCarmine VittorioDag sedan
  • Fukin pussy.

    Elpis MIElpis MIDag sedan
  • "You gotta keep fighting no matter what", as Tony Twist beats him like an ugly stepchild.

    Brian GreenBrian GreenDag sedan
  • How about I high stick the announcer and see if he keeps playing while he doesn’t know if he has a nose or not!!! Wtf?!

    David LawrenceDavid LawrenceDag sedan
  • To all you idiots in here... Rob Ray is not wrong. Hang onto your stick and play or skate your ass off the ice. Standing there bleeding does nothing.

    Chuck NorrisChuck NorrisDag sedan
  • I wanna know if Mittlestadt went out again because of the icing. Looks like he was headed back to the dot. Lol

    Auston McJesusAuston McJesusDag sedan
  • “If the Islanders were to get control of that puck....” most situations the refs would blow the whistle for the penalty bud. Good gash up near eye - I would have doubled over also.

    Auston McJesusAuston McJesusDag sedan
  • That announcer is an idiot

    AmogusAmogusDag sedan
  • Dude what is he talkin ab

    Tian ClevelandTian ClevelandDag sedan
  • I wanna see the commentator get a stick on the bridge of the nose and not react to it

    Dailen FousekDailen FousekDag sedan
  • DUDE GOT HIT IN THE FACE AND WAS BLEEDING. tf you talking about no matter what keep playing. like he really shamed him for being shocked and assessing the situation after getting a stick to the face and then going to the bench to get cleaned up?? i know he is an announcer but he should really just stfu forever

    Ryder OrionRyder OrionDag sedan
  • Easy to say from the press box. I’d be making sure my face isn’t hanging off and that my eye wasn’t affected before anything and that’s coming from a guy who lays down to block shots at a beer league tourney all weekend and wakes up at 4am for work the next day. Hockey is hockey, but health > all.

    Suffice06Suffice06Dag sedan
  • I mean, he's got a point. If you're gonna stop playing cause you got high sticked then go down.

    LoKei13LoKei13Dag sedan
  • Announcer is a freaking idiot. Think of all the times players have gotten a stick in the face, go down to the ice, and a penalty is called. Then he wouldn't have said anything. When was the last time anyone saw someone get clipped in the face hard enough to draw blood who just played on? Probably before this guy was born.

    Trevor LambertTrevor LambertDag sedan
  • love to see this boomer get out there n not do the same

    Tommy AzranTommy AzranDag sedan
  • really, take a stick to the face, get sliced up. He could have been like, "you gotta keep playing" "oh shit, he's cut pretty bad, my bad"

    Jared PolinJared PolinDag sedan
  • Well, apparently that dipshit has never been smacked in the nose.

    Just A ManJust A ManDag sedan
  • So the announcer has seen literally no high stick before? The only difference is they usually grab their face and go down to the ice.

    NSKR 1NSKR 1Dag sedan
  • Big words from a guy who will only be remembered for being a nudist

    Marc MorettiMarc MorettiDag sedan
  • Wow... This guy got clipped real hard and is bleeding, his head barely went up in the sky, then there's guys who barely get hit and their head makes a 90 degree turn

    TricoloreTricoloreDag sedan
  • Id like to know who missed that double minor...

    Cale BowmanCale BowmanDag sedan
  • I wonder if the announcer would keep on talking after he got punched in the face?

    Farmer JerFarmer JerDag sedan
  • Rob Ray becoming senile. Forgot he's doing NHL, not WWE.

    David NavrátilDavid NavrátilDag sedan
  • The NHL rink is a safe space so it Mittlestadt feels like holding his face and not playing, he can.

    VisionThingVisionThingDag sedan
  • Got hit in the face with a stick but the announcer doesn't know that high sticking is a penalty... 🤦🏻‍♂️

    GGMattt_GGMattt_Dag sedan
  • im disgusted with the fact Casey didnt immediately pick up his stick, break both defenders ankles and then go top cheddar on an empty net. All while blood pours down his face as he screams "I AM NO MERE MORTAL" despicable.

    Jerad MerksJerad MerksDag sedan
  • I dunno if anyone sees the same ads as me, but I don't want a fucking Iphone or board shorts

    Keith McClaneKeith McClaneDag sedan
  • The announcer is a wanna-be - hasn’t played real sports before. Tough or not - when someone opens your face and then immediately slashes your stick - it might come out of your hand. Sometimes announcers need to just shut up.

    Richard BrownRichard Brown2 dagar sedan
  • At least let him blow the blood out of his nose first, sheesh

    Mike HennyMike Henny2 dagar sedan
  • But he isn’t wrong though

    AJ AlonzoAJ Alonzo2 dagar sedan
  • Player was weak. Good on the announcer. Get tough or stop playing contact sports. High stick was an accident. Deal with it and get off the ice if you can't play.

    jason Djason D2 dagar sedan
  • yeah, hes bleeding, i know how that feels. instinct reaction is to take care of the cut. they could have cut him a break after by saying he was leaking.

    Gixxer RiderGixxer Rider2 dagar sedan