⛵️ Let's talk about Sailing and Navigation Electronics #179

5 apr 2021
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We’re Duca and Roberta, a Brazilian couple that have bought a 44ft steel sailboat (Dinieper Tropic 1200, designed by Joubert and Nivelt) that was abandoned on the hard for 22 years in Guarujá, Brazil. We are on the mission of refitting her to travel the world taking our house with us!
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  • Let it flow... The whole world is upside-down... (: You guys are awesome!!

    HP CisneHP Cisne5 dagar sedan
  • Olá, Namastey from INDIA, love your channel🚤🚢 and your positivity💖, its pure happiness. today after looking all the electronic controls i think in near future people might have opportunity to have real time virtual boat sailing experience from their home just by login in to your boat account/channel

    Universal seekerUniversal seeker8 dagar sedan
  • Is a lot of work!!! Your perfectly right even a new boat will come with some problems that need to be fixed someone are easy someone takes month to solve! Don't forget on the Side of the autopilot brain to the terminate the backbone of nmea2000 network! The vhf antenna have a better reception on the top of the mast!

    chupitos2269chupitos22699 dagar sedan
  • You could always have fans email questions and do a question and answer video.

    bravescatzbravescatz9 dagar sedan
    • Thanks for the suggestion

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting9 dagar sedan
  • Say Duca don't forget about the weight and balance of your boat/ship. You can't have everything on one side. Also check your ballast. Jeff Cagle

    Chris CagleChris Cagle9 dagar sedan
  • Hola queridos Roberta y Duca. Primero mi admiración y luego mis felicitaciones, perdón por el castellano pero estoy seguro que nos entenderemos. Yo no creo que hubiera sido capaz en mis 30 años de náutica de hacer lo que vosotros habéis hecho en este breve periodo de tiempo. Aunque sin duda he navegado mucho mas y espero que vosotros lo hagáis pronto. Pocas personas conocerán su barco como vosotros al vuestro. Habrá cosas que fallaran y otras que habrá que mejorar pero vosotros estaréis más que preparados para solucionarlas. Luego de más de un año de seguir la preparación de vuestra aventura y vuestro barco he visto como os informáis y asesorías para tomar todas vuestras decisiones en cuanto a la configuración de Odd. Excelente trabajo. Pero, aquí mi pero, la rutina de navegar, el día a día en el mar, estar lejos del pantalán y la dársena son otra realidad muy distinta a la teoría, lo que imaginamos durante el bricolaje y a todo lo que deberemos aprender navegando estando solos en nuestro mundo y los hábitos de esa nueva vida. Supongo que todo esto ya lo habéis pensado. Mi reflexión surge por la configuración de la electrónica de navegación que habéis planteado. En mi opinión el dispositivo principal de navegación, chart plotter, y un laptop adicional con Open CPN y bien conectado a la red NMEA y un (al menos) Iridium GO deben estar en la mesa de cartas. Los repetidores multifunción todos a la bitácora, donde estaréis la menor cantidad de tiempo gracias al piloto automático. Sin embargo, todos tus planes, rutas, descarga de gribs, y pronósticos meteorológicos los harás en la mesa de cartas. Todo esto no es cómodo de pie en la bañera, menos de noche o con mal tiempo. En largas travesías puedes controlar todo desde el interior, y solo salir para reglar alguna vela o hacer una maniobra y en navegaciones costeras te llevas fuera el IPad con Navionics y ya esta. Espero que estos comentarios no les molesten, y les puedan ser útiles Mi mayor deseo es veros navegar pronto. Com todo meu amor a voçes e a o Brasil. Buenos vientos y buena proa!! Eduardo Hello dear Roberta and Duca. First my admiration and then my congratulations, sorry for the Castilian but I am sure that we will understand each other. I don't think I would have been able in my 30 years of sailing to do what you have done in this short period of time. Although without a doubt I have sailed much more and I hope that you will do it soon. Few people will know their ship like you will know yours. There will be things that will fail and others that will have to be improved but you will be more than prepared to solve them. After more than a year of continuing the preparation of your adventure and your ship, I have seen how you inform and advise you to make all your decisions regarding the configuration of Odd. Excellent work. But, here my but, the routine of sailing, the day to day at sea, being away from the dock and the dock are another reality very different from theory, what we imagine during DIY and everything that we will have to learn while sailing alone in our world and the habits of that new life. I suppose you have already thought about all this. My reflection arises from the configuration of the navigation electronics that you have proposed. In my opinion the main navigation device, chart plotter, and an additional laptop with Open CPN and well connected to the NMEA network and one (at least) Iridium GO should be on the chart table. The multifunction repeaters all to the helm, where you will be the least amount of time thanks to the automatic pilot. However, all your plans, routes, download gribs, and weather forecasts will be done at the chart table. All this is not comfortable standing in the copkit, less at night or in bad weather. On long journeys you can control everything from the inside, and just go out to adjust a sail or make a maneuver and in coastal navigations you take your IPad out with Navionics plus the repeters and that's it. I hope these comments do not bother you, and they can be useful My greatest wish is to see you sail soon. All my love to voçes e a o Brasil. Good winds and good bow !! Eduardo. Google translate.

    Eduardo MiriEduardo Miri9 dagar sedan
  • It would be a interesting video about you guys where and how you got together a informative video on some stuff 👍

    my surly truckermy surly trucker10 dagar sedan
    • @Odd Life Crafting thanks

      my surly truckermy surly trucker9 dagar sedan
    • I think we already shared it in one of our Q&A's seworld.info/will/nKvLr5WpmqZ2lqc/video

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting9 dagar sedan
  • During the lockdown are you staying in the boat or somewhere outside the marina?

    smitty1952smitty195210 dagar sedan
    • We are back to my sister’s apartment ☺️

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting10 dagar sedan
  • I’m late in commenting but I really enjoy watching and hearing you talk “us” through your plans and why you are doing it! Your boat is going to be so up to date with electrical, mechanical and navigational: just awesome and you haven’t left the marina. I’m so excited to watch you guys set sail in a short time!! Fair Winds and Calm Seas❣️

    terry bullterry bull11 dagar sedan
  • Knowing that you are presently under lockdown once again, I am hoping that you might find my posting here, and answer my question. What is the status of Fred and Juh? I love the two of you and am totally dedicated! Yet, you introduced us to Fred and Juh, who I also have come to follow. Any reply or explanation would be greatly appreciated! Duca & Roberta, be safe and healthy always!

    Randy DergantzRandy Dergantz11 dagar sedan
  • Looking forward to the installation of the First Aid kit, EPIRB, and the special cabinet for the seasick medication. 😅 ... oh and don't forget the desalination plant, axillary tiller, and maybe an explanation of the sea anchor, sails, i.e. code O and storm jib 🤞

    gerrard coetzeegerrard coetzee11 dagar sedan
  • Nice restoration, are you ever anticipating going sailing ... or just keep updating the modifications ?

    gerrard coetzeegerrard coetzee11 dagar sedan
  • you guys have kept me going here since you began. im a lot like duca, everyone wants things done right away and i cant just bandage the work, everything has to be done right. duca and roberta keep me from thinking i am ocd lol. love you guys.

    RebelMusik WorldwideRebelMusik Worldwide11 dagar sedan
    • ☺️💕

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting11 dagar sedan
  • Duca, The compass don't worry if has deviations, you can compensate, on big ships liners, tankers, we calibrate once a year, The ships are made al on metal and we use magnetics to compensate any deviations

    Denis SantanaDenis Santana12 dagar sedan
    • Thanks for the information ☺️

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • Entertaining as always...👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    ali mitchellali mitchell12 dagar sedan
    • ☺️

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting12 dagar sedan
  • Stay safe we want to see you soon

    Dianne.muriel RobidouxDianne.muriel Robidoux12 dagar sedan
  • Do you still have the container home?

    Tim BrintonTim Brinton13 dagar sedan
  • I am amazed by what you have done so far on this sailboat. We are all looking forward to the time, you will take us with you on a passage. Meanwhile, there this virus hitting your country very hard. Please don't let your guard down. The success of this adventure also depends on you staying healthy. 😎

    Jean-Claude NoëlJean-Claude Noël13 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/l3mlqaiceHqTx5s/video

    tikopdeshoudertikopdeshouder13 dagar sedan
  • Please translate the conversations into Turkish for better understanding. thank you

    Mehmet Han AydınMehmet Han Aydın14 dagar sedan
  • I would love it if you added a hat to your estore!

    TJTJ14 dagar sedan
  • Compass is pronounced in English as Come-pass as in Come here, you are saying Camp pass as in going camping in the Mountains. You can say it anyway you want, as this is your channel. In USA English, use how I pronounced it.

    Frank GerlachFrank Gerlach14 dagar sedan
  • Hi guys - SEworld unsubscribed me? I hope this isn't a common problem. Best wishes keep safe. My prayers are with Brasil x

    michael palmermichael palmer14 dagar sedan
    • Sorry to hear that. You are not the first one to tell us this. Welcome back and thanks for the best wishes

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting14 dagar sedan
  • Wouldn't it be better to run the cable for the auto pilot from the backbone behind the switch panel than from the helm?

    GeoffGeoff14 dagar sedan
  • Uma unidade repetidora, instalada na cabine principal seria interessante, poder checar alguns dados sem precisar sair da cama.

    Wander NWander N14 dagar sedan
    • Poderemos usar um ipad neste caso 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting14 dagar sedan
  • Quanto a posição da tela principal, naquele local q vc mostrou, numa navegação onde é necessário seguir uma rota com precisão, não é um pouco difícil de se enxergar, e também dar zoom, etc...?

    Wander NWander N14 dagar sedan
  • The “process” is the more interesting part

    Fred FredFred Fred14 dagar sedan
    • 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting14 dagar sedan
  • Duca: "The reality it is not all rainbows and butterflies and perfect". Roberta puts on huge charming smile while looking at Duca. He man, nothing bad can happen to you with a partner like her! 🥰

    Peter BodiféePeter Bodifée14 dagar sedan
  • Duca: "we made a mistake". Roberta: "Which one?" 😝

    Peter BodiféePeter Bodifée14 dagar sedan
    • 😊

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting14 dagar sedan
  • what happen to your friend, Fred. we don't see him anymore or on his U-Tube channel Duca.

    Steven RobinsonSteven Robinson14 dagar sedan
    • @Odd Life Crafting I hope his father is going to be ok Duca, please pass on my best wishers.

      Steven RobinsonSteven Robinson14 dagar sedan
    • He is still taking care of his dad, he is not in town

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting14 dagar sedan

    Steven RobinsonSteven Robinson15 dagar sedan
    • Indeed my friend

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting14 dagar sedan
  • I might have missed this answer in a video I haven´t watched yet, but.... Is part of your boat´s restoration and refitting to include a fishing rod and tackle? The ocean is your shopping cart. You even have a grill oven. *P.S.:* I´m surprised that boat dwellers are not allowed to lockdown within their boats at the marina. I´m sure that someone has expressed this obvious wish, and there is a reason it cannot be done, but why?

    Brian HilesBrian Hiles15 dagar sedan
  • Hola!! Creo que laa pantalla grande debe de estar el la maesa de cartas, porque esta mas protegita y porque esta mas oscuro y se ve mejor que en la cubierta.. NO?¿??

    Jaime PeralJaime Peral15 dagar sedan
  • A couple things you might wanna consider, try running the backbone the whole length of the boat instead of running legs everywhere, that way you can easily add more stuff to the backbone. Also run a NMEA2000 cable to the engine bay, most engine manufacturers have support for NMEA2000 so that you can see engine parameters on the displays in the system!

    Sebastian StorholmSebastian Storholm15 dagar sedan
  • You can now do seminars for boat manufacturers on how to wire a boat. Incredible. This old boat is going to be state of the art.

    Unstoppable ZoneUnstoppable Zone15 dagar sedan
  • The wring in a sailboat is a MAZE of connections...keeping it all working is MIND-BOGGLING. :)

    Unstoppable ZoneUnstoppable Zone15 dagar sedan
  • This is going to be an amazing boat...I love the way you are developing its capabilities...can't wait to see your sailing videos.

    Unstoppable ZoneUnstoppable Zone15 dagar sedan
  • Love you guys

    Pacific Blue ITPacific Blue IT15 dagar sedan
  • You guys should look at the B&G wifi module. Then you can interface your laptop and phone to your B&G equipment.

    Chris BarnardChris Barnard15 dagar sedan
  • I dont know why I like yall but I do. :-) there are 100s of sailing channels and Im sure they are all good folks but you guys get 30 minutes of my time each week.

    bc jamsbc jams15 dagar sedan
  • i keep hearing that b&g is for sailboats....why ?????what are the features that are sailing specific?

    bc jamsbc jams15 dagar sedan
  • Why do you chose to have the VHF antenna on the arch instead as high up as possible on the mast? The increased range on a vhf call could potentially make your sos call reach someone that it wouldn't if you're placing it as low as the arch. Great video as always! :)

    Fredric NorbergFredric Norberg15 dagar sedan
  • Quando vocês vão realmente velejar sempre arrumar um motivo para fazer algo?

    Andre DidierAndre Didier15 dagar sedan
  • Les recomiendo que el sensor del compás esté a dos metros del motor porque cuando éste esté funcionando crea un campo electromagnético que lo afecta bastante. Les deseo lo mejor durante el lockdown y que el coronavirus no los afecte. Saludos, un amigo de Argentina.

    matualonsomatualonso15 dagar sedan
  • I'm betting you can get 5.5 meters with that wire. Just an educated guess :-)

    Rick IRick I15 dagar sedan
  • After you have installed the rudder position transducer, and you discover that when transmitting on your VHF radio causes the autopilot to "go wild", just install a simple ferrite core (or two) on the cable very close to the transducer to eliminate the interference--it worked for us!

    Harry HungateHarry Hungate15 dagar sedan
  • The Autohelm linear drive that you have is a rock-solid device. There was one on the Corbin 39 cutter that we purchased in 1997 that had just completed a west-about world circumnavigation without any maintenance at all (1991-1996). We had the local Raymarine dealer "convert" it for use with the then-current Raymarine autopilot ECU and display in 1997. In fact, all that he did was remove the electronics and bring out the two power wires and the two clutch wires, something that I could have easily done myself. This linear drive served us from Annapolis, Maryland, USA in November 1997 to Auckland, New Zealand in November 2000. During a refit in New Zealand, I performed a thorough maintenance routine on the linear drive, although it was still working perfectly. I rebuilt the drive motor by replacing the two easily obtained ball bearings, turned the commutator, reseated the brushes, removed the balls from the recirculating ball jack screw, cleaned it up and relubricated it. I also replaced the drive belt (easily obtained from Optibelt--just Google Optibelt. We completed our west-about world circumnavigation in 2012. The linear drive is still in operation today.

    Harry HungateHarry Hungate15 dagar sedan
  • For a chart table display, look into a Raspberry Pi, with computer monitor, echoing the NMEA 2000 network, cheap enough, plus chart/radar display or repeater with Open CPN. If I get another boat, in my old age, I will install one. Best wishes

    Carl ThorCarl Thor15 dagar sedan
  • We are in Florida, so I don't understand this lockdown BS. Maybe you should come here 😏

    Jeff ApeJeff Ape15 dagar sedan
  • Hi guys. I loved that you have B&G. I knew since you were putting the mast on.. As you are planning the networks it sounds correct. Just the AIS antenna I find it completely unnecessary. An AIS antenna splitter using the VHF mast top antenna will give you a lot more range. Of course an extra antenna at the back just for safety never hurts. But I would use the one on the top. AIS has very low transmition power and the height of the mast really helps a lot.

    MrBlacknassMrBlacknass15 dagar sedan
  • When you make your cable connections you should use some kind of dielectric grease on the connections. That will help keep the corrosion under control in the connectors. In aerospace we use a product called DC-4. It is make by Dow/Corning and should be available on line or locally.

    Robert DawsonRobert Dawson15 dagar sedan
  • Considering Portuguese is the language of Brazil both Duca and Roberta speak very good English. English is the hardest language to learn.

    Rob Pissed off ex MarineRob Pissed off ex Marine15 dagar sedan
  • You could make a Q&A about things on your boat. Take a Q, and answer it by talking and visually showing the answer. Explain how it works.

    Lars HansenLars Hansen15 dagar sedan
  • how many times have you removed those cushions? geez. lol

    HangaFangHangaFang15 dagar sedan
  • Fantástico trabalho. Parabéns pela coragem em pegar o barco como estava há 2 anos e colocá-lo na atual situação. Vocês não estão a pensar colocar um piloto Hydrovane? Bons ventos!

    Antonio PiresAntonio Pires15 dagar sedan
  • It looks like you have thought it out very well. I hope it works out the way you planned it. Have fun on the lock down.

    Richard Bohling SrRichard Bohling Sr15 dagar sedan
  • Maybe on lockdown you can plan some future trips?

    Cassie DavidCassie David15 dagar sedan
  • Captain Rick Moore channel, is starting a navigation install series just now as well, you guys should have some information exchanges... He's located off the east coast of Nicaragua at an island anchorage.

    Tenright77Tenright7716 dagar sedan
  • Another Awesome Episode!! Thanks guys!!

    belizeguybelizeguy16 dagar sedan
  • Bonjour les amoureux, I sincerely appreciate your approach. You build a boat, not a movie. Take all the time you need to do what you wish, I am sure that you fiollowers will ramain faithful as I am. Will you have your vaccinations soon ? Amicalement, Raphaël

    Raphaël HavranekRaphaël Havranek16 dagar sedan
  • Three things that might help? 1. Chart plotter = chart table. For route planning. 2. Chart plotter on helm Essential. 4. Underwater forward scan radar. Best thing ever for navigating shallow waters. Oh and whatever cables you buy get a couple of spares. The good thing about B&G is that it will all work when you have finished it. Don't forget to upgrade all the software to the latest versions.

    Geoffrey FrostGeoffrey Frost16 dagar sedan
  • Duca, I get NMEA cables pretty affordable...what are they charging in Brazil? A 10m backbone cable is about $32 US here.

    johnnybarbarjohnnybarbar16 dagar sedan
    • The problem is that it’s imported and our money is worth 5.6 a dollar and we need to pay 100% tax to import it plus the tax for the transport. In the end it’s expensive

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting16 dagar sedan
  • 😆🤔😂👍

    José MartinsJosé Martins16 dagar sedan
  • In the case of your handheld VHF radio, just make sure you have one that can be connected to an external antenna and that you have a propper cable/connector available to do so. A handheld VHF radio has a very short antenna and also usually a maximum output power of 5W (some even less), therefore a very short range. Connecting your handheld VHF to an external antenna (preferably installed at the top of the mast) will increase the range considerably.

    Thomas KThomas K16 dagar sedan
  • Roberts English is getting so good and even if I don't understand his wife will slow down and explain. Nope she's not smarter than Robert but she's definitely more understanding:)!

    James KennedyJames Kennedy16 dagar sedan
  • 👍👍

    Travis L. DesmadresonTravis L. Desmadreson16 dagar sedan
  • This is going to be weally weally weally?

    TakeNote WithReasonTakeNote WithReason16 dagar sedan
  • Façam um video de ficando em casa sem fazer nada . So pra nos vermos se e igual a todos nos do fiquem em casa

    Natanael TillvitzNatanael Tillvitz16 dagar sedan
  • Vcs precisam colocar um interuptor no sistema de localizacao . Para o caso de ter que fugir de piratas ou outros tipos de ladroes vcs precisam desligar rapido pra evitar serem localizado em uma fuga de emergencia .

    Natanael TillvitzNatanael Tillvitz16 dagar sedan
  • Duka I love it. You're making me homesick for Eastern Canada where all the newfoundlanders live. You talk like a newfie bro. I love it. Just in case you're not sure what a Newfoundlander sounds like. seworld.info/will/sKmw2q68raZ-qac/video

    Darren NeilsonDarren Neilson16 dagar sedan
  • You spent 28000 on your home container home u still got that now a 150.000 boat waoooo. I watch a couple sail for 4 years got lot money sent there way now thee sell g there boat 50.000. Please tell me how I can do this I have small boat but have never had a hand out in my life.

    John MccormickJohn Mccormick16 dagar sedan
  • Your autopilot will use a lot of electricity so it’s better to use the windvane, installing your AIS VHF antenna too low and you will not see the ID for a ship that might appear on radar already? Better to draw a diagram and show that in a video. You think the lockdown will finish in only 2 weeks? In Fortaleza it will finish next week but started on March 5th.

    mennnokmennnok16 dagar sedan
  • Campeones

    Yosu RomoYosu Romo16 dagar sedan
  • Maybe a protection at the top of the mast, for lightening strike, would be useful?? Cheers for the amazing job!!!

    Giordano NagroGiordano Nagro16 dagar sedan
  • I think now that the boat is almost travel worthy, we all want to know if that second toilet got fixed :)

    Iam takingoverIam takingover16 dagar sedan
  • ROBERTA...verygood CAMERAWOMAN..👌..!!

    • ☺️

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting16 dagar sedan
  • Hi guy's, another great story. You and Sailing Uma, RAN Sailing, Captain Q, Ruby Rose, Sailing Yaba, Expedition Evans and Sailing The Far Side has inspired an old sailer to take up sailing again. I just bought a nice 35 old 33 foot sailing boat and will start setting her up for some local cruising in the wonderful Danish Archipelago. Just a huge thanks from here and best of luck with the new engine.

    Jan BennetsenJan Bennetsen16 dagar sedan
    • @Odd Life Crafting You never know, but look out for SV Blue

      Jan BennetsenJan Bennetsen16 dagar sedan
    • So glad to hear that. Maybe we meet on the ocean some day ⛵️⛵️💕

      Odd Life CraftingOdd Life Crafting16 dagar sedan
  • You talk about network and I started to wonder why ships and boats don't use a com network similar to an IP network for computers to talk to each unit. Then you could install a true backbone for all ship system that talk to other gear. It seems like a solution like that would be the next step up and pull everything through one system able to handle all such gear. Basically a network for smart gear or a version of internett for tiny things. Then if the ship was wired up correctly you could just plug things in and there would be a minimal need for wiring anything other than power leads. But maybe technology hasn't caught up to the need yet. if feels like a smart solution to me and with how much electronics a newer ship carries it seems like the smart next step. You'd just need to figure out how to deal with lighting strikes and you'd have a rock steady long lasting system that was plug and play. Maybe wireless is the way to go on a ship? It could still use a unified network though. This is my idea, so if somebody steal it they should remember that, but I also know that it's unlikely that I'm the first to see the possibility.

    Taleg's ChannelTaleg's Channel16 dagar sedan
  • The charter plotter place is too easy to get wet and to steal. Better put it in the cabin and use a small one protected together in the helm

    Roberto PenteadoRoberto Penteado16 dagar sedan
  • ROBERTA ..the BEST PARTNER..for DUCA...& DUCA the BEST PARTNER for ROBERTA..💪💪👌👍..from CHILE 🇨🇱

  • 14:22 bizarre moment when I thought you were shoving the cables up the kitchen tap!! Hands up who's fed up with this pandemic?

    S RobertsS Roberts16 dagar sedan
  • Where is Fred?

    Philip JohnsPhilip Johns16 dagar sedan
  • Awesome video's guys. Remember that NMEA2000 network should be powered from the middle down-pin (if 1 power cable is used), if you have lots of instruments, 2 power cables should be used and they should be connected on each side of the backbone.

    Kasper BangKasper Bang16 dagar sedan
  • With all the health problems with COVID-19 and the requirements to go into lockdown, I feel everyone will understand if you didn’t make a Monday episode. Stay safe.

    Jarrod WeavingJarrod Weaving16 dagar sedan
  • This system do u need internet connection, Do you offer specials if we buy b&g equipment

    Joel DelamirandeJoel Delamirande16 dagar sedan
  • I have to say...I am TOTALLY impressed and inspired by your vision for the boat, your thoughtful attention to detail and your ability to create a comprehensive electronic system. KUDOS!

    Unstoppable ZoneUnstoppable Zone16 dagar sedan
  • You guys are so far ahead of Yaba...they are still cutting out rotten wood and cutting frames for the hull. Personally, I think they are a bit crazy to try to fix this rotted out boat...I'm glad you aren't doing that! I salute their optimism, and, I think they are going down the wrong path. Just saying. :)

    Unstoppable ZoneUnstoppable Zone16 dagar sedan
  • While on "Lock-down" for two weeks you may have some periods of time feeling stress & tension. I have found watching Angelina Jordan perform (any of her videos) to be soothing to my soul. She is not from Brazil but from Norway. She is very talented . . . . . and hard to explain. Take Care , RH

    Richard HobbsRichard Hobbs16 dagar sedan
  • What happens when this brain of the system breaks down when you are on the high seas?

    Unstoppable ZoneUnstoppable Zone16 dagar sedan
  • I would show the electronics components and their installation After they are installed (and possibly functioning). Showing how to run wires & possible equipment locations etc. is only valuable IF you are hoping for viewer comments with better ideas. BUT since we, the viewers, are not on the boat we do not have the necessary 'feel' for what will work best. I do enjoy your lengthy explanations on some things but still find I fast-forward a lot to get to the final result. T h a n k s ! ! RH

    Richard HobbsRichard Hobbs16 dagar sedan
  • 👍👌🇨🇦❤

    Pocket ChangePocket Change16 dagar sedan
  • Roberta the older I get the slower I can read. When you flash up an information page or correction to what is said could you make it stay up 2 or 3 seconds longer please ? Thank you.

    Garry JacksGarry Jacks16 dagar sedan
  • Roberta = Assistent ?...No way. Luca is Captain, but Roberta is BOSS ! Love your channel. Thanks a lot and best of luck.

    Klaus KiesKlaus Kies16 dagar sedan
  • Maybe you can have a backup chart plotter like a tablet inside.

    Archibald TuttleArchibald Tuttle16 dagar sedan
  • How about wrapping the electrical / data cables with Self Amalgamating Tape to minimize any water/salty water humidity entry and damage?

    Doug SinclairDoug Sinclair16 dagar sedan
  • G'day from OZ, You were very smart to buy your electronics last year and not purchasing now. You guys lived in OZ a few years back and I hope you get here again in the future.

    Brian TaylerBrian Tayler16 dagar sedan
  • Godt arbejde en god dag Hilsen fra Danmark 😃😃🥰🥰

    Michael MogensenMichael Mogensen16 dagar sedan
  • DUCA how much coffee do you drink?

    Simon HantlerSimon Hantler16 dagar sedan
  • I don't think you will have a problem with the compass mounted on the helm because I once sailed on a 165 foot long gaff rigged schooner that was called TeVega that was made out of steal and we had the compass mounted on top of the chariot which is a raised section where you steer the boat. TeVega was sold and the new owner calls her DEVA. It's a supper yacht now. The current owner changed the design a bit and doesn't have a chariot because the deck house was removed so the visibility is more open than it was when I was aboard. We had no issue with the compass at all. We didn't have any modern navigation equipment at all. We used a compass, sextant, chart's and math to plot our course.

    Robert LairdRobert Laird16 dagar sedan
  • Guys I have a B&G system as well, a heads up is that you can use NEMA 2000 cables from any company. Many suppliers have the cables for lower prices than B&G even on Amazon! I love the channel and I wish I had Roberta to help me with my installation. Ben S/V DAWN

    Ben LindnerBen Lindner16 dagar sedan